Hull v Arsenal review – Xhaka screamer seals Gunners win

After Arsenal had doubled the lead early in the second half and with Hull City down to 10 men the Gunners were on easy street but a Snodgrass penalty conceded by Cech with around 15 minutes left put the result into doubt, until Alexis Sanchez kept a cool head to smash a third after Walcott’s shot was saved. The points were safe but there was still time for Granit Xhaka to put the icing on the cake with a long range screamer.

Both teams began with a great intensity and the pace of the game was fairly frenetic with neither side really able to get control in the first 10 or 15 minutes, but having matched the home side’s work rate the Gunners were able to show the superior class and with Cazorla, Ozil and all we began to dominate possession and create chances.

Alexis Sanchez was looking sharp through the middle, even though he did often come deep. Iwobi and Walcott on the flanks were linking up well and both full backs were getting forward and Arsenal were soon rewarded with the opening goal. There was a slice of luck involved as Iwobi’s shot was deflected off Alexis giving the keeper no chance.

We dominated the half after that and really should have scored more, especially when Coquelin’s shot was blocked with a hand to give us a penalty. For some reason Alexcis took it instead oif Cazorla and it proved costly as it was a poor attempt which was saved.

The Hull keeper made many more saves and but for him the game would have been done and dusted at halftime. It only took 10 minutes of the second half for us to get that breathing space, with Walcott producing a fine finish to a great set up by Alex Iwobi.

THat should have been that and we had lots of chances to score more but did not and so when Hull scored a 79th minute penalty and got their tails up it could have gone wrong, but just a few minutes later the Chilean scored to secure the points and make the last minutes a lot more comfortable.

Xhaka produced an injury time stunner to cap a fine day and keep the title challenge on track.

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  1. That was some horrible managing by Wenger but we managed to win it. But gotta love Xhaka:

    Benched for 3 matches straight, probably ORDERED not to shoot by Wenger, goes in and rather than making meaningless passing shoots from 30 yards out, a screamer. What a lad! Surely a scolding is to follow from Wenger not walking the ball into the net..?

    1. Some horrible managing, we won 4-1 ffs you don’t know what your chatting about cause anything you say wont justify it was the right team selection and we won comfortable and played well today , some of are fans are trully unbelievable Coyg

      1. disagree about right team selection, but going forward there was impressive movement
        just cos u dont agree doesnt mean he doesnt know what hes talking about.
        i expected better from an old codger like yourself

        good result . made difficult away draw look easier than expected

        defo potential banana skin avoided

        1. I’m even talking about before the match as well, the abuse wenger was getting was ridiculous about he’s team selection on here and we played are best game of the season today, so to come on here and question wenger and say it was ridiculous what he done wen we just won 4-1 is stupid and yes does mean he don’t know what he’s talking about. Coyg

          1. Today’s game wasn’t the worst. We did quite well.
            We however make too many sideways and backward passes. Caused us the clean sheet.
            I still believe we’re not playing our best 11 though. Little bit more tweeking of the team required.
            Good 3 points though.

      2. Well let’s see:

        – we got lucky Cazorla didn’t get sent off. Not that he deserved it but it’s quite obvious refs crack under the pressure from the home crowd, especially when they had already lost their man. Xhaka could’ve been subbed in 15 minutes earlier. Didn’t Wenger just say he was going to use him as B2B player..?

        – leading 0-2 against 10-men team and we did a defensive sub in Elneny. And conceded minute after! Why did we have to do a defensive sub? Got lucky there because of the new rules and Cech didn’t get sent off. Mbokani made the jump before the contact though.

        – Why was Xhaka on the bench anyway?

        – Giroud was injured, okay. We were leading comfortably 0-2 against 10 men. Why wasn’t Perez given a run? Perfect timing to get this new lad going, playing without pressure.

        – Sanchez started again as a striker. Is it because Wenger wants him sign the extension? He scored 2 so new the fickles will say “oh that was a master class from Wenger!”. Why doesn’t he start on the left?!

        I give credit to the manager when it’s due, but not today. Just because we won doesn’t automatically mean it was a managerial master class.

