How will Arsenal line up after internationals?

Arsene Wenger will be working hard on the training field over the next two weeks with the Arsenal players that have not gone away on international duty. And, of course, he will be hoping that the Gunners’ bad luck with injuries stays away so that he can get on with the season with an almost full strength squad.

Aaron Ramsey will still be a couple of weeks away, but if all goes well, only Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud will be left in the treatment room. And Arsenal have a really good looking run of fixtures ahead of us to get our Premier League and Champions League campaigns firmly back on track. Hull at Home, Anderlecht away, Sunderland away, Burnley at home, Anderlecht at home and Swansea away before Man United come to town.

Wenger will want and expect to win all of those games, so Arsenal will probably be very attack minded. It will be interesting to see if Theo Walcott comes straight back into the side and if so, whether Alexis Sanchez will move to the left flank or whether the two will fight for a place.

Also, I wonder whether the form of Jack Wilshere will make it hard for Ramsey to win his place back or whether Wenger will try to play them both. With the likes of Cazorla and Podolski also fighting for a starting place, will Mesut Ozil still be an automatic starter if he continues to struggle?

They say that having a selection headache is a good problem for a manager to have, of course, so how do you see Arsenal lining up after the break?

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  1. Szczesny
    Bellerin, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs
    Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez

    1. Szczesny
      Chambers … Mertesaker … Koscielny … Gibbs
      Flamini … Wilshere
      Walcott … Ozil… Sanchez

    2. chambers is suspended. and people bitchh about the 4-3-3 but then you want to play it again? smh i can’t stand you f*ckin fans on here

    3. Szczesny is really lucky. Just when he looked like losing his starting spot, our 2nd keeper gets injured.
      The same thing happened in 12-13 season when he was dropped for Fabianski. Fabianski put in some great performances and looked like he would be our no.1. Unfortunately, he got injured and Szczesny was handed back his starting spot.

      1. oh come on fabrgeas & costa were quiet for most part of the game had 1 chance made the most of it arsenal will get stronger only if wenger stops being stubborn & changes his way we can become bettter

        1. Totally agree, there has been 2 decent performances this season, both were with ozil in no.10 role.
          Hopefully after the break we will see 18 players competing for the front 6 positions, with only giroud missing. My preferred formation is 4411 Walcott wilshire ramsey sanchez would be my midfield 4 with ozil playing just off welbeck. We have so much talent but again wenger is failing to maximise what we have, by insisting on playing players in alien roles.

        2. i seriously don’t understand this criticism of wilshere, him and cazorla were our best midfielders and attackers on the day. not one person has said sanchez welbeck and ozil were below par but everyone is attacking wilshere.

          I personally loved what i saw of him, his driving at defenders, taking people on, turning and running forward and his 5 yard burst was back not even MATIC who everyone is on his nutss for being this great destroyer could stop him. Wilshere was WAY better than cesc on the day wilshere will only get better i don’t see cesc competing at a high level for much longer he can only pick a pass now (but he is a quality passer).

          1. I thought wilshire was the only one willing to drive forward but in both goals he shared fault he was badly position for the hazard dribble even santi had manage to try and get back to deal with the treat

            The second goal he hit it long to Sanchez who was in a cf position marked by 2 players.and two passes later Costa was through on goal

  2. All of the top teams managers have this headache re.selections after internationals.Only our longest. serving. manager usually f ***s-up.
    Sorry my gooner colleagues Wenger continues to depress me with everything he does now with my beloved club.His 4 yr contract will seem like 40yrs.

  3. chelski trying to get top youngsters using money one player who signed for CFChis parents were given 2 new range rovers by the agent

    1. There should be some ban put in place on how many 21+ u can send on loan chelsea have over 20very promising players loaned out which is rediculous as allot of them are premiere leauge quality

  4. Alexis should be a definate starter in our team
    Ozil should be fighting for a place in the starting line up for his performances of late

    But for the international break hope to see wilcott back right after… The game on sunday was a huge disappointment for us, would have been a different game if we played it with a little more intensity and confidence

    1. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME that was the most fight and grit i have seen from this arsenal side in a while. We took it to chelsea at there house and did not back down from there physical play f*cking watch the game next time god dammmit

  5. Make no difference how we line up we are not good enough end of story 7 games gone and season already over fantastic!!!

  6. Our best lineup after the break would be this:
    Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Chambers Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    If Walcott is not fully fit yet then use Chamberlain. If Ramsey isn’t fit yet, then I’d actually like to see Coquelin get a chance. He would actually provide more energy in the middle than Flamini.

