How will Keiran Tierney new injury affect Arsenal’s transfer plans?

Micah Richards speaks on Keiran Tierney

Kieran Tierney picked up an injury in Scotland’s 1-1 draw against Switzerland last night and has left Arsenal fans wondering what’s next for Scottish defender. Tierney left Arsenal on loan last season for Real Sociedad and had a decent season for the Spanish side. He was looking likely to leave the club for a healthy fee this summer, but after picking up what looked like a very nasty injury in Scotland’s game against Switzerland it’s left Arsenal fans wondering what’s next for Tierney at Arsenal?

Ex Manchester city legend turned pundit Micah Richard’s had his say after the game and said this “I feel sorry for Tierney because when he was up in Scotland at Celtic, he was immense. Everyone was talking about he’s better than Andy Robertson.”

“He comes down and plays for Arsenal, does alright, gets injured. They bring in another left-back. Goes to Sociedad and it’s not really worked out. Then just as he gets his form going and he gets injured”

And I can’t agree more. Sometimes players are doing really well and an unexpected injury will hold them back and that’s exactly what happened with Tierney at Arsenal, he picked up an injury and by the time he was back at his best, his position had been taken and was left on the outskirts of the team, but now he’s picked up yet another injury, it’s very unlikely he will leave the club in the summer and could end up getting a second chance at Arsenal.

I’ve always rated Tierney and he’s only ever said good things about the club while on loan, so I wouldn’t hate the thought of keeping him if we can manage to get him fit and ready to play, but it also means were missing out on guaranteed money and will have to reevaluate what we are going to do next in defence.

He is a good player and if it wasn’t for his injury record, I think he would have continued to shine but like many other players, he seems to run into bad luck and is constantly plagued by injuries. Of course, were not 100% on what injury he picked up just yet and will have to wait for more news, but it looked nasty and personally, I think he’s set to stay at Arsenal, at least until the winter transfer window.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

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  1. Some people on here absolutely slated Arteta for letting Tierney leave but this just sums the lad up unfortunately. Top lad but just injury prone and you cant build the team around someone like that.

    1. So now your saying MA was able to know that Tierney was going to get injured?
      Talk about hero worshipping!!

      The reason some people were questioning the boss, was the fact that we didn’t have an official LB and, during the season, that’s where we were most vulnerable…. it’s the first I’ve heard that Mikel was going to build a team round Tierney, but I’m sure you’ve a reason for saying that?

      Get well soon Kieren, the club will look after you, as that’s always been the Arsenal way.

      1. One look at his injury record would have shown he was always fragile and injury prone hence very much likely to get injured. Now imagine the data available to arteta via the medical staff.

    2. If someone tell me Arteta have people online whose job are to praise him from dusk till dawn, I will believe him!

      1. They’ve missed plenty of games but Tierney is approaching diaby levels. Poor guy can’t seem to play three in a row.

        1. I think that you are right
          Nobody could have a bad word to say about Tierney but his career has been hampered by all sorts of long term injuries and being stretchered off again is just another unfortunate example.

          His season at Real Sociedad was a prime example

    3. Tierney didn’t leave, he’s still our player.

      If MA is so smart why didn’t he take any kind of offer and sell? If you don’t want a player sell, don’t loan because you don’t like current offers.

      It’s stupid to think you’ll get more money after a loan

  2. As much as I like Tierney, I think he would have been sold in this window but not sure he could go now as injured. Our number one left back, Timber, will be starting the new season with able backups in Tomiyasu, Kiwior and Zinchenko (if he’s not sold) so as much as I wish Tierney well and a quick recovery, I don’t think he’s destined to stay with us.

  3. Two observations GB,:
    Timber is a recognised CB and RB and Mikel chose to play him at LB.
    Who would sign a player who, according to some, is made of glass and always injured?

    Ackshay, the data you refer too, has been available for every player and Tierney had history, so why buy him?

