How will Wenger persuade Lewandowski to make Arsenal move?

After the promising first half of the season from Arsenal and France centre forward Olivier Giroud has turned into something of a nightmare for him and for the team’s chances of winning a trophy this season, a top class striker is sure to be on the minds of most Arsenal fans during the summer and hopefully top of the transfer wish list of Arsene Wenger.

With the Frenchman always talking about the lack of top strikers available, he will have been interested in the comments from the Bayern Munich and Poland forward Robert Lewandowski reported by the Daily Mail this week, after the prolific 27-year old talked up a possible move to the Premier League. But as well as hinting at a desire to play in the EPL, Lewandowski made it clear that any club he joined would have to be in with a real chance of major trophy success.

The Pole said, ‘Maybe I’ll play in England or Spain one day.

‘But, if I committed to pursuing my career in Munich, it’s because I considered it the ideal club at which to move up a level and to win more trophies.

‘The fact that every season they reach at least the semi-finals of the Champions League impressed me.

‘Apart from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, what other teams can brag about such consistency?

‘I don’t know what my future will look like but at the moment I’m very happy at Bayern.’

Although this is not exactly a come and get me plea from the striker it does open up the possibility of a transfer to Arsenal, if Wenger could convince him that it was a good move for him. One advantage there is that we already have the best creator in the world in Mesut Ozil to feed him ammunition.

But it is clear that the prof would need to show Lewandowski that the Gunners could win things and to do that he would have to make at least a couple of big name signings before going for the forward. Which new signings do you think would convince the Bayern star that Arsenal was a good option?

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  1. He won’t because he cant, simply as that!

    Wenger cant even convince Celtic players (Wanyama) and it takes forever to sign a Nigeria teenager how can he attract a WC striker like Lewi. Dream on Gunners, if Lewi leaves his only destination is Real Madrid of if Pep convinces him that he will partner him with Auguero at City on a bumper salary.

    With Wenger we shop at the $1 shop or rejects from the big boys.

    1. In the last hour, from wenger’s press conference.

      Wenger – “We have almost all our players back from injury, that is a good omen for next season”

  2. If lewandowski is my brother and tells me he is joining arsenal, i will call him the biggest f. O.O. L as longer as wenger is in charge. Come next season it will definitely be 4th again and if we do qualify for UEFA Championship, will still be knocked out in round 16.

    1. Come next season we won’t be in the top 6, remember my prediction as with wenger making transfers the only way we are going is backwards. Lewandowski not a chance in hell are we even in the frame

  3. It is the same as asking
    what would convince
    Ozil to join Stoke.
    Lewa said he is impressed
    that Bayern make the ECL semi every year.
    So clearly Arsenal making the last
    16 each year will trump Bayern.
    Lewa said “I am very happy at Bayern”
    A ha so that means he really wants to come to Arsenal.
    What players would persuade Lewa to come here?
    Ramos Pique Ronaldo Messi + Naymar .
    It’s totally certain then Lewa is on his way to join Arsenal 🙂

  4. Maybe if he tells lewa that only an eighth of the chances we created were converted he may decide to come.
    Lewa might think he will score more goals than messi and ronaldo combined at arsenal

  5. Transfer fantasies come early…..

    Lewandowski will be heavily Linked to us well after the age of 30

    and he’d come to Arsenal after ships start arriving at the Airport!


  6. He did say he was a huge fan of Titi, his favorite player of them all I think. Now I know he’ll be a difficult player to prize, but we have just got an answer to who we should send over there to speak with him. He sounds like he sees himself moving in one or two seasons time, or it could be him being told by his agent to create some offers so Bayern will give you a bigger contract. I don’t know how much he’s on, but he doesn’t seem to me to be the type of player that would have to create a situation to let people know he is one of the most sought after players in world football. So I think he is wondering about another adventure. Henry could try and persuade him to not look at where Arsenal are now, but where they could be if himself latches onto the end of Ozil Alexis and Cazorlas created chances. He could give an argument to it being similar from when he (Titi) was there, just look at when he left. It would take allot of money, players like being most expensive, and we’d have to nearly double our record fee. I’d love to see it that’s for sure. Possible, well it’s not impossible. Probable, probably not, wishful thing, definitely.

  7. @arseover,hahahahahahahaha; comment of the day !!!

    To be truthful though,he did say he grew up watching henry play at even mentioned arsenal.somwhow arsenal overall as a club continues to attract top players.signing a centre defensive midfielder,a world class striker may make him interested…

  8. Hope Wenger goes for Vincent Janssen before other big clubs start sniffing around…looks very promising young dutch striker.

