How would each club vote if asked to void this season or not? Dan’s verdict…

The Premier League have released a statement this week basically saying they will soon be releasing a …. statement.

The public line is that all the Premier League’s 20 clubs are committed to trying to finish the season. Only they know if contracts from sponsors, etc, means if there is a cut-off date as to when that is not possible any more. That will decide who and how much each club would appeal the decision to void this season or not.

Any decision will be based on money, but to some owners it can make just as much sense to say this season never happened – meaning you start in August where you finished in May 2019.

Apparently, the stakeholders accept that difficult decisions will be made, but it would take a further delay to consider giving up on the whole campaign and make this season null and void.

While though it’s all noble that owners are saying it’s not fair on Liverpool, etc, you don’t become a millionaire by not putting your own interests first. The majority of them couldn’t name you their left back, so don’t assume they care about the integrity of the game above money. For example, a Delia Smith could mean it when she says Liverpool deserve the title, Leicester deserve Europe, etc. The bottom line is asking her to tick a box that means Norwich are playing in the topflight next season. It would be financially irresponsible not too.

At the moment the rules are that a majority of 14 have to agree for any changes to happen. So, I reviewed all 20 clubs and predicted, if asked, would they veto or not veto to void this season…

Liverpool – No Void
Lawyers will fight every step of the way to ensure their hard work doesn’t count for nothing. It would take this virus getting more serious and lasting months (and the government making the choice for the Premiership) for them to turn their back on a first title in 30 years.

There is even talk that the other clubs might agree for them to be champions even if the season can’t be finished. But can you void every other position but 1st? I don’t think so.

City – Void
Void or non-void City would be in CL only if they are successful with their appeal to CAS. It comes down to how much they want to help Liverpool. It would be spiteful to base their vote on costing another side the title, and there does seem to be respect between the two clubs. Saying this campaign never happened though means technically they are still the Champions.

Leicester – No Void
Next to Liverpool, the Foxes would pay the best in the law profession to fight a decision which would cost them a place in Europe. There are no guarantees that Rodgers could match third again, especially with so many players who are of interest to their rivals. It would be harder to keep Maddison if you’re not in Champions League? At the very least they would want compensation.

Chelsea – Void
As things stand Chelsea are 4th but looking over their shoulder. If the season ends now, Frank Lampard gets another crack at Champions League, which is not certain if they have to play 9 more fixtures. Why take the chance?

Man United – No Void
Fans and owners might not agree, but I think a majority of fans accept another year in the Europa League if it meant Liverpool don’t win the title. Yet the Glazers will only think about the money, and financially it makes sense to try and catch Chelsea in 4th. Which European competition they are in will have further implications on who they can or cannot buy this summer.

Sheffield United – No Void
Back in August they would have voted for anything if it meant another year in the topflight and the TV contracts that entails. Yet they have done so well this is a once in a lifetime chance to qualify for Europe (they are 2 points off 4th if they win their game in hand). They showed with the Tevez affair that they will legally fight the League if they feel they are missing out on money. At that time, West Ham paid them out of court to silence them.

Spurs – Void
Same as Chelsea. Say we void this season and Spurs are back in Champions League – and can breathe a sigh of relief. With Harry Kane and Son injured it is unlikely they can put a run together to catch 4th unless they are fully recovered by the restart.

Arsenal – No Void
Listening to most gooners, they seem to think it would be funny to see Liverpool miss out on the title Yes, that would mean another year in the Europa League, but we have been in such a mess this season how many gooners believe we deserve to be in the Champions League?

If we win our game in hand, we will be 2 points off 5th which could be enough depending on City’s situation (although that game is at the Etihad). Try telling Stan Kroenke though to vote for a scenario where you don’t fight for a prize worth millions.

Burnley – Void
The Clarets will finish mid-table anyway. Why complicate the transfer market, delaying next season if you don’t need to. They are not going to kick up either way.

Palace – Void
Same reasons as Burnley

Everton – Void
If there was a way to stop Liverpool winning the title and having that banter over them for the summer and Everton voted against it, their fans would riot. It’s not like they have got anything to play for.

