How Will Arsenal’s Midfield Shape Up After the Transfer Window?

Ødegaard’s Future, Lokonga’s Arrival, and Xhaka’s Staying: How Will Arsenal’s Midfield Shape Up After the Transfer Window?

Transfer season is always watched with interest, especially for teams like Arsenal who will be looking to shape up their teams and get them ready for the season ahead. Arsenal has already made several signups and changes that could hopefully bring strength to the midfield and the team overall. How will they fare in the coming season?

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Ødegaard is a Possibility

Could we see Martin Ødegaard return to the Emirates Stadium on a more permanent basis? Some of the latest Arsenal news focused on how Ødegaard could be reborn under Arteta, after struggling for game time and with his performances at Real Madrid early last season. The Norwegian international was initially loaned to Arsenal during the winter transfer window and stayed with him until the end of the season. He made his debut against Manchester United and helped them to participate in the Europa League.

He fit in with the team extremely well and was even voted as Player of the Month. Though there are many teams interested in acquiring his talent, if Arsenal could attain him then it would be a great move for the team. However, as things stand, it looks unlikely that the Norwegian player will return to the Emirates.

Lokonga Joins the Gunners

Albert Sambi Lokonga joined Arsenal in July and has made his debut for the team already. The Belgian international joined his previous team, Anderlecht, at 15 and made 78 first-team appearances. He even captained the team at times. This wealth of experience will no doubt serve him well in Arsenal.

His transfer fee has not been disclosed but it is thought to be in the realm of £17.2 million. His debut match against Chelsea showed that he has the potential to offer a lot to the team. Though the match ended in a loss for Arsenal, it was a fantastic opportunity for him to prove that he was brought onto the team for a reason.

Xhaka Stays Put

One shock that made waves this summer was that Granit Xhaka will be staying with Arsenal for the foreseeable future. It seemed like the Gunners were going to say goodbye to the Swiss midfielder, with a mutual parting from him too. There were many talks and whispers that he could have moved to AS Roma.

Despite wanting to leave, it does look like Xhaka is staying put at Arsenal – something Gunners fans have had mixed opinions on. This then means that he should be with the team until 2025. He has definitely had his ups and downs with the team over the years. It did seem like he was ready to leave and the club was also ready to say farewell to him. Hopefully this renewed contract will also renew his efforts so he is able to deliver a stellar performance.

Strengthening the Midfield

Each of these players is a credit to their teams, and bringing them all together could be a great move to help strengthen the midfield of Arsenal even further. Making improvements to the team is always going to be high on the priority list for management, and they are some of the first places where you might want to look.

It would be great to see Arsenal lock down Ødegaard, but there are other teams interested in signing him. For this reason, it would also be a good idea for the Gunners to cast their net a little wider and see the other talent that they could bring in.

No matter your opinion on his re-signing, there is no doubting that Xhaka is a great player. Combining his talents with that of Sambi Lokonga’s could mean the beginning of a fantastic midfield.

Arteta needs to make sure that he is tracking down the right players to create the perfect team if we are to see an improvement from Arsenal in this coming season. The right team will be able to help the Gunners get back on top once more!



  1. fairfan says:

    “No matter your opinion on his re-signing, there is no doubting that Xhaka is a great player”.
    I totally agree admin. Xhaka is so much better than Rodri, Fabinho Kante Jorginho Thiago and Fernandinho in fact clearly the best DM in the world by far.
    With Granit guarding the gate and instigating dangerous attacks Arsenal will be invincible again.
    All the more reason we do not need any more midfield reinforcements because Granit will guide us to PL, CL double this season of this I have no doubt.

    1. Dan kit says:

      I take it you didn’t watch the game last night then !

      1. jon fox says:

        DAN AND Gooner-kc, I assume you are not familiar with the well known word “sarcasm” then!!

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        Dan, sarcasm rules, because it is one way to maintain one’s sense of humour, as shown by @ fairfan.
        By the way, Dan have you drafted the letter to Unai Emery yet, apologising for all the nasty things you said about him?😁 It will be interesting to see if Arteta’s Arsenal can improve on Emery’s Villarreal drawing 2-2 with Chelsea next weekend.

