How will Arsenal do in their next five Premier League games?

We are five games into the season and Arsenal has a 100% record with five wins from five and sit proudly at the top of the Premier League.

It will undoubtedly get tougher going forward and not just because of the calibre of the opponent but because of injuries, the world cup break, suspensions, congested fixtures and our biggest rivals becoming more consistent, well some of them anyway.

But right now, it is five wins from five and it feels like a good time to look at our next five EPL matches and make some predictions.

These are our next five Premier League games

Manchester United – Away – 3 points

Always a tricky game and United have bounced back but they look far from convincing and I am confident we will win at Old Trafford.

Everton – Home – 3 points

A game we really should win and I cannot see anything other than a decisive home win

Brentford – Away – 3 points

Tricky game for sure but it is not the first game of the season at night in front of a very passionate crowd on the back of a poor preseason, another three points for me.

Tottenham – Home – 3 points

We always beat them at the Emirates and while they will be very tough opponents, I am confident we will beat them.

Liverpool – Home – 1 point

Possible the game that sees our winning run finally come to an end but that does not mean we will lose and a draw looks very possible in this fixture.

So, 13 points from a possible 15. Is that me being over the top or overconfident? I don’t think so and while results could go against us, especially against our top six rivals, I am very confident that I will not be too far off with my predictions.

Am I being deluded? let me know in the comments.

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  1. 9 points would be good
    Spuds and Liverpool games could be very tough depending on personal available.
    All tough games TBH but those first 3 with the form we are in should be max points .

    1. I agree with you, 9 points would be a good run out of these games and I think that is more than possible but then losing some of those games is also possible. None of these games are easy and I can’t see us winning all the next 5. It won’t be a disaster but I’ll be avoiding JA for a bit if we lose any game because of the MA hate and told you so brigade will be in full force

    2. Both home at least, as well as City after that. Even our top 6 games are largely the nice way round 🙂 I agree 9 would be good 7 would be meh but not awful. Can easily see 10 plus.

  2. a tab optimistic i would say though still possible.
    3W 1D 1L or 4W 1L most likely outcome especially with the injuries starting.

  3. With Sambi in the Middle. we have a very slow midfield that dynamism or cutting edge defending, thru pass that Partey provides. Truthfully, the team will struggle going forward.

  4. Man draw, Brentford loose, Liverpool loose the rest we can win.
    So I say 7/15 points. It was a poor end of transfer. Knowing our current injury situation.

  5. I admire your confidence but United beat Pool at home when everyone expected Pool to hammer them. And we have struggled to score in the past 2 home games.

    I hope for a win but realistically I can’t see better result than draw. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  6. I think the Man United game will be the bellwether.

    If we can beat United, then we should be able to beat Everton and Brentford.

    The Spurs game will then be very interesting!!!

    If we lose or draw with United, then I think all bets are off.

    1. We should beat Everton either way. We lost to United/Brentford away last year so draws would actually be a step up on last year (already turned the loss to Palace into 3 points.)

      Spurs will be interesting at home with the fans on our side I think we have the advantage but Spurs are so lethal counter attacking and if their wall of defenders gets the crowd frustrated who knows. Quietly confident right now but Spurs could find their form and start playing better overall before then.

      Unfortunately by the time we will play Liverpool they’ll have their squad in better order so that will be a tough one but home again so who knows.

      It’s not ridiculous that we could win all 5, believe when I see it but it’s not fairy tale land right now.

  7. Now that’s like Arsenal. Setting up high standards. As Arteta said winning the match that we deserve to win is important but that always doesn’t happens. Only 13 points will guarantee us top of the table. Any slip and our top spot will be slipped, such is the standard of EPL at present. As we have encountered in multiple season that 90 points will not guarantee you title. Yes but if we can get close to that mark it will surely get us in top 4. But as Arteta made us dream again so don’t want to dream anything but title. Let’s keep on dreaming unless it’s broken.

  8. Interesting how MARTIN ASKS US IF WE THINK HE IS “DELUDED”! A deliberately chosen controverisol word chosen IMO esp to get polar comments and heated debate. That is of course the whoe raison d’etre behind most JA Admins articles.

    I do not think him remotely “deluded” but a rather clued up business man, who knows what side his financial bread is buttered, so to speak.

    As to his opinions on a mere five results, nothing in his predictions scream out to me as being obviously wrong or not likely to happen.

    But in football no one knows for sure, as MARTIN IS ACUTELY AWARE; hence his reasons for his article.

  9. No you are not deluded.

    This Sunday game will be massive, somthing tells me our season could truly begin at Old Trafford.

    1. The game on Sunday is important but it is not the be-all and end-all. Unfortunately, far too many fans are buying into this kind of limited horizon thinking which is posited by some pundits.
      Naturally, if we win or draw it will help with our momentum but it is important not to get too introspective if we lose. It will be especially important not to start piling in with the negative drivel that tends to follow setbacks. There will still be sufficient time to get our season up and running again. It is still early in the season.
      For now we need to take each game as it comes rather than trying to predict how many points we will have.

  10. Liverpool hard find their game this year. Newcastle must beat them last game (only 3 cm offside save them). There is 4 matches till then, but at home I believe we’ll het 15 points.
    I repeat we will get – 15 points!
    Like nothing 😉

  11. I’m confident we will impress, I believe Partey will be back soon but before then I strongly wish Arteta will pair Ben white with Xhaka, Lokonga isn’t effective, against Aston Villa he was really more of a passenger than an actual player, jogged back with no positioning.

  12. Sunday game will still be normal game like the last five we had played…. Its either win, lose or draw nothing much.
    Its game per game, we don’t know how the two team will turn up and the officials with the funny things that might happen during each match, so we should not be over confidence or belittle our opponents ( even our team).
    I believe anything that happens as the season progresses, I will support the team and the manager no matter what happen….

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