How would you feel if you were Ozil’s employer?

Ozil is an absolute disgrace! by ThirdManJW

I have been wanting to pen this article for a while, and the timing now seems perfect, what with the “Ozil in” agenda ramping up again. As a business owner myself, I wanted to give an employer perspective on the whole situation.

There are some fans who defend Ozil, mainly on the basis that his exclusion from the squad was for non-footballing reasons, thus Arsenal were unfair to him. Whilst none of us will probably ever know the exact reason, what we can do is form our opinion based on other players at the club in the same situation. Sokratis, Guendouzi, and Saliba have also been excluded, for footballing reasons, whatever they may be. So, if these three can be dropped, including a very expensive, hot prospect in Saliba, why would it be any different with Ozil?

Ozil’s performances have been dead for years, and whether you agree or not with Arteta’s policy of hard work above anything else, Ozil clearly doesn’t fit into Arteta’s philosophy. Attitude wise, Ozil is also very petulant, not a team player, which I imagine doesn’t sit well with Arteta. So, one can understand why part of his exclusion is for footballing reasons.

The other part of Ozil’s absence is obviously for non-footballing reasons. Come the end of his contract, Ozil will have spent 8 years at Arsenal. Given his performances (only one really good season in 8), he is extremely lucky to have lasted that long at a top club. Even more lucky, was the insane contract he was given almost 3 years ago. I estimate that Ozil will have earned somewhere in the region of 100 million from Arsenal. When you include his transfer fee, the whole deal will have cost the club almost 150 million!

Now of course, money doesn’t equal happiness, and Arsenal have played a role in this debacle as well, but Ozil, and his fans, are completely ignoring how well he has been treated overall by the club. 100 million for the type of performances that we have been seeing, and the club aren’t being fair to Ozil? Really? Just from a monetary perspective, the club have been beyond kind to Ozil. That is essentially, charity! Even KDB doesn’t earn that, and he is levels above Ozil! I think we’d all love to be overpaid for not performing.

Money aside, we then have the issue of Ozil publicly dragging the club’s name through the mud. From the owner’s perspective, one can imagine that he’s spitting blood! He’s loyal to an underperforming employee, gives him money well beyond his performances, and this is the thanks he gets? Like I said, the owner/club have made mistakes as well, and none of us like Kroenke, but if we put ourselves in his shoes, how could he not be angry with Ozil?

Not only has Ozil been damaging the club’s reputation, he’s actually costing the club revenue as well with his contradictory political views, and constantly stirring the pot via social media, like some delinquent, immature 14-year-old! TV revenue is huge, even more so now that the fans aren’t around, so Ozil had to be punished for this. For Arteta’s sake, the club should have bought out Ozil’s contract, because it’s huge ongoing distraction, but that would have given Ozil the easy way out. All the money, and then he could start playing again.

I am glad the club are punishing him! He constantly plays the victim, both on and off the pitch, and has acted like a spoilt brat! In our entire 134-year history, I think he must have been our luckiest player, yet Ozil is so ungrateful! For too long, players like Ozil, and their agents, have acted badly to get what they want so it’s refreshing to see a club make a stand for once.

I put this to Ozil fans, specifically those who are business owners. If you were overly loyal to an underperforming employee, who you had made one of the highest earners in the world in their field, and that employee started damaging the reputation of your business, thus costing you money, how would you feel? As a business owner myself, I would feel utterly betrayed! To have that loyalty thrown back in your face, especially from someone who hasn’t been performing at the level required, would be a disgrace!

I cannot wait until we are free of the biggest financial flop in the history of English football!


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  1. Well I would fire him for slacking but Arsenal can’t, now can they? He didn’t want to put an effort, and he didn’t want to move elsewhere either. Logical solution was to freeze him out.

    Now he probably wants to play well for his new, upcoming club next summer.

  2. Off topic, but that winger Emi Buendia for Norwich is some player. Not only is he great at creating chances but his eagerness to defend is unmatched really. The boy averages almost 3 tackles a game, and has been doing that this season, last season and the one before that.

    I think if we could loan Pepe or Nelson, we should go for Buendia.

    Buendia, Szoboszlai, and loan Eriksen/Isco. Now how is that for creativity?

