How will fit again Welbeck fit into Arsenal team?

Having not kicked a ball in anger for Arsenal since we were held to a no score draw by Chelsea at the end of April as they cruised to the Premier League title last season, Danny Welbeck is understandably being treated with kid gloves by Arsene Wenger and the medical staff, but the England international forward is getting very close to being able to play for us again.

He has already completed a valuable hour for the under 21s yesterday and although you might think that puts him in the frame for a first team return, the Tomas Rosicky saga last week has probably made the boss even more cautious. The Frenchman’s injury update reported by this week was pretty positive though and I think that Welbeck could be ready even sooner than he suggested.

Wenger said, “He is playing today with the under-21s, for one half at least. I believe that he needs to play two or three games before thinking about coming back into the first team. We can organise games internally without being official games and I think in the next three weeks he should be available. He has not played for 10 months so we need to be patient with him. He has good basic fitness but after it is competitive decision-making and he needs to get used to that again. We are a bit relieved because with such an injury, you never know how a player will come back. But he looks promising in training.”

So it is good to hear that Welbeck is looking sharp and after completing 60 minutes with no trouble against the Brighton reserves he should be available for selection soon, but where will he fit into the Arsenal team? Welbeck has size and strength as well as pace so will Wenger see him as a direct challenger or cover for Giroud through the middle?

Will he use him on the flanks as Man United often did and if so, would he be challenging Alexis Sanchez on the left or Theo Walcott on the right? Could Wenger use him and Theo as wide forwards with great pace and bring Alexis into a support striker’s role?

It looks like his first game back will be Hull City in the FA cup so we should learn a lot more about Wenger’s plans for him then. How do you see Welbeck fitting into this Arsenal team, if at all?

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  1. the player we really miss is cazorla. didnt expect he’s absence will be felt this much. Can’t wait for him to come back and get Ramsey outta that midfield

  2. @ admin can
    you please decrease the amount of articles being posted per day. its hard to follow the number of articles being posted in a small time and have discussion of worth. i mean look at post match reviews and how great they are to share views…but now the quality of the writings is poor and we are left running up and down articles that usually have nothing valuable to say… can you just select and post the well written ones and give us time to talk about them.

    1. Ziol, surely you realise that its impossible to please everyone even some of the time. Plenty of fans here have opposing opinions so even if he did write to please you well then there would still be plenty of people thinking wtf.

  3. Ask urself, why was welbeck bought/brought into this team in the 1st place?……

    Then again ask urself… Must Giroud alone play at CF?

    If i could recall…when welbeck 1st came in (in his 1st two games for Arsenal) , he showed glimpse of what a talented CF should do ….. Run behind defenders and stretching defenses……

    Well, that was befor Wenger distabilized the plan by limiting him to play the Arsenal way (nice, possesion, hold-up, tiki taka nonsense)

    and i won’t stop at that to think the same won’t happen to EL-neny and all his “watch me whip” crooners
    Don’t be surprised to see him drastically reduce his number of shots per game henceforth

    For the Love of the Arsenal way…… I rest my case!

    1. Why, on average how many times does he shoot per game. I remember seeing youtube clips before coming on here and saying how he has one hell of a long ball also good with balls over the top. Then I was surprised to here an Egyptian expert who worked with him or studies the game out that way say that he is not flashy he wont go trying difficult passes to often as he likes to keep things simple. Ive seen a bit of his clips showing his shooting and goals but Ive seen similar amount when I google central defenders so I would not go by that. The Egyptian did mention that he can pop up with important goals but that is in Switzerland.

    1. Dare to dream

      but don’t even think of it……. But if u insist, be sure to have 11 stretchers on standby at the pitch-side [emergency protocol]

  4. Does anyone know if welbeck actually played for the Arsenal Un-21 yesterday as was mooted by wenger?

    1. sounds like a good formula for winning the title…weakening your team and simultaneously strengthening your rivals.

      Its a good thing that Arsenal is not run by people like you.

  5. Hahaha ?.. This is Arsenal fc,
    There’s no happy ending or fairytale’s here for our long term injured.
    Danny Setbeck and Jack Wheelchair will be back in the treatment room, sooner than you think!

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