Hughton expects Brighton to face a ‘very motivated Arsenal team’

Chris Hughton has been nominated for Manager of the month after taking Brighton through January with three wins and a draw but he is not expecting to have an easy win again tomorrow against Arsenal, despite the Gunners woeful away form this season.

“Any game plan we will have against Arsenal will be no different on Sunday had it been a week ago, two weeks ago,” he said.

“We are playing against a team that is full of top individuals that can hurt you. We have to line-up our team and prepare exactly for that.

“They are on the back of a couple of defeats and will be desperate to turn it around so I expect to be playing against a very motivated Arsenal team on Sunday.”

“I’m very conscious that it is Arsenal v Brighton,”

“When you have got the big teams against the big teams, they are the sides who can capitalise more if the other isn’t having the best of days. It is always going to be more difficult for a lesser side to impose themselves on a team in the top six.

“We will not allow ourselves to get caught up in Arsenal having had a couple of difficult games and we are in good form, we can’t afford to get caught up in that, we can only afford to play the right type of game.”

I certainly hope Arsenal are motivated, as they haven’t looked very keen lately in any away games for a while. The Gunners have no choice but to win every game from now until the end of the season to have any chance at all of making the Top Four. Arsenal were excellent on the run in last season and still didn’t quite get there, but can they do that again in their demoralised state?


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  1. AWout says:

    Ha ha! Houghton is a comedian…stop it mate!

  2. Phil says:

    Bit late for all that don’t you think?
    Wenger will HOPE for 6th Place.Thats Europa League again.He will go all out for Europa Cup to try and salvage the complete F**K UP of a season he has left us with.
    Just a thought and correct me if I’m wrong.
    If we qualify for either the Champions League by winning the Europa Cup or the Europa League by finishing 6th does that mean we are in the FIRST round of qualifiers in these competitions?
    In a World Cup Year?When most players don’t come back till beginning of August and don’t play until the end of August?
    Can you imagine the Embarrasement of not getting through the Qualifiers?
    It just gets worse and worse don’t you think?
    Only Wenger

    1. Tatgooner says:

      Hughton is brighton’s manager if you are not aware

      1. Phil says:

        I couldn’t really give a flying F**K about Brighton and their manager Pal.The only Manager I wish to discuss is Wenger and in case you missed the point I want WENGER OUT

  3. Waal2waal says:

    if we’re lucky we’l find the wherewithal to fight for a (0 – 0 draw) – as for anything more than that i doubt this team has any spirit with which to impose its will over the seagulls.

  4. rkw says:

    i think this week could actually put an end to wenger’s reign … two losses would certainly be curtains … but even a draw and a loss to milan might prove too much for our spineless board and greedy owner .. so it pains me but i would be happy with such results … what is for sure is that we need some forward planning so that come the end of the season a new manager can hit the ground running .. and as there will be nothing to play for we dont have to worry about what happened to city after the guardiola announcement, on the contrary players knowing that they have to impress a new man might actually motivate them .. i am still trying to work out the indifference to enrique by many here he did well with barca b and celta brilliantly with barca and poorly with roma that a pretty decent record and he is a marathon runner which will be needed given the state of club he would be inheriting from the fossilised one

    1. Goonerboy says:

      What if we lose all our remaining games and Wenger still remains???

      1. jon fox says:

        What if China, Russia and North Korea all invade us tonight! MEANWHILE, BACK ON PLANET EARTH……!

        1. Goonerboy says:

          Thats a possibilty…

          1. jon fox says:

            Only in fantasy land, where you live!,

  5. True gunner says:

    Where do the Arsenal players get the audacity to ask for those staggering sum during their contract negotiations when they can’t even look competitive against their rivals.

  6. jon fox says:

    Brighton are one of about ten clubs I have a soft spot for and want to stay up. As the overwhelmingly important matter is that Wenger is sacked ASAP, I crave a big Brighton win. We are certain to finish no higher than sixth, nor (probably) any lower, so what does one result matter to real fans? All Gooners with a functioning brain are well aware that Wengers sacking is by FAR the most desirable thing we (nearly) all want; far more than winning the Europa IF it meant even an outside chance he would then NOT be sacked. We all must put the main chance first. To that end we should all be praying for another embarrassing non performance and a heavy defeat. I actually predict a draw and a close game with a committed but nervy performance.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I’m with you. Was hoping for a thumping from City Thursday night, and we need a Brighton win to maintain the pressure on Wenger. The board MUST sack him before the 2nd leg against Milan at the very latest, but ideally before the 1st leg humiliation that Wenger ALWAYS delivers.

  7. Sue says:

    What he really meant was we’ll thrash them no problem, a nice easy 3 points

  8. barryglik says:

    If Arsenal qualify top 4
    in the league it will be hailed
    as a brilliant rear guard action
    motivated by the greatest Arsenal manager ever.
    Cue the 3 year contract extension.
    To qualify top 4 from the Europa
    Arsenal must win over two legs in the last 16,
    quarter final and semi finals and win the grand finale itself.
    90% of those presently slating Wenger will say
    how they never doubted the man.
    What’s best is that the AKB’s will be back like a plague of locusts
    JustaArsenal will change it’s name to “JustAKB’s”

  9. nosa says:

    I still think Wenger is our only and best option for now,if u look at the monies,city,Chelsea and man u has we don’t have d might,so Wenger has a way of floating the club

    1. jon fox says:

      I wish I could go round the ENTIRE crowd at our second leg against ACMilan and ask them all do they want Wenger to stay or to go. I bet 99% would say, go now! The other single person would agree with you. I jest as to the actual numbers attending but it will be VERY interesting to see the ACTUAL attendance, not the lie regularly posted by the club.

    2. Goonerboy says:

      How can Wenger be our best option??
      Best??… Where have you been?

  10. GB says:

    Welbz is not in squad tomorrow.
    We will win 3-0.

    1. Sue says:

      Does that mean Iwobi will be instead??? Jeez I don’t know what’s worse

  11. RSH says:

    Brighton more than capable of beating us. Just show any type of effort and it’s more than what our players got

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