  3. Arsenal in fact all the Premier league teams have been paying absurd salaries for decades. How do blokes who kick a football around a couple of hours a week get ten times the salary of a brain surgeon? It’s mental. And some players eg half the Arsenal squad hardly play in the PL games because they are Championship players at best signed for huge fees and paid massive salaries on long term guaranteed contracts whether they are any good or not !!! Players should sign a 12 month contract with a base salary of 10 k p/w. They must play before being paid any more and be paid on a performance rating basis. The maximum weekly payment should be 30k p/w.

    1. I think we’ve changed that with Gabriel when he was bought. I don’t think he’s on more than 50k a week.

    1. 💯
      he is probably having some hangover and ranting about things he dont understand but you know “as a business owner himself” he obviously knows what he’s talking about..

      1. Well Val the facts are clear. It is a superiority complex where a businessman is bitter about Ozil making a lot of money.

        1. There are people saying ozil only assisted aubameyang once . I have a clip on my system of ozil putting auba through on goal auba least 15 times not including other players also .
          There is only one world class player in our team he is on twitter on match days a shame.

  4. Facts. Ozil has created more chances for Arsenal In the last 18months, Still, and has barly kicked a ball.

    Nobody in the squad can create like he can that’s why we gave him the huge contract then treat him like this, whatever way he has acted regarding his political views or not he didnt deserve that.

    Yes he hasnt been great but not giving him a damn spot in the squad was completely stupid and immature. We gave him the the contract now swallow your damn pride and get him in for the last 6months because I guarantee he will make a difference as he will want to play to get a new contact elsewhere. Everyone could be a winner.

    Use what we have because what we have been using isnt good enough and nowhere near Mesut talent.
    Talk about karma when it’s the lack of creativity that is killing us and ironically its Mesut that’s the only person in the whole club who can do damage like that.

    1. Fact is Ozil is a level above everyone else in the squad…..he is on a completely different wave length. I think it’s difficult for him when he doesn’t have the players that can see the game the way he does…

      Why do you think him and Sanchez operated so well together? Both on the same level of quality.

      We had a guy that played footy with us on an amateur level and he was pretty good and had his moments but didn’t particularly stick out to be exceptional…..He subsequently moved to a different area and joined a new club. He obviously impressed someone there because a few months later the bloke was playing 5 divisions up in their top team and he didn’t look out of place either.

      Bottom line you can be individually great but ultimately you are only as good as the players that surround you.

  5. The way I see it looking from the outside in, everything Ozil is doing is within the rules and regulations as stipulated within his contract, if not he would have been gone, long time ago which tells me the club tried/tries to strong arm him out of the club which obviously is also not working. Ozil prior to his big contract he signed 3 years ago was a gem so was Sanchez, look what happened to him went to United and earned crazy money, he is now a part player at Inter is I am not mistaken and it looks like Auba is going down the same road. Lesson to be learned each player has a sell by date, if not enforced it can cost you dearly. It’s like buying a brand new car for the first few years it performs admirably but then it slowly starts to give problems until you cannot live with it anymore. We need to put our resources towards developing our youth instead of handing out player contract with crazy money

  6. You cant argue with the article because it is very true. You did miss out the mystery illnesses that used to pop up on a regular basis. But after all that, i firmly believe tha Ozil is a real nasty piece of work, knows exactly what he is doing and is staying inside the law so he can rip this club off. Why fans put Ozil ahead of Arsenal is totally amazing when Arsenal have done nothing wrong, they have kept paying him to his contract even though he has basically worked to rule with no real effort. I just want the leech gone, he has cost us more than just money.

    1. you chat total waffle mate im sorry but thats how i see it.

      How do you know for a fact that any of what you said is true and not ideas given by others as none are based on fact??

      Mystery illness under UE was probably depression. I base this not on fact at all and i’ll openly admit that but you have to consider everything that happened with Ozil on and off the field of play during that time.

      no one here is putting Ozil ahead of the club so I dont know where the hell you’re getting that idea from, we are just stating that we have him, he isnt in the squad at all and we are 14th in the league, our creativity is shocking, we hardly score any goals from open play so why not bring him back when we are paying him anyway, what can we lose from doing that?????

      Don’t you also think that when MA took over he put Ozil back in the side and his performances improved ALOT, in his first 6 games he covered more ground than any other player in the team so he was trying to do the dirty work and help the team.

      Then he asked why he should take a paycut and where the money was going, he said he would have done it if the information was given, how many other premier league sides made staff and players take paycuts and laid off staff?