        1. So gentlemenn, can you give me a mature, rationalized answer for my questions like an adult or are you just going to blabber about how “you don’t know anything!!” nonsense with some sand in your vajayjays?

          1. ive already explained to u havnt I, your the one who needs to explain your comment on how you can say it was bad management on he’s belhalf about hes selection wen we put in a good solid display and just won 4-1away from home , and I can tell u now nothing what u can say will justify what you said after the game.

          2. That was pretty good to be honest. I don’t think bringing on Elneny was that big of a deal though, typical controlling the game instead of going for a high scoring win move by Wenger.

        2. It’s a different message to the team bringing on a striker with 30 minutes to go compared to 10.

          Sure they got 1 back after Eleney came on, but it is not the wrong decision from the manager… it is reasonable to bring on a DM and try to close the game when you 2:0 up.

          Look, it is quite obvious that Wenger dont really rate Perez,but on the plus side it is also obvious that Wenger think highly of Iwobi.

          1. @Liang, fair enough. I still think we often try to slow it down way too soon and sometimes it has backfired in the past!

        3. Sanchez has proven that he has the ability to be a very good central forward (not a striker), if Arsenal uses the right tactic. Today Arsenal has an extra central attacking midfielder, which is him.

          Currently Coquelin works better with Cazorla. Coquelin is more combative and able to read the game. Xhaka is not ready yet.

          I wish they play bravely like this in every match.

        4. Unbelievable!! We win an away game, Wenger gets criticized for his team selection. what kinda fckd up sht is that?!

          The fact that the team he selected won the game means that it was a good selection for this particular game ffs!

          U can’t question the decicion to play Sanchez upfront when he just scored a brace! Thats ridiculous

          Finally, you need to get a life. How is starting Xhaka off the bench any of your business? Wenger is the one who comes up with the tactics. If he feels that he needs to rotate his fresh to keep them fresh, then so be it! Its really stupid to think that you know better than the manager when you haven’t even spent a minute on the training grounds with the team.

          1. Ah, I see. So your logic is that:

            – anyone who hasn’t got the same amount of experience from the training ground with the team as Wenger, is NOT eligible for his view or opinion about the team’s selection by a manager, who’s salary is PAID BY fans who express their opinions?

            If Xhaka starts on the bench, it’s not ANYONE’s business because as fans, we must at all times NOT criticize. Did I get this right?

          2. Just because you manage to get home safely on bald tyres doesn’t mean you’re a fantastic driver, it means you have an element of luck on your side, which was clearly the case in keeping Santi on, after his final warning, rather than replacing him with Xhaka.

        5. you have the reasoning of a 10 years old man”he got lucky,wenger wants him to sign an extention …”very sad.

        1. Don’t know Igor just stop working and is not even on the AppStore anymore must of shut it down again 🙁 let me know if u find another app we can use.

      3. Please, get your out of Wengers butt.

        We won, but it was far from a polished performance. We moved the ball around too slow, wings not tracking back, City, Chelsea and United would punish that!

        Sanchez was not effective from front, plus we lose his defensive ability which is light years ahead of Iwobi ( lad needs to track back), Monreal was left 2 on 1 on more that 1 occasion.

        You wonder why Cazorla getting yellow cards all of a sudden, look to lax defending of our wingers.

      4. I know it was a win, and of course that is what it is all about, but against 10 man Hull, we have so many class players benched, and Wenger needs to be able to work out the best lineup, especially as we have Chelski next week, who we always managed to lose against, even when everyone else is winning, so in that sense it was a wasted opportunity

    2. WE won 4 v 1 in and away game in the premier league. Its never easy awa from home. I will cut wenger some slack for now. I am only surprised Ozil played 90 mins… How is that even possible

      Ozil can miss 3 sitters and walk all over the pitch and nody will dare to say how poor he is? A number 10 should not know how to score but just assist? should we just give him £250 000 a week for bn call Ozil?

