Howe Arsenal are preparing for life after Wenger?

Whether or not Arsene Wenger stays in his job as manager of Arsenal Football Club beyond the range of his current contract, which is due to expire at the end of the coming season, is probably still the Frenchman’s decision and I reckon that what happens over the next nine months will play a big part in that decision.

The Arsenal board seem to know this and as well as being happy for Wenger to stay in charge they seem to be preparing for his departure. According to a report in the Daily Star, the coming season could play a big part in those preparations because the paper claims that the Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has been identified as the man to take over.

The young English manager was a breath of fresh air and despite a serious lack of resources, big injury problems and the Cherries being in the top flight for the first time in their history, Howe managed to keep them in the Premier League. He plays an attractive brand of football and is full of fresh ideas, just like the prof when he took over 20 years ago.

The main question over the Bournemouth boss is his lack of experience, but if he can have another good season this time around it looks like the job could be his. What do you think Gooners?


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  1. Who needs pot when you have Arsenal Rumours to get your daily high! Pass me another article while you’re at it.

  2. they arent wenger will continue to manage arsenal for all eternity like an immortal God manager

  3. Does it matter when Gazidis is in charge he doesn’t care about the fans only the money.
    The club is nothing without the fans they will realise as Slavan Bilic says one of the big 5 Liverpool,Chelsea,Man U, and Man city and Arsenal are in for a torrid time this year when they don’t make top 4. Throw in Tottenham, West Ham and there is always an unexpected do you really think we will make top 4 ? Let’s sign Ben Yedder that will get us PL and CL titles lmfao

    1. Ben Yedder has impressive stats.
      17 goals last season.
      So he will succeed at Arsenal.
      Look at other recent Arsenal strikers from France.
      Girvinho scored 18 goals in each of his last 2 seasons at Lille.
      Then at Arsenal he smashed in 4 goals in his first season. See.
      Chamakh scored 16 goals in each of his last 2 seasons at Bordeaux.
      Then in 3 years at Arsenal he blitzed a total of 11 goals. See.
      Sanogo scored 10 goals in Ligue 2 for Auxerre prior
      to his coming to Arsenal and in 3 years has made
      11 EPL appearances and banged in 0 EPL goals. See.
      Park Chu young scored 12 league goals in his
      last season at Monaco before coming to Arsenal
      and in four seasons payed 9 minutes of EPL football
      scoring a whopping 0 EPL goals. See.

      1. Davidz I will offer you 2/1 odds on Ben yedder not out performing Girouds first 3 seasons if we but him. £10 bet loser pays to charity

      2. Chamakh when he first arrived was very good. Rvp was injured and chamakh was scoring freely in PL and CL for us. Got to november and it all went pear shaped. Who knows what went wrong, he has said that by january he was exhausted. Possibility is that coming to a much tougher league he needed to be rested more.

        Chamakh scored in six consecutive CL games and also scored our fastest goal ever. Something went very wrong with Chamack, same as arshavin.

      3. @Davidnz,
        you forget to mention players that did not play for Arsenal:
        Hazard, Benzema, Griezmann…just to mention a few.

  4. There is no point in debating what we all know is just a baseless rumour brought outta thin air…

    Wenger may even sign a new contract when we are on a winning streak, until then I rest my case!

  5. I’d rather have Wenger coach us till eternity than Eddie howie coming to probably destroy our legacy. What the board should do now is to make adequate preparations for life after Wenger and pragmatically sign us a coach who would take us to the promise land. Most of the top coaches are tied on contract with their clubs, so we could as well look into our ex-players. Bergkamp, henry to mention a few even pull up an audacious one with Patrice Viera. But please not this rumour on Eddie Howie.

    1. We need a proven manager, i want to remember the likes of henry as legendary player, not failed manager of arsenal. In the future if ex players like henry prove themselves elsewhere then by all means become arsenal manager.

  6. Howe who? What are they smoking? You want us to be another Liverpool or Man United? We want a coach who has all the qualities Wenger does not have. A manager who can build a mentally strong team that can challenge and deliver in the biggest of games. A manager who can win us the Champions League without emptying our treasury. And for me the only man who fits the bill and who will be free at the end of next season is Diego Simone. He is the ideal man for the job and the man we must go for.

  7. I think Wenger will sign a new contract. If this was going to be his last season I would have expected him to sign 2-3 world class players and give EPL and CPL a final go.

    Anywho if we do replace Wenger I hope its any one of Allegri,Loew,Vincenzo Montella,Simeone..not necessarily in that order.

  8. More false hopes! ?
    Wenger isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. ?
    He is Kroenke’s right hand, left hand and middle man.
    How many top clubs in the world have their managers voice recorded and used as an operator?
    If Arsenal fc had their own speaking clock line ( 4.4.4 instead of 1.2.3) You can bet that Wenger’s voice would be on there too:
    “At , Errrrr.. The Fourth stroke ?… The time sponsored with your money…. Will Be , Errrrrr … Two Years extension, precisely…. Beep, Beep, Beep and Errrr Beep!

  9. Since 1987 only 1 English manager has won the top league and now there getting us one i dont think so we need a manager thats with the times who can stop our downfall o the last 12 years which it is as were not going up.
    lf we dont get a better than Howe (no matter how good he did with Bournemouth) then i feel another 1 years before we start back up the hill were sliding down.

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