Walcott just wants to score goals!

Although the contract talks between Arsenal and the representatives of our England international Theo Walcott are still going on and may go on for some time, it appears to me that both sides want to get the deal done and the talks are just to agree the details.

The striker no longer seems to be unsure about committing his playing future to the Gunners, as he was a few years ago when his current contract was being talked about. And after an excellent game in the Asia Trophy final against Everton to back up the brilliant performances right at the end of last season, Walcott has done everything asked of him to prove his worth to Arsene Wenger.

I have a feeling that the boss has wanted Theo to expand his game a bit instead of just relying on his pace. And he has certainly done that; first of all with his movement and the timing of his runs while also improving his finishing. And now he has showed the manager that he also has the versatility to play anywhere along the front three.

Walcott has been speaking about this in a report on the Arsenal website and he has also made it clear that he is not going to insist on playing in the middle but is happy to play wherever Wenger wants him to.

The 26-year old said, “In modern-day football the three up front tend to change around a lot. You see it with England and with Barcelona, so we have that sort of trust in each other knowing that everyone can do that sort of role. It’s not a problem at all.

“I like it anywhere. I enjoy playing for this club. It’s well-documented where I want to play but there’s a lot of competition in that front line. If I’m in a role then I have to do my best there, but it’s another option for the manager. It’s not a bad thought.

“I’m always going to be judged on goals and I’ve been very happy with my goal record when I’ve been given the opportunity, and that’s all I can do.

“I enjoy scoring, I want to score for this club and you get a nice feeling of confidence from it as well. The belief that players show in you when you score goals, you’re going to get more and more opportunities.

“I’ll be judged on goals – that’s what strikers want to do, to score goals. I haven’t set a target as yet but when you’re a striker you need to be aiming for 15 or in the 20s. That’s a good start.

“I wouldn’t say I’m flying yet. It’s only one game and we can’t get too excited. In these games you want to get the match sharpness and training as well. We’ve only been training for just over a week, so not long at all.

“I am fairly confident. It’s my first pre-season for two years and I want to work really hard to make sure I’m in the starting line-up for the first game of the season.”

I also think that Walcott has been working on his passing and link up play as well, which is certainly something the manager wants in his players, so surely all this put together has made the flying forward an absolutely key part of the Arsenal team for the season ahead. What do you guys think?

VIDEO – Watch Chuba Akpom showing off his silky skills!

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  1. Im supporting theo to excell in coming new season and bang in many goals for the arsenal cause! Coyg!

    1. You got a thumb down simply for spewing something aimed entirely at getting thumbed up.

      An Arsenal fan wants Theo to score goals this year? I’m in shock….

        1. Get a grip? lol a blog’s about opinions mate, nobody said you have to like every one. Gets boring having to read through comments that offer nothing to any kind of debate and are simply said to receive virtual acceptance…

          I’m not the one in need of getting a grip.

          1. I think u do ! We’re fans at the end of the day and as fans we support our club and players as Greg was doin ! Nothing wrong with . Nothing wrong with thumbing down either but don’t think anyone could give 2 shit why u done it to be honest .

            1. Weird because your took the time to write a comment about what I said so you obviously give 2 sh1ts….

              And precisely my point, we’re all Arsenal fans but this is a forum or blog for discussion and interaction among fans. It’s a waste of time and space to clog comments up with “I like Arsenal”, “I want Theo to score lots this year”.

              Bring something to the table instead of looking for virtual praise which is precisely the agenda here with Greg.

              1. Just wanted to let u no my opinion Charlie . Forum for discussion and interaction FACT. Waste of time and space to clog comment up with ‘I like arsenal ‘ OPINION which could also be seen as a personal attack just for bein supportive ! I’m sure Greg lives a very happy and succesful life ,but u can’t be sure who actually is writing comments whether a child or someone lacking confidence in general so mayb u should stop bein a helmet about positive comments and stick to your talented football brain which may land u a job on sky sports one day

                1. Which sounds more like this ‘personal attack’ you speak of…

                  “You got a thumb down simply for spewing something aimed entirely at getting thumbed up.” – Me

                  “Get a grip cocaine Charlie” – You

                  Can’t make it up sometimes. Irony thy name is sylvainwiltord

                2. Replying here as I can’t on your comment for some reason . Treat people how they treat others ! no need to try and take the moral high ground tho Charlie u already look an idiot

    1. Walcott always wants to go central anyway. Assigning him to RW may work great. But then you cannot expect much wing play – service to the box will come from RB.

      And Walcott has been waiting for years for his opportunity at striker. I believe Wenger will give him some chances at striker this season.

      The most important thing, however, is the fact the Arsenal have few great options at striker but have players who can play RW – Ox and Sanchez excel there. If Walcott can grab the striker position and call it his, it would really help the club.

      I expect to see Ox at RW and Wenger will put Ramsey in that position to get him on the pitch together with Cazorla and Ozil.

  2. Nice to see Walcott get your support man, a lot of Arsenal fans seem to fail to see what he offers the team, but I for one rate him highly. If Walcott (Wally to his friends) stays injury free I think he’s about to deliver on his promise!

    Go get em Wally!

  3. Off topic:

    I didn’t get to see the arsenal v everton game so i was wondering how did Chambers do at CB? Did he look confident and quicker?

    1. Wally ain’t a CB dude, and he didn’t play in that position against Everton at the Asda Cup Final!

      1. @ ny
        I already saw the highlights but I’m wondering specifically about chambers. How did he perform

    2. I think it’s still on Arsenal player if you’re keen to watch it. Cazorla was incredible

      1. Chambers was very steady and stable, him being English… he will be worth $40m very soon!

  4. Although Walcottt’s technique
    is limited he has a nack of
    sniffing out opportunities
    and his pace makes him a constant danger.
    If he can learn to improve his technique
    and play 30 games a season he is a
    potential match and title winner.

