Huge signs that Arsenal could be set to lose star man

It is going to be a difficult summer for Arsenal in the transfer market due to a reduced transfer budget, however, it could get a whole lot worse with star man Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a strong candidate to be on his way out.

There are two very strong reasons why we may be losing Aubameyang, the first is the clubs transfer policy when it comes to contracts. If a player has two years left on his current deal he either has to agree on an extension or be sold and the Gabon international is one of those players with just two years remaining.

The second reason is that clubs are aware of his situation and are starting to make their move with huge salary offers.

It is being reported in the Britsh media that two Chinese super league clubs, Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG are set to offer our Golden Boot winner a whopping £300,000 a week.

That is a huge amount of money and probably more than what we would be prepared to offer him.

Aubameyang signed for us in a £56 million deal from Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund in January last year and has proven himself to be one of the Premier Leagues best strikers knocking in 41 goals in 65 appearances for us.

Losing him would be a bitter pill to swallow but he is 29 and not getting any younger and you have to think we will receive in excess of £60 Million for him in the event we have to sell and that amount of money will go straight into the transfer kitty.

Should we take the money and run?


  1. I will take £60 quick and use to bring in 3 quality players like Mauro Icard if we can get lid of Ozil, sell Mustafi and by Joachim Andersen buy Praet to fill in for Ramsey sell Kozy and buy Eder Balanta who is younger, cheaper and way better since he can fill in also in LB

    1. Yeah 60 M would be good enough for a 30 year old striker. We bought him because of his speed and aerial ability, but he missed a lot of sitters

      Regarding the LB, I’d like an attacking one that can create a lot of assists like Andrew Robertson. Kolasinac’s 5 assists from 24 EPL appearances are not good enough for an attacking LWB and maybe Alex Grimaldo could replace him (12 assists from 34 league games, ex-Barcelona player)

      1. Nooooooooooo.
        He was joint Golden Boot winner and imagine if he had a decent CAM or creative winger instead of Ozil and Mkhitaryan

        BTW all strikers miss sitters. So does Messi

        People are so OBSESSED with age. So WTF if he’s 29?
        Look at Ibrahimovic who played great well into his mid 30’s

        I want Aubameyang to STAY
        We won’t be able to get anyone better for £60 mill and certainly 2 players for £30 mil each

    2. You can’t get 3 QUALITY players for £60 mill
      Are you crazy?
      Quality for £20 mil each?
      We bought Mustafi and Xhaka for £35 million. Ozil for £40 million

  2. 60 million is good money for a 29yr old. if we can keep a hold on Laca, Auba can leave for China. a win win situation for both parties. we then have to spend wisely for the right players to move the club forward…

    1. Thanks, Patrick
      You will find a good number of people in this forum doesn’t put that age factor in consideration players come and go and football is business at the same time. And I really hope they come for Ozil and Micky

      1. Aubameyang and Lacazette can stay if there is no offer for them, but Ozil and Mkhitaryan have to leave to increase the team’s directness

        If the club cannot sell at least one of them, they had better find more competent people to deal with the player transfers

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    An excellent saying is ‘If it’s not broke don’t fix it’.
    For me just bring back the original and scrap all the new stuff. As in ‘Thanks but no thanks’.
    P.S. One good thing! My name and email were recognised immediately!

    1. A ploy! Lol….
      I’m afraid change is inevitable in this ever changing world, and even website themes become obsolete if they are not compatible with the newest programs.
      You are showing your age Jack!

      1. You’re probably right 🙂

        Still prefer the old site though and I can’t really see that this new site is any improvement…

        … and this new site promptly forgot my name and email so at least that part is back to normal.

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    1. Yeah sue, just seeing it this morning, a little too busy for me but I guess I will soon get used to it.

  4. 60m would seriously bolster the transfer kitty,cant say that Auba wouldn’t be missed but we badly need to strengthen in other areas so could be useful in that sense.

    1. Once he is gone, I believe the fans would crave for another striker of his or Cavani’s type again

      The coaches at Arsenal must have thought they would solve the striker problem if they get a quick and tall one, but it is useless if he is rarely able to dribble past the opponents

      We can gamble on a young winger like Pepe with 60 M, which could change the way Arsenal play currently

    2. So you too have been fooled by the self-seeking and parasitic Stan Kroenke that there’s no money to invest in player purchases and the only way to go is to sell our best in order to buy!!!!! Hmmmmmmm!!!!

  5. It’s crazy that some people are even talking bout selling Aubameyang! Why sell him? Yes, football is a business, but the business of selling your best footballers just isn’t logical, especially as we are still hoping to get more competitive next season!
    After all, selling our best players under Arsene Wenger brought us nothing but agony!!!!

    No one should even dream of getting him sold! Today there’s an acute shortage of strikers and someone is talking about selling their own??? Come on!
    There are other players to sell. Ozil, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, & Nacho Monreal, not Aubameyang! Someone needs to get serious here!!!!!