    I don’t think Wilshere is up to the mark yet. His cavalier style of play where he hogs the ball and doesn’t pass of the ball when he should screws our whole team up. When he was playing, Ramsey’s game suffered and Ozil was forced out onto the wings. Our fluidity and movement was disrupted because Wilshere wanted to be everywhere and be the main man. I may be a little bit harsh on Wilshere but Wenger has to sacrifice Wilshere for the sake of our team performance.

    I’d like to see Chambers have a go at DM because he’s strong, rather fast and has good positional sense. His distribution is really good as well and I think he has the atrtibutes to be a top class DM. However, he is a risky choice as he’s our only backup for CB, excluding Hayden. Speaking of Hayden, I’d like to see him get some minutes here and there to gain some more experience. Who knows when Mertesacker and Koscielny will be down with an injury.

    1. This team make lots of sense. of course i would have loved to sneak in Carzola in there but there is no selling a 3 man CB to Arsenal so i would rather have him for Ramsey if Ramsey is not match fit…Wilshere needs to go for a good loan to some top side where he will learn to adjust his play.

      1. Cazorla wouldn’t be ideal for the double pivot because it would be quite a waste of his attacking prowess. I say either use him as backup at left wing or rotating CAM with Ozil. Chambo would do far better but he is best used as a winger.

        Wilshere has to adapt his playing style. He is not ronaldo and he cannot attempt to waltz past players anymore. He has hardly shown any improvement from 5 years ago other than bulking up. If he doesn’t stop playing with his cavalier attitude and whiny antics, he will never be more than a squad player.

    2. The problem isn’t Wilshere per se. The problem is that whenever Wenger starts Jack he takes Ozil out of his favorite position and puts him on the wing. We then lose a proper wide player who could stretch the defense and create more space for the midfielders to work with. Ozil also suffers because he has to play out of position. If Wenger just plays Wilshere and Ozil in the middle with Ox and Sanchez on the flanks we would’nt have this problem.

  7. our transfer window was a big joke we could easily got mandzukic for 17m (some morons here thinks giroud is better than mandzukic) his physical presence would intimated the likes of matic/terry but we made a move 4 welbeck only after giroud got injured we have cdm in flamini (not a sngle club wanted him) & we have no 3rd choice cb
    the problem is wenger yes the ref was joke in sundays game had he got ba**s the outcome would be different but 4 wenger to not being able to beat mourinho says it all

    1. Wats ur problem??? Wat is so special about mandzukic??? How is mandzukic under-performing in germany, and u expect him to be an automatic world class in a demanding league like EPL…
      Dats ridiculous

      1. mandzukic was good under hykenes didn’t work well with guardiola just like fabregas/ibra at atheltico he was good in that game against real Madrid while I haven’t seen giroud perform well in big games

  8. Line p does not really matter, its still Wenger so, I don’t expect any miracle.
    I will like a pacey frontline though;
    Chambers/bellerin BFG. Kolselny. Gibbs
    Ramsey/wilshere Flamini/coquelin
    Walcott/ox Ozil/carzola. Sanchez/campbell

  9. How does the Admin allow such article?
    This guy is talking of selection headache at Arsenal?
    GK – Ospina only gets a game when woljech get a card or when wenger says so > where’s the headache in that?
    CB – Koscienly is a sure starter
    CB – Per is a sure starter
    RB – Chambers is a sure starter, bellerin is no competition for him.
    LB – Gibbs is sure
    DM – Flamini or Arteta…. Oh sorry i forgot WE HAVE NO DM !!
    CM – Without Aaron, that position is a Joke, even though he’s not up par yet.
    AMF – Now that’s where a headache may come in, but as far as it’s wenger, no show.
    RW – Walcott … Who else?
    LW – Sanchez …. Where u expecting someone else?
    CF – Welbeck’s days are numbered even if he score a hattrick every game, why? Cos wenger is having a love Affair with Giroud!! PERIOD!
    So if Arsenal have selection headaches as u Claim, what do Chelsea, Mancity, Liverpool have?……. Migranes??
    Kick Mr Bean out of Arsenal & we’d stop being the Joke of England & the laughing stock of Europe!!

    1. Well said, perfectly said.
      You are the 2nd most wise in this forum my friend, you are very wise, 2nd only to me.
      Thumbs ups to you

      1. No you are all getting it wrong, according to Wenger’s logic, Ozil will play left wing and Sanchez will be moved to right back. He does not know which positions his players play.

  10. Ozil played on the wings at RM. No excuses and he needs to perform. He played most of his games on the right for Real Madrid where he performed best.