  9. The way Wenger’s team gets derailed when season end got me thinking, he wont win title even if he had a fully fit world 11 at his disposal. If wenger couldn’t fix that mentality problem bottling even after 12yrs,i dont hav any hope he will now….i cant count the number of occaaions team has gone from bwing in tite eace to top four even before ozil arrived…

  10. Lewandowski and a top top defender is what we really need, and maybe a new manager too..

    Have anyone seen/read what Elneny said about Wenger telling him to somehow reduce the way he shoots??? Sums us up!
    Just how are we gonna score more goals??

    The only freedom he gives is to pass,pass and pass and then when we are countered, we look totally disjointed!

    My point is, buying top players might not produce something different IF WENGER IS STILL IN CHARGE

    1. That’s not exactly what he said though is it?! He told him to choose his moments. The player has a 1 in 20 goal record- not exactly impressive, I wouldn’t want him to be too trigger happy & waste potentially dangerous situations by constantly potshotting on sight. I’d be far more concerned if we signed a new young player & Wenger wasn’t trying to improve his game & integrate him in our system.

  11. If Lewandowski ever comes to the EPL, he will probably end up at City…. Leicester City lol.. nah Man City!
    Seriously, if he leaves Munich, it will be for Real Madrid.

    Don’t build your hopes up on a WC Striker arriving in the summer transfer window.

  12. It’s been like a year plus I’ve taken part in the comment section, but trust me I’ve been here through n through and am fully aware of the major players here… Gone are the days we use to have over 60 70 comments on week days… Now too many angry fans and admin unwillingness to let some comments slide cos he deems them propaganda…

    Well best i stick to the article otherwise who knows lol. We fans can only pray and wish Lewandowski grace us with his presence but it’s not gonna happen except it’s a bargain deal… Apparantly that seems to be the case with out transfer dealings.

    1. Interesting thought moweis04.
      I have just added up the comments from the last 7 days and it came out at 1603. That is an average of over 200 comments a day. Its enough for me I have to read every single one! As well as write, admin, sleep, eat, etc.

  13. Henrikh Mhiktaryan rumours are now becoming so strong, last week you would think Xhaka has already done his medical…
    The media is just so funny, am not complaining as I honestly enjoy the rumours..

    Do you guys think we need another midfield player???

    1. Less of a priority than a top centre forward & a top centre back- which are essential requirements to strengthen. We have 5 decent players pretty much vying for 2 spots (their best positions at least): Elneny, Coquelin, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla. Injuries will mean it might never be more than 4 at a time, but they are all high level players or players with potential- even if Ramsey needs to raise his game & Wilshere needs to stay fit. A top player like Xhaka or Kante, would nevertheless strengthen us. Kante has that athlethic box-to-box quality we haven’t had since Vieira- though he is less accomplished offensively. Wenger clearly likes that sort of player as an option- Vieira being his first ever signing & the unfortunate case of Diaby. Xhaka seems world class- Xabi Alonso meets Mascherano- certainly would be a great long term replacement for Santi. But to answer your question- no, not really.

  14. Please you guys just have to read Wenger’s conference plssss..

    Lemme give you just this..”Kroenke has never stopped me in the market”..
    This is for those who think the board is withholding Wenger from spending..

    Wenger just wants to be different from other managers by doing things differently ONLY to look special, to look unique!
    Amusingly, Ranieri is the chosen One, he has done what Wenger has been trying to do for 12years and counting….

    However,the board have only a blemish;Lack Of Passion For Football…that’s why Wenger has so much power as long as he makes profit…

  15. To attract any striker we will have to convince them
    1. Ozil will provide them with lots of chances.
    2. Players other than ozil will provid them with lots of chances
    3. They will earn a lot of money
    4. They will win things
    5. Ozil is staying
    6. Defense will be solid and not undo their good work

    Problem is numbers 4, 5 and 6, us fans could do with being convinced of them as well

    In terms of what can Wenger do to convince Lewandowski to come, the answer is nothing, lewandowski wants bayern, bayern wants lewandowski and if he were to move it would be a high prestige club like RM or to sugar daddy club like manc, chelsea for the money and opportunity to win things.

  16. Here’s for wishful thinking

    Ck sports management are the agents of lewendowski and beilek we could tell them how we intend to promote beilek next season.

    Szezney a friend and international keeper should be retained as a understudy to Cech

    Krychowiak should be signed and added to our roster which would then push Ramsey cazorla and wilshire further up the field

    Hummel a former team mate of his can be our new CB

    Henry his idol and wengers phone calls should persuade him.

    In krychowiak, lewendowski, hummels 110m apx
    Adds steal leadership and spine

    Out Walcott,Rosicky,arteta,flamini,debuchy
    Loaned akpom,chambers, niles…

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