How to watch Unai Emery’s first Arsenal game live next Saturday?

The Arsenal players that were not involved in the World Cup have been having their first week’s training under Unai Emery and his two assistants Juan Carcedo and Steve Bould. They will be trying hard to impress the new coaches, especially the ones that were out of favour with Arsene Wenger and trying to get back into contention.

They will have one more week’s training before our first pre-season match at Boreham Wood, and we are all desperate to get our Brave New World underway.

There are still a few tickets available if you want to go and watch the match live at Meadow Park, but for Gooners all around the world Arsenal are also going to stream it live on….

You have to sign up for the digital membership, but of course it is free….



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    with pickford, mcquire and kane

    England just cant lose

    champions of the world

    football is coming home

    1. kev says:

      Sweden are average and so are all the teams they’ve played except maybe Belgium.
      The likes of Argentina,Brazil,Spain,Portugal and Germany would destroy England.You can debate all you want but that’s the truth.
      England won’t win it and if Belgium had a very good coach this World Cup could’ve been a walk in the park.

      1. Highbury44 says:

        Not wrong Kev.We are an average team but I can honestly see England winning the World Cup

        1. kev says:

          I didn’t say England are an average team though.I meant Sweden.
          I really do hope England don’t make it to the final because a team like France or Belgium would really destroy them.When they turn up the heat England can’t cope.It’s for their own sake but if they do make it there remember this comment.

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            Hi Resources

            This is why England is guarantee to win the World Cup

            Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil and even the hardworking Uruguay is out

            World Class England

          2. kev says:

            I’m not Resources or Remember Resources or Leo.I can see France or Belgium destroying you guys easily.I want the the World Cup final to be interesting and not what is expected.

          3. Sue says:

            I think the whole competition has been that!!

          4. kev says:

            There’s not been much of an improvement.The 2002,2006,2010 and 2014 England squads would still have the same result.Only few will see what I’m saying but those who see it know what I mean.

          5. Hayzed says:

            The mystic pig must be tired of life lol

          6. GunnerJack says:

            Looking forward to seeing yet another of your predictions go wrong.

      2. Dan says:

        Kev what happened to Wilshire signing for fenerbache you said it was done deal and there is no mention of Ramsey agreeing a new deal anywhere apart from you!!!!

        1. kev says:

          Yeah.I was wrong about Wilshere but it was close.However,Ramsey will sign.Will be the 2nd highest earner plus he’ll be captain.

          1. James grimsley says:

            Bore off kev! I assume you are a very lonely person, why don’t you go and find a friend and stop logging in to just Arsenal in the hope that you can try and wind someone else up! Bet you can’t even play football????D@ck head

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      John, I’m having a laugh.. because so far, every team England has played have been average teams except Belgium and they lost it. It’s even more so clear that they were happy to lose that match just to take an easier route to the final..
      Luck has brought them this far, don’t Count England where teams like France and Belgium are.
      It’s hard for me to even see Belgium beating France not to mention England beating France. There’s something bout the way France play that other teams don’t have. The WC is either going to France or Belgium. Don’t get your hopes high, just respect yourself and have the same expectations for England, the same expectations you normally have for Arsenal when Wenger ruled

    3. Les Steele says:

      sounds like you are a sore loser to me whoever you support fact is England are in the semi final of the world cup

    4. dragunov762mm says:

      You should thanks to England’s Spuds core dude. Their contributions on England semifinal tickect are undisputed from matchday one.
      I’m an Arsenal fans since mid 80’s, but for me, football is not coming home. It’s more like : “Le football rentre en France”. ???

