How will Arteta contract affect Arsenal stars and transfers?

If I was the Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini, I would be a bit worried right about now. Everything seems to be going against the tough tackling Frenchman, at least as far as his continued career as an Arsenal player goes anyway.

It is bad enough for Flamini that the football media constantly report Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with various central or defensive midfielders, such as Morgan Schneiderlin, Sami Khedira, William Carvalho, Moussa Sissoko and the German Bender twins Sven and Lars.

To add to that, Flamini’s place in the team has come under real threat from the emergence of his fellow countryman Francis Coquelin, who has become one of the main topics of conversation about the Gunners. We are told that Arsene Wenger is determined to sign Coquelin up on a three year contract but there are also reports that he wants some sort of assurance that he will play regularly.

But at least Flamini has a contract with Arsenal until next summer, so he could see himself as being in a better position than the club captain Mikel Arteta whose deal was due to end this summer. But now Arteta’s agent, as reported by ESPN, has revealed that the Spaniard has already signed a one year extension.

Inaki Ibanez said, “”Mikel is no longer free next June, because he now has an extra year on his contract.”

So what does this mean for Arsenal’s other midfielders and the chances that Wenger will sign a player like Schneiderlin, either this month or at the end of the season? It is odd that Arsenal have not announced this and suggests that the club might not have wanted it to be common knowledge.

I think it casts a serious doubt, especially on Flamini’s future. Don’t forget that we now have Krystian Bielik, the teenager dubbed the new Patrick Vieira. Depending on how well Coquelin does for the rest of this season and whether Bielik starts to break into the first team, it could spell the end of our transfer hopes in this area as well. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Just push him to CAM. I always felt he had a ferocious shot in him while at Everton. (Hope he still knows how to shoot though).

    Coquelin Cazorla

    Looks kind of odd seeing Arteta ahead of Cazorla eh? 😛

    1. I think he deserves a place in his favourite position. I don’t think it will happen though. He’s more needed in front of the defence keeping tab on the breaks.

      1. Coquelin is Schneiderlin before the 2014 World Cup, he wasn’t called up into the french squad until someone got ruled out, lets allow Le Coq do his thing in the meantime, if he were playing for Southampon and on current form, I’m sure we would want him signed for us. As for Arteta, we might see a different side to his game when he is not overburdened with the task of being the last DM, he cant make those risky passes forward, he has to be overly cautious by making sideways passes most of the time since losing possession will expose the defense but with a [so far] capable DM in Le Coq, lets see what he’s still got for one more season and we’ll take it from there. As for Flamini, he made his choice by leaving for AC Milan when he should have been developing his game under Wenger, he’s picked up too many bad habits along the way, his game was blanced befor he left but now its all aggression and no real or measured substance, thanks to the influence of Rhino Gattuso, so he’s really got no one to blame, I don’t blame him either, it is just what it is.

  2. Diaby will not get a new contract by the looks of it. That opens up a squad spot for a new top-quality defensive midfielder. Arteta can be a backup.

  3. I am not stressed. Flamini will be sold subject to us getting Schneiderlin.

    That gives us: Schneiderlin/Coquelin/Arteta as senior CDMs.

    Hayden & Bielik will be groomed slowly for the CDM role. Once we have confidence in them Arteta can leave. Be it next winter transfer or at the end of his contract.

    1. Agreed he should be sold. Arteta Coq and another first team signing would do just fine. For the most part i think Arteta is very good in this position as his win percentage within the team does suggest. We know he comes up short against the better opponents but thats not all down to him as our set up has to take much blame.

    2. Honestly, we can do better that that traffic warden (Flamini). Whether we get Sneidelin or not, he should just leave at the end of the season.

      1. @kickassfan
        In defense of the Flame, he is better than a good chunk of EPL players in his position. Him being a Gunner just about guarantees he’ll be wanted by another lower table EPL team. He should not have a problem finding a new club.

      2. It amazes me how cruel you guys are, heres a guy who came here at a time we needed someone bad and has served Arsenal well. To think now, just throw him out put him on the scrap heat to old is just crazy. We all have to retire most at 65 but football players 33 so wish him well and say thanks and we move on to the next . CB

  4. Although hes our captain got to say I’m suprised about the extension. Maybe wenger wants him to work closely with bielek!? Great to see gabriel in the arsenal kit 🙂 I know hes fot to settle but I hope he makes it to the Emirates at the weekend to watch the game and take in the stadium etc.

  5. I dnt like the way ppl bash Arteta rememba the guy took a pay cut to join us n he helpd us alot once…i think he deserv respect..age is not a disease n he ws forcd to play out of position,lets appreciate him!

  6. Well said kotte, sometimes having an experienced and mentor like personality around the dressing room/training ground is worth paying for even if that player is getting less game time. One thing about mikel is he’s ever the gent and professional.

  7. For cried lord,leCoq is not the answer to our DM problems.he can be a good cover but not long term solution so stop it.couple of decent games doesnt mean he’s the answer of our flwas during the past 6 years or so.A DM in the stature of Yann M’Vila is what we need.i am and always be a fan of this boy not for his physique but ability to read the game.he’s his personal issues but it is only 24 and Wenger can give him the chance to shine once and for all.

    that boy was DM of French team under domenuec until all those reports came to life but apart from him and capoue ( hotspuds both were my favs for long time) …real BEAST NEEDED IN THERE.Bielik and Lecoq covers

    1. Rather than giving some external guy the chance to shine,why don’t we give it to our own ?
      Or is it that all worldclass players /potential are those that happen not to be at arsenal ?

