How will the Arsenal players feel going into the international break?

How do Arsenal fair going into the international break?

Well that was certainly a last gasp method of sending our international stars away on a break from club football. A last minute winner against Burnley may not have been the result many had expected nor hoped for, but Arsenal fans can be pleased that the players kept going for it right until the end.

Those sort of wins, the nitty gritty ones, are the kind of wins that can be ever so vital come the end of the season. When there is just a point or two difference between two clubs at the end of the season, these wins can define champions. So how pleased will the Arsenal players be going into the international break?

Well last time around back in September, Arsenal were not in the best position in the league. After a very poor start against Liverpool, followed up by a draw against the Premier League Champions, the last thing Arsenal needed was another break for international games.

This time around I guess that it’s very much the same in the sense that instead of needing to up our game, it’s frustrating that the Gunners are going away during such a consistent period for the team. Successive wins on the trot boost the confidence and morale of the players, but now they will all spend an extended period of time apart, as many of them now come up against big international tasks.

For the majority of players therefore, the international break has come at a terrible time. Consistency and confidence may drop, whilst of course there is also a risk of injury. Those on long haul flights back to their respective countries may also experience tiredness from travelling, especially for our South American stars.

For some players however, notably Santi Cazorla and Hector Bellerin, the international break will allow them to take a small step back from club football, get a little more rest instead of having to prepare in a hectic Arsenal calendar of fixtures. It will also give a little more time for Aaron Ramsey and Francis Coquelin to get fit enough to rejoin the squad….

Hopefully all of the Gunners going away on international duty return in the same fit state we send them in!



  1. Still cannot believe that bellerin is not in the spain international team? Happy that he will not be at risk of picking up an injury but i cant understand why he isnt in the team…

    1. I thought bellerin was playing for the under 21 spanish team, so he will not get a rest and is at risk of being injured.

  2. I might be wrong. But I think the Spanish NT is directly coercing Hector to join Barca. He will probably be regularly called up to the NT if he joins Barca. If I recall, similar thing happened with Cesc. He was a fringe player in the Spanish NT while at Arsenal but became a mainstay player as soon as he joined Barca. Well, their loss is our gain. We get to have him fresh at Arsenal. I just hope he spends many more years with us

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