How will Arsenal line-up after deadline day? Using all our best assets…..


Alexis – Ozil – Lacazette
Kolasinac – Xhaka – Bellerin
Monreal – Koscielny – Mustafi

Wenger is in a fix as he sold loads of players but bought no one other than our early acquisitions of Lacazette and Kolasinac. Alexis Sanchez only stayed because Lemar was against making such a short notice decision on his future. I believe that is the best pattern that allows all Arsenal’s super assets to be in the same first XI.

Xhaka must grow up in the central midfield and play his best game as he will be alone in there. Ozil plays in his favoured position but in the Bergkamp hole as a second striker. Around his left and right are Lacazette and Alexis.

Kolasinac and Bellerin must surely be our best wing-backs and the back three practuically pick themselves….


Updated: September 1, 2017 — 12:02 pm


  1. Are you mad? You buy a proven £50 million striker and shove him out on the right wing?. Certainly doesn’t benefit us at all that formation. I say flip back to 4-4-2 and have Girouds flick on and deft touch ability for Lacazette. Has to try something and soon!

    1. He’s not on the right wing he’s inside right i.e. Playing just behind Geroud.

      1. What a pass Olivier made to Greizeman last night. I only think he should be on the bench when we play a Barcelona side that controls the ball all game and we have to counter attack.

    2. What about 3/2/3/2 ,,Kolainak-Kos-Mustafi,

      1. who are Cogulin and WelBeak??? hahaha

        1. Tell me you don’t know! Lol

    3. Yes, the author is crazy. Leaving Xhaka alone in the center and put Ozil hanging around behind a striker without helping him is madness for Arsenal.

      Luis Enrique used similar formation when Barcelona were facing PSG, but their wingbacks didn’t bomb forward. Their wingbacks often cut inside to help the midfielder and both wingers acted like playmakers in the side.

      Any formation would be useless if Arsenal’s system is still the same. That is why England national football team would never be able to get the World Cup again, if they keep playing with the same kick and rush style.

      Watch England vs Malta match tonight, then compare them with France, Brazil and Spain. They have been using similar system for more than twenty years.

      1. England never had kick and rush even back in the days of Stanley Matthews. It’s a total fallacy. The truth is that we simply don’t have players good enough to compete with the top teams any more. Nothing complicated. Just average players. Always feel sorry for whoever is England manager. Especially if Welbeck is considered good enough for the squad.

    4. Richard your absolutely right about 4-4-2
      Belerin who everyone is rating as future best right back must play back in his position, Lacazette must start

  2. dumbest line up I can imagine. Sorry

    Giroud on the bench, Laca in the center and we should have one DM Xhaka is hardly that.

  3. I don’t want to see Xhaka, Ozil & bellerin in an Arsenal shirt ever again.
    Even Monaco have raw talents better than the above mentioned players. But deluded fans are blinded!

    1. then why you read Ozil ?

    2. Ok….so who would you play instead in those positions?

      1. Ideally would replace them with :(in order of preference)
        Bellerin – Elseid Hysaj, Candreva, Kaderabek
        Ozil- Pulisic, Jonathan viera, Lemar, Demirbay
        Xhaka- Rabiot, Naingollan, Groetzka, Hamsik
        But since none of the above will happen…
        Bellerin- Nelson, Maitland Niles, (even Debuchy if we play 442)
        Ozil- Iwobi, Wilshere(only if!),Ramsey(no point playing him b2b coz he spends half the time in the striker’s pos)
        Xhaka- Coq, Elneny…
        But the player I really want out is Xhaka, Ronaldo looking defensive liability!

  4. Laca’s best position will be behind the striker, alexis can play wide right or left cut inside,
    & probably the best combination will be a 4- 2- 3- 1
    honestly wide backs kolasinc & bellerin can play good support with 2 defensive midfielders playing
    on the mix passing the balls.
    bellerin- mertsacker- Kos- kolasinac-
    Xhaka- ramsey/Coquelin-
    reiss/ozil- Lacazette- iwobi/ alexis
    some thing like this..

    1. its the formation that worked well with arsenal midfield. may be better than a 4 4 2.
      a back 3 doesn’t seem to suit arsenal when players all pushed up the field, not enough cover on a counter attack.

      1. honestly a back 3 makes arsenal stink with no cutting edge up front.

        1. Agreed for 3 at the back…
          Also I think Lacazette should play where he think its best for him to play!

  5. Mertesacker in the middle of the back 3 with Koss and Mustafi- Bellerin and Sead on the wings.

    Laca and Sanchez upfront

    The middle of the park depends who we are playing and where. It could be a defensive Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin – all the way to a full on attack trio of Ozil a, Ramsey and Cazorla –
    So from a Dm to an AM the middle should switch according to our opponent.
    Whatever happens we are not making top 4 in this league with this manager and this squad.
    My guess is we will be fighting with Everton for 6th place

  6. What fix? The club stated it neeed to shed some numbers and that’s what it did. Of all the players who left, perhaps only the Ox is guaranteed a place on the 18 man team list, each week. And his departure is probably best as he practically played “against” us at Anfield.