      1. Val, absolutely 100% behind your statement as it makes complete sense.

        When Ozil leaves in June, this scenario will be over… then the next player will be “chosen” for the reason we are now just a mid table wannabe club.

        1. Ken, when I stopped playing I suffered with depression, my whole life changed in a matter of weeks, the routine everything.

          People seem to think that because you earn so much money as a pro footballer you are immune to human emotions and mental health issues.

          People who just think everyone should be on top of everything all the time are just narrow minded, retarded people who probably havent had any issues in their lives whatsoever.

          Players are not robots just as all people are not, we all react to different things in different ways and also respond in different ways.
          Some people respond to to positiveness around them, encouragement, others dont need that at all and others respond better to negativity, I think Ozil is the type of person who responds better to encouragement and positivity, which he had under AW and most of the managers he’s had during his madrid days.

          Remember, Arsenal FC offered him that huge contract, he didnt demand it otherwise he would have left with Sanchez now wouldnt he, but he didnt, he stayed loyal to the club

            1. As a businessman, I wonder if TMJW, would dream of leaking private and confidential matters about one of his employees to the public.

              Let’s say his contract details, or when he receives a bonus and how much that bonus was, or the way said individual voted on a very sensitive issue, or the fact that he needed to play XXX amount of games before receiving another bonus?

              Not sure who actually did release these facts, but it was certainly someone within the club who was privy to very sensitive and personal information… as a businessman TMJW, would you run your company in that manner and expect said employee to sit meekly back?

            2. thanks Sue, it was along time ago, in a time Mental awareness wasnt really a thing.

              Most people, especially older people who havent been affected by it don’t understand the impact it can have on a person and thats sad that they knock it without knowing anything about it.

              If Ozil was suffering from it at the time, I would think that the club would try to hide it to protect him from other things that can hinder him even more

              1. There are a lot of ignorant people out there when it comes to depression, Val. It’s a case of you can’t see it, there’s nothing wrong 🙄
                Very commendable comments from you, Val and I agree with Ken – I also love the way you call people out!! 👍

          1. Sounds as if you are fully back on track Val and I love the way you call people out.
            That’s one of the reasons why I always check if I am saying things are factual – opinions are different of course and we all have them.

            1. Arteta and whoever in charge of decisions making is doing much harm to Arsenal FC than to Ozil.

              Arteta Arteta Arteta… Was coming good and all of a sudden, Satan spoke to his left 👂

  7. We’re facing this problem because of the poor management by Gazidis. If the reports are to be believed, he offered the same contract to Sanchez as well. Imagine we’re stuck with not one but two expensive deadwood. I shiver to imagine that.

    Now to the current management. They’ve been aggressive in cutting down costs so they must have tried to find a club for Ozil, but I think we could agree that it’s a tall order. Another option is mutual termination of his contract, like what’s agreed between West Ham and Wilshere a few months ago. If the management decided to follow that option, then Ozil must have been holding out because it’s a lucrative contract and the management probably refused to pay his salary in a lump sum (I calculated it’s around 16 million per year). So in my opinion, there is nothing much that can be done business-wise.

    I think Arteta has told the management team which players are in his plan and Ozil along with Guendozi, Torreira, Sokratis, etc simply didn’t make the cut. He could have gone further by demoting Sokratis and Ozil to the junior team (like what happened to Valdes and Schweinsteiger at Manchester United) but he would face a public backlash.

    1. If Sanchez remained, they would have been scoring… together. along with a better pair of central defenders.

  8. Where your argument falls down straight away is the current squad just finished in our worst position in two decades and had worse start in prem era
    So why do the other 23 players get away with it ? Do you think they earn minimumn wage ?

  9. Of course there has to be a reason for hating the man and for you it starts with money and ends with money.
    Being a business man and I was one for 35 years doesn’t give us the right to measure and classify people based on their income.

  10. How can someone say that Ozil is useless and has about one good season in his entire career at Arsenal when he has about 120ish G/A contributions across all competitions with Arsenal, wherein 2013-14 we didn’t have a settled strike force, in 2015-16 Giroud had a very bad patch of form, 2018-19 and 2019-20 he wasn’t in the best of minds due to off-field issues and spats with managers, is beyond me. I agree that sometimes Ozil’s social media stunts really strike me as reactionary PR jibes at Arsenal, but to totally ignore his contributions to Arsenal is just being biased. The guy has declined from 2018, but still has a higher chance created per game ratio than any other Arsenal Player. Care to explain that?