    1. @ken1945, point 1, I know that but I think he will be used at LB as he’s great with both feet and as you say, the boss chose to play him there and successfully the few times he did. Point 2, well we did 😉.

      1. Because his versatility gives us the option, we’re going to use him in our biggest problem position, and he looked great in that role. White is doing well at RB and our CBs are great, so why change what works when we don’t have to.

      1. I know he did DK – I was arguing the point that MA was “slated” for letting Tierney go out on loan and that we were, supposedly, going to “build” a team around him… both suggestions false in my opinion.

        GB – I hope your right that Timber will fill the LB position, because if he can’t, we have the injury prone Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, Tierney and, as yet, an unproven Kiwior to replace him.

        I see it’s been mentioned that Timber is very versatile (it does seem that way) but if he has to cover any of the other defensive positions, who, apart from those injury cases and unproven player I’ve mentioned, would fit into that LB position?

        1. @ken I still believe zinchenko will still be MA’s first choice in that position when fit because of his quality to invert and he’s not that poor defensively as some made him. He has played lb for us and man City at top level and I also watched him yesterday playing for his country in the same position. The reason he wasn’t used regularly last season was his fitness struggle.

          1. Good angle to come from Chronicle, but I can’t see it personally.
            I think Timber is nailed on for that LB position and / but I would like to see how Zinchenko performs alongside Partey.
            As you say, his fitness was a problem (as was Tuerneys) but he isn’t a natural LB, no matter what system MA adopts in my opinion.

            1. Well pep, Mikel and more interestingly his national team coach believed he can play in that position. Only yesterday, he was selected to play in that position for his country as he’s being playing in the middle before then but his performance yesterday was superb and I won’t be surprised if he continue in that position for club and country.

        1. Well, it wasn’t MA Angelo, but who allowed him to go out on loan and played Zinchenko at LB instead?

    2. Well for one Arteta didn’t buy him and why buy him ? i don’t know maybe Emery thought this is a very good player maybe if he can get over his injury woes he’d be perfect. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

      So Tierney has 2 things going against him
      1. His bad injury history
      2. He doesn’t suit Arteta playstyle.

      Personally I’d wish we kept him even as a back up.

  4. Tierney could only play winger in Arteta’s 3-2-4-1 system, because he isn’t as good as Zinchenko and Timber in the inverted-LB position

    1. I think that’s correct and as much the reason for him not playing/being loaned out and in l on the verge of leaving as his injury record. He’s not great at coming inside from the lb position – he could get better at it, but he gets no chance to develop because he gets injured every couple of games.

  5. Tierney is a good player but is unfortunate with injuries for one thing, Even if he was regularly fit however he is not technically good enough to play in Arteta’s system.
    When he first came to Arsenal it looked as if he would evolve into a world class FB. That promise has yet to be realised and is looking increasingly less likely.

  6. let’s start with the facts – Tierney not playing for Arsenal again, before or after this injury, so the only impact is when and how much Arsenal can get on sale

    on both, when and how much, this injury is negative

    ideally Arsenal can sell Tierney this summer, at this point take anything, there is still over 2 months until the window closes, so hopefully fit enough to offload then

    suddenly the £5m or so Celtic can afford looks like a fantastic deal

    apologies in advance for not living up to the sentimental norm

    1. In the dog eat dog environment of professional football, getting sentimental about an Arsenal player such as KT is counterproductive whereas I have compassion for Tierney at a personal level as his top flight career is in the balance. A real shame

  7. It’s not about being sentimental, it’s about questioning why Tierney was allowed to go out on loan, when, if as is being claimed, he would never be able to fit into Mikel’s style of playing.

    What was the point of keeping a player who, it’s claimed, was injury prone and unable to fit into a style of play?
    No sentimental thinking in that is there? Just questioning the reasons why.
    Of course, with this latest injury, we will have even less chance of recuperating any transfer money and I agree with GAI that we could possibly see Kieren hanging his boots up… what a waste of a great talent!!

