How will FFP changes affect Arsenal? Be afraid…

Arsene Wenger was talking about the Arsenal transfer situation in the pre-match press conference yesterday. Well to be more accurate, he was trying to say as little as possible about it under a barrage of questions from the press pack.

One thing the Frenchman did say, however, was that he thought that some transfers could become even more complicated, with more people involved, once the football agency is deregulated. He also spoke about how he thinks that discretion is the best way to approach any transfer talks, obviously with the ongoing Raheem Sterling situation firmly in mind.

But Wenger is used to having to deal with this sort of thing and I do not think that this will be the Frenchman´s biggest problem by any means during the upcoming summer transfer window. The changing of the FFP rules by Uefa which will once again allow mega rich owners to pump shedloads of cash at their club could be disastrous for the Gunners, as our own man at the top Stan Kroenke has proved himself reluctant to spend a single cent of his own money on Arsenal.

As well as the likes of Chelsea and Man City, this summer could see many clubs around Europe pulling out all the stops and going for the big money players. We all know that Wenger does not like to pay over the odds or get involved in bidding wars so are we going to have to settle for the players that the big spenders do not want?

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  1. I often read about how
    large the Wembley pitch
    is and how teams must
    adapt to the vast open spaces.
    I checked the dimensions.
    Length 115 yards width 74 yards
    Length 115 yards width 75 yards.
    So the Wembly pitch is 36 inches wider.
    Can we possibly cope 🙂

  2. We will surely get the players we want.we don’t need much even buh weare a top club.Wneger now pays any amount for a player provided he feels we need him and the said player will improve the team
    Hoping for an interesting window.coyg!

  3. Davidnz
    England overhypes their own and bash other things or degrade them.personally I see nothing special in that Wembley stadium.have always imagined if Bale was an English player we won’t have any breathing space cos the English press will say he is better than Messi and compare him to Pele,that’s why they never do well in competitions.#kane comes to mind,just watch him freeze out next season

  4. why are you so worried? arsenal will buy players who want to play at arsenal. we signed mesut and alexis. we’ll do the same this year too. there are many quality players out there we can sign.

  5. Look to be fair, once all the players return from their respective loans, we will have our full quota of players over 21 and some. With chamberlain and sanogo also qualifying for the 25 this summer, it has to be about who is left out as much as discussing who comes in. The current squad will looks like
    Szczesney ospina martinez
    Jenkinson debuchy Gabriel Mertesacker koscielny gibbs monreal
    Arteta flamini Coquelin ramsey wilshire diaby rosicky cazorla ozil chamberlain
    Walcott welbeck sanchez Campbell giroud podolski ryo wellington sanogo

    That’s 29 players born 1993 or before already, so in order to bring 1 in 5 will have to be sold, loaned or released. You would think the writing is on the wall for diaby, ryo, sanogo and podolski so that means more have to go before we Can sign anymore. With wenger confirming that rosicky has agreed a new deal, you would think that only if arteta or flamini or both leaves will there be a new midfield signing. Up front the other likely candidates to move on are campbell wellington and walcott. In defence I think only jenkinson might be off again next season. But for my money it would be debuchy, if anyone came in with a big bid. That leaves the keepers, Szczesney might be replaced and martinez sacrificed for a further loan allowing the 2 under age keepers in macey and iliev to share 3rd keeper and u21 duty thus freeing up another space in the 25.

    That is pretty much how I see the summer activity.

    1. Plus take our homegrown count into consideration too. Under current rules Scszeny & Martinez are ones. So are Jenks & TW14? Schneiderlin would be homegrown too if we bring him in.

    2. You’ve made it so complicated dude. I’m totally in confuse.
      As far as I know, Arsene will buy only world class player which he think will improve the basis that we already have today.

  6. Abramovic has already pumped 1 billion pounds into Chelsea. You think he want to loose another billion? Now it can’t be loans anymore it has to be equity. The problem for Chelsea is City can go nuts again and spend an insane fortune.

    ManU is owned by the Glazers and they are hard noosed business men. ManU is a very will run marketing machine, way better than Arsenal. If we want to compete we have to be more clever on the marketing front, it does help if you do have some recent trophies under your belt.