      Cazorla is way better than Ozil. I have watch enough of both of them and Cazorla has given us so much more. remember his first season as a number 10? This guy Cazorla is underrated. He single handedly took control of the PSG game in the second half. what a man Cazorla.

      1. @galen,

        Yeah, Özil’s been really poor for the past 3 games. I was wondering if he’s starting because of the contract situation..?

        Though using some genius logic we sometimes see here, he has to start because we won today!

    3. I think it was a step forward. Many positives and I only see one negative. Iwobi has to learn to defend, or maybe be to told to defend? Hull a lot of room down their right side and Monreal was left alone way too many times, before the sending off. We got away with it, but it needs to be rectified, and I am worried is a blind spot for Wenger.
      But going forward – it was the best of the season so far.

    4. Whether we Win Lose or Draw doesn’t really matter for you. Coz ur agenda is to somehow make Wenger look bad. Real Arsenal fans will take the win with no complains but surely will come up with suggestions and ideas. Those duds or so called Keyboard Warriors are jealous of Arsenal’s Victory so they come here to vent their ire. Do they really know that Arsenal beat Hull city very convincingly. 4 fkcin. 1.
      Keep Posting Bull you Clowns.

  2. Arsenal make things hard for themselves….

    Glad we got the three points.

    Xhaka, what a hit.. .what a beauty. That stunner put a huge smile on my face in a game I was a bit tensed when it was 2:1 as Arsenal didn’t hit Top Gear at two nil.

  3. Who else thinks we were were playing far worse than our potential?
    Anyway.. I would take the win ! Up the gunners ! #COYG

  4. I hope Iwobi cements his place in starting 11. Sorry Granit , I lost track and thought Alexis scored. fantastic strike.

    1. Because Iwobi is little rusty on the finishing side, I think he could be given a run as a CAM (against Nottingham for starters). He’s got great ball control, trickery and vision.

      I guess Özil can’t be benched right now because we need him to sign an extension. Then again, OX plays whenever he likes even if he had just signed a new contract.

      Anyone saw Sanchez pointing the badge after the third goal? Looked promising!

      1. Of course, he was great going forward but that’s not great when you are also the direct cause of multiple attacks by the opposition which could have cancelled out his own goals.

        1. I think after Monreal spoke to him it got better. And that was about midway into the first half, after that I don’t remember Monreal getting doubled up on, if again.

      2. @Charlie Nick,

        that’s the thing I like about Iwobi, his willingness to shoot. Although we could argue his finishing is not up there, 2 of of his shots in the past 2 matches has lead to a goal by Sanchez. That can’t be ignored by anyone!

  5. I’m waiting for all the negative comments after a 4-1 away win! We played just like we should have, no point pushing too hard when we got a game on Tuesday as some players will most likely play. We should all be happy and celebrating but the fickle ones won’t take a break even today

    1. On present form Ozil should be no where near the team. Santi Xhaka and Coq should start.

      Coquelin has done nothing wrong? why are people hating? The poorest midfielder so far is Ozil and he is so much better than that. I really want him to improve before the chelsea game. he is too gud to be playing this poor.

      1. For me, Coquelin has been our best player this season together with Koscielny. He probably would have scored that goal before the penalty.

  6. Exam Question: what is a Comfortable win…

    Answer: Hull City vs Arsenal…

    However, we are not 100% yet..
    Ama enjoy the win…

  7. Exam Question: what is a Comfortable win????.

    Answer: Hull City vs Arsenal…

    However, we are not 100% yet..
    Ama enjoy the win…

  8. No complaints from me
    1-4 is a great result
    Great to see Alexis 2
    and great to see Xhaka score 1st goal
    Hope Theo’s goal is the first of many

    Can relax this weekend now

  9. Why did Sanchez walk up to take the penalty? We all know Cazorla is our penalty taker, hasn’t this been made clear to the lads? Or did Sanchez just break protocol??

    1. Good to see someone with confidence, keen to take responsibility, winning mentality….

      …the only problem with my argument is that the eejit missed it …aaarghh

  10. Alexis, Walcott scores
    Xhaka score his first Arsenal goal, a screamer
    won by 3 goal margin
    extended 3 match wnning run
    happy days

    1. Well I guess it’s not how you start or play, just how you finish!

      I just think with some changes we could’ve put this game to bed a lot earlier and with a clean sheet!