  8. Did any club even offered to buy him in the first place before he was shipped out on a loan

    1. That I don’t know – did the club actually advise others that he was up for sale?. Surely, that would have been the correct thing to do, if Kieren wasn’t able to play the way Mikel wanted him to do?

      1. Ken1945
        Is it not possible that Tierney may not have wished to lower his sights? Cedric stayed put and collected his salary as countless other footballers do these days.
        I believe he had 14 appearances last season which wasn’t a great return for RS and before you know it he’s crocked again playing for Scotland. Is it a case of you win some and lose some?

        1. unfortunately Arsenal are bit like Man U in this respect, too many players on extravagant salaries that [in their shoes] would be crazy to give up

          and that is the double problem we have in common with Man U (and others to including Man C, Chelsea, Spurs etc) that some players seal that career pay cheque and having achieved their status and money are perhaps not 100% on it game by game

          e.g. multiple examples across multiple teams of signing a bumper new deal then form drops off

          we have definitely have had those, and continue to have those on the books who know $$$ wise they are the best wicket and will just milk it

          Tierney can prove he is not one of those by taking a move on lower money, regrettably it is unlikely he is any different to the rest

        2. Well SueP, I think leaving The Arsenal on loan to go and play for Real Sociadad(?) was a clear sign that he wanted to play football, no matter what the level was.
          He is a model professional, who has been positive about our club and manager – I think he deserves to be treated with some respect by all of our fans.

          Aesenal1886, I’m sure that if you were found out not to be the person your new boss wanted, you would keep up this holier than thou c**p and agree to go elsewhere for less money and despite having a legally binding contract, is that correct?
          He signed a contract with the club in good faith, on both sides it has to be said, produced excellent football and was seen as a future captain by some.
          The fact is that MA, as is his perogative, saw him in a different way…. so why should you expect him to lose money and prove to you that he’s one of the nice guys, when our manager had no hesitation in proving he wasn’t one of the nice guys?

          1. @ken1945 – i am little confused exactly, having signed a contract and seeing it out is not a criticism, there must be a tipping point on an ever diminishing career whereby stagnating to nothing exceeds next weeks pay cheque – Tierney has not long left and to burn it on endless pointless loans has to enter the mind at some stage

            perhaps a real career progressive move (vs yet another loan) would have occurred if on not such rich Arsenal pay day

            that is not criticising Tierney, perhaps in his situation I might do the same, bank my families future – but no good at all for Arsenal, and I am more concerned for Arsenal than Tierney, apologies again for not living up to the sentimental norm (@ken1945 you have already forgiven me for that)

          2. I think we all have to accept that the players hold the balance of power and it matters not whether Tierney is a good guy or a bad one. I do think he is a good guy and still being in his prime- age wise, would understandably want to further his career. However, he may become more cynical as the years progress as his injuries continue to hamper a career that offered so much. Purely speculation with nothing other than the realisation that sports men in golf, boxing and now football are making themselves obscenely wealthy courtesy of Saudi Arabia – much more than they were before. I have referred to it as a dog eat dog culture and I find it difficult to have more than a passing sense of connection with most of them these days.

            I’m surprised you consider Arteta to be a bad guy. Ruthless in pursuit of success- which I honestly thought we all craved – but not a bad guy. How many years now have the English been talking about Southgate being a nice guy? What has he won? Do England even look like winning? He might pull a rabbit out of the hat but it’s looking dicey

            1. SueP, you have misinterpreted what my reply to Arsenal1886 was meant to convey.
              He expects KT to be one of the “good guys”, whilst not criticising MA for putting him in the position he found himself in.
              It seems that 1868 now admits he would probably do exactly the same thing that he complains Tierney, in his eyes, has done.

              MA has to do what is right for the club to be successful, but that doesn’t mean a player has to be seen to walk away with his tail between his legs, and be the only loser, as that’s good for the club – what absolute nonsense!!

