How Walcott can get Arsenal over the wall!

Okay Arsenal fans, it may not be time to hit the big Pink Panic Button just yet, especially as the point the Gunners gained against Sunderland last night ensured that we will go straight into the Champions League group stage next season.

But this is not a good time for Arsenal to be hitting a slump. For one thing we have an FA cup final to win and if cannot score a goal there is a good chance that Aston Villa will be the club celebrating at the end of May. For another thing, a poor finish to this season could carry over to the next one. It will not necessarily happen but we would all much prefer not to risk it.

So in essence, we need Arsenal to snap out of our recent malaise and start scoring goals and winning games again and I think there is one easy way for the boss to make it happen. His name is Theo Walcott. Maybe Wenger has played it perfectly and has now got a player desperate to play, fit as a butcher´s dog and with a skill set that no team can really cope with.

His pace and the timing of his runs are a defender´s nightmare. Add to that a burning desire to prove himself and you have one very potent weapon. I think we may have become too predictable in the last month or so and it is high time the tactics got a tweak, a Theo Walcott shaped tweak. What do you think?

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  1. Theo’s pace and direct running at defenders is truly suited to the wings, where he is most useful and effective!

    1. By the time Chamberlain and Welbeck get fit, y’all gonna likely forget this “Theo Chorus”.

      1. Imagine the pace; Bellerin RB, The Ox midfield, Theo right wing.

        And for icing on the cake; bring Gnabry on at 60 minutes.

        1. Yeah, and Gnabry too. Damn injury. Like I once said, we need an exorcist at Arsenal.

  2. Theo is one of the best Right Wingers in the EPL, it is a crime that he is not given more games. He is a threat when he plays, he opens up the game, creates chances, and gives defenses a headache, he also allows Sanchez to be more successful by creating a second threat from the opposite wing.
    He is not always on, and he can be frustrating sometimes, but so what, tell me one player that we have who is brilliant every game.
    Ramsey has to play in the middle as a B2B that is his spot and Walcott should either play on the wing or if Wenger truly believes that he is ready to be the next Henry then he should play down the middle but he should play in this Arsenal team that is for sure.

    1. A simple fact is,

      With jack wilshere on the pitch since he was back our only goal is an own goal, likewise b4 he went out injured we usually start scoring wen he was out, though I avent discovered anyfin responsible for such signficance differences but the shit is real.

      And for all of u calling for girouds head, we beta hope he pick up his form, since he has been outta form we ve been having difficulty scoring goals, when he plays well…arsenal play well just as wenger said sometyms ago @ least till we get a beta replacement

        1. Conversion rate this season is 25% – only better conversion rates for strikers with more than 10 goals is Kane (27%) and Costa (33%). The stats may be wrong – I don’t know, but 25% is very decent in footballing terms.

          1. you cannot rely on questionable stas alone you must do the eye test also,if your stas are right he has a better conversion rate than Aguero,really?if so this proves the argument that stas alone a uesless.

    2. Theo needs to learn and open his mind more to reach his best. TH14 not just a quick slick player, he’s the master of finishing and avoiding tackles. He get kicked every games and still running well. As the only one who’s fully fresh, Theo should pay more focus on his football not his contract negotiation, and he needs to prove it on the field. Otherwise, we should look at Pedro. COYG!!!

  3. Wenger had to be patient
    because of Theo’s bad injury.
    Also the team we had was doing
    the job very well and every game
    was a must win. Yes the timing is
    just right for Theo to start. He is primed
    and ready same with Wilshere. It means
    the likes of Cazorla Sanchez or Ozil
    can get much needed rest before the final.

    1. LOL.Walcotts been fit for months mate.Many of you seem to be assuming that hes been leaving theo on the bench as some smart ploy to make him more that was the case Wenger has let the team suffer to suit his silly games,but i doubt this is the truth.The truth is ever1 needs to wake up an smell the roses,the way things are going Walcott won’t start any games an could well leave in the summer,theres no excuse for playing Ramsey an Wiltshere out of position when we have Walcott on the bench,hes leaving

  4. This guy has had 9 years at Arsenal to develop and he’s still crap, all he has is pace just like welbeck but he is not good enough for this team. We need to sell him and go buy pedro from barca a true RW that can score, dribble a true fox.

  5. we have forgotten how Walcott shoots from any angle when he sight the post before he got injured……some guys need to watch the game against Tottenham where Walcott got injured and we’ll see what we’ve been missing, I’m I the only one feeling Wenger is just punishing Walcott cause of his contract?

  6. Nice one Bob. Can you get this message over to Wenger? Everybody seems to know that this team badly needs the services of Theo Walcot except for Arsene Wenger. He will field Wilshere and even a defender on the right wing before starting Theo, a natural wenger and our most direct finisher and goal scorer. When wenger has an axe to grind with you, he will exclude you from the starting eleven at the detriment of the team. It is the worst thing I have ever seen. Walcot comes in against united and his first cross is a goal. What else does he need to do to get a starting place? So he has not signed his contract? So what? You are paying him any ways! Wenge would rather pay Theo to sit on the bench than do a job in the team. Ridicuolous. Wilshere will not score goals for you, especially not from the wings. Ramsey is not a winger. Looks like our tactical plan now is to pass teams to death and if that is the case, it is still not working! You need a shooter to get on the end of all those passes. Get a grip Wenger and play your best winger on the wings where he belongs! Even Mourinho wants Walcot. I wonder why…

    1. Last year Sagna didnt sign his contract but Wenger kept playing him,so i don’t think hes leaving out Theo because of his contract i think its either because hes leaving in the summer or because Theo keeps banging on about being a striker, so Wengers trying to show him if you want to play there you won’t get many minutes

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