  2. Sue says:

    Happy days… will watch it online ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      guaranteed to win the world cup now…

      unstoppable…world class

      1. Dalinho says:

        Ramsey is getting £155k plus bonus
        Not the second highest salary
        Mkhitaryan £200k a week
        Aubameyung £185k a week

  3. kev says:

    Just to clarify that Nzonzi is not a replacement for Aaron Ramsey.We are trying to sell Elneny yo make way for Nzonzi but don’t be shocked to see this Nzonzi move come to nothing.
    Ramsey will sign a deal that will make him the 2nd highest earner at the club and has also been offered the captaincy.
    Lucas Torreira will also be in London today but will sign the contract tomorrow.

    1. kev says:

      Also I’m not getting this logic at all.Imagine a team losing Cazorla,Wilshere and Ramsey(won’t happen just assuming) and targeting Nzonzi and fans being happy with such a move.Nzonzi is good but was never that good and it’s not shocking that we are the only team in England going for him.After all these are the kind of moves we are known for.

      1. ACE says:

        Ill simplify it for you Kev,

        Carzola, although a magician in his Arsenal
        prime hasnt kicked a meaningful ball in the
        last 2 years @ the Emirates. This isnt a Cesc
        or RVP leaving scenario, Santi is finished @
        this level

        Wilshere hasnt done anything of note in many,
        many years. His injury history speaks volumes
        and his appearances for Bournmouth and AFC
        the past 2 years has been underwelhming at
        best. He is a shadow of the player that
        dominated Barca almost a decade ago. Emery
        was spot on in his honest assessment of
        Jacks future @ AFC.

        Ramsey is simply not worth $200K a week, nor
        possesses the necessary attributes to be
        captain @ AFC. He, much like Wilshere has
        spent more quality time in the treatment room
        than on the pitch. As Durand has stated on
        multiple threads the Welshman stats over
        his entire Arsenal career have been bang on
        average. He simply doesnt move the needle
        enough for AFC to warrant the contract that
        hes demanding.

        To summarize, I honestly dont see Arsenal
        collectively losing a whole lot with the
        possible departures of all three players.

        And Southgate was spot on leaving Jack at
        home, great win for the Lions today.

        1. kev says:

          My point is simple.My comment was not meant to overrate the players I mentioned.Im trying to say Nzonzi is not good enough for us.He was good but never that good.I don’t see how if we lost those three players Nzonzi is the player who would be good enough to replace them.
          As I said Nzonzi should he come replaces Elneny not Ramsey.

          1. Durand says:

            Kev AMN can replace Ramsey, and with game time I believe will far far surpass the Welshman.

            Full stop on Ramsey as captain. He would be like Per was for us last year. When Arsenal struggle over patch of games next year, what can Ramsey offer?

            Just because Ramsey one of the last men standing from Wenger era, is no reason to name him captain. How did he do against Madrid in Europa semis when he was captain?

            Yeah, no thanks. And double no thanks to a year more of that. There’s not even any bang to his average, just plain ole average.

          2. Unai Emery says:

            If u watch the game ,Ramsey was the player who at least tried against Madrid

          3. Ken1945 says:

            Durand, as you always demand that others use facts, can you please tell me how many of the Wenger last men standing quote you refer to has Emery actually offered new contracts too?
            Then can you tell how many of Wenger’s first team squad have left because Emery didn’t want them?
            Then can you explain why the manager who everyone wants to succeed, has offered Ramsey a new contract?
            Emery has also stated that he wants Ramsey to be his new captain, any reason why you think he would do that?
            Surely your not already questioning the wisdom of our new manager and his team?
            Your already predicting struggles for next season and yet have no idea of Emery’s plans regarding other signings and actual game plan!!!!
            Still, if that’s your idea of giving the club your support, who am I to criticize?
            I just have a completely different view to you and others who are already questioning Emery’s views and will give him my support, even if I don’t agree with the interest in Nzonzi. Can’t wait for the new season when we can actually see what his plans are.

          4. Durand says:

            Damn Ken how do you go from my comments on Ramsey to your arbitrary perception of how i cheer on Arsenal?

            I’m responding to EMERY’S OWN COMMENTS Ken!

