How Wenger can fix Arsenal’s leaky defence in away games?

How can Wenger fix Arsenal’s leaky defence? by Darren N

Arsenal’s season has been one of the worst I have ever seen under Arsene Wenger’s reign, and although Wenger continually says that the Gunners need to score more goals, it is also obvious that we have lost many many points because of horrendous errors by our defenders.

As Wenger said after this weekend’s win over Everton. “Our challenge, I think, is to find the balance. We are a very offensive team, we want to play that kind of football, but we have to find the balance between attacking and defending and that will certainly be our challenge between now and the end of the season.”

The strange thing is that Arsenal don’t make so many unforced errors when they are playing at the Emirates where we have only lost once this season. Even in that defeat to Man United we had over 30 attempts on David De Gea’s goal and failed to score more than one, but we were undone yet again by two horrendous defensive mistakes, but that was the only time that happened at home.

But in away games we are rife with problems. We have already conceded 21 goals in 13 games away from North London and have only scored 15 in response, and Wenger certainly needs to fix this problem. The Boss has been tinkering with our formation a lot this season after opting to go with a three-man defence at the end of last season when we started grinding out wins as we attempted to return to the Top Four. Wenger has mostly kept to that this season, but it seems obvious to me that we should be using the more attacking line-up of four defenders when we are at home, but switch to the five at the back in our away matches.

In that formation, we usually line-up with a back three of the ageing Koscielny and Monreal, with Mustafi making up the numbers. Then we have Bellerin and either Kolasinac or Maitland-Niles down the flanks as either extra defenders or wingers depending on if we are on the front foot or not. The Boss doesn’t seem to trust our other defenders in Holding and Chambers, but with the retirement of Mertesacker coming up, and with Jenkinson and Debuchy disposed of, there are no other options available, so we should be using one of those instead of Koscielny to give them a chance to gain experience, but only in away games. 

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It should be obvious to Wenger that we need to concede less away from home and convince the wing backs to stay back, instead of marauding forward leaving gaps for our opponents to test the back three, which is when our errors mostly come into play.

With our new attacking line-up of Ozil, Aubameyand and Mkhitaryan, with Ramsey behind them, they should need less support from the wing-backs but even if they have trouble getting on the scoresheet our focus should be on keeping clean sheets first and foremost in our away games. It is obvious to me so why can’t Wenger see this?

Darren N


  1. Wether your a AKB or Not we will know wenger is so stubborn he never changes EVER!
    He continues to play Xhaka, iwobi and Elneny none of who would get in the other top 6 sides
    I’m hoping the club is making an plans for when he’s gone preferably in 6 months. I know the board are bad but even with restraints a decent manager would improve us

    1. John 0711, Exactly! How those three sub par players get in any top Prem side is a scandal. Xhaka has not a proper defensive bone in his body. He doesn’t do backtracking which is essential for a DM and he is slow, cumbersome, immobile, in fact Mertesackers younger brother, in all but facial looks. Iwobi often looks good on the ball and has a deal of possession usually but rarely ever does anything effective with it. He is weedy , gets knocked off ball, (in Walcott style) and were he a darts player would not hit the wall behind, let alone the board. He must wonder what the goal is for; not for scoring with or shooting on target, for certain. As for Elneny, a fill in, bits and pieces player , hardworking but extremely limited , unambitious in possession and lacking ANY creativity.
      With these duds we are trying to win games with only eight players and three fill ins, thanks entirely to Wenger and his foolishness. The ludicrous thought that even one, any one of these duds would ever be playing under the other five top clubs managers is too stupid to even imagine. But Wenger collects duds, cherishes them and overpays and overplays them. HE is the biggest dud of all.

    2. Arsene Wenger says the team needs balance between attack and defence
      hahahahahaha lmfao. Wenger’s Arsenal has needed that for a decade or more !!!

  2. With the new boys at Arsenal it seems Wenger can re-kindle some fast direct attacking play. Arsenal can prove they are for real by beating the Spurs. However, points are lost to weaker teams away… but for that, we would be third in the table.

    (I) Maybe 4-2-1-3: Attack, Attack, Attack! In defense Monreal is good, but not as fast as Niles. Weaker team would lose 4-2.


    (II) Against stronger opposition like the Spurs we need a dedicated DMF, Elneny is best for now, as he has speed to contain any attack down the middle. We also need someone on the wings willing to track back and work hard, but also be a threat, and I think Welbeck works for now. Beating the Spurs means having speed, we have to be able to occupy the flanks and challenge them all the way to remove the sources links to Kane.
    ————Auba——–Laca———– [Auba roams the box area, Laca down the middle]
    Welbeck———Ozil————Mhki [fast Welbeck to help Monreal, Ozil roams]
    ——————Elneny—————– [focused on stopping attack, links with front]
    Monreal—Koz—Mustafi—Bellerin [fast Bellerin to control the right side and free Mkhi]
    —————–Czech—————- [Czech has to organize the back, esp Bellerin and Mustafi]

    (III) Or 4-2-3-1 against Spurs, so Auba can run behind their back line with speed if they come too far forward. Spurs are weaker when they cannot get the ball to their forwards, so being forced to worry Auba’s speed would force them to think defense more.