    1. Ah a wonderfully educated Gooner, speak on Bro.

      I think Wally would be proud to let you call him Wally, he lets his friends call him that.

      I call him Wally!

  5. Theo is my FAV. Arsenal player, so I don’t need to talk about his qualities or my believe on him to deliver coz I might be biased lol.

  6. /* In tune of Girls just wanna have fun */

    He just wanna, he just wanna
    He just wanna, he just wanna
    Oh Theo, Theo just wanna score goals….

    1. Not sure your agenda, whether it’s anti-benzema or pro-giroud….but to suggest adding Benzema would be anything but an enhancement makes you sound pretty dim.

      Theo plays on the wing, he’s no reason to reject Benzema….also he’s not in the same league.

      1. My opinion (what you call agenda) is anti-40 mil for a 20 mil player. Benzema is a good player but his stats reveal he is not a 40mil, top striker and he is not much better than Giroud. That is just reality. I prefer to live in the real world.

        If Wenger can get Benzema for 20 mil and sell a striker he will no longer need – perhaps Welbeck – I would be glad to have Benzema. It is not personal. Benzema is an upgrade from Giroud simply because he has more in his talent versality. But he is nowhere near the rating of “top striker” and 40 mil for him is lunacy. Just trying to keep it real.

        I read today they want 45 mil for Benzema. He is not worth 3 times Giroud.

        1. Your grasp of economics literally hurts me…

          Benzema for 20mil? Giroud for 15? And you have the audacity to say you prefer to live in the real world? I can’t begin to describe how ignorant you sound with comments like that.

          I’ve already argued against you stats vs stats (Benzema is superior) and included how Wenger himself says THE most important aspect in judging a player is what you see. If you’re so stubborn to simply judge someone statistically and then attempt to present it as fact then that’s your prerogative (hence I quote it as your agenda).

          Ask 100 football fans what Benzema is worth and 95% will say 40mil+, ask 100 more if he’s better than Giroud and 99% will say he’s streets ahead.

          1. No1 is denying that benzema is quality, I think what @ Mohawk (and I) is trying to say is that benzema is not world class and doesn’t justify his £40m+ price tag. If you look at his stats, his numbers also confirm he isn’t at the very top. And as you said, if you watch him play you can see for yourself that he isn’t world class and judging by his performances he wouldn’t be the “big upgrade” on giroud that so many fans are crying out for.

            I think Reus or muller for the £40m would be a much better investment but that is my opinion

            1. Depends entirely on what you judge a ST/Forward on…

              Benzema along with Lewandowski are the two best ST’s for me. Both are incredibly well-rounded footballers.

              1. @ mick

                I think muller is world class and is extremely versatile just like wenger likes his players. He’s a consistent goal scorer and has good assist numbers to match. He is clinical and works his socks off both sides of the ball. He would provide us with a lot of quality along our front line

      2. Your comment that Theo is not in the same league with Benzema is ridiculous. How do you know that? You just say it as if it is fact.

        When Theo was relatively healthy he had a 20+ goal season – FROM THE RW with not that many appearances. Benzema just got 25 goals in 44 starts and 1 sub So even the stats suggest what you say is just plain WRONG.

        Who knows what Walcott can do with a full season at striker. I for one have supreme confidence in him.

        1. Ok….to use your stupidly narrow metric of judging a player, Benzema has had 20+ goal campaigns 7 out of his last 8 seasons (Only his debut season for Real wasn’t).

          So Theo’s had one 20 goal campaign in the same time frame and you’re happy to claim he’s in the same league as fuc*king Benzema!?

  7. I’m hopeful on benzema to be honest ! If Rafa comes out and says he’s not for sale blah blah blah I’ll accept defeat but not just yet. Wenger saying ‘no bid at the moment’ yesterday tickled my tummy a little aswell !!

  8. I believe Walcott wants to become what RVP threw in the trash – He wants to become an Arsenal legend.

  9. I`ve always admired Walcott as an athlete and now that he`s learned how to play football I`m sure we have a winner. He`s obviously matured as well.

  10. I think Walcott is a bit overhyped by most arsenal fans. He’s fast but he lacks technique.
    Walcott is and will never be in the same league as Henry, anelka, Wright, rvp … Not even adebayor.

    But I have to admit that I prefer him over giroud coz watching him is boring as f**k. And I miss our tempo football we used to play before cesc left.

    1. I agree about the technique issue but for me he’s still got more about him than adebayor and anelka

      1. Setting the bar high here… Walcott is a one trick whippet …. Lots of similarly decent players in the game though most aren’t demanding a hundred grand a week….people can hope for whatever they want but he won’t be scoring 20+ goals in the league this year whether he is fit or not….and he won’t be terrorizing defences …. Wenger willing to give him a shot at cf so we need another option …reus seems Madrid bound griezman staying there … I hope we hit 100 points this season I think we will be struggling for third place without 2 quality additions ,,, the usual ones… But if wenger doesn’t add one quality attacking option it will be another slap in the face for fans

  11. Walcott will score goals, i have no doubts that he will be in the 15-25 range by the season is over, but this relies on him staying injury free. If injuries do not occur i expect him to have a great season

    Yes arsenal is still crying out for the pacey striker, but i assume that Giroud will still have his job come the start of the season, so if he can reach the 15-25 range i think with contributions from Sanchez, Welbeck, walcott, Ramsay, Wilshere, Ozil, Ox and Cazorla, we can stuck some important trophies in the Cabinet.

    I actually still expect 2 additions, whether they can challenge the staring 11, HIGHLY UNLIKELY

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