Newcastle – Void
Mike Ashley insisted on keeping Sports Direct open because it helped the public stay ‘fit‘, only closing stores when there was an outcry. In other words, he would do anything for money so of course he would vote to void this season when his club only have 35 points.

Southampton – Void
Maybe need one more win to stay up but why take that chance if you don’t need too?

Brighton – Void
Tip toeing towards safety
Looking at their fixtures, they might push more than most for the season to be finished.

West Ham – Void
Karen Brady has already announced what West Ham would vote for. She’s been criticised for it, but was she only saying what all her relegation rivals were thinking?

Watford – Void
If Villa win their game in hand, Watford are in the bottom three, so they would only be hurting themselves by insisting for the season to carry on.

Bournemouth – Void
Anyone in the bottom three stands to lose too much money to not accept the season being void.

Aston Villa – Void
Villa are one of the main reasons the idea of ending the season like it is complicated. If they win their game in hand, they are out of the bottom three. Their argument will be their fate is in their own hands so they will only accept any decision if it means they are in the topflight next year.

Norwich – Void
They are 6 points off safety, so this could be their best chance of not getting relegated.

15-5 in favour of ending the season now and current positions void. At a push it could be 16-4 if Man United really want to hurt Liverpool.

Maybe a Burnley or Crystal Palace can be convinced they should play on?

Be kind in the comments..

Dan Smith


  1. void as plainly simple cause of the situation everyone around the world is in. life on the whole is more than football and we need healthy fans and players to enjoy our wonderful games. it would be quite hurting to Liverpool specifically who has not won this league in a while and everyone can understand the effort they put in to be where they were before this pandemic struck. It remains an issue whether the FA would go ahead and follow their rules or favor Liverpool and be considerate and kind to them to hand over the trophy now and look forward to the new season but maintain the safety measures for all fans and players.

  2. Let the season end as it stands, let Villa play their outstanding game behind closed doors. I Leeds United back in the epl next season.

  3. Arsenal should vote void.That would mean CL/EL places would go to last years’ PL finishing positions.In Arsenal’s case 5th. Meaning definitely EL and if City’s ban confirmed, CL place !!

    1. is this in the rules or an assumption? Also, City’s ban may not take effect until a whole year now since, the virus has delayed City’s appeal. A void does not put Arsenal back in UCL.

      1. I think you’ve misunderstood my post. An Arsenal vote for void would further increase the difference as in Dan’s suggested rate. Thus strengthening the void case. As it stands,City are banned and will stay that way until the appeal reaches its conclusion irrespective of how long it takes. As regards the 5th place position,it has been well reported in various publications

  4. At the moment no one wants to void. The consequence is a substantial loss for all clubs in TV income, ticket sales, sponsorship etc. not only for this year, but potentially also for the coming years, if agreements for the coming years aren’t reached with TV companies and sponsors etc.
    So there is no chance of a void being decided before it is absolutely impossible to finish this season or agreements have been reached.
    But in theory you are probably right on how the clubs would hypothetically look at it, if, or when, we reach that point.

  5. Given how far we are into the season, I don’t think void should even be a consideration. Whatever happens, and whenever it happens, this season should be concluded, and in the meantime, contingency plans can be made for next season.

    If it means less games next season or even no 20/21 at all then so be it. There’s just too many ramifications if this season isn’t finished. Next season, EVERY club would be starting afresh, so any changes made would be fair on everyone, and clubs would also have time to plan.