              Your correct that MA is ruthless and so he should be, as his job is on the line and KT has shown nothing but respect for him and the club.
              I say again, shouldn’t fans such as 1886 do the same thing and not try to blacken a players reputation by insinuating that he’s only interested in the money?

              1. @ken1945 – I am not insinuating Tierney is only interested in the money, my point is that many PL clubs with underperforming players on big money contracts find it hard to move them on – Man U are the class A example with many over paid under performing players they can’t move on because of big $$$ wages no other club will pay – not blaming the player for taking the money, and not blaming Tierney in any way shape or form as i am sure he would like nothing more than to be the Arsenal star and future captain designate he occupied just 2 years ago – but that is no more, and he knows it, and Tierney knows he has no future at Arsenal

                but finding Tierney and Arsenal a way out this is compromised/complicated by high wages a potential new club can not match

                not Tierney’s fault and not criticising him for it, but a fact that hampers Tierney moving on with his career and Arsenal getting rid

                Man U are littered with over paid under performing players who are not willing to take a pay cut – and i don’t blame those players either

                the PL is littered with many similar stories, a shame, regrettable for Tierney and Arsenal, but the facts!

              2. I’m muddled by the direction of travel on this subject Ken1945

                Have I missed something regarding Arteta’s attitude towards KT? I don’t follow the tail between his legs bit of your argument. He can’t help his fitness issues nor not being part of the future. This happens across the board and historically players moved on. The trouble is that as Arsenal 1886 points out that ludicrous contracts effectively give the players control to stay put or for clubs to have virtually no practical chance of moving them on without inducements to the buying club because only our league is so lucrative. We are in the same boat with Nketiah and Reiss Nelson.

                The Tony Adams and Matt Le Tissiers of this world are few and far between and we can all see just how much has changed over the years – hence my view that the modern footballer – by and large- with the help of avaricious agents- are mercaneries/purely following a career path. Of course, many, many players will have the goodwill of the fan base – most in fact, but when push comes to shove, it’s my club I put first. Kieran Tierney will have our goodwill but reading how Cedric felt he could still fight for his place – knowing that he was way down the pecking order, whilst seeing out his generous Sanhelli contract still irks me. Not a rule breaker but the players do hold all the cards.

                1. This is another example where the club or Arteta are blamed for a player’s situation, the player has no responsibility and the prevailing circumstances are completely ignored.
                  Tierney was available for transfer last season but who came calling? We have a number of Arsenal fans claiming that Tierney is world class yet the only club that appeared interested at a point was Newcastle and they decided against. The lack of suitors was at least partly responsible for the loan plan and Sociedad were one of the few teams that expressed an interest.

                  1. I disagree.
                    Please direct me to where the club officially stated that Tierney was for sale – even up to this moment in time.
                    No one is blaming anyone else for the situation, the question being asked is, why, if KT wasn’t able to adapt to MA’s tactics, why wasn’t he put on the OFFICIAL clubs list of players who were available for transfer and why any other club would now buy him, after his latest injury set back?

                    If you believe that Tierney is to blame for getting injured, that’s your perogative.
                    If you believe that Tierney is to blame for being unable to change the name of style football that saw him being put forward as a future Arsenal captain, that’s also your perogative.
                    If you believe that Tierney has, somehow, brought the club into disrepute by his actions, then give me some concrete evidence that this is the case.

                    1. please show me an example of this mythical ‘official list of players available for sale’ – Lokonga, Nelson, Nketiah, Tavares, Patino at the very least would be on it

                      …that’s because there isn’t one

                      we all know those players are for sale without the need to see an ‘official list’, likewise so to Tierney

                      no on is blaming those other players who no longer fit, and no one is blaming Tierney, it is just the natural cycle at all football clubs, and Arsenal and Tierney no different

  9. I’m surprised that you don’t know about the retained and released list OFFICIALLY produced to comply with the FA /PL rules by the club.
    It is not mythical list, but a FACTUAL list and everyone can find and read it.
    In it, there are 16 players that the club have OFFICIALLY stated will be leaving the club.

