Huge boost for Wenger as Ozil commits to Arsenal

Ozil staying at Arsenal by A.H.

Arsenal and Germany International playmaker Mesut Ozil has broken some news on his future that will surely warm the hearts of many Gunners fans. The brilliant attacking midfielder has now stated that he has no intentions of leaving North London.

In a season that has seen Ozil have his most successful performances at the club, there were a few reports that he was becoming increasingly frustrated with Arsenal’s ability to challenge for major honors. Ozil has won two FA Cups with Arsenal, as well as two Community Shields (if you count them as a trophy) and so has achieved silverware in his time with the club.

However it was suggested that Arsenal’s major decline in the domestic league, from looking like possible Premier League Champions at Christmas, to currently finding themselves in a ‘Top Four’ dogfight, the Germany international was apparently considering his future at the club.

It was an idea that worried many Arsenal fans, but strangely one that would be understandable at the same time. You cannot help but feel frustrated for Ozil as well, who although having a relatively difficult second half of the season, has ultimately been held back by Arsenal’s severe lack of an effective strike force. He has now however put the rumors of a summer transfer to bed, as reported by The Mirror.

Our main man told the media, “I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now. I do not think about the future, I just think my current situation. I have goals for Arsenal. In the future you can never know in football.”

The quote does suggest that he wishes to remain with Arsenal and achieve the goals he has set out for himself, however it cannot be hidden that it does seem that he will be considering his future at the club, perhaps in the relatively near future. Ozil suggests that he is happy at the club for now but that in the future he may look to leave, stating “you can never know in football”.

Overall this comes across as no real concern, as players come and go after achieving success with their clubs, however if Arsenal continue to not achieve major trophy success, then you cannot help but feel this consideration by the German International may come sooner than we think. The same concern lies with Alexis Sanchez who has also been in media reports surrounding his own frustration and his commitment to the Gunners.

If Arsenal want to keep players of this stature and quality, they have to fight for quality players in the transfer market that will not only increase our chances of winning major honours but also keep the players such as Ozil and Alexis happy and for them to believe in what this club can achieve. Although Ozil has put the rumours to bed for this summer, I cannot help but feel that they will simply be lurking around the corner next year. What do you guys think?

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  1. OT: but this day belongs to Claudio Ranieri and Leciester City. 5,000/1 odds. A dream became a reality!

    1. this day? this season.

      very moving watching ranieri…almost destiny to watch chelsea fold in the season he comes back to make history.

      inferior team to ours, inferior stadium, inferior player budget, inferior business, manager etc

      but sheer hunger and drive that we as 12 year in wilderness shpuld have had.
      chelsea, man city, man u have won it plenty in last 12 years so they are guilty of complacency. you get comfortable as a winner it happens.

      whats our excuse?

        1. ‘If Arsene were given Leicester City to manage for the last two gsmes, he’ll still find a way to come fourth’…that’s what I just found on some dudes wall smh lol.

      1. Funny because I’ve read how Mourinho dissed Ranieri yet the Chelsea fans were singing “Let’s do it for Ranieri” against Spurs. It did seem like the other top clubs were taking turns lifting the trophy though while our players were busy taking selfies after even unconvincing wins…

    2. Can Arsene Wenger tell us that he tried to sign Vardy at the age of 14. I soo want to hear that.

    1. Give it up buddy, Jealousy won’t get you anywhere in life!
      Wait to you see our boy’s celebrating the wenger trophy!
      That always brings tears of laughter to my eye’s ??

  2. Huge boost for Wenger why are you saying it like that? Today should be about Leicester and their achievement rather than some boring news on players committing their future. Leicester lost 3 matches and 2 of those against Arsenal. The players except Petr Cech congratulated the foxes and the rest were interested in parties and themselves.

  3. Ozil says “I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now. I do not think about the future, I just think my current situation. I have goals for Arsenal. In the future you can never know in football.”

    Its better than saying nothing but it is not signing a contract extension. Who knows what will happen in the transfer window. It depends if Ozil believes that Wenger can lead the team to success and if reinforcements are brought in.

    1. I actually like what he has said he’s essentially putting the onus on wenger to upgrade certain positions in the squad so we can challenge for major honors. I’ve been a Giroud fan forever but it’s clear hes not capable of leading us to the prem or CL.

      You guys might think I’m crazy but if Klopp doesn’t rate Sturridge we should go all in for him I think he would be fantastic for us. And we wouldn’t require him to play every game he can be rotated with welbeck, giroud. Sturridge and xhaka in and give Campbell a run on the LW

      1. no i get u goon sturridge is good finisher. great actually but with his injury record an wengers reluctance to pay premium prices which liverpool are known for charging for there big players

        it wont happen.

        sadly rvp nasri an many others put the same onus on wenger to buy. this stadium debt excuse has been washed to sea with leicester city winning the league.

        1. But if klopp doesn’t rate him you think Sturridge and his ego will wanna ride the bench? And he definitely won’t leave england plus we could throw in walcott to sweeten the deal lol.

          And you guys can’t keep pointing to leicester to prove your points this will NEVER happen again, literally everything has aligned for them to win the prem (deservedly).

