How UEFA’s determination to finish the season could benefit Arsenal

Arsenal can now focus on finishing the season after UEFA decision

In an extraordinary decision, UEFA announced today that they would be shifting Euro 2020 to 2021 in a bid to allow all the club competitions to be completed.

The decision is a landmark one and helps the Premier League to go ahead with their fixtures after the coronavirus pandemic.

This new development would be good news and bad news to different teams depending on where they are on their respective league tables.

Teams battling relegation would have preferred for the season to be declared null and void so that they can start over again, while teams like Liverpool will be happy as they are on the verge of winning their first league title in 30 years.

For Arsenal, I think it is more good news than bad news. The Gunners now have the chance to play and win a place inside the top six.

Some fans will think that it would have been better for this season to be cancelled so that we can play European football when a new season starts, but I beg to differ.

I think that we would not have merited that new European season, and who knows we may have struggled in Europe again.

Also, the case against Man City at CAS has been postponed due to Coronavirus and there is no guarantee it will be heard this year and so even fifth may not be enough.

However, with the season going through to the end, our players will play and earn their place back at the top with pride.


  1. The one thing that hasn’t been looked at though Martin is players contracts, transfer windows and players on loan.

    One idea regarding european places might be that there are no european competitions for the next full season, except for the actual champions from each european league and based on a two legged knockout basis….as was the case many moons ago of course.
    The winners would be declared as Champion League winners, with all that it entails still intact.

  2. The Premier League have not decided yet if the season will be eventually played through to the end. I personally do not think there will be any further Premier League games this season.

  3. @Ken1845- for all those that would shed a tear over the unfairness to Liverpool should the Premier League be declared void, and therefore depriving them of Title, a gentle reminder of the teams who were deprived of European Competition after their fans rioted in the Heysel Stadium

    Manchester United
    West Ham
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Oxford United
    Coventry City
    Nottingham Forest
    Luton Town
    Derby County

    Some might just call it Karma

    1. Phil, I actually mentioned Everton in this context via another post.

      You, as usual, go into greater depth, something that seems to be frowned upon by a certain person on here.

      I just cannot see how the premier league will vote for this season to be finished as it stands, there are too many factors and self interests to allow this.
      But, if eufa did want some form of CL tournament, the top team in each league could possibly play as I suggest – ensuring revenue for this corrupt (in my view) organisation.

  4. Well Ken- some have better things to do with their time than to actually think about what they have written previously and how if they do reply in makes no sense of what they had previously replied. But you and I are not the only ones who have had their questions deliberately ignored by Jon Fox ( I take it that’s who you mean ). I had to laugh when I saw him struggling to understand your ironic humour in a recent post, and actually felt a little sad for him to be honest. Stevie Wonder could have read and understood your point but it was totally lost on JF. Perhaps he had his mind on his own writing, maybe a review of Knees Up Mother Brown at Southend Pier last summer.
    This actually had me thinking Ken. So if Jon wrote one of his reviews which he does professionally ( as we are continually told) and written in the perfect grammar and Queens English ( of which he often corrects those less educated than himself) -( again which he continually reminds everyone) and his review was totally different to other reviews written by other reviewers reviewing the show, would he completely change his review? Or realise his review has totally embarrassed him, so rather than have his review reviewed by other reviewers, and be ridiculed and humiliated because he realised his review had been reviewed by these other ( obviously just as well educated ) reviewers so he completely changed his original view to agree with the reviews posted by the other reviewers, would this be reviewed do you feel? A bit like his infamous “ I have never been more certain in my life that Unai Emery is the correct manager for Arsenal Football Club” straight after the Anfield debacle earlier this season ( and I was there Ken, and my review was “ WE WERE UTTER F***ING SH*T , but I’m happy if other supporters now wish to review my own review and publish their reviews) which was backtracked later with his now undying love for Arteta ( FFS Jon-get a room). Would other reviewers review Jon’s reviews seriously ever again.
    A bit like his ( I am a realist and only deal in facts ). Well I decided to look up the Statistics for Mesut Ozil’s performance for a game. It could have been any game and I don’t know why, but after reviewing the options I decided on Man Utd at home 1st January 2020. I saw the game in Mexico while on a long Xmas and New Year holiday ; and my review of Mexico is – great place to go for Xmas and New Year) and Mesut Ozil covered more ground in that game than any other player on the pitch. I reviewed the data so as to ensure the information was indeed correct and the writer had not actually realised what he had written would be totally alien to anyone with a midgen of a football brain and would therefore change his mind soon after ( a bit like JF and his Anfield review re Emery). But guess what? No. It has not be changed. The statistics are there for all to see and digest. Therefore they must be considered accurate and indisputable facts that even a realist would never question. So, when comments such as Jon writes about Ozil being lazy, workshy, a leach etc etc etc he is obviously not reviewing his notes too well is he? And this is only to be realistically expected from a realist who only deals in facts.
    So the point of my reply? God knows. But pleased to have it reviewed by anyone wishing to review it, and when reviewed, if the reviewer reviews my review as inaccurate or not to his liking in any way, then I will simply do what Jon did aka Anfield/Emery and completely change it. Or would I? Naaaah

