How will Szczesny react to Cech’s arrival at Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny was ‘lied to’ by his Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger over future, it was accused.. by Sridhar

The future of the Polish national goal keeper was in shambles following the transfer of Petr Cech from Chelsea. It is widely regarded that Cech is head and shoulders above Szczesny and so would be the first choice at the club.

This would mean that one of David Ospina and Szczesny would be unsure of their spot in the squad. Let alone starting, if both of them stay at the club, there would be no chance for one of them to even be a second choice.

Ospina is already rumoured to be out of the club with interest from Turkey club Fenerbahce. That leaves us with Szczesny and it is believed that the Polish keeper will be happy to stay at the club and fight for his future.

Or so was it until this moment. The former Polish goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski claimed that Szczesny was given false promises by Wenger. Serious accusation, if you read it in any which way…

Tomaszweski claims that Szczesny was told that if he worked hard in training, he would play again soon. He believes that Szczesny was not told about Wenger’s plans of buying Cech. Tomaszweski went on to add that if Szczesny does not play regularly for Arsenal, it could end his national career.

These comments should not be construed as an indictment of Wenger. On the contrary, to be fair to Wenger, Cech was not the reason Szczesny lost his place in the side.

It was his continuous poor performances topped by a terrible one at Southampton. To add to that, his off-field problems also angered Wenger, including being caught smoking in the showers.

All these culminated in him losing his position in the first team to David Ospina. The Colombian goal keeper went on to make the position his own. If at all, he has every right to feel more aggrieved by the purchase of Cech than Szczesny.

The best thing for Szczesny in the current scenario is to buckle down and get back to working hard. He should be encouraged that he can now learn from one of the best in the trade – Cech. With Wenger looking to mount a challenge in all tournaments, he would require Szczesny for some of the important matches.

By no means it is an end to the career of Szczesny at Arsenal, or for that matter in his national team. In fact, it could spawn a new chapter in his career.

What do you think? Will Szczesny be able to lift his performances with the arrival of Cech?

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  1. He has already reacted.he is going to play in the cup matches and learn as much as he can from cech. He knows cech is a world class keeper

    1. Szcz seems eager to push on and earn his spot back, it appears he has been training on his holiday and for me that is the right answer, work hard and look to learn.

      Szcz has already spoken about how he is looking forward to learning so thats everything he can do.

      I hope he keeps up his dedication and this really is a new chapter for him ^.^

  2. Shez knows he has no chance to bench cech. He will give his best to try and do so. I think he will improve as a keeper with the arrival of cech.

  3. How will Szczesny react to Cech’s arrival at Arsenal?
    Well, you ask his dad. BeTter yet, we all sit back and wait for him to get done with his cigarette and show us how himself.

  4. Could this happen? Yes if Santi fancies going home and if Wenger is ok to de-congest the midfield a bit (I know he was arguably our best mid last season) but perhaps AW wants Jack or someone else there!

    Atlético Madrid are understood to be weighing up a bid for Santi Cazorla as a possible replacement for Arda Turan, according to a report in the Times.

    Cazorla, who has one year remaining on his contract at the Emirates, has been linked with a move to the Vicente Calderón for the past three summers and Turan’s expected departure could, finally, be the catalyst for the move.

    After starting 33 league games last term, Cazorla was considered by many as one of the club’s best players of the season, however the former Arsenal player of the year may now return to La Liga.

    While many Arsenal supporters would be unhappy to see Cazorla leave in the summer, the arrival of Turan may go someway to softening the blow.

    1. Sure Cazorla is one of the few players if any that would go into that barca first team and improve it. Kos maybe another but you can never tell with defenders especially ball playing ones like barca use (so Per would probably suit better). Cech lol could be another, hes definitely better than chelseas no1…. has to be with all that experience that cant be bought? Ozil, arguably.

  5. Szcz played behind
    a badly disjointed
    defense last season.
    When Ospina came in
    Per and Mertz were back
    Monreal and Bellerin were in good form.
    Coquelin made a huge difference too.
    So Ospina had it easy compared to Szcz.
    Szcz was golden glove two years back.
    Playing behind Cech will bring the best out of Szcz
    perhaps in 3 years time when Cech retires.

  6. Szczesny knows He has a lot to learn from Cech. He should keep his head down and learn.

    On a Positive Note, Szczesny knows this has changed in Arsenal. He’ll try and push Cech or at least give his all when He is in the goal post. That’s a good thing right so hopefully less-error from Him..