            Please stop constantly seeking out an argument where there isn’t one!

            Emery is capable of mistakes like everyone. I question his ability to get more from Ramsey simply because 10 years has shown he has nothing more to offer.

            Ramsey undisciplined, inconsistent, injury prone, and hasn’t found a partner in midfield that can balance out his bombing forward.

            As for Wenger players leaving Jack is one so far, wait until window closes I’m sure more will follow.

            As for Emery’s plans, perhaps read the numerous articles quoting Emery’s many descriptions, or AMN piece describing talking with Emery, or Article on Emery and our young players ((Eddie, Reiss, Rowe-smith, fullback i can’t spell) or even the articles where Ivan talks about Emery’s plans and style.

            Normally you are bettered prepared for a debate my friend, but this case you are not.

            I’d be happy to continue the debate, however you should read up a bit. Predicting Ramsey struggles my friend, 10 years of watching the Welshman give me confidence on my statement. The team will hit a rough patch; most do, especially with new manager, new system, and new teammates.

          5. Ken1945 says:

            Durand, the reason I ask you to explain some of your views is that they always have the knack of knocking our old manager in one way or another.
            You accused me of not being ready for the last debate we had until the actual fact of our transfer dealings were

          6. Ken1945 says:

            Durand the message was interrupted, so I’ll continue!
            dealings were shown.
            I’m not sure what you mean about Emery’s own comments, so if I have misread this I apologize.
            Your last man standing comment was the trigger for my response, however as that is totally untrue.
            As you say, Jack is the only player from last season’s first team squad to have left, but even he was offered a contract that he turned down!
            I do agree that more will probably follow, but that is not factual is it?
            I absolutely agree with you about reading and digesting Emery’s history and comments and that is why I believe he wants Ramsey as his captain.
            He will have recognised the players Ramsey needs to ensure he gets the best from him.
            The main part of Ramsey’s injury history is down to be horrific tackle at Stoke. To have come back from that and achieved everything he has since then is a testament to the mans courage, ability and personal conviction of his own abilities. That is what I believe Emery has seen and acknowledged.
            He has also had a complete summer rest, time for any little niggles to be ironed out.
            I don’t see any reason why we would hit a rough patch, especially when you look at the fixtures.
            I’m not saying we won’t lose a game, but, also I am confident that the manager will have the team ready from the first game to the last.
            With the world cup panning out the way it is, the first two fixtures will see City and Chelsea players physically and mentally exhausted.
            All the above mentioned are the reasons I believe Emery has made a brilliant choice in offering Ramsey what he has. Nothing to so with our ex manager and his players, just Emery’s vision of the future

          7. Durand says:

            As for last men standing Ken, read it again and put it in context. 10 years is a poor factor for making someone a captain that has rarely if ever shown leadership.

            Emery offered Jack a contract; Jack didn’t like conditions, so may move on. Kos still injured, we have to wait on that. Walcott is gone, as are Gibbs and Ox. As for the rest, 2 years I didn’t list them as last standing compared to service time of mentioned above.

            Perhaps 10 years isn’t enough for you to judge Ramsey’s performances?
            You think Walcott didn’t get enough time?
            Was Ox prematurely judged as well?
            Was Jack not given a chance either?
            Do you still miss Giroud, or has Aubamayang shown you what a striker SHOULD be doing?

            You like to question others but hold them to your arbitrary standard. No one should question Emery yet? Why? Sorry, but many here had enough of blind faith and trust last 10 years with Wenger.

            In no mood to roll over for a new coach just because he’s new. I’m hoping he is wildly successful, but even HE knows it’s a short honeymoon period.

            Well, if you read his comments you would. He isn’t bothered by fans questioning him, as he succinctly explained. So why are you?

          8. Ken1945 says:

            Durand, just lost my reply to you so will start again point by point.

            As you requested, I read your post àgaiñ regards last man standing and, again I read it as if you are insinuating that Ramsey was only offered the captaincy because he was a Wenger signing.
            Isn’t that what you are saying?

