How would YOU make up today’s ULTIMATE Arsenal footballer?

The Ultimate Arsenal Footballer.‏ by Galen

I saw a TV programme about the Ultimate Footballer, so I wanted to do something similar in relationship to Arsenal FC. I wanted to ask Arsenal fans what they think is the ultimate Arsenal player. Maybe this will give us something else to talk about rather than about transfers….

Right Foot: King Alexis for me. he has scored a couple of world class goals. You look at the goal vs Liverpool and the FA cup final goal. The speed at which the ball travels is just incredible.

Left foot. This is a very difficult choice. Ozil?? Well he barely shoots as he prefers assisting. Jack has got a hammer as well. So has Olivier. Cazorla too. Oh I forgot about Tweet Podolski. Podolski yeah, he still plays for Arsenal doesn’t he?

Technique. Santi Cazorla for me. I have got to say he is the best number 10 at the club. I think his style is flawless. The fact that he can change direction at will, due to his left foot and right foot, is a big positive. Joel Campbell said he was left astonished in training as he has never seen a player taking perfect set pieces with both legs. This guy is just FAB.

Lungs. Rambo for me. there are stories about him being an athlete when he was young. This kid can run till 2085…

Brains: Cazorla again for me. he sees things that normal premier league players cannot see. He has the highest amount of assists in the premier league in the last 3 years. Like Wenger said: “He makes the others around him good and that’s an outstanding quality for a midfielder.” Jack said: “He is the easiest to play with.”

Upper Body: Olivier Giroud. Well, that was easy! Like most fans say ‘great hold up play.’

Heart: Coquelin for me. He gives everything on the pitch. The tackles, the intensity, the broken nose. Jack is a close second. This guy came back from a 5 month injury when usually other footballers would be scared ,he jumped straight into a challenge and put himself into action. No fear at all.

Heading. Giroud. That was easy too…

Skills: King Alexis. He can dribble his way through a needle! He will play street football as well.

Vision. Wizard of OZ or Cazorla. i would let you guys decide that. any one of them will do for me.

Hard man:. Bossielny. I think he is VERY strong in his challenges.

Pace: Walcott. Theo’s pace is scary for defenders. They say Bellerin is faster but I don’t just see how.

Leadership. We are not blessed with leaders really. Arteta says Jack and Per are the most vocal players on the pitch and in training. So I really don’t know. I will have to say Per….

Vocals. It got to be Flamini. This guy is always talking and pointing fingers but he does nothing else.. lol

Stamina: Really don’t know who to chose between Rambo and Sanchez. Their work rate is impressive. Rambo scores some late goals because he is still fresh in his mind. Sanchez has demonstrated great stamina, especially as its his first season.

Tackling. Le Coq for me. I have been very impressed with Gabby Paulista too.

Determination: These are for players with strong mental attributes. When things get tough they carry on without fear. Alexis, Rambo, Jack, Le Coq? I don’t know who to choose…

What do you think Guys?

Galen Sona

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  1. Ozil was a panic buy (maybe to please the fan) and 42m is way over the odds (30m at max), as you can see Cazorla can do the job with even better attributes and so now we have to find a room for him no matter what … we could have bought Higuain or any other good striker, but now that’s history …
    Kos – Coq and Cazorla – Sanchez that’s the main Arsenal skeleton the rest need to prove otherwise including Ramsey and Ozil

    1. Thumps down wasn’t enough for you … You may need to phone the admin as well, wiseman …

    2. Id have Bellerin or Theos pace obviously then after that you just need vision great first touch and finishing. Theo Ozil and Sanchez to make the striker that we need. Imagine Theos pace on an Ozil or Cazorla… frightening.

    3. Buy a 42 mil player just to please the fans. Good one. And since when does the board is spending money to only appease the fans? Besides, it was a good investment two seasons ago. Arsenal was top of the table for quite some time.

      1. I have gotten used to the minority faction who are able to present every single AW decision as a negative. We win and we were lucky, we lose we are s**te, he plays X and he should have played Y, he plays Y and it should have been X, he has faves and is not ruthless – he drops players and he ruining someone’s career, he is tight and doesn’t like to spend big – he spends big……and so it goes on. Everywhere you look there are split narratives; those who are prepared to see things as roughly as they are warts and all, and those who can project their own emotional response and provide a negative spin with little concern as to the facts – if there are gaps in their knowledge they will just make it up.