  7. There hasn’t still been any progress made in this transfer window. As good as Cech is, goalkeeping wasn’t really a problem last season.
    The elephant in the room is the great striker we are missing to bench Giroud and Schneiderlin or Vidal. Hopefully, Gabriel will take Mertersacker’s place in the team or a CB will be bought (I highly doubt this).
    We need a world class striker that strikes fear into the opposition like an Aguero/Benzema/Higuain or strikers that are almost world class (just a matter of time) like Lacazzette/Lukaku but are still feared and will flourish in a team like Arsenal with so many creators around them.
    Right now we just have average Giroud and you cannot trust Theo Walcott to do a whole season free of injury even though I think he is our best striker, more skillful and fits the way Arsenal play better than Giroud.
    Right now, this transfer window is still a failure. Cech is nice but we should be adding the world class player at the other end of the pitch since we are replacing goalkeepers that actually played quite decent compared to the strikers. Ospina barely put a foot (and by that I mean hand) wrong. You cannot say the same for Giroud. I mean the amount of times he put his foot wrong in the loss to Monaco is enough for me. Haven’t we had enough? Hasn’t Wenger had enough? I have…I had enough after the 1st season. My verdict was he was not even as good as Adebayor and it still stands. Adebayor’s best in an Arsenal shirt will never be matched by Giroud. Adebayor was a better all round player. For one, he had PACE, better finishing and good feet to go with the so called “hold-up play” some Arsenal fans have christened to make up for Giroud’s subpar quality in everywhere else that matters for a top quality striker. I can assure you, the first thing you think of when you hear Henry, Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Drogba etc…is not “hold-up play”. Why? Because they are great world class strikers. Goals is the first word that comes to mind. They all did the hold-up play and way better than Giroud but no one glues to the TV watching for that or noticed because they astonish consistently with goals. I could go back and remember the 6-3 loss against Man City, the 1-1 draw against Everton and 1-0 loss to Man Utd in the 2013/2014 season and many other matches over the past 3 seasons where Giroud has been a phenomenon and joy to our rivals.
    With Giroud still our go to striker upfront, Arsenal will continue to stall its climb back to greatness. As it stands now, as ‘Ceched’ out as we are in goal, we will not win the EPL and have been eliminated from the champions league at the round of 16. I just wish the season where we bought Ozil we still had RVP in the team. We would have won the EPL.

  8. Why is everyone slating Szcz ???
    he was thrown in to the deep end by Arsenal at a very young age and he had no one in the club to show him the ropes,

    if you all want to take the piss out of anyone it should be the management for taking chances with a teenager instead of buying a experienced player and i don’t count Fabianski a great role model to learn from,

    so lets show a bit of support for the still very young goal keeper who has said he is happy to be second place to Cech what more do you want ?

  9. Cazorla leaving????I would be happy to let cazorla leave if we get turan in return.or if we get a top class midfielder to replace him

    1. You’d be happy to sell one of our best players?A pity that you’re not the manager. Cazorlas left foot > Turan

  10. I read an article on why we should bring back RVP, but it got me thinking on something else. In the article it mentions how we hated it (robin moving) and we hated how pally Wenger was with Fergie with them even showing up at after dinner party events and smiling whilst shaking hands instead of any pizza throwing.

    Well it got me thinking into maybe Arsene should get advice from fergie on what he thinks is mourinhos biggest team weakness or which tactics would he advise Arsenal players on and what to watch out for. Even if he (Wenger) doesnt want to ask him indirectly i believe like many do that Fergie is a great source of knowledge. There would be a great number of tit bits and the like one could learn and am sure hed be only willing to help, Wenger would be better suited for hearing than many other managers such is his intelligence. Could go some way to just pushing us over that finishing line.

  11. Now the RVP return. Injury worries aside there is no doubt that he is a top striker with great finishing skills from just about anywhere within sight of goal. There would also be the possibility of him wanting to prove himself even more so after making such an unpopular decision. We brought back Flamini who in opinion was just as rotten with his decision making, we made Flamini whereas RVP had great talent and would have succeeded no matter. Campbell and Henry although under totally different circumstance. The point is that we have a history of recycling.

    If we could bring back Robin it wouldnt be just the 20+ goals id be hoping to see because just as importantly would be his big match winning goals or his sublime goal from nowhere breaking the deadlock. I dont know if hed want to move or if utd could sell him as hes on enormous wages but if we could get him somehow… well then i believe it would be a very shrewd signing.

    1. YingY, So Moyes did not listen to Fergie then????? Otherwise he shouldnt hev fared that dismally… Being a coach/manager means u nid to hev your own set of beliefs, the only difference is on how to overcome those shortcomings,,, n remember Fergie’s record wasn’t all tha impressive against Moron loud mouth…..

      1. Moyes needed to learn how to become a top manager, that takes time. Fergies not going to sit down day in day out teaching him.

        My point is that a friend of Fergies could pick up useful information and if you are a clever person or an already top manager well then you could pick up some useful suggestions.

        Of course your supposed to have your own way of doing things sure our manager wouldnt be the success he is today if that was not the case, i think you are missing the point altogether.

  12. Shezzers already made it public that he’s happy to learn from Cech, it’s Ospina who will have a problem, and will probably leave. Personally I would rather have Ospina stay and Szczesny leave, as Ospina is far more reliable and calming for the defence, but Szczesny is home grown and I think Wenger would feel like has failed with him if he leaves without fulfilling the potential he had.

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