    (IV) 4-4-2! How might the near clogging of lanes affect the Spurs? Sead and Elneny would be formidable together like a wall with snipers… With Laca and Auba using each other the attacks would come out side, and and over the middle, but also with long balls that Czech is good at.

    There is no space for Wilshere has he is a liability. He does have the spirit of Arsenal, but at this level he needs speed to just keep up.

  3. Iwould go with a 4-1-2-1-2
    or a 3-4-1-2

    1. I questioned the Admin on this a week ago. He posted that they were to return last Thursday but obviously he lied once again.

        1. Not back though eh? I did not read your post so perhaps you would tell us again what is going on. You will remember saying that it was returning last Thursday but it has NOT! Even I cannot read everything on here.

      1. Then are not a regular here. Thumb ? up/down is dead for now on this site. Admin posted a dedicated write to explain the many troubles trying to fix it has caused the site. Weekend was a near disaster and data loss as a result of same thing.

        Get used to enjoying the discourse here without it

        1. TAIWO, most on here will confirm that I am a very regular poster on here and far more than you. But even I cannot read every post. But I see what you now say about the thumbs and just know never to trust the Admin again , since he said only last week the thumbs were returning last Thursday. Why say this if there was doubt? He should have told the truth. Personally I always respect truthful people so if one does not know, then one should say precisely that. Clearly he could not know , yet said he did and that thumbs were returning but he was wrong, so zero respect for him.

          1. Careful Admin,
            if your not you will be linked with our so called “morally corrupt owner, board, players and manager” by Jon Fox.

  4. Play a DM…


    Wilshere and Mkhi may not be DMs but they put in their fair share of tackles, Mkhi really impressed me with his def work so far. Having a DM behind them acting like a shield will protect the def who would find it easier to mop up any through balls etc.

  5. You guys are nutts, its abvious that besides having the players, tactics and such must be in place. Wenger is prone to favorisem, which makes him ruin games due of him trying to force his stubborn ideas through no matter what

    My personal problem is and always will be the Aaron Ramsey example criteria , he is the epidome what is wrong with Wenger football style, Wenger would rather force player x in the line up then just play players and formations according to our needs at time

    Ramsey needs to be told to stay behind , he is very selfish but he must learn some more disciplin, as Xhaka alone in the miedle is not up for the job, and Spurs strenght comes from the midlefield after all, this is going to be tough

    Ballerina-K0si- Mustafi – Brate
    Granit- Bale

    This is how Wenger will start the game against spurs

    1. 0spina
      Belerin-K0si- Mustafi –Brate

      I would love to see this 4-2-1-2-1

  6. Here is a thought for the Spud game:
    Play in exactly the same way as we did at the Emirates.
    We completely controlled the game and conceded nothing.
    We know Wembley very well as we have played there many times in the last four seasons, so I don’t see this “home” game as an advantage for them.
    What the defensive players need to do is step up and be consistent with their performances, follow instructions and stop making stupid mistakes.
    Let our forward players do what comes naturally and we can have a fantastic weekend gooners!!!!!!

    It is that simple.

  7. Bonaroca:- I have come to the conclusion that Mr Wenger is doing his best to at least earn
    Arsenal a fourth place to be able to play in the European Cup and stay with Arsenal for hopefully his last season with Arsenal.
    Obviously,he is now in a state of panic when he went all out to bring forwards when the main weakness was in the defence. Bellerin is a must, Mustafa has to improve, the Koc and Monreal are over 30′ years and getting slower. Now, why did not Mr Wenger go for a top defender and quality goalkeeper ( no offence to Czech) the weakest spot in the team, instead of going for three forwards ?????, this is not a question of lack of CASH ???. is a Mr Wenger wish to watch
    his team playing passing of the ball from player to each other up and down to nowhere.
    The Board should in my opinion have Mr Wenger on the board with immediate effect and appoint a new Manager who will have a chance to build up a team with present young
    players such as Holden, Campbell and other young promising players from the academy which have given a good account of themselves when playing with the seniors.
    Mr Wenger during his 21 years with Arsenal did a first class job, but today most of the managers have taken the best parts of his beautiful game he introduced and beating at all
    levels of the game.

  8. In answer to the original question, one of the main things Arsene Wenger can do to imrove Arsenal’s defending is to hand over to Steve Bould to coach and train the team in organized, disciplined and structured defending.
    By the way I like the look of JJPawn’s formation IV 4-4-2.

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