    1. Phil, the main trouble with your long tirade of jealousy is that YOUR facts are wrong. I do write professionally but my reviews are (mostly) unpaid. So all that “review the reviews” tosh is just as much fantasy as your and Kens love affair with Ozil. Your whole post was based on a fantasy but why am I not surprised!

      The fact that you needed to write such a long post all about me shows how much my truth has got under your skin. By definition, those who rate Ozil as a top player, STILL, are strangers to truth.

        1. Phil, Oh surely you can do better than that lame and unfunny mere one liner. A man of your “talents” too!

  5. I don’t have one once of sympathy for Liverpool fans if they don’t finish champions. They have become bigger bullies than man u fans and seem to have forgot that we used to be right next to them getting bullied by man u all these years.

    I do however feel sorry for MOST of Liverpool players and coach as they totally deserved the title.

    1. @Ackshay-if eventually Liverpool do win the Premier league title and are presented with the trophy on the pitch after the final game is played, do not be surprised to see medals being presented to Mike Riley ( on behalf of all referees everywhere ) The man who invented VAR, the man who built VAR, the man who thought of the name VAR, VAR itself, Unai Emery ( for gifting the easiest 3 points Liverpool will win in the entire season ) Jon Fox, on behalf of all the supporters who felt convinced after that game more than ever Unai Emery was absolutely the right choice of manager for Liverpool Football Club at least twice every season. They all played such a vital role in the season they surely cannot be overlooked fora medal

      1. 😂😂😂😂 brilliant, Phil!!

        Sod every other team in the country, the only thing that matters is Liverpool lifting that trophy.

        1. Yeah Sue- it will give them something else to moan about that’s for sure. You stay safe and keep well.

      2. How pathetic to see your obvious jealousy of Liverpools fans. None of them would put up with such a lazy git as OZIL IN THEIR SIDE AND NOR WOULD A TOP MANAGER LIKE KLOPP EVEN DREAM OF HAVING A PLAYER OF THAT COMPLETE INEFFECTIVENESS ANYWHERE NEAR THEIR CLUB. But nor would Liverpool have bought such a mercenary player in the first place Not only are they a great side but ALL their players work their socks off every time. It is demanded by manager and fans and teammates alike. Perhaps that is why they are 25 points clear of all the rest and God knows how much farther in front of us. Its called the realityof top football with NO passengers but certain Arsenal fans have never come across it. AND PHIL, BEFORE YOU CALL ME A CLOSET LIVEPOOL FAN, I HAVE NO LOVE FOR THEM AT ALL BUT AM FAIR MINDED AND NOT GIVEN TO PETTY JEALOUSY LIKE YOU AND SUE.

        1. Why on earth would I be jealous of that vile bloody lot?? I just don’t like how they’re favoured! And what the hell has Ozil got to do with it?

          1. So Jon- it’s your “reality “ that let’s you down. Why is it that a manager you admire in Mikel Arteta picks Mesut Ozil for every game ( unless of course he is rotating for cup matches ) when if he had any of your reasoning he wouldn’t have the player anywhere near the first team? Or is it that the lack of workrate you consistently waffle on about is in fact just one of your own made up fantasises? So, the manager acknowledges Ozil’s worth to the team, built on training, commitment and team ethics but you fail to. Can’t quite see the realist in this. Results speak for themselves.The manager is selected to get results.The team are slowly but surely improving.Mesut Ozil is a central figure in that team. They are the indisputable facts any realist would not argue with.But then it’s you PAL so nobody’s ever quite sure I suppose

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