  11. I don’t usually comment of MO articles and I think he has grossly underperformed for the last 3 years. He usually fades away badly in the second half…but can someone look me straight in the face and tell me that Ozil wouldn’t offer just a little more in terms of creativity than the non existent stuff we presently have in midfield.. even if its for 40 minuits…??All well and good to banish the guy if we had better players but we dont…

  12. This is total nonsense. Globally we all knew it’s personal not for footballing matter. Ozil is above all your rubish thinking. Even arteta himself knows Ozil during their playing time. Ozil is a world champion & arsenal will forever remain backward due to their moral sentiment.

  13. The reason Ozil remains so divisive isn’t due to his conduct, either on or off of the pitch, but instead because he is a reminder of all that the club gave up when it drummed out Wenger from it’s ranks.

    Beautiful football, attacking play, creativity, moments of artistry. All of these adjectives could equally be applied to Arsenal under Wenger and Mesut Ozil.

  14. I would agree that Ozil has declined from the player who was considered to be the outstanding player in the Germany World Cup winning side. It is true that side included some of the best players in the world at that time. So, with the lack of class players at the club, its hardly a surprise that he does not perform well. I
    suggest when Sanchez and Santi where playing Ozil was a different player. Sorry, but if I offered a contract to one of my employees surely I would have weighed up all the advantages and disadvantages related to that contract, which also includes any salary. The fact that AFC are struggling for income does not mean that they can tear up contract just to help solve a financial problem. In my opinion it shows just how bad the Board is at managing simple problems let alone complex ones such as Ozil’s.

    1. While I am not an AFC supporter, in fact quite the opposite. The question you should be asking is ‘are the other teams pleased he is not playing for you? No need to scratch your head, it’s a big fat YES. Long may it continue.

      1. I haven’t come across a contract which cannot be terminated unilaterally, as long as the termination clauses are fulfilled. So maybe the Club didn’t want to fulfill their own part.

        1. Sorry for the wrong placement, this is supposed to continue discussion with SueP on her post at 6:28 pm.

  15. A vey opinionated article based on zero fact written by what appears to be an egotistical business owner. I wonder if the author has ever watched Ozil play or understands what he does on the field in link up play to get Arsenal moving forward. I am also a business owner and put the Ozil situation down to pure mismanagement over the last few years. For the author to say he is a premier league flop is ridiculously ludicrous.

  16. There are far more pressing issues to address and resolve than the matter of an ex player.I use the word”ex” as he will never wear the red shirt again so why do we continue to give him air time.Let’s focus on how we as fans can come forward with views and ideas as to how our Club can recover from the downturn in our fortunes which has arisen due to poor Management both in a business sense and with regard to the playing side.No more Ozil articles, please.

  17. As somebody who have worked in regional management roles for Fortune 500 multinationals and running my own business now, I hope I am qualified to answer the question.

    I would have done the following in a similar situation in my company:

    1. Set up an improvement plan with the underperforming employee with clear targets, measurement metrics, milestones and timeline. If the employee cannot improve according to plan, terminate his contract and paid what is necessary in full.

    2. Fire or demote the supervisor of that underperforming employee. No employee shall waste company resources and damage company reputation to “revenge” or “punish” another employee. As the supervisor, he can follow the official process to deal with underperforming employees in his team. He failed his role as the team leader and, more importantly, act against the ethics of a good employer (my company wants to be viewed an ethical employer)

    3. Reprimand the Human Resources Director because he has made 2 mistakes. The first mistake is that he failed to ensure a succession plan is developed and executed for a key position. The second mistake is that he failed to prevent the bullying of an employee and affected the morale of other employees who draw conclusions about the company from its actions. In this age which talent management (recruitment, retention, motivation) is a critical success factor, he failed as the custodian of our people policy.

    Yes, may be managing a sports team is different from profit-making businesses, but tested principles on people management should be applicable.

    1. Trouble here Didi is that the improvement plan to which you refer largely assumes that the supervisor should be able to get more out of the employee.

