How VAR has helped Arsenal in this title race

Nowadays, one important part of every title race in England is the VAR decisions, as technology plays a crucial role in matches.

Arsenal and almost every club can say they have been affected by the technology, negatively or positively and a new report has uncovered how Mikel Arteta’s men and other EPL sides have benefited.

The Gunners continue to top the EPL standings and could have had more points if VAR had not incorrectly allowed a goal in their game against Brentford.

That game ended in a draw that most Arsenal fans are still livid about, but their club has had more luck with the tech over Manchester City.

A report on ESPN shows Arsenal has had five VAR decisions go their way in the league this season. This puts them sixth on the table among clubs the tech has helped.

City, on the other hand, has had only one VAR decision go their way as they chase Arsenal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

VAR is a controversial topic and it is fair that we have had decisions go our way, but there are others that have gone against us too.

Clubs do not have to rely on technology to win games and we need to learn from that and do better in matches.

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  1. For heaven’s sake!!!!
    VAR just records the facts as they occur on the pitch.
    The Arsenal haven’t “benifited from VAR – They have benifited from the correct decisions being made…. and have not benifited when incorrect decisions have been made.
    Why is it SOOOO difficult to understand that simple point of fact?????????

    1. Exact Ken. There has been quite a few decisions that should have gone our way, yet for some unknown reason didn’t.

  2. Am penning an open letter to the FA , to invite the legendary Italian, PIERLUIGI COLLINA to the premier league for assisting with officiating officials to get this right once and for all.

    Saturday match Arsenal vs Buomouth was littered with poor officiating decisions, luckily we had won so it was ignored, the time wasting again raised its ugly head.

    Am hearing noise that English officials are even been overlooked for certain International games as a result of their poor showing.


  3. I’d say Brentford “benefited” from var in their match against us. Var allowed thm get points they did not deserve. That’s benefit. I do not think that arsenal were credited points they did not deserve. They only had var confirm their just rewards. That’s not benefit.
    If you insist it’s benefit what then do you call what Brentford got? Award?

  4. What a white wash article ,1. VAR its perfect its the officials are the problem
    2. We are the most s crw ed team by the refs but aparently whoever thinks that its a conspiracist
    3. Pgmol and refs with VAR as a tool will not let arsenal win the league .

  5. What some fans fail to see is that VAR IS the officials!
    It is plain stupid to try to pretend that VAR IS SEPARATE from the officials. It is the human error factor that makes VAR useless.

    Until and unless artificial intelligence can take VAR over from humans ENTIRELY, it will continue to stink the place out.

    Until AI comes in and gives a very speedy decision direct to the match ref, who can then communicate it directly to the crowd- as in goal line tech, which works very well- then VAR should never have been brought in at all.

    Not until it was ready to operate properly, instead of the shambles it is now!

    1. Thats what i am saying its the biased refs,they interpret every situation according to their bias .
      I can bet top top dollar if utd or liverpool or city were trailing bournemouth like we did out of 4 shouts would ve been pens.
      We beat leicester but gods know who var disallowed our first goal .??? Foul on the keeper ???? Leicester defender was closer to the keeper then White ,if you think it was correct decision then go watch arsenal 2-1 villa highlights and see villas equaliser and then come back to me please

    2. As someone who watches quite a lot of European League games, I can honestly say that the VAR officials in Continental Europe are so much better than ours, and they haven’t got AI.

      1. Oh dear Ken, that same dreary old red herring ONCE AGAIN!

        You even admit to “once again.” Why on EARTH DO YOU BOTHER?

        One day, when a level of realisation lands in your brain that clearly has not yet penetrated your head, you may, just MAY, realise that trying to change my opinion with daft and wrong analogys is a waste of your and my time. Roll on that day!

        1. Oh dear Jon, as usual when you can’t answer the question, you try to deflect. Let me give you another sciranio…. oops I meant scenario…. now should we ban the use of this, simply because I made a mistake?
          Give me one example Jon, just one, where technology has been dropped, because humans were unable to use it correctly….. of course you can’t.