    1. Sell him cos of;
      – He’s 29
      – We need the money to reinvest
      – He misses sitters
      – Without Laca he’s poor
      – Is penalty miss against studs cost us top 4.
      – he has a poor work rate
      – He can hardly dribble past his man.

      1. Enough with that crap about penalty miss cost us top 4. how about his goals that won us the reverse match 4-2. how about all the other times where his goals won us pts. He is a goal poacher who had an ABOVE AVERAGE season and still got 31 goals. A good one next season and he gets us 40 goals.

        plus an old slow aubameyang would still score plenty of goals because his best quality is attacking positioning not speed.

        1. Honestly who out there are we gonna replace him with that’s gonna give us the same return?i get he didn’t have his best season but he won the golden boot while playing in a team with no fight and spirit. How do you sell someone who gets you more goals than aguero did for a man city team that scored for fun.

      2. For heavens sake, he’s top scorer we will be top ten without his goal and bottom six with laca’s goals. Now he is poor without Laca ?! he has been top scorer every where with or without laca

  6. Sell if we can & let’s bring in younger & hardworking players. We can’t afford to be sentimental with players. Liverpool sold Coutinho(their best player at the time), sorted out their weakness in defence & now they’ve just won the cl. I’ll never get carried away with these “big player” buys. I’d rather have a player come in, build a name for himself & earn the respect of the fans. Just look at TAA & Andy Robertson of Liverpool. These guys came from nowhere & they’ve set the world on fire.

    I like the new theme admin, feels good to have a new look.

  7. If he doesn’t mind playing in a nothing league then go for it.
    Kroenke will keep the money mind you – Arsenal will get nothing form it..
    But then again its not as if Arsenal are considered a big team now – the American has seen to that…

  8. Kroenke get your cheque book out and help Emery!!
    Let’s keep our best players and part ex the unwanted.

  9. Admin, congrats on the new look of the platform. But the name of the contributor appears twice. Please remove the one to the left, leaving the one in bold letters.

    1. we can sell him and try to rebuild because we don’t have the money but not for the bias reasons you gave earlier and don’t complain when laca only gets 15 plus goals next year and we remain where we are, mind you, rebuilding takes time. you will not get another striker who will get your 30 plus goals using part or all the money from Auba’s sale

  10. Thanks admin and good morning to all the active readers here. it shows someone is working to get things better…

  11. The whole subject of player purchases and sales is fraught and no expert am I, but players are human beings and they have tremendous power (rightly so) as to who they play for, and for how much they want in salary etc – so it is not all down to the club.

    1. Selling Auba is not our priority for rather selling or getting rid of asap the likes: Ozil, Mhiky, Kos,Eleny, Montreal,Xhaka and Mustarfi. Call for mounting of on Kronke if to release above £100m extra for transfer.

      Thanks Admin for change.

      1. Selling Auba is not our priority for now rather we should selling or getting rid of asap the likes: Ozil, Mhiky, Kos,Eleny, Montreal,Xhaka and Mustarfi. Call for mounting of on Kronke if to release above £100m extra for transfer.

        Thanks Admin for change.

  12. If we made the correct investment back in the squad and we kept Laca fit and enthusiatic. Yes, I would sell him, he will be 30 within few days, he has only two yrs left and will have hefty wage demands. Some of his goals were brilliant but many of them are tap ins, which is needed by a striker ofc, it means he is in good position. He does not have best stamina and does not have the same physical presence and first touch of Giroud (who was underrated by fans imo)

  13. Depends on whether or not he’s about winning trophies. If he isn’t, he might as well extend with Arsenal and get a 200k+ contract. But if he is, he’s on his way to either Real or Bayern, maybe even Chelsea (even though they’re not likely to win the EPL anytime soon).

  14. We need Aubameyang because it will be very hard to get such a player now 41 goals in 65 matches i think we need to keep him,they should increase his wages instead

    1. @Tom
      That’s the most sensible comment I’ve seen so far. 41 in 65, people should know that we won’t replace that with one player.

      We nabbed Auba at a good price, I’d much rather do what Juventus done with Higuain, get best out of him first.

      Sell off the player that scores 41 in 65 games, and we sink further into oblivion. ????

  15. This new look is not too bad, l believe it can be improved upon. But l need a friendly site.

    Aubameyang should stay because if Arsenal sells him, he will not be replaced by the same or better quality of a player. We only need to buy a winger and a right back( AMN not good enough)

  16. For an allegedly top business man, Kroenke and his minions seem to have allowed many millions to slip through his (their) fingers by allowing players to run down their contracts and then say “see yah”.

    I won’t list all the players who have done that – you all know who they are – but it must be well over a £100m of transfer funds we have waved goodbye to. Leaving us with a paltry £40m in the transfer kitty this summer, if the rumours are true.