          And I know wenger has his flaws but I truly believe our problems 90% of our problems are at the top with Stan. I truly think there is really shady **** going on behind the scenes and we will never know unless wenger comes out and says. We will be in a worse position with a new manager I really think that

          1. How can you even believe you know that?
            Maybe you see the next manager going 14 years without a PL title and 21 years with only one UCL to show for it?

            That would be worse, yes..

          2. i respect u believing that.
            i have no doubt that with a new manager there is a chnace of years of obscurity but ask yourself what this worse position means…no champions league? do u feel fufilled going into a competition knowing we dont have what it takes an never have, even with the best team in our history we fell short. an that team was incredible in every position.

            ivan has recently come out an said wenger had 250+ million to spend in last 4 years . 65 million a season.
            how has stan inhibited him.
            if wasnt there ivan would say as much.

            you cant go thru life thinking what if. life is for the risk takers.
            “he who dares rodders….he who dares”
            *del boy, only fools an horses

            1. @ arseovetit

              What’s worse than no premier league title in 14 years? How about not even challenging for top 6? You people think we’re so entitled and that we deserve to be challenging, just remember you only think that cause of wenger and the way he’s revolutionzed arsenal.

              Your not getting what im saying, I don’t care what gazidis comes out and says publicly that doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Why do you think every year we hear how much we have around season renewal time? I really think theres some shady stuff going on that we don’t know about and since wenger is the arsenal representative to the public he gets the stick

              1. Gazidis said that Wenger had 250m available in last four years. Wenger bought players worth 200m not including wages in the last four years. Do you think ozil Sanchez and the rest all cost nothing in the last four years? Read the bloody words…..

              2. Mmmmm. We challenged with George Graham before Wenger took the silk route over from Japan. In fact we were the club with the highest average position during his 9 years spell that included a European trophy, leagues and FA cups..

                Challenging, is a word that can be misused I feel. What we did is shoot for 4th place trophies to acquire dollars.

                Go figure..

                1. So you think what graham has done in the 80’s is comparably to what wenger has done in the premier league era. Tell me, where did we finish before wenger came in the 97 season?

  4. He has a contract…but who knows…

    As he says he has goals with Arsenal, but if those aren’t met…he will be on his way.

    Based on this and history I expect then we will see him in the red & white of AFC for one more season only.

  5. Was expecting this article to say something along the lines of Mesut willing to sign another deal or a pay increase or some incentive to keep him on, like Wenger planning some big transfers etc…all this article says is that Mesut chooses his words wisely whilst playing his cards close to his chest…no doubt we all know a player of his talent will be gone end of next season if we don’t win the AT LEAST the league. WAKE UP WENGER and make a statement for the fans and players in the transfer window. We cannot afford to lose any of our good players!

    1. cant expect wenger to suddenly change his core values cos big players are tiring of them.

      if we lose ozil an sanchez he will just blag someone else from big club, he is still very respected and not without his shrewd forms of persuasion.

      ozil is smart with this but it wont change le prof. nothing will

  6. Are we still on this doom and gloom with Özil or Alexis leaving? As great as they are individually they played a part in our shambolic season to be fair. Also before you say these players will leave because of Wenger you should remember it was Wenger why they even came in the first place and instead we could have been facing them. We will know by September 1st our true intentions following this latest failed title bid. Seasons over, the milk has already spilt. All we as fans can do is just wait and see. In the meantime as a football lover enjoy the Euros and Copa America.

    1. Dude are you serious did I actually just read that? Your gonna blame ozil and sanchez for our poor season? Wow I’ve heard it all

        1. Hahaha you guys are funny, I’m not blaming them for it, all I’m saying is that they’re a part of the team that failed. I’ve witness many games this season where Özil was a ghost of himself and Alexis played complete crap bar his injury spell. To say that they were a constant 10 out of 10 all season is a lie and they shouldn’t be immuned to criticism. Yeah that game where people keep going on about how Alexis stormed down the tunnel after being sub was a game he played complete crap and deserved to be subbed. Keep it real

      1. Goonsquad8 by saying you’ve heard it all by comment shows you’re the type of person that shows favoritism and you’re no different than Wenger himself. I guess you don’t see the times Özil loses the ball and stops playing while expecting his teammates to win it back for him or Alexis’ countless stepovers where he ends up losing the ball rather than play the simplest of passes to an open teammate leaving us open for a counter attack. I guess that’s Ramsey’s or Giroud’s fault he does that. KEEP IT REAL!!!

  7. Congratz Leicester and all but has anybody else seen the girls with Mahrez? damnnn

  8. Ozil and sanchez both have two years to run on their current contracts. If they do not sign another contract during this coming year then I expect they will be sold at the end of next season.

    What will make them sign a new contract? I expect it to be sucess on the field and money plus knowing what is going to happen in terms of manager if Wenger leaves at the end of next season.

    Not signing a WC striker and strengthen defense last summer could turn out to have long term consequences. We still should have won PL this season but even with strengthening this summer, next season will be difficult.

  9. Honestly,am so jealous of Leicester..
    Can we win this league in the nearest future???

    Pls tell me can..plssss

      1. All we can do is pray “Mr I know all” comes to the realization that what we just need to complete the puzzle is 1st a 25 – 30 goals a season striker. 2. A strong fast reliable defender. 3. A strong dm. £120m at least. Is this too much for our great club. Really got no option though Arsenal forever through thick and thin, glued with this reality

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