          1. Ken I really dont wish to be rude, but you are very well aware that I AM TOTALLY OPPOSED TO VAR, until and unless AI can ever take it over and make it both very speedy and it cuts out the middkle men at Stockley Park.
            YOU HAVE KNOWN THIS ALL ALONG, as it has been debated back and forth many times.


            1. Simply because Jon, you keep telling everyone that you know best and those that have a differing opinion are dismissed with a scornfull appraisal.
              I’m just returning the compliment.

              1. Just another wilful misinterpretation of my many posts Ken.

                I speak plainly, it is true.
                But I do NOT claim to know more than other sensible fans, of which JA has very many. But ALL sensible fans know more than the many fools JA also has.

    1. I like Dermot Gallagher and think he speaks total sense with toral honesty. He, like me, didn’t think any of the VAR calls were wrong. People (and this isn’t pointed at you) think they know football rules, when they dont. Opinion is not defined by refereeing decisions, rukes are. When people understand football rules (and most dont) then they can have a valid conversation. Other than that it is THEIR opinions.

      1. Reggie, just for clarification, your not saying that VAR doesn’t know the rules are you?
        I know the answer, but, following Jon Fox’s comments, I wanted to point out the ridiculous stance he is taking on VAR.
        Every machine needs human input, so, unless we go back to before the industrial revolution, that’s the way it is.

        1. Ken ANYTHING with human intervention will not be perfect, ANYTHING. No human is perfect and that includes everyone.

          1. How wise a thought! Which is all the more reason NOT to ever expect perfection.
            To expand on that thought, I am in a minority, I suspect, who would allow refs to make honest mistakes and not to seek a mistake free game by trying to make VAR make it so. It does NOT make it so, simply because , as your post wisely outlines , imperfect humans operate it. NAIVE TO EVER EXPECT OR DEMAND PERFECTION IN ANY HUMAN SPHERE OR OPERATION.

          2. And ken, im saying VAR know the rules better than we do. Or not VAR but the people running it. I accept that we cant get perfect but its better than the haphazard refereeing we had to put up with, which people very conveniently forget just how bad it was.

  6. Crazy, Strange titling. Should actually be the reverse: ” How VAR has tried to frustrate Arsenal’s Title hopes”.

  7. The more VAR decisions go in our favour, the more times the refs got it wrong on the pitch, in general.
    A confounding factor is that often refs let things go in the knowledge they’ll get to look at it on VAR anyway, so..

  8. Such a commentary is useless. If there were no officials Arsenal would have been robbed all 65 points too. That includes brentfords draw. Instead of looking at counting at where it has gone right, count where VAR has gone wrong and ask why did it go wrong? Let me give you three game changing VAR decisions that did potentially change the game for Arsenal. Man United vs Arsenal , Southampton vs Arsenal and Arsenal vs Brentford. Others that would have lesser game changing three : Everton vs Arsenal Maupay case ; Arsenal vs Bournemouth(2) 1st goal and repeated hand ball. Leicester vs Arsenal ,

  9. Just one question I would really like to ask, why is the premier league VAR officials the worst in Europe?
    Maybe just maybe it’s by design?

    I too has watch football relentlessly in Brazil and Europe and their VAR officials haven’t failed so miserably as in the premier league., something just doesn’t smell right.

    I respect Allan Webn but the Englishman clearly needs help.

    Why is it so hard to seek outside help if we genuinely needs the mess to clean up.

    Why can’t we hire the Legendary Italian PIERLUIGI COLLINA to assist?

    Ignoring the problem not going to make it goes away, JUST LOOK AT HOW BLATANT TIME WASTING HAS BECOME

  10. I disagree with you. We have not benefited or gained any result from VAR. Those decisions in our favor were actually correct decisions. Instead, VAR has dealt with us huge blows in our title challenge. By now, we should be talking about 9 to 12 points lead.

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