Hull v Arsenal review – Giroud and Walcott doubles give Gunners great win

Arsenal started this FA cup replay away to Hull City pretty well. We were on the front foot straight away and were almost in front straight away after Walcott finished well in the fourth minute but he was ruled offside. After that it was a more tight first half even though the Gunners were the more dangerous.

And we were hit with a defensive problem midway though after Mertesacker was involved in a collision that eventually forced him off with Monreal replacing him in the 33rd minute. But Arsenal did get the deserved breakthrough before halftime, with Giroud pouncing on a dodgy back pass and slotting past the Hull keeper.

Both sides had good chances before the break but we we went intyo it just the one goal ahead, with the job half done. And then after his long goal drought the big man added to his first goal with a second half goal which pretty much put the tie to bed.

THeo Walcott then ended his own lean spell with a third that totally killed the game and saw Arsenal comfortably into the quarter final with Watford this weekend. And just like with Giroud, Theo added to his first to make it 4-0 in the 89th minute.

A thumping win was just what Arsenal needed and hopefully this can be the start of a good run to a third FA cup in a row and maybe even a late charge for the EPL title.

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  1. This is exactly what we needed well done boys! I think its gonna be massive for us that theo and giroud scored were gonna need goals from them in the league and I’m so glad we put 4 past them that should give us confidence in front of goal.

    Oh and i love El Tico

  2. I don’t know what they fed Walcott during the break but he came back hungry (paradox?).

    Credit to Chambers and especially Gibbs! He had a cracker on the first half and his movement started the second goal. But both did extremely well in the defense.

    Mertesacker will surely be fit but Gabriel and Ramsey looks bad.. Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Spot on about chambers well done to him he deserves credit slotted into CB seamlessly and didn’t put a foot wrong

    2. Surely I was expecting our learned writer to.mention the injuries to our defence. That was our best game this year by a wide margin. All players were brilliant.

  3. Erratic play, up to a point. But good win overall. Iwobi is deadly. El Neny needs to man up and use some kettle bells…

    1. Looks Like EL-neny needs to hit the gym……..he’s easily shoved aside

      but as fatboy said, Excellent passing!

      1. Not really. He did not paid attention and to be fair none warned him about the opponents coming from behind.

    1. Ox is that you always thumbing down anything positive about Cambell? If not, curious to know who it is..

      Always a single lonely red thumb down no matter how well Cambell plays.

      1. Haha. Hope ox comes back with a more goalscoring mentality, he needs to learn from Henry and Pires!

  4. Ian Wright- There are legitimate reasons for that sign being there. Also, IF Arsenal had lost tonight you would be saying “Yer I can understand why the fans are wanting him out”. Make your mind up

  5. With these injuries, our defence to play Barcelona will be:
    Bellerin, Chambers, Monreal, Gibbs
    Flamini, Coquelin

    1. thats not funny.

      i dont like getting violated….
      but being violated to the smell of paella

      thats just inappropiate

          1. Oh come on @ muffdiver, with Flamini on the field I could imagine a couple of Barca players being violated first 🙂

    2. Mertz injury doesn’t look that serious. He may be out for Watford though. But then again, let’s wait for the official check. And the game against Barcelona is not like it is going to count for anything except TV money.

  6. It was a good win today! Now this performance is the arsenal I want to see week in week out! Coyg!

  7. Average first half and great second half, well done boys! Three injuries though.. Mertesaker should be back and ready this weekend as his injury wasn’t bad. I’m more worried about Gabriel and Ramsey though. I hope it’s nothing surgery related.

  8. 4 players out Rambo but that won’t be a bad thing LK GP BFG FQ God MR AW you should have put a full team out in the first game so we could have moved on. This stage you must play yr best team not try stupid things out. Yes you can do it in tbe silly cup but not the FA cup. The team is now a mess what do we do? Chambers at the back lol joke I give up

    1. Its not a bad thing that ramsey is out? are u kidding? who’s gonna replace him? flamini or Elneny? Either way thats a disaster, Elneny is poor…and I don’t see why you guys wanna have him play ahead of Ramsey. I mean the only difference between him and Arteta right now is age, in terms of offering anything, they are both disabled. I’ve watched Elneny, he doest tackle, he doesn’t try anything! he’s like a brick wall, u pass him the ball, he deflects it back to you immidiately.