    1. There u go again lying*sigh*in Real Madrid CR7 plays LW and Di Maria played RW with Ozil @ 10 then when Ozil left for Arsenal Di Maria came in the centre with Bale on the RW

    2. Lol stop lying…
      You also keep lying and saying that ozils preferred position is RW when in an interview he quite clearly says hes preferred position is behind the ST.
      But playing wide shouldn’t = cant dribble and cant pass, i just think he’s weak mentally and cant handle criticism.

  11. hey first reply arsenal don’t have chambers playing cause he has 5 yellow cards collected thank god he didn’t make another silly challenge but still on another day hazard goal could have been avoided had flamini been more careful should have fouled him!!!
    bellerin kos mert Gibbs
    Ramsey ozil
    ox Sánchez
    the lineup looks little changed to the one played at the bridge but still it is effective to kill off games till injury list is reduced to 2 (“giroud and Debuchy”)

  12. Personally I’d like to see a few changes in our team and give a few players a chance to see what they can do.

    Let coquellin play in cdm with flamini until Rambo is back.
    Give jack a rest or play him as a sub for ozil. Need to play ozil in the middle, out on the win he is too ineffective.
    Sczeney needs to have some time out, some poor performances recently and could do with learning how to kick.

    Bellerin Koscielney Per Gibbs
    Flamini Coquellin
    Walcott/campbell Ozil Sanchez/Ox

    Campbell deserves a chance to see what he can do. Don’t see any problem playing him on the wing like he did for Costa Rica.

  13. Arsenal have been very inconsistent with their performances as well as with their selection..

    They are making a pattern of playing one good and one bad game.

  14. We have good back ups in the persons of Monreal-LB..Hayden-CB..Bellerin-RB and CoquelinCDM. My post International break first team:Szczesny…Chambers…Mertesacker…Koscielny…Gibbs. CDMs pairing: Flamini/Coquelin. AMDs: Sanchez… Ozil…Oxlade. ST: Welbeck. Bench: Ospina…Monreal…Bellerin…Hayden…Wilshere…Cazorla…Akpom. All things being well with all our players coming back from International duties. The boss should please start my above first team choice for the Hull City game. The bench has the cover for every positions, unlike some of our recent starts that have no adequate cover for every positions which I consider to be taking a risk by the boss. This my choice starts are only for the Hull game. Other games from Anderlecht to Man U could have different starts. The important thing is to win all our next 5 Barclays Premier games to bounce back into title contention. Right now, we are sort in points and table placing. 4411, 424, 4231 and 433 methods should be adopted as thought fit by the boss to play a particular team.

  15. My eleven

    CB kos
    CB per
    LB Gibbs
    CDM diaby/arteta
    LW Sanchez
    RW. Walcott( missed him very much)
    CM Rambo/jack
    CF. Ozil
    ST welbeck

  16. Fans start to lost faith on Wenger cos nowadays fans don’t just blindly follow a club. Wenger has been doing things that people can’t understand.

    The problems we have now are created by him, himself. You bought so many cam but he don’t know how to use them. Rotation is not Wenger strong gift. He is still trying out his own methods, he will continue doing that, we only can hope the players adapt and gel quickly. Maybe it will work but it will be too late, by the time is will be another 4th place survival.

  17. We have good back ups in the persons of Monreal-LB..Hayden-CB..Bellerin-RB and Coquelin-CDM. My post International break first team:Szczesny…Chambers…Mertesacker…Koscielny…Gibbs. CDMs pairing: Flamini/Coquelin. AMDs: Sanchez… Ozil…Oxlade. ST: Welbeck. Bench: Ospina…Monreal…Bellerin…Hayden…Wilshere…Cazorla…Akpom. All things being well with all our players returning from their International duties, the boss should please start my above first team choice for the Hull City game. My bench have the cover for all the positions, unlike some of our recent bench that have’t adequate cover for all the positions which I considered to be taking a risk by the boss. This my choice team are only for the Hull game. Other games from the Anderlecht to Man U games could have a different team to start them. The important thing is to win all our next 5 Barclays Premier games to bounce back into title contention. Right now, we are sort in points and table placing. 4411, 424, 4231 and 433 playing methods can be adopted as thought fit by the boss to play a particular team.

  18. I think some players like Mr 42mill should be dropped but then again if he was to play as an out n out 10 we would see the best of him. And why would you drop AS he has worked so hard for the team. TW AS DW will fly so you fit a team round them. KG give him a free ticket to run at teams but have a player drop in to cover. Or better still drop AW and get a manager that can win a top 6 game. What’s the bet when we play man United they will win? It’s just how it is at the moment

  19. Szczesny

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