  7. no more back 3 please, lets go back 4-3-3…liverpool showed how effective it can be. We have an empty midfield that tries to protect the back 3. Another game with this porous midfield and formation would be suicide.

  8. Arsenal fans are angry, hate my comment if you like, theres nothing positive looking from arsenal so far. We have scored 4 goals and conceeded 6, horrible, except the boys surprise me with a Leicester city type of form that won them the epl, i wont be interested in arsenal games this season.



    Mustafi Koscielny Nacho(Per)

    Bellerin Coq Xhaka Kolasinac

    Ozil Alexis

  9. I wouldn’t bank on Sanchez running back or making a tackle. He won’t want to risk getting injured for a team he doesn’t wanna play for. Give Nelson his chance so we’ve all got something to cheer.

  10. I don’t like Monreal as CB
    Mertsacker or Holding can join Koscielny and Mustafi. I’d even prefer Kolsanic as CB to Monreal. I don’t mind Kolsanic CB and Monreal LWB

    I prefer Lacazette up front. Giroud coming off the bench. Giroud performs better off the bench. His finishing is not as good as Lacazette. I’m assuming we stay with 3 at the back and 1 up front.

    Theo is a good player. I would play Alexis, Ozil and Theo behind Lacazette

    Something like this

    Mert/Holding.. Koscielny.. Mustafi
    Bellerin… Xhaka… Kolsanic
    Walcott… Ozil… Alexis

    If it doesn’t work out we can always change.

    Wish Wenger could have played OX in Central midfield as he wanted. Walcott wanted to play up front and Wenger did it (did not work at all) but I think OX would have succeeded in the center and could have been good competition for Xhaka.

    BTW let’s hope Alexis is professional and continues playing his best

    Damn.. Lemar’s goal was awesome. He would have made such a great addition to the team.

    1. No way Pedro!
      We need to get ridoff 3 at the back form asap!
      And you are wrong about Ox playing central…and so wrong about Theo is a good player.

      1. Jan Thio is a good player if he sticks to right wing, his pace and crosses are evermore important now that we have a good striker

        1. Walcott couldn’t go past a full back to save his life! Step forward Reiss Nelson!

  11. We have a pretty poor midfield. So not long ago we had Wilshire, Rosicky and Cazorla. Remember the goal against Norwich? What a fossil Wenger is. I think Jack Wilshire is just better than, Xhaka, Coquelin, and Elneny. Jack is so creative, Elneny and Coquelin are robots. Oh for Santi and Jack to be back.

  12. What formation is that? I do t get it because you are saying wing backs play as central midfielders. Why not just play central midfielders. We have loads of them!!!!!

  13. let your hope be low this season bcos we will drag mid-table position with westbrom and maybe Huddersfield

  14. I’m with Richard rather see lacazette up front and maybe Nelson on the right wing or iwobi in there somewhere.

  15. I thought kos was injured last night?

  16. I think Alexis Sanchez wont play for a few games ! we need to go with a 4 4 2 formation , Coquelin needs to come back as his previous Defensive midfielder role , If Xhaka is playing awful again then we must play Wilshere instead of him , in the last few games i’v seen from Wilshere , he has played the deep playmaker role very well ! Giroud and Laca has been playing great together so i think they should be our 2 front strikers and Ozil/Iwobi must be the attacking midfielder behind them :

    Bellerin Kos Mustafi Kolasinac

    Xhaka/Wilshere , Coquelin , Ramsey


    Laca , Giroud

  17. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Breaking news: Lemar deal fell through because Wenger didn’t want a late night. Season 3 Narcos premier today and Wenger didn’t want to be tired for the start of it

  18. Cech
    Hector, Mustafi, koshielny, Kolisanic
    Qoq Xhaka
    Nelson. Lacazette. Samchez

    Ozil doesn’t deserve to start.

  19. I hear sanchez has booked a ticket to go and join up with Costa I’m Brazil.

    Joke by the way. How angry and gutted must he be though. He’d signed the city contract was dreaming of his new house in Manchester and boom.
    Well City should have helped him out and bid the day before trying to be smart doing it on Deadline day.
    Like city have problems look at their sqaud sanchez would have been the icing in a top class cake.
    I think MU Chelsea and Liverpool will be delighted he didn’t move to city. They see sanchez with arsenal as a threat.

  20. koscielny injury prone,sme wid ramsey,coquelin,wilshere,cazorla…ozil,cech,bellerin.are all inconsistent.
    .holding,xhaka,elneny,giroud,welbeck,walcott…all wer is the team to compete???? we are lacking a top dm,cm,winger n a centre pls if u c anoda 4 nil dnt b surprise…wenger should count himself lucky am not in england

  21. Welbz just scored for England!

  22. Oh yeah play xhaka the useless twat for £35mill who has single handedly contributed to 3 goals in 3 games and 2 of which have been losses

    Any manager with bottle wouldn’t have him near first team to give him a kick up the backside but everyone knows Wenger will play him regardless as he has done with the likes of Ramsey and co

    Give coq his chance atleast the guy can tackle and gives his all & above all keeps it simple

  23. we are all gunners be polite pls

  24. Who really cares how we line up!! Let’s get the protest going Wenger and the yank out fan power talks so make it happen goober!!!!

