Huge positives Arsenal can take from narrow Bournemouth win

Arsenal can take some massive positives from Bournemouth win despite underwhelming performance.

It may not have been the most entertaining game we have seen at the Emirates in recent years. There are some clear issues to resolve but that does not mean there are no positives that can be taken from the game.

Defence improving

It was not just the clean sheet that was impressive but the fact that Bournemouth was reduced to long shots. The Cherries never really penetrated the Arsenal defence, not even when Arsenal invited pressure. At no stage did the back four look vulnerable and that is saying something.

Playing out from the back

The Arsenal backline appears to be getting the hang of playing out from the back. This was a much-improved display and one that should not be ignored. It was not totally smooth but in comparison to previous games, it was a significant improvement.

Youngsters getting better and better

Saka had yet another good game but it is not just him, Guendouzi, Willock and Martinelli all did just fine in a mundane game. The future for Arsenal is looking better as every game passes. The youngsters are certainly more consistent than most of the senior players.

Winning ugly

Right this minute Arsenal sits third one point behind Manchester City and even the most loyal Gooner will admit we have not been playing that well. That is a sign of a good team that continues to amass points when not in top form. Arsenal is doing just enough and it can only get better.

There are more positives from the game but defence improving, playing out from the back better, youngsters growing and winning ugly is enough for one day.


  1. I’m sure there will be negative comments to this post, like there are with all posts – someone will surely bring Xhaka into the mix just for the sake of it, even though it had nothing to do with the original post. Things could always be better, but they could be a lot worse too, just look at where ManU are on the log.

    No matter how negative you are, you cannot take that away from the team. They are collectively showing some fight, and getting through scraps like 2nd half against Bournemouth will only make them tougher and more resolute. THEN the nice-to-watch football can follow.


  2. Admin
    Totally agree with everything you mentioned
    Defence will have a complete upgrade soon and we will be even better
    Unlike some doom a.d gloom merchants on here I am enjoying others misfortune and us taking advantage of it picking up the points to drop is in 3rd spot
    Right now points is what we care about and you know the old saying:
    :Points make prizes”

    1. No point in engaging, Allan, as it gets deleted anyways.

      Whatever floats your boat mate, is all that I say now.

      1. Viju Jacob
        Always happy to have a discussion and whether I agree with it or not I am happy to see the other persons point of view ..even yours
        The only reason I can only imagine your replies are being deleted is that they do not conform to the standards are required by this sight
        You probably might need to reread them before posting hastily
        Look forward to reading your next posted comments

        1. Allan, I never use abuse or slant… straightforward response to what comment I’m to respond. I’m only responsible for what I say, not what others understand, and I read before I hit the SEND button. I wish I can proofread better with this autocorrect issues, because some of what shows up is embarrassing in the least.
          We shall continue to agree in disagreeing.

          1. Viju Jacob

            Like you I look forward to agreeing to disagree but I think we do all can all agree on one thing here and that is our beloved arsenal achieving top 4 at the end of the season
            Kicking on and being able to challenge top spot st some point in the near future
            Along the way if we can manage a cup or two that would be great
            Weather it is with or without UE is anyone’s guess
            For now I would like with but things change
            For you I can imagine without
            Do we agree on that

          2. Honest question, Allan. Were you one of those Wenger Out fans? Where TOP4 meant nothing? I need to know this, honestly.

          3. Are you sure your putting in email and name right because I’ve written long posts only to then put either one of them in wrong and it then never appears .

          4. Viju Jacob

            I was never an AW person out until I suppose the last few season of his regin. Unfortunately he had become stale and stubborn in his ways and it broke my heart to see him become just another manager who was failing for us.
            I alway want top spot but begrudgenly settled for top 4 as I realised we were never good enough to have that top spot position again under his regime…i have seen the likes of Bertie Terry. Don stewart pat Bruce at the helm some great moments and a heck of a lot of bad moments as well, where as AW I had some fantastic moments.
            I am willing to give UE a chance and for all his sins and bad habits which also infuriates me I want him to succeed.
            Because If he succeeds then we succeed is how I look at it
            Onwards and upwards

          5. Viju Jacob

            History is everything
            That is way we have a lot of bragging rights on so many clubs and especially when it come to that conference team from seven two lane, but there comes a time in every clubs history where change is necessary. Fergie done it by refreshing his coaches and replacing some players who were at that peak…

            AW will go down in history as our best manager of all time and I would agree with but the latter years were pants. Plan B didnt exist and a soft under belly is how we were known as.
            If UE strengthens our under belly. Developes a plan B. Gives us hope for some thing to cling on too going in to the last few games of the season rather then our season being dead by jan then I will give him time
            Only time will tell..

        2. Allan, tell me about Emery’s Plan B please, and I’ll tell you about Emirates home city’s resident pub had no one bar two. Win me over please, because I need some positivity.

  3. love the post too..

    the defence scored and protected the three points…

    improvement in progress.

  4. Defensively

    I think Holding, Bellerin and Tierney coming back has improved us.

