How Wenger can motivate Arsenal to make Liverpool legend eat his words

To be honest, Arsenal fans should be hoping that Liverpool have a good game this weekend, because they are playing their old rivals Manchester United and we could do with someone taking some points off them and stopping the worrying momentum that Jose Mourinho and his team have been building.

So even though all three points would take Liverpool back above the Gunners in the Premier League table, you would say that United dropping points was more important. Arsenal need to focus on our own game and with the way that Watford have been doing so far this season our away game is unlikely to be easy.

If Arsene Wenger is looking for ways to motivate his players, though, he need look no further than the comments from the former Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish, reported by Metro. Despite the fact that Arsenal go into the next round of games above his old club on points, Dalglish has claimed that we are the only one of the top six teams not to have improved.

The Scot suggested that Arsenal are being left behind by the likes of his former team, Chelsea, the Manchester clubs and our north London rivals Tottenham, so perhaps Wenger should use this to make sure the Gunners go to Watford and prove Dalglish wrong by going back above Liverpool on Saturday evening.

He said, ‘The days when one team wins everything in the Premier League are gone.

‘You’ll always have five or six in there and success will move about.

‘You have the Manchester teams, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham; apart from Arsenal all the teams are stronger than a few years ago.’

A lot of you Arsenal fans out there may agree with Kenny’s comments but Wenger has put his faith in the current players and they need to prove he was right to do so. The question is, will they be able to make Dalglish eat his words?



  1. Did He mention Liverpool in that bracket?

    When some of this pundits wanna gain popularity, they simply bash on Arsenal. That’s the easiest way to be heard.

    On another note, I pray this statement from Him spur the team on.. .

  2. I’d say he means Arsenal are consistently about the usual place/points. A few years ago Liv and Tott were not really in the equation so he’s maybe got a point there. Manu have improved from a few years ago, city am not so sure yet because this season is still early and they were piss poor last season if compared to Pellegrini’s title chasers. Chelsea won the title a few years ago and they won last seasons. Maybe Daglish should have just said that the league is extremely competitive today compared to his day, and maybe it’s the most competitive it has ever been.

  3. Arsenal aren’t in the CL anymore, the other top five clubs are, so I guess Kenny’s right. One can clearly see the others have improved in recent years, just by watching them. I wouldn’t really say Arsenal have gone backwards, it’s more that we’ve stagnated.

    So why have the other teams improved? Very simple…they changed their managers!

  4. Are pundits wrong in what they ALL say about Arsenal in the last decade? NO, If we can be honest and unbiase No they are all right to be disappointed in Arsenal because we are supose to be this BIG CLUB and we have failed to live up to big club expectation and ability and yes not only the top five have improved but sadly the rest are catching up, I’m not saying we are a total disaster but we should do better, I’m going to stick my neck out here but I think we will finish 3rd this season only because Chelsea failed to buy one or two players more for depth in case of injury and Spuds could have problems settling at Wembley and Liverpool could lose their top player in January and have injury problems and worst they have OX ?

  5. Is Winning Watford The Template For Measuring Arsenal’sl Improvement? Considering The Fact They Use To Go A Full Season Undefeated,and Bearing In Mind That They Have A New and bigger stadium now. K Dalglish May Be Right.

  6. Looking forward to the Watford match. It’s been so boring without Arsenal matches last two weeks and it also was a horrible international break with Mustafi’s injury.

    Losing Mustafi for a couple of months (maybe more) is a big deal as we didn’t get another top CB in summer (And sold Gabriel). If we lose Koscielny and/or Holding too we are in big trouble. If Mustafi is still injured in January, Wenger should consider an emergency loan or purchase.

  7. Could u Imagine? Ex liverpool players? Abeg when was d last time Liverpool touched a trophy of any kind?

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