Hull showed no weakness but it was a vital win for Arsenal

After two League defeats in a row, Arsenal had a fight on their hands against an improved Hull City to turn their fortunes around. The Tigers were extremely well-drilled by Marco Silva and were dour in defence and inventive going forward.

Arsenal tried hard to get a breakthrough and it was a relief when Alexis scored the opener, even if it was an obvious handball. After that it was Arsenal’s turn to defend and try to keep those vital points in the bag. Arsene Wenger admitted that the win was much more important than the performance. “As you said it was more about the mathematics than about the brilliance today because we had absolutely to win today.” Le Prof said.

“Unfortunately against a good team who I cannot see even from the stand any weakness in there. Physically they are strong, they are organised, they have a good spirit and technically they are good as well. So overall I felt that we started well until we led 1-0, we created some very good chances. After we became a bit more protective to protect the result. After that we were playing a bit more to not concede a goal and that’s what the game was about because we knew that was absolutely vital to win today.”

This win may have left Arsenal in joint second place in the League, but Chelsea will be an amazing 12 points clear if they beat Burnley today. Wenger admits they can’t affect Chelsea’s results but just have to keep on winning. “Look I said on Thursday that we have to fight no matter what the gap is. The best as much as we can do and the first is to find some confidence back. When you lose two games that’s what you fight for. For us, it was just important to win today.”

When you think that there is just two points separating the 2nd and 6th, it is obvious that there is still a big fight in front of us to remain in the Top Four. Chelsea may have won the title, but it will be just as hard to finish second at the moment…

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Ugabooga says:

    Top four, I mean really what is the point, besides lining the boards pockets.

    The only way we get rid of Wenger and build a good team is to drop out of top 4.

    That’s right give up our 4th place trophy.

    Downwards n out , gunner for life

    1. GunnerJack says:

      It’s interesting that AW used the word ‘fight’ twice in the quote above. So why doesn’t he pick fighters instead of the bunch of piccadilly tarts he normally plays? Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott and even Bellerin would easily be knocked off the ball by a group of arthritic geriatrics on a day out.
      Remember the words of Bill Shankly “You have to FIGHT for the RIGHT to play football”.
      The ‘Invincibles’ would have the present pitiful assembly of Prima Donnas for breakfast. Thank God we have a few who know what guts and determination mean. . . but not enough of them in the team at present unfortunately.

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