    1. If Abrahamovich was in the first place comfortable with the the idea of pumping 1 billion into an investment to the end that it has been producing returns (in terms of trophies), what makes you think he will suddenly be averse to that idea. Look, he probably doesn’t have to spend another 1 billion. He spends say a quarter of that, and then we (with our more reserved approach) will have a long way to go if we want to catch up on this Chelsea team. Him catching up with the Sheiks is another issue entirely. But, FFP should have helped us put a leash on him atleast.

      With the original FFP rules, we probably would have had the chance to close the gap on Manchester united without having to contend with the oil rich clubs too much. Now I’m afraid if Arsenal Football Club were not already prepared for this “easing” of the rules, then we’re properly f^cked.

    2. Why do we keep saying Arsenal can’t compete?we are in the top 10 highest paying teams in terms of wages,we are paying world class wages to the wrong players who are not good enough quality to win us titles!

      1. We may well be, but if ffp does get relaxed (because poor oligarchs can’t buy teams and ‘invest’ to turn them into world class outfits or because sky pays the premier league so much that the ‘others’ are disadvantaged) then it will be the ‘whole package’, transfer fees and wages that spiral up. I read somewhere that Fifa would announce its decision in June, so whether we want one, two or three players IMO if this is coming, then the sooner we tie up the deals the better, in every respect.

  7. FFP? What does it mean again? Frankly, I’m yet to see the head and tail of it, thought it’s meant to curb financial erring in the football sphere.

    By the way, I think I know where sterling is going.
    Hint: Somewhere Real…

    1. @Kickass. FFP is said to
      make football more even
      with regards clubs
      spending power.
      But it was never properly enforced
      and now its seems FIFA has
      given up on the idea 🙁
      So expect the same 4-5 teams to dominate as usual.

  8. Mourihno would have won the league with team arsenal the way it is but wenger would not have won tittle with chelsea team.Look SAF won title with avarage team,moyes finished 7th with the same team lvg pumped 200m on it finished 4th.People say wenger knows how spot talents No credit goes to the arsenal scouts they had recomended messi,ronaldo,hazard,zlatan but wenger admitted turning them down.So wenger is good business manager but an average coach in a big club,we need tactical manager

  9. @davidnz……..after winning the F.A cup last yr at wembley….. U tell me!..can we cope?

  10. First of all Wenger is going to have to withdraw his hit single – “Are you down with FFP (yeah you know me)”

  11. With the easing on the FFP overspending rules by UEFA coming into effect when it does come. Arsenal have got to be proactive so as not to be caught into a trap of financial inability to compete adequately in the transfer market. Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool could be undoing Arsenal in the players market as they spend better than Arsenal to get the better players in the market or even lure away some top Gunners to themselves with better wages. What is the solution to pre-empty this could be unfavourable changes of FFP to Arsenal weaker financial strength? Will Stan Kroenke and Alishar Usmanov forget about their controlling rivalry and but their heads together to forestall any foreseeable disadvantage for Arsenal in the transfer market? While Usmanov may be seen as a willing to spend his money to help Arsenal, Kroenke could be seen as the opposite of spending his money to help Arsenal. Should that be the case then, kroenke should please offer his controlling shares for sale on the financial shares market for the highest bidder who will be ready to put his money down as intervention funds for Arsenal to buy his shares and thus be helping Arsenal whenever the needs to do that arised. Can Aliko Dangote help Arsenal with intervention funds? If he can, let him prove it by buying Kroenke’s and Usmanov’s shares and do it. If he delays, and the FFP relaxing rule comes into effect, I can see another investor buying up Arsenal before he does. I think the advent of the bilioners who are ready to spend buying up Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool has put end to the owner take profit thinking of Stan Kroenke. Arsenal MUST move forward.

    1. Interesting thoughts. It will be a huge disappointment if ffp is relaxed. It will damage what a few teams like arsenal have done to build a viable business model. However, it does seem inevitable that with so many legal challenges Fifa will give in, to some extent. Whether that will undermine Arsenal so much that kroenke decides to sell is uncertain, but it will probably mean the shackles are off again and unrestricted investment by rich owners could once again become the norm for the biggest teams. If Fifa rule that ffp is flawed in June then it will create a big question, as you suggest, as to whether ownership of AFC has to alter and embrace what Usmanov and Dangote could offer.

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