            Ramsey has rarely if ever shown leadership?l
            Gary Speed, no less, appointed him as the youngest ever Welsh captain at the age of twenty.
            He captained his country in twelve full international matches..
            Steven Gerrard was quoted as saying that he was the best attacking midfielder in the premiership.
            In 2013/14 along with YaYa You’re, he was rated the best central midfielder in the premiership and the two of them were the only players who made over 1,000 passes in that season.
            Just a little history of the ten years you are wanting him to be judged on…. there is so much more factual information if one cares to look.?
            I will just mention that horrific injury he suffered and how much he has achieved since then.
            What an example to the prima donnas we see feigning injuries today I add as a sidenote.

            I realize from your reply that you are not just looking at the players left when Wenger left the club, but I am happy to discuss those you name.
            Walcott should have gone before his final contract and was a Wenger disaster.
            The Ox wanted to play for Liverpool,. was offered a contract but turned it down.
            Wilshere we agree about.
            Giroud is a player who I miss. Cannot compare him with Abu as they have completely different ways of playing. Must say however that I enjoy watching him in the world cup and wouldn’t it put some noses out of joint if he helped win the thing?

            I have my own views as do you. What I find so difficult to understand is that he is being questioned before the season has started, before he has completed his signings and before he has let anyone go apart from Jack.
            Ramsey is a classic example of this and your so-called ten years of judging the man should be looked at more closely because then you might see andread the FACTS as to why he is rated so highly amongst professionals such as Emery, Wenger, Speed, Gerrard to name just a FEW!!

          9. Durand says:

            3.4 goals and 4 assists per year over a 10 year period is average at best.

            Ramsey injuries are very often of the hamstring variety, not a reoccuring fracture of his leg.

            Ken we just have to disagree on Ramsey. He is polarizing figure as Alexis Sanchez was. Many want him to stay, many want him to go. I loved Sanchez and his fire and desire to win. If there are facets of Ramsey that appeal to you I can understand.

            I will take your comments as such, and we shall agree to disagree. I would only ask that if Ramsey is that good, where are the offers? Where are the TOP clubs bidding for such a great midfielder?

            Clubs offer contracts to keep players, but also to increase their transfer price. We shall have to wait and see concerning Ramsey.

          10. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Ken 1945, Durand debate, read with interest both of your arguments and Sorry Ken got to go with Durand on this one. 36 Premier League goals in 10 years is a joke return for an attacking midfielder, regardless of his injuries, and in my opinion, no leadership qualities for the Captain’s armband. If Steven Gerard really made those comments, and if you said it, I’m sure he did, then God help Glasgow Rangers.

          11. Durand says:

            Kenny and Jon Fox appreciate the comments. All of us are passionate about our club which we express in our own unique way.

            First, let me apologize to Ken 1945, I hope you are reading this. A response to your posts, one of mine in particular, was harsh and unnecessarily sharp.

            I was irritated with personal circumstances and that affected my response to Ken 1945. It’s no excuse, merely an explanation, and one I hope Ken will accept.

            Our differing opinions, passionate responses, and sometimes withering criticisms are born from our love of Arsenal.

            Lastly, my comment regarding Emery and not rolling over for a new coach. I think its healthy to ask questions, challenge decisions, and demand accountability. This hasn’t been the case at Arsenal for many seasons; responsibility falls on the owner and board.

            I was merely expressing concern club would return to old ways, expecting blind allegiance and money, but don’t question or criticize.