  17. I love the NEW LOOK. It’s more professional and modern looking JUSTARSENAL.COM.

    Congrats. ?

  18. amazing how people want to sell a super reliable goal scorer who has many times this season been played out of position.
    we would be many positions down the table had it not been for his goals

    1. And how many sitters did he missed?
      £60 mln for a guy who will be 30 yrs old is handsome business same thing should have done with Sanchez, Ramsey and Özil let’s put emotions aside players come and go we had Thierry, Van Perdue before and they had to move on and Arsenal is still here

  19. £60m for Auba at 30 would be a sensible deal and enable us to acquire, Andersen, Praet and En Nesyri at least in theory.Trouble is unless our aging and inadequate defenders are moved on we are more or less faced with the same problems as last season.Praet really impresses me and would be an excellent replacement for Ramsay.

    1. Yap, Praet is all around central mid with a lot of energy better than what we have combine and also I hope rumors are true about Andre Gomes very good player and I think we have a chance because he worked with Emery before also in the mix I would like Bruno Fernandez from Lisbon to replace Ozil but I am afraid will be impossible because of transfer fee

    1. Sell everyone, increase our profits and our mediocrity. Fantastic sporting business model!!

  20. Loving this new format… can we roofie the Chinese guys to take Ozil and Mustafi for a discount price of 40mil instead?

  21. Aub is the closest thing to Henry we have had in a long time,I do not think he wants to leave, but if by chance he wants to leave, we can reinvest the money in two or three players.
    This whole drama of there is no player to replace any player that leaves have to stop, we must look for players that can suit the systems the coach wants to play. These players do not have to cost $100 million to be a worthy buy for arsenal, they do not have to be from the top teams in the world to be worthy of arsenal, there age do not have to be in the mid 20s, but must have one requirement able to do the job

    1. How long did it take us to get another golden boot winner. RVP had that one season, it’s been a long time since we’ve had someone who can almost guarantee goals, and his fitness is more than good. People think, oh we have Lacazette, I’m sorry but he can’t guarantee those numbers, sure he’s never reached them. You need two strikers at least, I doubt we’d replace those goals if we let him go, maybe two good wingers would make up the difference, but why shouldn’t we want two good wingers and these strikers goals.

  22. No!no!Auba,sell mustafa,nacho,kos,kola,xhaka,miki,oziland some flop youth players,then bring some epl experience players.

    1. @Bugao …I say these players are the ones who we need to go.

      Mustafi, Kolasinac, Koscielny, Monreal, Jenkinson, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Elneny, and Iwobi to go out on loan with a return option.

      Cech, Lichsteiner, Ramsey, Suarez, Welbeck, leaving too, that’s 14 players, with nine around the first team who we’ll need to move on ourselves, am not sure if we’ll get them all out in one window. Sure will we even be able to bring in nine players, academy youngsters could make up the rest.

  23. If 60m comes, let him go, then get younger and hungrier player that are out to prove a point like the Spurd and Liverpool youngsters.

  24. Am very sad for about 15 seasons now,back to early 2000 made me cry whenever av my flasback,compare this first eleven to the current,
    Golkeeper jens lehman,defence:lauren,campbell,kolo habib,ashley.mildifilder:patrik viera,gilberto,ljurnberg,wiltord,pires,henry.

  25. Well the site looks a little different and interesting. Onto the topic above, i won’t mind losing one the big strikers if we can hold onto one. We really need to improve the defence and midfield.

  26. If push comes to shove would prefer we loose Laca than Auba.
    Emery needs funds to sign players and he wasn’t given enough,I would understand if we loose Laca and get 3 solid addition to the team.(Laca’s money + the 45mil avail available.
    That should help us in this our predicament.

  27. If push comes to shove would prefer we loose Laca than Auba.
    Emery needs funds to sign players and he wasn’t given enough,I would understand if we loose Laca and get 3 solid addition to the team.(Laca’s money + the 45mil available.
    That should help us in this our predicament.

  28. Auba missed the most chances in the EPL .
    While i like the player ,he is one dimensional . Would you take him over Suarez the answer is no.
    We may hate to admit it but this whole playing to strikers thing is an experiment which causes unbalance in the team.
    He is 30 years old and this is a good deal .
    i like if he remained but i would understand if he went also .
    Liverpool sold a younger better player in the name of Coutinho and look where that got them .
    Another thing i noticed is people calling for expensive players . the cost of a player doesn’t translate to the performance the put on the pitch .
    We need massive restructuring and i think the way to go is to bring young talent and mix up with our academy players to create a pacy skillful team .
    As for Xaveier Ameachi he is a good player but nobody is bigger than the club so if he wants to turn to a diva he can get out .i like Willock but i really dont think he is up to it . i prefer more direct talent like Saka ,Nelson ,Smith Rowe,Beilik,Nketiah .just my thoughts

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