How will Mourinho transfer to Man United affect Arsenal?

It has not been announced or anything, so the fans of Arsenal and the other Premier League clubs can only look on in bemusement at the circus that Manchester United has become. On the one hand we have ED Woodward publicly backing the current manager and then Louis van Gaal bawling out any reporter that dares to mention his possible sacking or, even worse, the name of his possible successor at Old Trafford.

On the other hand we have the football media seemingly convinced that Jose Mourinho is already lined up to take the United reins in the summer with a deal already arranged. So instead of speculation we are increasingly seeing reports like the one in the Daily Mail today that focuses on what Mourinho will do when, not if, be becomes the United manager.

So I thought it might be worth a look at how his appointment would affect us all at Arsenal. It would certainly lead to the renewal of serious hostilities between the clubs and the managers but I am hard pressed to say whether that is a good or a bad thing.

From the way things went for the mouthy one this season at Chelsea, the days of Mourinho getting help from referees are long over because of all his accusations and the video evidence that proved his players were regularly cheating. I have a bad feeling that Wenger’s struggles against Mourinho would continue as hos negative and counter attacking tactics are ideally suited to face the Gunners.

On the other hand I think that United under Jose would also struggle to break down defensive sides themselves and would not necessarily be able to succeed in the Premier League any more than van Gaal has. No doubt the Portuguese coach would be splurging big money in the transfer market and you would say that would make our own transfer business more difficult, but then again we never seem to challenge for the big name players anyway.

What do you think Mourinho going to Man United would mean to Arsenal?

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  1. Once again another article that has no relevance to this season…Why should this concern us?????…….Do we have money tied up in united and Mourinho???

    Forget this type of articles and focus on US and our current season.
    The whole Mourinho to united still seems more like smoke than a real fire at this point and even if its true that is an issue for Next season not this season..

    Focus on Arsenal and this season and OUR players and OUR manager and OUR Games..!!!

  2. I do miss the days of Arsenal and utd the big rivals, but there are others now who look like they are here to stay. I reckon Mourinho will get the job but after seeing what happened at Chelsea I am not so certain that he will deliver what used to be expected. It is very soon after the whole mess he created over in che. One could say that that will only drive him to succeed even more so. On the other hand he isn’t the type of person that can keep his mouth shut so could create a whole new drama. He will try to blame someone of the whole mess rather than dropping it and focusing on job. It’ll be interesting, he may come back to his best with Pep grabbing all the limelight and attention. That could work to his advantage because the media are going to go crazy for Pep talk. Anyhow, I hope both of them fall on their ass.

  3. well since we can’t just stop talking bout moanino, other teams and mind our business

    i have to say then the popular spat between Moanino and Wenger may continue from where it stopped (but this time in a different kit)

    and Wenger may again have a chance at ruining moanino’s undefeated EPL streak *coughs*

  4. Does this even concerns us?
    you have an Economic manager who is stingy than anybody in the world.
    And an old American owner who cares nothing about the club. And you are there writing about Mourihno

  5. Focus should be on d present please. By doing way, as regards Sunday game vs Leicester City, I think a player like Elneny who can shoot from range will be needed knowing fully well they will depend deep especially during the last 20mins.

    1. It’s a big call but it would be exciting to what Elneny could do if thrown in. Can’t see it happening though and hoping if there is one change in the middle it is Coquelin in for Flamini.

  6. Focus should be on d present please. By the way, as regards Sunday game vs Leicester City, I think a player like Elneny who can shoot from range will be needed knowing fully well they will depend deep especially during the last 20mins.

  7. I even saw an article saying mourinho wants Varane as his first signing in the summer…Buh honestly, this is not our problem at least for now…as others have pointed out, we need to focus on our own team. I know its not easy to keep posting good articles buh its better to leave old articles to allow more comments than posting this kinda articles….

  8. It is going down to the wire this season and next season it is hostile environment Wenger will be in and a title will go a long way in helping him get some points for staying in line with the Europe’s biggest. Mourinho knows another fight with Wenger will not be tolerated by the management as much the press will force the issue into hostile mode. Van Gaal staying is the best for the league. But the best part has to be Pep who can eat the brain out of Mourinho and really make him go mad. Costa is atleast 60% leaving for Athletico and i hope so.

  9. Im worried more about this season
    If we win the PL it will help us sign top players

    If we don’t we will have difficulty
    Pep will easily get top players in my opinion and City have the money to sign them

    We must think that there is no future and win the PL THIS SEASON

  10. £300m war chest vs £70m war chest and £250m war Chest vs £22m war chest have said it all.

    Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will all attempt to purchase the Premier League title and the other ones through the transfer window market next season if they come to Utd & City. But that won’t quarantee them winning the title if Arsenal play their cards very well.

    Leicester have shown that a team can do very well in the Premier League without necessarily have to spent large sum of money on recruitment of costly players. Largely because they don’t even have that kind of money to lavish around.

    Arsenal don’t have plenty of money to buy title. But they MUST continue to use the little they have judiciously to buy top hidden quality players that are capable of competing at the top level of the game. That’s the only way Arsenal can make it. They can’t compete financially with Man Utd, Man City and even Chelsea. Arsenal’s Life savings of £200m in the bank, is just like tissue paper to the 2 Oil and Merchandise Franchise sponsored clubs.

  11. I honestly believe that the only reason Utd are hiring MoaningHO is because of his rivalry with Pep Guardiola,
    Which would add an extra bit of spice between City & Utd
    And I’m guessing that Mo won’t be so obsessed with Wenger next season, because of that.

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