          12. jon fox says:

            Been reading your interesting debate with Ken. I find things to agree with from you both but do think it somewhat unfair and even distinctly odd to judge a new manager before he has even managed one game for us. That you ask “why anyone should NOT YET judge him” astounds me and I suggest all other fair minded fans. That looks to me like a hidden agenda and I see no other logical reason for you to do so. I have been Walcotts most implacable foe for virtually his whole Arsenal career and could not understand why the laziest and most gutless Arsenal player -by a distance- I have ever seen wear our shirt was kept around so very long , virtually uselessly and on ludicrous wages. On Ramsey, I see a different character completely though; he works hard and though he has been inconsistent, I put much of this down to how Wenger misplaced and misused him , plus the animal at Stoke who maimed him for about two years which affected him thereafter for some time to come. I am not Ramseys greatest fan or even a particular fan of his but I DO understand why a new man in charge would put his faith in him, as Ramsey is not a weed , as Walcott was, but a tough guy, esp mentally. I am not sorry to lose Giroud either; he was given ample chances and was always just short of the top standard we have always needed and is well short of both Auba and Laca. Even now , I am still not sold on Ox and do not think he will ever prove more than a merely useful PREM player, even under the great Klopp. We were right to sell him , I believe, even though Wenger tried his best to keep him and offered silly wages . Thank God he chose to leave anyway. BTW, I have had many forthright “disagreements” with the admirable Ken for some time now but always respect his fairness, as he sees it. As we see it, is also only what ANYONE of us can EVER say. It is all about OPINIONS, and thank God for those who can and will put themselves up on here, even to be shot at. It is called guts; something I have always admired and is why I so loathed the gutless WALCOTT.

          13. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Jon, agree wholeheartedly with your last comments on Ken’s fairness. With Durand, always sensible comments worth listening to. That’s exactly why it was an interesting debate.

          14. Ken1945 says:

            Jon, nice to see you back and firing on all cylinders!!
            Hope you had a great holiday and you can have your devil’s advocate role back immediately!!!
            Durand my old friend, I know you as a passionate gooner who I love debating with. When someone does his homework as you do before commenting and my views are different, that’s when it becomes interesting. When I saw you start with’DAMN’ I knew it would be a good examination!!
            Kenny, thanks for your comments on the debate.
            It’s funny, but one always looks for certain names on here and I’m sure that as the season unfolds the debating will reach fever pitch.
            Still disagree with you on Ramsey though, not giving up easily on this one!!!

          15. ACE says:

            I havent followed N’Zonzi since his Stoke
            days but I do recall him bossing Manure’s $100+M midfield in a recent CL fixture @
            Old Trafford. Most pundits agree he has
            improved his technical acumen while in Spain
            and Emery trusts his ability to control the
            middle of the pitch. Deshcamp seems to
            have the same confidence in the Frenchmen
            as he has featured regularly in the WC so far.

            The Sevilla man wouldn’t be my first choice
            and $35M is a ridiculous amount to pay for
            his services but I honestly rate him more
            than Xhaka, Ramsey, or El Neny.

        2. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Dotash says:

      @ kev,
      Thanks for the information,even if some people on this site always trying in faulting your transfer news and rumours. I say well done. But don’t blame them or be discourage as in the days of Wenger, Arsenal’s transfers are more of a shady deals. Once again, kudos

      1. kev says:

        Thanks.I appreciate.I just hope some of the average players in our team are sold.People think Wenger messed up every player but you can’t teach everything.Im not a Wenger supporter or whatever but I support Arsenal.I can see Wenger bring vindicated this season with respect to some players.I just hope by that time our season is not over.

  4. GB says:

    Got my tickets in north stand.

  5. Dotash says:

    The French team seem to be a little bit stronger than other teams in contention, I guess the coast is clear for them. But if not the Belgium team will have it. England should be third.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      football is coming home

      England will be champions

  6. Sue says:

    Sweden were awful

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      You’re right Sue, the only decent side we’ve played was Belgium’s reserves and we lost.

      1. Sue says:

        It has been a crazy world cup Kenny…but I’ve enjoyed watching it

  7. olis says:

    Sweden where terrible.. God.. At least the Russia v Croatia will be better than this..

