Hull result is good AND bad news for Arsenal

As long as Arsenal go north and conquer on Monday night then last night´s victory for Hull City over our top four rivals Liverpool will be a great result for everyone connected with the Gunners. It leaves us nine points ahead of Brendan Rodgers´ side with a much better goal difference and a game in hand and that just about seals it.

It will be nice not to have to look over our shoulders and not have to worry about a Champions League place in the last few games. That should allow us to play with freedom and ensure that Arsenal finish second for the first time in years.

You would also think that a strong finish in the Premier League would be the perfect preparation for a second successive FA cup final. Another trophy would make it a good season for the Gunners and give the fans, players and manager a good feeling about next season.

But next up are Hull City away and that is why last night´s result could be bad for us. After beating Swansea away in their last game Hull will be feeling confident and they are clearly hitting a run of form. Unfortunately these two wins have not made them safe and they will be scrapping for their lives so Arsenal face a tough test on Monday night.

Pass it though, and things are looking good.

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  1. We will win the league next season, I said it first, take screen shots of this comment, it’ll come in handy.

    1. Impossible….we are getting stronger but next season other clubs will get stronger tooo…..unless other clubs stay stagnant then we stand a chance at the title……

      1. This “every club will strengthen next season” gets trawled out every year and is patently a nonsense. If this was the case then every team in the land would be close to perfect by now with all this “inevitable” year on year improvements. It ebbs and flows each year. Every club may buy more players and sell a few and maybe change managers but that does not very often translate in to improved performances on the pitch, at least not immediately, nor for the entire duration of the season. Only United will be able to spend obscenely (again) under FFP – but we can see how that went this season. Chelski will add depth/options – difficult to see how Mourinho would significantly strengthen his 1st X1. City are in a heap of bother – not quite rip it up and start again but could be close. Liverpool will just be Liverpool again – especially if Rodgers is still at the helm – they couldn’t attract top quality last year with UCL so will be even worse for them this time around.

        Anyhow – more quality in the top 4 would probably mean a tighter race and I imagine our best chance of winning will be in tight race as we are unlikely to walk away with it any time soon. Small steps – one at a time.

  2. Lukas Podolski socring a 20-foot screamer(from his left foot obviuosly) being the decisive goal in Inter’s 2-1 win. Form is temporary, class is permanent…

      1. I am sure he was in the list you named as “liability” and “should be sold”
        in last transfer window…
        Atleast stick to your opinion..
        And I am sure you will not reply to this comment

    1. The problem with Lukas is that whilst his class is undoubtedly permanent his sporadic form is close to permanent as well.

  3. Other teams will get stronger, but we have stability, Man citeh will probably have a new manager, Manu will still struggle cuz van gale can’t decide what his best formation is, and Chelsea, well…maybe MaureenHoe will have a bad season.

    1. City will have a new manager and doesnt mean they are unable….Pelleingerin won the title in his first season…Ancelloti too with Chelsea….

      No guarantee Man Utd will struggle…they will strengthen their squad…

      prob bale or ronaldo will come in for them and possible swap deal with PSG for Cavani and Di Maria and a few more signings……

      Chelsea..will get stronger…they already started signing…not to mention their players are excelling in their loan and will return….

  4. The British core worries me Kieran Gibbs,Theo Walcott,OX,Jack Wilshere and Ramsey these players are very injury prone while english players at other clubs are tough as nails without so many injuries!

  5. Lol! What makes Jack’s value on or around 30 million you guys? I might be wrong though because it did not state that 30 mil is his value but Man city might/want to buy him for that price. Anyway, We got Sanchez from Barca who’s a big team in football for around 34 million and he has done wonders to the club we all support with our whole heart. Why any of the top four teams in the Premier League will pay that amount of money for Wilshere is beyond my understanding. I honestly don’t think Man city or any other big club will pop up 30 mil for Wilshere. IMO, he’s worth 20-25. That’s only my opinion though. You’re more then welcome to correct whatever mistake I might have made. P.S. I’d also not sell Jack as might come good at Arsenal one day. Just check how Ramsey has performed after his injury. For me he did well. Jack will get his turn to show what we are missing once injuries haunt Arsenal again although ‘the injuries’ are not on my wish list.

  6. The result is good news for us. 1 more win now and we have champions league. Whether Hull is playing well or not should not matter – we should be aiming to beat anyone who is put in front of us. The actual result can only be good for us – we ourselves are what determines our match against hull so we need to focus on our game.

    The only bad news is that Liverpool playing shit probably means they won’t nick anything off Chelsea so we’ll probably stay 10 points behind them. Grrrr.

  7. Bob, plenty of good morning to you. Let’s not worry ourselves on any unfavourable result against the Gunners at the KC Stadium on Monday night. I am more than sure the Gunners will adequately tamed the Tigers and caged not less than 4 of them and bring them to the Emirates Stadium exhibition room for the Gooners to behold. So be it.

  8. am afraid that every team that plays Chelsea looses the next game…please prove me wrong my lovely arsenal

  9. I think Liverpool were awful last night and hull was not much better.providing we turn up Monday night in the rite frame of mind I can’t see any problem.Lets get 2nd or at worse 3rd place in the bag and then rest players players for the final.Then bring in the likes of diarby Walcott and others who have not had to much game time this year.But what ever lets just please please avoid that dreaded champions league qualifier so we don’t have to worry for the next 3 months about who we are going to play COYG

  10. I agree Liverpool were poor last night, and watching Stirling play I thought that I would prefer Walcott if given the choice of the two ( unless Stirling has not got his heart in it so playing badly)

    I hope that we do win on Monday…and PLEASE make it an easier game to watch then we often get , with just one goal in it

    COYG 2nd place is in our hands

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