    Also playing Chambers at RB (backup to Bellerin) instead of Niles has helped too.

    I think Luiz has improved slightly but would like to see Holding and Chambers together


    The emergence of Saka and Martinelli has helped our attack with the absence of Lacazette

    I think we could improve further by dropping Xhaka to the bench and playing 3 of Wilock, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos. Play Xhaka in Europa league, FA cup, league cup

    I think Emery playing Xhaka too often is my biggest criticism of Emery

    Otherwise I can’t criticise him much as we are 3Rd place and 1 point behind City

    Good times

    1. I wanna see Chambers in CDM!

      Guendouzi – Chambers or
      Torreira – Chambers or even
      Chambers – Willock

      We have many homegrown and English players in the team week in and out:

      Willock, Saka, Chambers, Holding, Nelson, Bellerin, AMN..

  5. Massive positives?? Harharharhar. Can the authors stop indulging in hyperbole and not abuse the privilege to post on this forum?
    If you disagree with what I’m saying, explain this “massive positive” please while keeping all things in context

    1. There we go, as I said in the first comment. Even if we were first on the log someone would come with a negative comment.

      By the way, I read “huge”, don’t know where “massive” comes from.

      But anyway, we live in a world where for some people the glass in half full and for others it is half empty, and you can hardly ever please the latter.

      1. SAG, can you check the meaning of Huge & Massive and school me on the difference please? However hair splitting it can be?
        Coming to the glass being full or not, try to give me a pint that’s just not there to the brim.

      2. Just because quite a few of us are not happy with Emery does not make us wrong in our judgment.
        Is it negative? Depends how you look at it .
        I think your negative for supporting Emery ,in the long run he will hurt the club more than do good .
        It just depends how you look at things ,we can all twist words and make our posts look like we are always right ,each poster is different and we all have our views ,I have my views on Emery and you won’t change my mind on him no matter what you post ,you can call me negative all you want but my mind is made up on him .

      3. How inane can you get, when you try to arrive at the semantics of Huge & Massive.
        Good on you mate, Emery deserves you.

  6. Honest question, Allan. Were you one of those Wenger Out fans? Where TOP4 meant nothing? I need to know this, honestly.

  7. The football fan
    2nd. Man City fans. Loss at home to Wolves. Players are useless. Sack the manager.
    3rd. Arsenal fans. 1-0 v Bournemouth.players are useless. Sack the manager.
    4th. Leicester. Loss to Liverpool.The players are useless. Sack the manager.
    5th Chelsea. We are 10 points off the top the players are useless. Sack the manager.
    8th Westham. Home loss to Palace. Players are useless. Sack the manager.
    9th Spurs. Loss to Brighton. Poch is finished. Players are useless.
    12th Man U.Loss to Newcastle. Ole is gone. Players are useless.
    18th Everton. Loss to Burnley. Silva must go on Monday. Players are useless. 🙂

  8. I assume that AdMart didn’t go to the game as he said the defence is improving but again the full backs were caught out of position by a very poor Bournemouth team. He also says we are playing out from the back better! We didn’t play out from the back, Leno kicked it long nearly every time and the crowd cheered him for it. These somewhat misleading match reports are what’s known as fake news. 🤦‍♂️

  9. @Admin Martin, how do you allow a troll like Agu mouthing shite, but you delete what I comment? Is content not important, or, are you taking a moral grandstanding over the words that I use? This guy is lying blatantly and he isn’t a gooner

  10. Huge positives! Hilarious! The entire game against Bournemouth was mediocre at best. For those who cling to the fact we are above Man U here is what De Gea says about his own team:

    “The game isn’t acceptable,” . . . “The whole season isn’t acceptable for us.” . . .”We didn’t create any proper chances. We have a lot to improve. I don’t know what to say. We need to step up.”

    Rashford: “You can’t hide in football and the last few weeks simply haven’t been good enough.” Note that ‘the last few weeks’ includes our game.

    So, as some of us pointed out before we played them, Man U are pretty well useless at the moment and were there for the taking – and all we could do was scrape a pathetic, weak willed draw. Why didn’t we go out and grind them into the dust!?

    Then we beat the mighty B/mouth 1-0 at home. Wowee! Freakin’ wonderful. Except our defence was still pathetic, our midfield played in a sea of treacle and our attack was a stuttering mess.

    Well done Emery! You are wonderful! You are a legend in your own lunchtime! Well at least to some on here anyway. Not to those who can actually think of course, not to those of us who can see the lineups you pick are weak, defensive, timid shadows of the teams you could have put out.

    Good job we’ll have a proper defence after the break, that’s all I can say. But while your joke of a captain is still clogging up the midfield we will still suffer there and consequently so will our attack.

    Will Emery ever grow some balls!? Don’t hold your breath!

  11. FC Bournmouth are a much improved side this season and will cause problems to a lot of teams. They haven’t been shown due respect by many on this site.

  12. Yes they have been very good this season and I was a nervous spectator before the game. The thing is they were one of the poorest teams I have seen there and we beat them because we were quite lucky.

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