    1. Sue says:

      ? let’s hope!!

  8. Alkali says:

    I’m just imagining how we will never hear the end of it from commentators in epl if england wins the worldcup. Them winning will be as anticlimactic as chelsea winning the champions league, goodluck to them though…

    1. RSH says:

      this is the main reason i dont want england winning, lol. I just dont wanna hear about it non-stop for the next 4 years. This is the same media that has been attacking this same national team for decades

  9. GB says:

    Hope so much we get N’Zonzi he is strong tall and Vieira mk 2.

  10. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    OT : Keown was sent on a scouting mission by former Emirates boss Arsene Wenger to have a look at Maguire. The Gunners hero came back with a positive report but revealed Arsenal were concerned about the player’s mobility.“Somebody asked me to take a look at him and I thought he was a decent player,” Keown said.
    “They thought he was a big player, but was he going to be mobile enough?
    “I think he’s gone on to prove all the qualities he needs to be a top player.”
    Asked to confirm if it was Arsenal who asked him to scout Maguire, Keown replied: “Yes.”

    Keown was commentating as the Leicester man headed England in front against the Swedes and he believes a host of top sides will lining up for Maguire this summer.

    1. RSH says:

      wouldn’t be as good as he is now if he played under Wenger anyways.

      1. Reyesorarsenal says:


    2. Ken1945 says:

      VCC, interesting story about Maguire.
      Shows that Wenger had an eye for a good player don’t you think?
      What would be really interesting is who actually was concerned about the player’s mobility and when he was asked to scout the player don’t you agree!?
      Keown says ‘they’ from your report, so one can only assume it wasn’t one man’s opinion.
      I guess we will all have our own opinions, but the facts would be really interesting and informative.

  11. ks-gunner says:

    I do see England in the finals, but not wining it. France are current favorites. As for Arsenal. We did do many things right till now but i wonder if we are good enough for the 4th place. Still need a good winger running down the flanks. Someone who is good with holding the ball and creating chances.

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      Lol God help us if England wins the world cup …other world cups will not be acknowledged going forward…EPL matches wil be paused in the 15th minute (Russia 2018 final match) for moments of celebrations..the whole sky sports news will be talking abt this for the next 4 years

      1. Sue says:

        My husband moaned at me earlier because I said I was sick of hearing ‘It’s coming home’ he said het behind the team on Wednesday even with spuds in the team ??

  12. Innit says:

    Get Nzonzi. I see big things in his future. Give him 4-5 years to mature and develop. He will be a world beater! So will Lictenstein and Sokratis in a few years

    1. Abel says:

      Thumbs up to the comedian.

  13. Ken1945 says:

    Innit did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of whit?
    I love it though, so keep it coming.
    Much better than those of us who bore the pants off each other ?

  14. COYG_CA says:

    god, now I can’t listen to TalkSport radio till at least the EPL starts up, but even then
    it will never end about ENG and the WC. Gotta find something else to listen to now!

    1. Steven Hawkins says:

      Where are all of you from there seems to be about 3 England fans on an English site supporting an English team lol

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Football coming home

      England Champions of the World

      Kane is unstoppable….Pickford is unbeatable

      Maquire is a steel in defense

      Stirling and Dele Alli are terrifying…

      Simply World Class

      1. Sue says:

        Sterling is awful….. Will he ever score??? I seriously doubt it

  15. Dayvid14 says:

    Trust me on this, England won’t even beat Croatia. And I so believe that Nzonzi is way above elneny, amn, Xhaka or any DM we currently have plus all teams on the top 4/5 have two Dms so why can’t we have 2 as well?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      England will beat Croatia with Ease

      Delle Alli, Kane, Stirling etc….no one can stop their pace

      There is also plan B which is to park the bus and go into penalties

      1. Alkali says:

        John I thought you are a Nigerian. I guess I was wrong.

      2. Sue says:

        I thought they used their plan B against Belgium ?

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