      This is all very well in an office and the like, but the type of mature employee that is Mesut Ozil already is more than able understand his job having previously been at the top of the ladder in his career

      In this sort of circumstance it would be like Usain Bolt’s trainer trying to get him to run faster nowadays. The body can only do what it can do

      1. the improvement plan should still be set professionally, if the employee can’t make it, then terminate the contract, pay whatever needed legally and send him out of the company. Let’s keep it simple and straight forward.

        1. I did actually think that somewhere in the back of my mind that the club had tried to pay him off in some form. Like lots of stories that surround MO it isn’t always fact

          1. I haven’t come across a contract which cannot be terminated unilaterally, as long as the termination clauses are fulfilled. So maybe the Club didn’t want to fulfill their own part.

            1. As I say it was definitely rumoured. There is so much said that it’s really hard to work out what’s what

  18. ‘Money aside, we then have the issue of Ozil publicly dragging the club’s name through the mud.’

    What a load of bo**ocks! Please give examples of how Ozil had ‘dragged the club’s name through the mud’.

  19. So TMJW- pathetic of you, but not surprising, to once again try to stick it to Ozil.And once again, judging by the responses so far, it seems the very vast majority would have Ozil playing.
    So you and Foxy are getting the “Dwindling Few” you continually spout and embarrass yourselves with are you. In Foxys case I can sort of understand it. He’s old, doesn’t go to games, and quite obviously is incapable of offering credibility to most of his points, and certainly goes hiding when continually called out for his statements when FACTS and REALITY prove him wrong. You on the other hand just can never accept that fans have differing views and opinions and briber you are always correct. Well PAL, you obviously are not.
    A sad @Nick has just posted, please advise us when Ozil personally publicly dragged the Clubs name through the mud. I cannot recall the player ever not behaving in a decent and professional manner but of course you obviously know something different so I will look forward to your reply.
    But just like Foxy, you will once again squirm off and hide from trying to back up your supposed claim so I won’t hold my breath

    1. Phil, I’m still waiting for a reply from my post timed at 2.33 pm…so the chances of you getting a reply are fading by the minute – really interesting how supporters are coming out and actually questioning why this decision was made and actually challenging the fans who try to belittle those who see things differently to them.
      It seems that they have had enough of being talked down to and being fed articles with no facts or substance…long may it continue on JA!!!

      1. Yeah Ken don’t hold your breath mate- that’s the problem with both TMJW and Foxy. They just go into hiding when challenged.
        The simple question Ken is this- would Ozil bring more creativity to the side than we have at the moment? And the answer is surely yes. Because at this time we have absolutely nothing and that is surely down to whoever decided Ozil should be excluded from the EPL Squad when there was nobody else picked who could bring to the team what Ozil can. The results from Jan- March prove this. FACT snd REALITY as old Foxy is so keen to remind everyone is impossible to overlook.

      2. Hi Ken
        I suspect when you wake tomorrow there may be a response. I’ve got the strong impression that Third man lives in Oz and will no doubt be in bed

    2. Phil….

      (ADMIN PAT COMMENT – Wow Jon I must congratulate you on your longest and most in-depth insult I have seen on JustArsenal!

      It’s a shame I can’t let everyone enjoy it, as such personal abuse is against the rules, as you know…)

      1. YES Pat, I expected you to delete, in your true inconsistent style.

        You allow filth – as Phil wrote about me and I quote, “bumchum”, which your email back to me said is harmless, so I feel free to quote it back, though in my case I fully expect it to be deleted, under the “one law for one but another law for someone else” way you run this site – but you disallow my to the point non filthy rebuttal of his oafish tirade and lies against me.

        I am used to this rogue censorship now of course but will always stand for free speech, albeit when not filthy. Shame you don’t! I will be lucky if this post lasts five minutes before being deleted, as I EXPECT!

        I say this even though in a perverse way it is clear, from your congratulations to me , that you personally enjoyed reading my truthful post and I have little doubt that you personally agree with it, wearing your non Admin hat!

        1. Jon, I often feel like calling out some commenters and trolls, and some really are idiots in my mind, but I very rarely succumb to personal abuse, unlike you of course!

          1. You see Pat, what you rather quaintly call “abuse” is in my opinion the right to call things as we actually see them. IN OTHER WORDS FREE SPEECH. I do not subscribe – being a true liberal , to my very core- to this tyrannical fake “woke ” enforced mentality that no one is allowed to challenge another in forthright and plain speaking words.