    2. Looks like you want a Norman Hunter type player, he was a beast but,in them days skill was the second part it’s not about being a Beast Vera was no beast nor is Coquelin,its knowing how to win the ball without giving away free kicks. CB

  8. Word kotte ur a fan with a head, fans forget easily, we are not a big spending club and arteta more than justifies his price tag, he got experience and they r some games that suits his style,#ageisnotdisease

  9. Just seen GP in the Arsenal kit…Awesome!!… asked him for prescription drugs bcos we just signed a brazilian defender to play alongside Mert.

  10. What I would have liked this window is for us to sign, (on loan until the end of the season) a veteran out and out DM player. This player could ultimately work with Bielek, Hayden and Coquelin.
    I worry slightly that Arteta may teach this guys how to effectively pass sideways 🙂

  11. Arteta will be usefull as part of the squad and his experiance can help develop the younger members of the team.
    Hope he realises Wenger normally sells the club captain !!! Lol

  12. Flamini was a stop gap, that gap is now filled by Coquelin so Flamini is done. Arteta is simply ageing so needs a successor, Schneiderlin seems that man and when/if we get him it would only benefit the club to have a player like Arteta around the team for a further season. Top professional, leader, and I hope he starts his coaching badges with us when he calls time.

  13. so both arteta and flamini are in contract until june 2016, sounds like a perfect time to command a fee for both? ditto podolski, sanogo, diaby and Campbell. from those proceeds we can bid for cavani or suarez, khedira and schneirderlin

    1. Campbell has just signed a new contract; he is definitely one for the future, he has had a look about Arsenal training + what’s expect of him at Arsenal, now he is given another loan to work on his game because we have Walcott, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud, Welbeck, Ox, Sanchez ahead of him for now(for 4-5 positions).

      1. or he might be sold this summer and we want money for him. His contract expired this summer so if he didnt sign a new one he would have gone for free. I like Campbell a lot but i just dont think Wenger is going to use him. Let him get on with his career if Wenger dont want him

        1. true, didn’t think of that; we could get good money for him and buy a more positionally important player (I still hope that he has a good loan and comes back with some fire).

  14. Diaby, Flamini out. For summer buy new CDM.
    New CDM, Coq,Arteta should be the options in that position next season.

  15. Never take a agents talk at face value. If was true Arsenal site would have confirmed it as and when it happened. But i hope Arteta is given a contract. He will be a very good back up player.

  16. Flamini/diaby are being released in the summer on a free, not sold! Why isn’t anyone talking about wilshere? the boy is not a CDM, and he’s sure as hell won’t dethrone Cazorla or Ozil anytime soon. So where does he fit in this team anyway? With him we win 37% only, without him is double that, so will we just play him in cup games, we have rosicky that can do that. Lastly, he’s 23/24 next season so do we loan him out?

    1. keep Wilshere for squad depth. Honestly, I just view him as a utility player that Wenger favors too much over others. He’s a good player, but isn’t good enough to start anywhere in the team.

      1. honestly we should either sell him or tell him he is backup and won’t be getting much game time until he starts living up to his supposed talent. Oh, and tell him to stop holding on to the ball so much that he gets injured nonstop, he literally plays for fouls that take him out for weeks at a time…ridiculous.

      2. I agree. Wilshere is good to have as a squad player or an impact substitute. Also its good have average British superstars to have in the team. Helps maintain the english core.

    2. Don’t be to hasty on Ozil he has to be consistent and he hasn’t done that yet. Wilshire will have to learn more on releasing the ball early, like Mozart who again I think is better than Ozil.This next game will test Ozil CB

  17. One thing that gets me excited is the cleaning up of the team of deadwoods. Diaby will be gone, Flamini hopefully won’t get a new contract, Podolski as good as gone, Sanogo not coming back for at least 2-3 seasons(Campbell v2.0). If Wenger signs one CDM and a world class striker, we will be a strong and deep team. A team worthy of winning the PL and UCL.

    1. @mr lean
      Unless AW intends ti use Janks as a CB, I can’t see him getting into the 1st squad. It looks like he’s destined to be a Hammer…

    2. I think he’s as good as gone. I hope I’m wrong though as I think he is good enough as a squad player and it was great to see a true Gooner on the pitch.

  18. Wow even in the modern game, Lots are still drawn in the event of tiebreakers in the group stage. It should go down to other things, like Bookings, who made less fouls etc at least. Or why not have them do a penalty shoot out since Mali and Guinea just played each other right now.

  19. Explosive stuff from Atheltico Madrid. Frist beating Real over two legs and now drawing 2-2 on agg vs barcelona. Finally getting Torres on the score sheet as well.

  20. I think I’d prefer Spuds winning the League Cup than Chelski. You can’t expect Spuds to never win a trophy and I don’t want to see Chelski, Mourinho, fabregas win a double or more. Actually if Spuds beat Chelski it’s possible Chelski can end season empty handed. Also Spuds can have their Capital One Cup. Arsenal will win the better FA Cup AND be in the top 4 AND be in Champions League.

    If it is Chelski v Spuds (Spuds are up 2-0 on agg at halftime) it’s disappointing but you have to make the best out of a bad situation

    Anyway, come on Sheffield
    Score 2 in second half

  21. Arteta deserves 1 more year. He is our captain, been loyal and still has some quality

    Flamini on the other hand must be out. He has become a liability.

    1. ToTally disagree arteta has been poor this season in his 7 games.he has the lowest tackle succes rate per 90min and the highest amount of Fouls.this shows he isn’t doing well as a dm.he lacks the mobility of Rosicky to play further up so I don’t think he should have got a new deal.

      Flamini has played well this season 7/10 he outperform matic in many areas.

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