Huge shock as Mike Dean helps Arsenal with Man United red card

What on earth was Mike Dean thinking today? The referee has regularly been talked about as having a bit of a penchant for making decisions that hurt Arsenal, like the infamous Diego Costa, Koscielny and Gabriel incident in our game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

So I for one was surprised that Mister Dean did not bottle the decision to send off Juan Mata for a second bookable offence in the game between Manchester United and West Brom at the Hawthorns. With the scores level and more than an hour to play, the decision to send off the Spaniard was always going to have a big influence and the home team did end up winning the game with a 1-0 victory through a Salomon Rondon strike.

I would not be surprised if the calamitous ref is now kicking himself because he has inadvertently done Arsenal a big favour and it would not have been an outrage if he had shown leniency on the second tackle. If Man United had won today they would have moved to withing two points of the Gunners and that may well have caused us to start worrying about them catching us instead of focusing on catching the teams above us.

Arsene Wenger and the players are under enough pressure as it is so to keep that nice five point gap on Louis van Gaal’s men is a big help and should allow us to go into our next Premier League game, which might also be against West Brom if we go out of the FA cup on Tuesday.

Hopefully, though, we will be playing Watford at the weekend and with the Baggies just a point away from the magic 40 to assure their EPL status, they may well have taken their foot off the gas a bit when we do end up facing them. Cheers Mikey.

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  1. “I would not be surprised if the calamitous ref is now kicking himself because he has inadvertently done Arsenal a big favour ”

    So, he hates Arsenal does he?
    Did you creep into his house and see that he sh/ts into an Arsene emblazoned toilet?

    Why do we continue to have these articles about how all the officials have it on for us?

    Grow up and man up ffs!

    If we had our house in order this wouldn’t be an issue and you would not be clutching at straws for excuses.

    1. “Huge shock as Mike Dean helps Arsenal with Man United red card” ???

      My oh my

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……. Can’t believe this

      R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S ….

      1. Now we only need the FA to award us 15 points in lieu of all the bad decisions against us and hey bobs your uncle the league is ours.

    2. and for crying out Loud!

      The media is making a big mockery of us….even the state of most articles on ere really aren’t helping matters..

  2. That’s OK, it’s Michael Oliver ‘s turn to kick us in the shinswith a bad decision. I wonder which referee next decides to give a helping hand to the opposition. Conspiracy theory. NAH?

  3. anyone seen that mesut ozil song remake of stormzys shutup?

    we gooners are a creative bunch 🙂

    1. Dybala is in that vid holding a Ozil shirt isn’t he?

      I rate that boy and would have loved to see him at the Arsenal. Maybe we will sign him in the future when he is worth £50 mil?

  4. It’s a weekend of red cards.
    Liverpool’s comeback to win their game against Palace after their own red card is the kind of character we expect from Arsenal.

    1. I wish I could agree, it is the type of character we want to see but do not “expect” to see.

  5. loooool, incredible article. So you are saying, when referees officiate other matches they are thinking how to hurt Arsenal?Seriously? I know its hard to believe for you, but no one is gunning for Arsenal or no one has an agenda against Arsenal. This things happen in football, sometime decision go your way and sometime it doesn’t. Mike Dean, he was doing his job, nothing more. And you should worry about Man City and West ham not Man Utd. The difference between City and Arsenal is two points and City has a game at hand. And West Ham is playing really good.

  6. What do you people not understand. Quite frankly if teams beating us to top 4 means Wengers gets the sack then HAPPY DAYS!! WE will not progress in the slightest under this fool

      1. It may well be for someone like you. Us Arsenal fans and not Arsene fans actually prefer to see some change, rather than put up with the nonsense year in year out. Pretty much what it has been like since 2005. What do you not understand about this situation? Really Id love to know why anyone would still want him in charge. And don’t give me that bull$hit about nobody else is available because quite frankly I could name 20 managers who wouldn’t make the same mistakes as Wenger

  7. Nonsense article, we remember bad decisions which go against us but soon forget those in our favour. There is no cospiracy for match offiicials to be anti Arsenal.

  8. Shameful article and shameful attitude. If you want to win trophies you shouldn’t rely on other teams dropping points, it just makes us look fragile and pathetic to rival teams. We should be criticizing our team and the manager instead of searching for excuses. This is 2013 all over again and certain fans don’t want to admit the manager doesn’t know how to keep his players motivate when the pressure is on.

  9. This is what Wenger has done to this club, when we sit here and have this sort of ridiculous debate. 12 years and no trophy while charging the highest ticket prices in the country.

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