Huddersfield v Arsenal – A very dull way to end the Wenger era…

Wenger couldn’t have picked a worst fixture for his send off… by Neil Watson / The Screens

As the current season draws to a close today many Arsenal fans will be celebrating the end of an era. It wasn’t the ending any genuine supporter of our club would have wanted but the outcome is more important than the circumstances that surround it. The Hollywood ending had Wenger riding off into the sunset with the Europa Cup add to his magnificent trophy haul. Sadly a dull and uninspiring trip to Huddersfield will be his last charge.

Since Wenger has been discussed and dissected for a good couple of years on this site, I am not about to discuss that exhausted topic. Instead I would like to bring to your attention what an absolutely awful set of fixtures we have to look forward to today….

Seansea V Stoke
Burnley V Bournemouth
Crystal Palace V West Brom
Man City V Southampton

I won’t go on but you get the rough idea….

I don’t believe I have ever witnesses such a Damp squib of an end to a premier league season. There is literally not a head to head that fills me with any enthusiasm to watch Match of the Day tonight.

Who never knew the top four would include City, Liverpool, and Man United? Who didn’t expect Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal to be in the top six??? Why aren’t any of these team playing each other today? It is entirely plausible that in July last year when they were working out fixtures someone would have known out of the six teams mentioned above only four can be in the Champions league, and therefore having a couple of head to heads might be the difference between Champions League or Europa League. Is that not the way we want to anticipate the final day of the season? It is more than feasible that next season, subject to us getting a manager that we all believe in, we might be competing against the other top six clubs for perhaps a CL place. What an amazing end to the season to win that game to qualify….. or alternatively a trip to Huddersfield for a game that has no significance whatsoever.

That turns the last day of the season into a cup final for all teams. Even lining up the bottom teams is predictable though nowhere near as clear as the elite 6.

And so as the season’s curtain falls on what has been a historical yet underwhelming season for our club we are treated to a fixture somewhere closer to Scotland than Watford gap who really gives a monkeys what the outcome is?

For me it’s like we’ve been cheated out of our last game of the season due to a fixture more dull than a Jehovah’s Witness AGM…

Neil Watson


  1. John says:

    They’re not allowed to put the big guns against each other on the first or last day I believe.
    Should be televised though for the fans who want to see him leave but can’t get tickets or don’t travel.

  2. Robert Pepper says:

    How condescending. Have you no sense of history? The historic Chapman links between the two clubs might be seen as entirely appropriate in providing a farewell scene for a manager who could be considered as the modern equivalent of his predecessor.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  3. JASOG says:

    Narrow minded and elitist clap trap. Glad I don’t encounter too many like you on a daily basis !!!

  4. jon fox says:

    The other side of the coin – the coin being that top sides should play each other on the LAST day – is that, as now, positions for top four would already be decided and so of lesser importance. Yes , I know Chelsea have a theoretical hope of overtaking Liverpool, but not a realistic one. Relegation is similarly already decided, barring a miracle for Swansea. This is always more likely to be already decided the later the matches arrive by sheer mathematical likelihood. Sure there have been many riveting last days too but just not this year. So what? The season runs for nine months and has been for most(though not Gooners once again) a great season with enormous excitement at top and bottom end. Just the way it falls, this year. I don’t want to change and love the sesson just the way it is. What I really FEAR is the likelihood , as Wenger himself says, of a stupid European league which will dilute passion for our national leagues, a recipe for killing the tribal sport it is . We SHOULD all fight this shabby and anti-football idea , brought in only to make yet more obscene money to find itself into the grubby hands of already filthy rich players and their parasite agents! UGH! While we “mugs” pay ever and ever more high prices, until we all lose interest, which will certainly happen when national tribalism is diluted and sidelined.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  5. Maks says:

    I don’t care anymore… fact is: this is Wenger s last game with Arsenal and I am very happy.
    Wenger IS out!

    Our Board can frack us with Artetas, Rodgers or Howes and 50 mil for spending, but I am positive and looking farward real manager and a real transfer budget

  6. Topgooner says:

    What a condecending idiot!
    The reason we’re not playing for anything is cause we messed up & other top clubs have been far superior.
    Good job we haven’t got to go to Hudds needing points as the embarresment would of been hard to take.

  7. jon fox says:

    Just a whimsy for Neil, the article writer. Neil, when I encounter a Jehovah’s Witness at my front door, I can tell you the encounter is anything BUT dull. Put it this way; they don’t come knocking twice!

  8. Mantak says:

    Last day of the Oren is dull always. Would love the teams below the outright winners to play off for the remaining CL places. Add a bit of spice to the end of the season plus justify using Wembley a bit more.

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