        Which person on here knows even 1% of the internal decision-making process that led to Ozil being signed? If you spent 10 minutes researching Wenger and his methods/traits you will know he doesn’t do “fan appeasement”. The fact he tried to buy Ozil before he went to Real Madrid counts for nothing. I skip any comment that kicks off with the “Ozil panic buy” spin – for me that person ran out of arguments a long time ago. And let us just for one millisecond join them in their world and buy in to the theory – wouldn’t you think about moving on now 2 years after the event?

  2. Ozil got 4 assists for Germany had he play those same balls for us maybe only 1 would have been a goal.

  3. My ultimate Frankenstein Arsenal Footballer mashups (each is a fusion of the listed players for each area):

    1. Creative Goal scorer: Wright/Berkgamp/Henry/Platt

    2. Lungs&heart B2B:


    3. Creative Mid:

    4. Defender:
    Keown, Adams, Dixon, Winterburn (enough said)

    5. GK:

  4. I will just make my favourite team lineup

    Lauren Koscielny Adams Cole
    Ozil Pires
    Bergkamp Henry Alexis

    Subs: Lehman, Wilson, Parlour, Kanu, Fabregas, Winterburn, wiltord, Lauren, Petit, Keown, lungberg Bendtner, Sanogo

    1. It is one hell of a team. Mine would go………….


      Used to have Overmars over Alexis. If i was looking to get the balance right i would stick Vieiras old mate Petit in beside him and maybe play Cazorla just ahead Although Bergkamp would be quite efficient there as he retreated often in that area.


    1. Yep.

      I liked his style. Very comfortable/confident on the ball. Had a few too many injuries and had a lot of competition for his place and so didn’t quiet reach the heights of petit but for his ability and drive alone he makes it into one of my arsenal mutant hybrid spots.

      care to share yours?

  5. favourite line-up…think about these players

    Alex James
    Cliff Bastin
    Frank McLintock
    Pat Rice
    Liam Brady
    Pat Jennings
    David O’Leary
    Arsene Wenger v Herbert Chapman?

    1. I loved McLintock and O’Leary. I’d say we have had better players than the other ones. As for Chapman vs Wenger I have no clue. However, check the advert placed in Athletic News which led to H. Chapman being chosen as Arsenal team manager. Pay attention to this ad from 1925 placed by Arsenal :

      “”Arsenal Football Club is open to receive applications for the position of TEAM MANAGER. He must be experienced and possess the highest qualifications for the post, both as to ability and personal character. Gentlemen whose sole ability to build up a good side depends on the payment of heavy and exhorbitant transfer fees need not apply.

      We have this in our DNA, building teams and not buying ones. Hope the younger supporters understand this philosophy. Winning is good. And what’s better than seeing your own children doing this?

  6. To be fair I could just sign Messi for AFC and tell him to work on his sliding tackles!

    Got pretty much everything else!

  7. First Touch: Mesut Ozil, as good I have ever seen.

    Leadership: Coquelin was doing quite well i thought. Even Alexis leads from the front.

    Rest i think i agree.

  8. “Pace: Walcott. Theo’s pace is scary for defenders. They say Bellerin is faster but I don’t just see how.”

    Are you a coach?

    If your just a fan like us then you seeing how Bellerin can’t be faster shows your own ignorance.
    Over the 40m dash, Bellerin got a faster time than Theo, that is a FACT.

    Just because your to ignorant to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t true, you should see how Bellerin has gotten back to defend, the pace on him then… WOW!

  9. I too will chip in with a favourite squad from the last 15-20 years.

    GK: Seaman, Lehmann,
    RB: Dixon, Sagna
    LB: Winterburn, Cole,
    CB: Adams, Bould, Koscielny, Campbell
    RM: Ljungberg, Parlour (Parlour for those tough away matches)
    LM: Pires, Alexis
    CM: Vieira, Petit, Gilberto, Platt
    ST: Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Giroud (OG for those days when we longed for a target man)

  10. i am very disappointed to read that nobody on here has added stepanovs and the beast from real madrid . the chap who we had on loan from madrid for a season a while back . cant remember his name , he was like a bull , brazilian if i remember correctly . come on guys , give credit to stepanovs and the beast please . hahahahahahaha.

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