            This widely accepted enforced “woke” tyranny, enforced by non-liberals posing as liberals, is in fact the anithesis of true liberality , which simply means freedom, of thought and to write, in the case we are discussing. No platforming is censorship, not liberality! And it harms our colletive freedom Pat!

            Now you have no way of knowing this I accept, as I have never told you, since it is my private business , but I have been a life long student and practiser of liberal principles my whole adult life and I STAND DEFIANTLY FOR FREE SPEECH AND THE RIGHT OF ALL TO USE IT.

            It is liberal and important not to lose this right in the face of anti liberal woke tyranny. I fully acept that woke people most of whom are young, mean well but they are too inexperienced to see the damage they do to our precious and hard won right to free speech.

            Consider China, North Korea, Russia, UAE and other countries where the freedom to speak truth is rigorously denied and punished, even by imprisonment and then , I beg you, think, REALLY think, whether what YOU are practising in this site with inconsistent censorship of deeply held views is harmful or not.

            I would gladly write an in depth article on this very subject – and have often given public lectures on this theme, mostly to majority agreement too(as it is easier in person when you face folk one to one) – but it would be not specifically Arsenal related of course but is far a wider, more important subject than football alone.

            You see PAT, although I have been a lifelong AFC fan and football lover , some things are far more important than football and the inalienable right to free speech is one of those things. We lightly lose that at our peril.

  20. I’m afraid that if all Arsenal players were given business style performance evaluations we’d be left with Xhaka and Elany based on the stats of 50 or side ways passes during a game.

  21. There should be rules if the club players score below avg ratings in any independent score rating system, their contract wages would get a 20% reduction. Continuous below avg rating leading to 0%, wages. Then these losers would fight for their lives.

  22. Of course this whole Coronation Street long running saga of the OZIL debate, deflects much of our collective attention from the undoubted truth that all modern players, not merely at our club either, do not remotely even begin to truly EARN their obscene wages.

    There is no justification in any way, in the MORAL world that we ALL should at least be TRYING to live in, for ANY player at all being awarded the sort of Kings ransom money that all regular Prem players pocket. It is an obscenity and has been so for decades past and getting worse each passing year.

    But while players are being effective in the team, then we double standards hypocrites like me and many, many others, too, simply pretend they don’t need challenging but the likes of OZIL-IMO the single worst example of all players – DO matter.

    The truth is that ALL players are undeserving of their huge and anti fan welfare wages but only a very few earn our wrath and even then only for their perceived inability to play well.
    In reality, my fellow double standard friends, WE are all to blame. We either condemn ALL wage obscenities – in other words every Prem player – or we accept this immoral outrage as being OK. It is NOT OK and never has been, never will be!

  23. an average Ozil is far away better than what we have in regards to creativity. am a creative person and the only treason why i have been supporting Arsenal is because of its creative aspect of the game. the Arsenal of Wenger at its best was just a site to be hold…this Arteta style is just dam boring..boring such that sometimes i do not even bother when imiss their match! .the worst i have ever seen from an Arsenal team.

  24. You said he had 1 good season in 8. We might as well throw away your future opinions in the bin immediately for that alone, but here are the actual stats to show how wrong that is:

    Team – Pos – year- Goals – Assists – Key Passes/game (overall position)

    4th – 2013 – 5 – 9 – 2.9 (2nd)
    3rd – 2014 – 4 – 5 – 3.1 (1st)
    2nd – 2015 – 6 – 19 – 4.2 (1st)
    5th- 2016 – 8 – 9 – 3 (2nd)
    6th – 2017 – 4 – 8 – 3.2 (1st)
    5th – 2018 – 5 – 2 – 1.9 (13th) —- Emery
    8th – 2019 – 1 – 2 – 2.1 (7th) —-Emery/Arteta
    14th – 2020 – 0 – 0 – 0 – Arteta – 6.5 key passes per game for the WHOLE TEAM.

    He only went downhill when Emery decided his own ego was more important than the team and now the whole of Arsenal have decided to freeze him out to their own detriment. Note also that his worst is still close to the top of the PL in terms of chances created.

    Obviously Ozil shouldn’t play in certain games that don’t suit him, but he brings/brought immense quality when he plays in games that suit him

      1. Yeah, I know, haha, but maybe some people will question their Ozil hate when they see proof that he was easily our most creative player for years and realize he was just scapegoated when we went downhill.

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