  6. It all depends on the Virus.
    The tracking suggests the curve will start to flatten by late April and games behind close doors ought to be possible by mid May with a mid July completion target. European quarter finals and semis could be played over just one leg.
    Countries should be able to tweak the following season to reduce the number of games played for example top 6 sides to be excused playing in the Carabao Cup and not entering the FA cup until the 5th round.
    Arsenal will struggle to beat Sheffield United away and will be lucky to get any where near top 5.
    The horrific home defeat under the struggling Arteta would suggest Arsenal is a million miles away from CL football yet a null in void season and a Man City exclusion would see Arsenal qualify for the CL because of last seasons place under the genius of Unai Emery. How ironic 🙂

    1. STEVO A mere curve flatening cannot possibly mean and will not mean football restarting again so soon. Think about it properly and you will see why! The government will not allow mass meeetings that soon and almost certainly not for many, many months after your naive prediction. This decision will not be allowed into the hands of mere footbal folk but will be government ordered and rightly so. I am surprised at your naivety. But you are far from alone, sadly and all are wrong, beside you

      1. Unless you or a construction worker like me we av to carry on so mass gatherings or out off the window

      2. I am fully with you on this Jon. With the Chief Medical Officer implying a possible 6 month term before relaxing the current restrictions, even an August start to next season is in doubt.

  7. Dan, Your article assumes far too much, which it should not IMO. Firstly, to void this season is going to happen, quite irrespective of what clubs may or may not vote for. The realism of how life is, tells me ,beyond sensible doubt, that there can be no prospect of any further actual football being played in 2020. That automatically voids this season.

    Of course, it is technically possible for the Prem clubs to vote on playing the remainder of this season at some far off date, in 2021presumably, but right now, far from certain even THEN). But playing “catch up” that far off is NOT going to happen, so we either void this season or affect several seasons after which will not be chosen.

    It is my firm belief that very few, yourself included, are fully comprehending the correct situation, which is clearly the near impossibility of resumption this calendar year. Some, including most people within the game, seem to, naively, expect football to resume this summer or autumn. NO WAY!

    This whole “will we or won’t we void this season” saga will not be up to football folk at all. It will be government decided and backed by ordinary folk, most of whom care little or nothing for football, and who just want themselves and their loved ones to stay alive.

    Of course, this article IS of some interest but only of academic interest, since it just won’t apply as the decision maker. There may well be a vote but it will be set aside by compulsion, however it votes.

    I would add , for life perspectives sake, that a huge number of far more important things than merely football are also grossly unfair. We humans , hypocrites as we ALL are, mostly choose to put those inequalities to the back of our minds and forget them or even not care about them at all; hunger, disease, famine, war, extreme poverty, UNTIL WE are directly affected by them. DISEASE now does so, and so we use the natural self interest that all humans have, to discuss this matter.
    For clarity, I do not mean to criticise any human being for being a a normal human; hypocrisy being a perfectly normal but undeniable part of our shared human condition. But we should recognise its existence, even so,

    1. This is how I’m starting to see it too Jon. Even when things START to go “back to normal”, which will be May/June in the best case scenario, mass gatherings like sporting events will still be banned for months after that. It is optimistic to see this season finishing out, and a late start to the 20/21 season would make more sense looking at how things are going.

      1. RSH, then my sincere thanks for being one of the diappointingly FEW prescient fans who can clearly see ahead one step at a time. Step two is just as easy to see as step one So is step three and so on , given the vital need and certainty that govenment will not compromise on citizens personal safety issues. I SIMPLY FAIL TO UNDERSTAND WHY MOST CANNOT-OR PERHAPS THAT SHOULD BE” WILL NOT” SEE THE PLAIN AND OBVIOUS AHEAD. Some matters are always unpredictable but OTHERS are easily predictable and no more foball for a consideable time to come is inthis category. Even behind closed doors football is a contact sport and thus players will be at risk. And therefore obviously others in their lives too. and so on! Ridiculously easy to see the huge delay!

  8. It’s a void all day long( all summer long,if you like)it’s inevitable.What they smoking over there in scouseland !

  9. VOID- after all the talk of inevitables and the belittling of the invincibles I could think of nothing sweeter than seeing the scousers having the title swept away 😂 one by one the trophies slipped away and had their fans been just remotely humble I would maybe have a different view… invincible>non existent inevitables

  10. “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that”, said Bill Shankly, the Liverpool legend. In the year 2020 it’s finally proved to be wrong.

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