How transfer window can save Arsenal’s season

Although I agree with most people about this current Arsenal squad having the most ability and depth that we have seen at the club in many years, I still feel that Arsene Wenger must use the winter transfer window to fix a few problems and give the team a vital boost for the second half of the season.

One of the reasons I think the boss needs to do some business in January is to cope with the usual lengthy injury list at Arsenal, even though the sports injury website shows that the Gunners are hoping to get back a number of players over the next few weeks in the shape of Aaron Ramsey and Shkodran Mustafi.

They should be able to hit the ground running but others like Welbeck and Mertesacker who have been out for a while may take some time before getting back to their usual level. And knowing Arsenal there will be more injuries to come so I feel that Wenger must expect this and strengthen accordingly.

I also feel that Arsenal must take some of the pressure off the two main men, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Even if they stay fit which is by no means certain, they will not stay fresh unless Wenger can give them a rest every now and then.

The title race is not over for Arsenal but we have to be very good and extremely consistent in the second half to stand any chance of becoming champions. So will the Frenchman use the January window? And will it be able to save our season?



  1. muda says:

    I don’t think we a signing in January just for the sake of cover, it will be more like a waste of funds, because we have cover for every position.

    If we are going to sign any1 let it be a super star (an upgrade) on what we have at the moment.

    For example:
    Attack: Aubameyang or Higuin
    CM: Kroos, Modric, Rakitic, Veratti.

    As long as we gonna dream let’s dream high.
    Finally PETER CECH is not helping the matters, time to unleash Ospina.

    1. JAmerican says:

      Big fan of Griezmann and Veratti, those are the caliber of players we should be going after. Not to mention they’re not even in their prime yet.

      Totally agree with you on Cech too, his kicking has been terrible and he constantly gets beat at his near post. I’m sure we stand a better chance of Ospina saving PK’s as well.

      1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

        Just sell Cech and get Leno, we’ll be set for the next 10 years.

    2. marty53 says:

      You make it sound so easy to sign players, most of the ones you mention wouldn’t want come to us. I think what we need now is a change of manager to freshen things up, new ideas etc. I have been a Wenger supporter and he has been marvellous for Arsenal but I do think that change is necessary. Diego Simeone would be my choice….someone to put the passion back into the club.

  2. Jansen says:

    I don’t see us spending any more money this season. For our standards we spend a lot this past summer. Sadly only Mustafi seems to be signing who is contributing right away.

    Xhaka is struggling and seem to need a lot more time and Perez is turning into a Podolski, doing everything he needs to do when on the pitch but not getting any time on a regular basis.

    Can you imagine what we could have done had we saved the 50+ million we spend on Xhaka and Perez and spend it on 1 attacking player? or on Kante?

    Anyway, I said it this summer, we could sign Messi and as long as Wenger is in charge this team will not change what it has shown under his leadership the last 12 years.

    (and yes I respect Wenger tremendously, but I just don’t think he is of the same caliber as the younger managers in the PL, and that’s no shame they guy is nearly 70, at that age it is normal to get stuck in your way and to keep trying what always worked for you, except in our case it has not worked for 13 years.)

  3. Onochie says:

    Arsenal to buy January?!!! Am not sure how possible it would be,that’s always the period when our injured players are returning and in Wenger’s eyes they are like “New signing”.

    1. bran99 says:

      and even if he buys, he’ll buy someone we don’t need (remember Kim K?)

  4. Ddog says:

    what do you mean save our season??? win the league? come on, delusional.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      I know that these latest defeats hurt and we are now 9 points behind and would have to over take three very good teams to be back in control of the race. As unlikely as that may seem, which I agree is very unlikely, to say that is an impossibility is also delusional. Stranger things have happened in football. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely unlikely but not impossible. Think Leicester.

      1. Ddog says:

        I never said it was impossible. But I think its quite unlikely, so I will perosnally not be getting exited about our title hopes. And i think seeing 2 3 articles about how we can win the league is delusional, extremly hopeful, which is a necesary yet irrational sentiment. I may get caught in the ‘maybe we can feeling’ that will most likely be revived in me at some point, as it is the essence of a supporting and loving a team (hope) but right now, i dont feel this club deserves it from me. Yes I’m bitter!

  5. Raoh says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the transfer window isn’t the solution?
    This team has enough talent all over the pitch. I am sorry to those who wants world class addition I do as well but if we are objective both teams fielded against Everton & City were strong XI. The team as a whole should’ve done better. The lack of focus, the lack of consistency is an issue. That is what needs fixing. And with the coming run of fixtures this team should be targeting wins and addressing those problems.
    Draxler on talent alone makes any team in the world a better one on paper. But aside from his last 2 games before that his stats read 0 goals & assists: not exactly world beater. We need players that are strong mentally but can also be leaders. Can he be one? Jury is still out. Can he consistently deliver on his talent week in week out against better and lesser teams with the team playing well or not so well? The jury is still out. Can he become the player people expected him to be by coming to Arsenal? Maybe!
    Getting him would show intent from our club no question but focusing on extending Ozil, Sanchez, Ox & Gibbs is also important for our future.

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