      1. That would be the perspective from inside Ramsey’s keester.

        One flick against Spuds and Ramsey is once again paramount to Arsenals EPL run in.

        Newsflash, dude isn’t that good

      2. Go and learn some football if you really think accurate passes and positional awareness are nothing for a CM or CAM, take that away from the mighty Xavi Hernandez and see what a player you get. Ramsey misplaced more passes in his cameo than Elneny in the whole game.

  9. Elneny is like a darker and taller version of Flamini. He can’t win possession, he can’t turn, he can only pass the ball in the direction in which he was facing when he recieved it. I’m starting to see why Wenger won’t play him ahead of Ramsey.

    1. however he played well against the spuds….

      give him time

      love requires patience…an stamina

    2. Were we watching the same game. I thought Elneny had a very solid game on a poor pitch away to a physical side

    3. He is similar but has discipline to hold his position. Think strength in the tackle will come as he adjusts to the pl and also like Ramsay looks the guy can run and run.

    4. I’m really confused did you not watch the game? Elneny controlled the midfield in the 1st half with his passing and his movement created space for players in the center. He is always looking for the forward pass and he has a good long ball on him. Look at the difference when ramsey came on, he played all back passes. Elneny is a good player and can become great let him hit the weight room over summer and give him a preseason


      i have always said hes inconsistent, scoring two goals against hulls b team does not justify a decade of inconsistency

      giroud gets constant pelters but gives way more than peanut head

      1. Hey, hey, yeah, what you gonna do? You wanna get down?
        Tell me, what you gonna do? Do you wanna get down?
        What you gonna do? You wanna get down?
        Come on and
        Get down on it, get down on it
        Get down on it, get down on it

    2. Don’t be so quick. I would like Walcott to start scoring again but the true tests will come from now on.

  10. Generally pleasing for several reasons, while worrying for others. Naturally, very worried about the injuries, but thought the defence handled being shifted around really well overall. I’m particularly impressed by Chambers, who could so easily have let his head drop having been a much more key figure at Southampton, and seemingly only playing a bit part for us. Flame and Monreal shifted nicely. However, how nice to see both Giroud and Walcott back on the score sheet. Boy they both needed that, and hopefully that will propel them forward for the rest of the season.

  11. Glad Walcott and Giroud scored…Important for their confidence…

    I thought Chambers had a good game. He is developing into a good and versatile player. (Rb, Cb)…

    Iwobi is a joy to watch.. Oh, Campbell pass (assist) for Walcott goal is sublime..

    And then the injuries…..Oh Men! Anyway, Glad to be through to the next round.

    1. Haven’t been able to watch the game yet, but glad to hear about Joel’s assist. Arsenal Player showed his chalk board at half time which showed how had he had worked on the right. Also good to hear that both the young lads had good games and fun too.

  12. Good win and hopefully it’ll help confidence.

    Wtf is happening on the injury front?? Thought this was improving….seems not. Fingers crossed theses are not serious.

    If we are serious about the cup and the league, I’d be happy if we took no risks and played a proper second string team versus Barca.

  13. Could you ever see tony Adams going of with a bump on his nut? No!!!!!! And I bet he will miss the next game like a big pussy. AW man our players up

  14. Couple of points:
    1) Elneny was fantastic: A tireless worker & great box to box player…lost just a couple of balls but really tidy in possession making the right plays forwards & backwards also great long balls as well to open the field!!Small sample but really promising if he takes a few muscle & becomes stronger physically.
    2) Iwobi was great as well always trying to make something happen going forward & hold his own in that #10 role. Campbell should be in the XI!!
    3) Great to have Walcott & Giroud on the scoresheet hopefully that will get there confidence going (even thought you never know…this was Hull). Still fancy Welbeck up front with Campbell on the left…who made a beautiful pass to Walcott, works hard, help in defence & provides width.
    5) Give credit where credit his due: good set up from Wenger & substitutions made against his will. They all came up good
    6) Ospina whoever wanted him gone…you’re stupid, he’s been great for us when called upon. He’s not Cech level but put somebody else between the sticks…we would be having a different conversation.
    7) Finally can we please stop getting injuries: overtime Gabriel makes a run in the XI and seems to be turning a corner he sustain an injury.