  25. Ment make it happen gooners!

  26. Arsene Wenger claimed that he built Arsenal. He came to London from Japan and many people asked Arsene who? Today after spent over twenty years at Arsenal he has one of the weakest teams and squad in the premier league m as of course he i out of the champion league and that is why he failed to sign any of the world class players that was a French youngster Lemar. Twenty years and he failed to build a balance winning squad. Worse than that he left ten of his players to reach the last year of their contract among them the top players at Arsenal like Sanchez , Ozil , Chamberlain his wisdom for that nobody knows. He failed to get rid of his dead wood as they are very poor players as he is keeping Debuchy for three years without playing a single game and he bought Lucas few moth ago for £ 17m and failed to sell him even for £13m and sent him on loan. He failed to sign any player even those who asked for transfer at their Clubs like the outstanding Van Dijk , Mahrez, Baerkley , Costa among others. the remaining players at Arsenal are complaining that the kept doing the same things ( repetition) in all training and they said something has to change and we are asking Arsenal board what are they going to do about this or otherwise what is their job as a board at crumbling Arsenal ?

    1. You are clueless, Chamberlain had an amazing season last year at borough won loads of plaudits off professionals who know alot more than you. He was arguably one of the best players at the under 21s tournament after that. As for ozil I’d rather play mertersacker behind the striker than him the most invisible footballer in the league since October.

  27. ——-Giroud—Lacazette——
    Monreal – Koscielny – Mustafi/Holding

    Welbeck/Iwobi, Theo,
    Xhaka/Ramsay, Elneny, Coquelin,
    Mustafi/Holding, Bellerin, Chambers, Per

  28. boycott the next home games not game period! show your discontent

  29. OK here goes my twopennorth:
    Bellerin Mustafi Kos Sead
    Xhaka Coq
    Nelson Ozil Sanchez
    Subs: Ospina, Holding, Monreal, Iwobi, Giroud
    Xhaka and Cox told to concentrate on defence.

  30. I’m surprised nobody is talking about chambers he had phenomenal season at borough last year had loads of plaudits and was even better for England under 21s was arguably their best player and a leader at the back in the tournament. Personally I would like to see us back at but I can’t see Wenger dropping this 3 at the back nonsense. So with that in mind I would like to see this on return unlikely though.

    Bench- Giroud, Walcott, iwobi, Ramsey, elneny, holding, monreal, welbeck etc.

    Don’t rate welbeck has plenty of attributes but can’t hit a barn door with a football. Cech for me over the years has become worse. im sick to death of seeing monreal at cb even if it is in a back 3 hes terribke there. And coq in midfeild to add abit of bite I mean late be honest hes the closest thing we have to a dm. Holding to understudy at cb.

  31. The playing XI is indeed the best but I am not sure of the XII man, the fans. If Arsenal could, it should probably sell its “deadwood” fans and get some new fans. I hear the Dortmund fans are amazing,” top rated “! Arsene should spend the winter window bringing in new fans. It’s so hard for the club to carry on with such sorry fans. IF WE DONT DELIVER AGAIN, I say, get ARSENE and the FANS out of the club. We don’t need such people who don’t respect the dignity or the aspirations of the club.
    Don’t like the comment. Brings negativity in you? Think about the players when you go on targetting them. Criticise as much as you want before and after the season. Back your team during the season. We can be the push the players need. DONOT abandon the Bournemouth game!

  32. You know.. alexis said he won’t play for arsenal anymore

  33. It’s too funny that no one said nothing about Cech 8 goals in 3 games but for the fans, he is a super star and you do not notice that from the day that Arsenal Bougth Cech the team is doing very bad or look no champions league and poor performance. It’s time for Ospina. he did very well as a number 1 in his first season with Arsenal.

  34. 4-2-3-1
    Mustafi. Metserker Koscienly. Kolasinac
    Wilshere. Xhaka
    Ozil. Ramsey. Sanchez

    Our defence has a leader with wealth of experience
    Creativity in abundance
    Ramsey still has licence to make late runs to the box
    Xhaka and wilshere both play 6s taking turns to hold and doing the dirty work
    Sanchez and Ozil switching wings havoc through crossing or cutting inside
    Lacazette being provided for
    Giroud our option from the bench
    Ozil playing as a winger wouldn’t defend ( mustafi will provide cover as he wouldn’t overlap as much as bellerin)
    No Giroud Lacazette dynamic combination (would still happen by subbing wilshere caution for injuries Ramsey moves to 8 lacazette plays behind Giroud)
    Slow and aging metserker(makes up for with football brain and also pacy wing backs)
    No outright cdm ( wouldn’t need one as no overlapping wing backs to cover as creativity is enough ufront would concentrate on defending

  35. If 3 at the back
    Mustafi. Per. Koscielny
    Bellerin. Wilshere. Xhaka. Sead
    Ozil. Sanchez

    If 4 at the back
    Bellerin. Mustafi. Kos. Sead
    Wilshere. Xhaka
    Walcott. Ozil. Sanchez

    Substitution. Ospina,chamber,monreal,ramsey,coq,welback,giroud

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