    Unsurprisingly, Kieren Tierney is not one of those players, so it is sheer speculation as to who the club want to release or sell – just as it is pure speculation as to who we are going to buy unless the club say so.

    That’s what I mean when I say the club’s OFFICIAL statement – hope that clears it up for you.

    1. I read the Arsenal app Ken1945. 85/90%were names that meant absolutely nothing to me and probably nobody else. Elneny and Cedric were notable as players being out of contract According to the Arsenal app 3 other players and their positions are still under discussion and will be reported upon soon but none were household names

      However, where does this leave several current Arsenal players who held important roles but genuinely rarely feature? Still on the books and staying put, or surreptitiously being touted as ‘surplus’? All I’m thinking is that the names we regularly read about must now be considering whether to twist or stick in identifying where they think they should be going forward and whether or not they and the club see a future at Arsenal

      1. The lists of players being referred to in this thread are the players under contract and those who have been released. As Arsenal1886 has pointed out clubs do not publish lists of players they want to transfer on the PL website nor are they required to. They sometimes make it known to some media outlets that certain players may be available. From this one can infer that those players are available for transfer.

        1. So how do we, as fans, seemingly know what players the club are willing to sell then David?
          We don’t and it’s just pure speculation by said fanbase and the media.

          Would you believe that the media actually get things wrong and have even been known to make things up?

          How many players have we been linked with so far this close season? I hazard a guess at around 30, what’s your figure and do you think that all the clubs involved have circulated their desire to sell the players mentioned?

          We the means to check who the club have decided to part company with via the official website and taking into account the rumours that surround our club, wouldn’t you say that the official list is the ONLY one we can rely on?

          Of course, I don’t have to point out that Tierney is under contract, or am I misunderstanding the point your making about contracted players?

      2. I agree SueP that we can ONLY assume or think, but that is the point of this discussion isn’t it?

        Instead of being told by other fans, who have no more knowledge than you or I, that any player is not in MA’s plans, is just pure speculation and the only sure way, is to read what the club is officially saying at any given time?

        I enjoy the rumours and speculation just like most other fans, but to be told that this and that is happening when it doesn’t come from official sources, but fans and the media, does actually frustrate me.
        Perhaps I’m just too touchy about all things Arsenal, but to say that something I know is true and quote as a reference, then being described as “mythical” does raise my hackles.
        I just wish I had the ability to read Mikel’s mind in the same way that others seem to believe they have.

  10. I should have added, Arsienal1886, that the “we” you say knows who’s up for sale, is a figment of your imagination, or to put it another way, a set of fans who BELIEVE they know everything,which, of course, is a mythical idea, borne out of self importance.
    I rely on the OFFICIAL statements myself.

  11. Was Thomas Partey put up for sale or was Ozil displayed on Madrid web site for sale before we go all out for them.. the truth is if a player is good and is in position to help another club get better, the interested club will definitely test their ability to buy such player… It’s pure ignorance to think that a club willing to buy a player need to wait for a list of players that are available for sale… Once a club identify a player they needed, they set in motion legal was to get such player if possible.

      1. But you checked the list I quoted as official David, so you obviously wasn’t aware of it beforehand was you?
        The only “grandstanding” being performed here, is your refusal to answer any of my questions.

        Thomas Partey had a clause in his contract that allowed any club to go in and trigger it – there was no need for him to be listed.
        Ozil was told by RM that he was surplus to requirements and was publicly touted by the club as being available.

        Both of the above are not relevant to the discussion regarding any Arsenal player that certain fans believe MA has put up for sale.

        Just been reading that the media… not the club mind… are going to be putting up to nine players for sale, I wonder if we can find any factual information about that?

  12. Junking5, I should have added that clubs who are interested in a player, should approach the club involved to see what the position is – it has been known that clubs haven’t wanted, or had no desire to sell a player, but a ridiculous monetary offer has persuaded them to do so.

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