  15. Iwobi and Campbell stands out for me, their really moved our play forward. Ozil can’t do more than that

    1. They were fantastic but Özil at his best is irreplaceable!! His combination of vision, control, ability to pick up pass that no one can & his IQ is second to none! There’s a reason why he is at 18 assists & could’ve had so much more.

  16. the only negative was the injuries otherwise who missed ozil today.? I think Iwobi is taking good lessons from him,can we have another B player to take carzolique classes please.!

  17. Iwobi and Campbell stands out for me, they really moved our play forward. Ozil can’t do more than that….good play

    1. Elneny linked up play well, his passing is spot on!
      He needs to work on his tackling and put on some mass,
      he is a potential beast!

      Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Iwobi and Flamini put in a decent performance. .. Giroud and Walcott came good in the end.
      Monreal did okay too, considering his not 100%.

      Campbell has to be MOTM.

  18. Respect to the lads tonight but
    I would have preferred we lost .
    Now we have to play these
    extra games and rest Ozil and
    Sanchez again on Saturday.
    Everton away in 10 days is our next
    major target so hopefully Cech
    will be back for that.
    The Everton match is 12.45pm Sat 19th
    after the Wednesday Barca game
    so little rest for our squad.
    Leicester play Newcastle Tues night so will be well rested
    and their next game is on the Sunday
    v Palace (A) so again they will have tons of energy.
    A good win tonight but the Premier League chase
    IMO just got a little harder.

  19. Even though I predicted a 5 nil win before kick off,
    The end score line was a bit flattering!

    Ramsey on for Gabriel? ?… And he almost scored an OG!
    Before being subbed off after 17 minutes.
    All in all, it was a much needed win, with a flattering score line
    Good to see Giroud and Walcott scoring, Gary Linekar must have tweeted Walcott at half time and it was good to see a response from Theo ? I reckon that Walcott is trying to stay injury- free for the Euro’s! ?

    The injury crisis is back in full effect!

  20. Well done Gunners, a strong performance against a former premier team. They have a saying that the ball is round , therefore any team can be beaten on a day. I always love to see our youngsters getting involve in a game, whether it is due to injury or just resting a player or too games like these can push them in the first team light.

    I hope that our injuries will not be too serious, its a good time to string some wins to the end of the season. Although Giroud scored today i would love to see a front three of welbeck, sanchez and campbell for the rest of the season to get us over the line and also build for next season. a midfield of elneny and coquelin must also be promoted until cazorla is up and running, consistency at this time is a must

  21. it is known today that arsenal fan have really mature by unvailing wenger out banner because, if it was before, he always trick the fans(unmature ones) by winning couple of games and will turn to le prof as a result of that.
    but how did he made it successfully by fooling (tricking) the fans, for GOOD 10-13 years, in the way that they(fans) always fall for the tricks?

  22. Judging from both first half and second half display, Alex Iwobi is easily my Man of the match. This boy was the only player who wants to move the ball forward in the frst half. every other midfielder enjoya the back pass parade.

  23. Nicely put a way Theo (a la Henry) although I still think you and some other players only started looking interested when we were 2 nil up.

    El Neny looks to have top technic but I think he probably needs to bulk up a bit. A good spell on the sidelines through injury at Arsenal should help him with that;)


  24. Bloody moron on twitter calling Wrighty a p***k. The same dude from last year with the same banner and same couple of chums, only this time he decided to wait til end of game, and do it without Gooners sitting directly in front of him who might just would clock him one. Wrighty was perfectly right, the season is not over yet and he more than most knows the importance of support. Wengers first ever title, I thought that season was over as did we all but we went on a remarkable run with thirteen games to go. This tosser and his muggy banner (lol) feels he has the right to let Arsene know the full extent of his disappointment on not the winning title, yet at the same time he abuse Ian Wright, a player who was instrumental in putting titles up on the board.

  25. Apparently Monreal left the KC stadium on crutches….. Things are looking bleak on the injury department.

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