  11. Excellent performance today. Arsenal has the guts to play with inverted fullbacks tactic, if they play against a weaker team, like Hull City. If they want to follow Barcelona and Manchester City football styles, they should be braver. The inverted fullbacks tactic will make them dominate the midfield.

    If they don’t dare to use the inverted fullbacks tactic, I think they’d better switch to the more physical and speedy 4-4-1-1, like the invicible era tactic.

    I think Alexis Sanchez is excellent as the central forward today. He acted as an extra central attacking midfielder. Iwobi, Walcott, Cazorla and Coquelin play very well as well.

    I also feel Ozil doesn’t contribute too much lately. As a central attacking midfielder, he should be able to read and dictate the game, but he can’t. Better get Riyad Mahrez next season. I think he is like Messi, they have the ability to read the game and become playmaker.

  12. Good win, good goals and we still not up to speed yet.

    Walcott funny enough is doing far better defensively than Iwobi over the last couple games, Ozil has been poor for several games, strange enough if was other players we would be all over them, we are still too complacent when we are in the league especially in the defense Mustafi and kos.

    i was hoping to see a Xhaka BOOM BOOM pretty soon and i did get that opportunity, what a goal, many like myself thought he would start in a match like this but it was not so, although i did not see Coquelin playing today i will tell you that he is the most important midfielder arsenal has even though he is under rated and should be played in most of our games, without any disrespect Ozil, Cazorla(my favorite), ramsay, Elneny and Xhaka.

  13. Really happy with the performance. The only real downside was Ozil still looking a little lethargic. Cazorla and Coquelin today played very well together. I thought everyone was good to very good. Mustafi and Koscielny, signs with building a formidable partnership, they’ll get there it’s very early. Iwobi looked very good going forward. Walcott gave a few decent passes into the area in first half, and his goal was nice. Alexis, stick of dynamite, speaking of dynamite, Xhaka whaka. Really impressed with how we reacted to the goal. There were no signs of crumbling like we’ve seen in the past, very impressed with how we reacted, mature. Overall a solid performance and a satisfying result.

  14. it’s kind of annoying you guys think just because of that goal Xhaka was excellent when subbed on. Some of those his missed passes were atrocious and for your information, Wenger says he sees Xhaka playing in the Cazorla role so pls stop demanding he starts when he is way below cazorla at the moment

    1. You’re right, his general play was nothing special today. His positioning was a little off at times, the wrong side of his man. However, he only had twenty five minutes and what a strike. We don’t see that too often, it’s great that his long range passing accuracy can be deployed in shooting too. That has to make a Gooner happy. Also I might add, if Wenger tells a player they are not quite ready and it will take time, whether that is true or not that is exactly what will happen. This is one of Wengers weak points. Other managers call their players warriors and ask them to dig deep. Whereas Wenger has talked about players needing rest and being mentally tired even before a season has got going.

      1. Not right on everything. Just on the part about being excellent, although the strike was. Give him a full game and you’ll see him pinging balls better than most.

  15. You just know that xhaka is getting a rollocking for shooting outside the box! What a beauty! As someone previously mentioned, Cazorla no 10 xhaka and Coq behind. Ozil can be dropped until he decides to give a $h!t, IMO

  16. sorry r u saying AW shld av start with perez ,secly wen ur team r leading ll u do attacking sub,wen u av carzola wit yellow card, guy wise up…….best players started today,we all knw giroud is injured

  17. Inverted fullbacks! Wtf?
    What next. False 9?
    How about an inside out inverted Christmas tree formation.
    I’m off to go underwater hang gliding, bye chaps.
    Oh by the way I thought Walcott was good today.

  18. people forget that before the game hull had 7pts like us,man united needed a last minute winner how many times do we have to say it there are no longer any easy games people forget that epl teams have bigger budgets than most teams in europe bar few!1

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