        1. Dan kit says:

          Lols good one Ozzie
          I’ll send him a Christmas present to remind him how well he did at Arsenal 🤔

    2. Gooner-kc says:

      Are you realky an Arsenal fan????

  2. Phoenix Gunner says:

    Did anyone notice Ben white get beaten a couple of time when he went in for aerial challenge? He isn’t good in the air n it will be a big problem when he come up against tall strikers like lukaku in our next match. Was against this transfer from the beginning we should have retain saliba and give him a chance this season.
    Lokonga gave a good account of himself, smith Rowe, Tierney all did ok.
    Can’t say much about Leno, he can’t control his area and bad during aerial bombardment. He needs to be replace ASAP! The only missing piece in that line up is a tall dominant striker that can bully the opposition defenders.

    1. Dan kit says:

      6.1 ft I think mate
      Last season he played in defence with tall partners ,he’s been bought in for his ball playing ,hopefully get Gabriel back sooner as Mari belongs back in the Brazilian league .
      Maybe Arteta needs to go with 3 at the back as Brighton did then we would see the best of white .
      More concerning for me is the last 2 games he seems stuck on the spot when faced with a simple decision .
      Fans are soon going to turn on him and the club because of his price tag and the need for reinforcements in other areas first .

      1. jon fox says:

        YES Dan, mere “fans” may well turn on him. But supporters will not, as they believe in SUPPORTING, and esp when a player is still settling in.

        Had you criticised such as Bellerin, Xhaka or some(like OZIL, in his last several seasons) who have been actively harming us for many years, THEN your comment would have had truth and justice.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          jon, fair enough for Ben White, Lokonga and Balogun (early days), but how much time does Mikel Arteta get settle in? He has already got more than Unai Emery got with his CV, before you gave up on him and stopped “supporting” him.

          1. jon fox says:

            ozzie Speaking for myself alone, I will give him til end of this YEAR 2021, to show without doubt that he is able to get the very best from the players THEN at his disposal.

            I do not think it reasonable (given his squad TODAY, but which MAY hopefully change this month) to expect top four.

            I am fairly sure that we have, at best, a vanishingly small chance of top four, even if and when he gets better imports this month.
            We are too far behind in overall quality both MANCS, CHELSKI AND LIVEROOL.
            And remember, Ozzie, I am a realist, not a self fooler. 5th is a possibility and 6th a position below which he must not fall, to retain MY support.
            How about your position though?

  3. Arsenal2win says:

    Arsenal has no combative central midfielder & the more reason we get bullied every time in midfielder. PSG wants 2 sell 10 players, what don’t we go shop 4 Herrera & the other nine?

    1. siamois says:

      Dortmund have bought 2 players from PSG academy this summer for peanuts and they are already included in their first time they will probably sell them both for a profits in few years time you’re right there are good cheap buys to be made.

  4. siamois says:

    Ancelotti in Marca”I told Martin the reason that I haven’t registered him is because there are 8 players in his position and they can’t all play..” I don’t know what to make of it!

  5. jon fox says:

    Pat, a reasonably accurate basic summation of how things lie, with the single exception of how you have now revealed yourself to be XHAKAS BIGGEST FAN.

    How any Gooner can think Xhaka ” beyond doubt as a great player” astounds me and I SUSPECT MOST OTHERS ON HERE.
    He is IMO the single biggest obstacle we have in making progress.

    Bellerin and Elneny, at least and mercifully, rarely play but Xhaka is a regular, which is revealing in many ways, not only about YOU either!

  6. Palmer17 says:

    We spent 50m on white and yet for about 5m more we could’ve signed the players Leicester have and covered 3 positions we badly needed sorting.

    Also it was brought up before the game about Ben White winning aerial duels. He doesn’t have a good percentage of this. I don’t know why chambers didn’t see the ball out of play instead of trying to control it for the first goal and going forward he offers not a lot. If we are to keep Cedric they why not play him instead of playing players out of position.

  7. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    Simply put, if we retain Xhaka and acquire Ode, this whole Arteta experiment will end terribly and set us back 4-5 years.

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