Hummels transfer to leave BFG out of Arsenal line-up?

There is another development in the Arsenal transfer rumour linking us with a possible swoop for the Borussia Dortmund star defender Mats Hummels in the January transfer window. According to a report in the Daily Star, one of our main rivals for the signature of Hummels has dropped out of the race.

The paper claims that news from Russia suggests that the Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is now looking at Ezequiel Garay, the Argentina international centre back currently playing for Zenit St. Petersburg, as his top transfer target in January. This apparently leaves Arsenal in pole position to sign the Germany international.

It does not mean that we will go for him, with the Gunners also linked with Winston Reid and Virgil van Dijk, to name but two. However, if we do go for Hummels and are successful, it will surely mean that one of the current first choice central defenders at Arsenal would miss out.

And with Laurent Koscielny the quickest, youngest and most consistent of the two, it would probably be Hummels former team mate in the Germany national team, Per Mertesacker, that would drop to the bench. Arsenal lost their last captain, Thomas Vermaelen, in just that sort of situation, so would the transfer of the 25-year old Dortmund cause a similar problem?

To be honest, I don’t think so. Our BFG seems a lot more of a team player who would realise what was best for the club and be ready to step in when necessary. The other option would be to sign a player that would merely be competition and cover for Mertesacker and Koscielny. It seems clear that Wenger will strengthen the defence in January but which route will the manager take?

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  1. Hummels over Per any day anytime and I think as stated,Per seems more of a team player…But then again,Wenger buys who Wenger buys so all these speculation hold no water

    1. Diego Simeone, Mats Hummels, Morgan Schneiderlin & Jackson Martinez… thank you, and goodnight. Oh wait I forgot we’re not Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Bayern, PSG, Chelsea or City.

  2. “I love playing in any of the three positions [in attack]. I feel slightly more comfortable down the left as I can run at people and cut inside on my right foot, but whenever I’m playing football, any position is good for me.” ~ Sanchez

    I’m a bit surprised he prefers playing on the left than on the right or central. Anyhow, having a player of his calibre is good to have. For a long long time, gunners are dreaming about the potential of their new side. If Wenger can coax a top top performance out of Welbeck, Theo and Sanchez, we have the potential of even being more devastating than Liverpool last year.

  3. If Wenger were to be after a player of Hummels caliber it would signal to me he may fear or know of a player wanting to leave (Kos more likely than BFG). Would love to have Hummels & Kos as cb pairing with BFG getting & # of games depending on rotation/injuries/competition

  4. would you rather have hummels on the bench instead of mertesacker? …….. Anyways its gonna be another Long transfer saga come january …. demented Wenger is still the manager as usual…. Perhaps he’s planning to sign another player while participating in a desert motor rally in dakar

  5. Hummels to Arsenal? Honestly, I’d luv to see that happen, but realistically it’s just not so possible.

    Off Topic______
    What is just wrong with Jack? I quite like him but he talks too much and he is overly full of himself. So he thinks he’s currently in form? Damn! Does he watch videos of his performances?

    He says, “The main thing that got me back [in form] is my pride. I never wanted to stop – I was never satisfied with the level I was playing at.” He goes on, “I’ve been very pleased [with myself].I said at the start of the season that it was going to take me a few games to come back to the level I was at [and now I’m at that level].”

    Well, there you have it. Jack thinks he is back to his former self, when he was just so good and very brilliant on the ball (like he was against Barcelona back then).

    Why do I have a feeling he now does it secretly in the bathroom?


    1. He is in form mate. Back then our whole team was good. Nowdays everyone plays so bad that even the ones who are doing okeys fall into a catogory of being shet.

    2. Arsenal this season:
      When Wilshere is on the pitch: scored 6, conceded 15.
      When Wilshere isn’t on the pitch: scored 17, conceded 2.

      Tired of that little sh*t he needs to get benched.

  6. Look i exaggerate things a bit but this is how i understand Arsenal current poletics.

    Arsenes main duty is to get Arsenal the Cl money. The 4 place. Till now it looks kinda hard but we are not far from the 4th place. If Wenger thinks the team is in danger for the 4 place, only then he will go out and buy.

    To become Great Again and compete for glory, according to me we need.

    New manager. Klopp or Michael Laudrup, Frank de Boer and Berkamb combo, Martinez.

    New players in:

    Left back- Ricardo Rodríguez, a hidden world star ( Gibbs is simple to injurie prone, a big team should not rely on a gamble).

    Hummels. Mertesacker is not good enough.

    Song. Cheap and class ( Martinez is injuried and to costy). Or Bender.

    Draxler. We can use him on the Lw, and also with luck he can be molded into a Van Persie. Becoming a shadow Striker. ( Reus is deff off to Bayern).

    But what i say and dream off means horse shet. Whats imprtant now is to rebuildd our flow back, as we have become a joke of a club. Last year we were about to compete for big things, nodways the likes of Everton and Southapton bully us, which is utter pathetic.

    1. It is not football manager
      Klopp aside, none of the other managers mentioned are at the level of Wenger – See what happen when Moyes took over Man Utd.
      Klopp is not perfect either, 15th in a less competitive Bundesliga – 4 lost in a row? Cannot remember the last time in Wenger tenure that we have such bad record.
      After 2 wins (not convincing but a win nevertheless) can’t believe so many people still want to sack the manager.

        1. Which pretty much invalidate your point. Klopp is not nobody, eh? Even Moyes was not quite a nobody. I believe Dortumnd will slowly gain traction as they iron out their issues when half a team was not available. Which means that Klopp is not a magician either. If you don’t have material then you can’t deliver.

      1. @ethangooner, u say “none of the other managers
        mentioned are at the level of Wenger”. I ask u, at what level was Wenger when he took over at Arsenal? Have u read the story of how Dein brought in “the unknown French coach that wears glasses and looks like a school teacher”?

        Becuz the young Wenger wanted to prove a point at his new big club (mind you we already had stars like Adams in the team then), he completely and positively revolutionised things.

        Until u give someone a chance, u won’t know what he or she is capable of.

        1. Before wenger came was arsenal a big club? What had it achieved with such stars as Adams? I understand Adams was promoted to the senior team at 20 or there abouts hence when wenger came Adams had spent some years at Arsenal. Tell me therefore the number of trophies he had won, the average league position of arsenal over that period.

          Before wenger Arsenal was flirting wirh success here and there but not a top team as you know it today. So stop asking who was Wenger before he came to Arsenal becuase Arsenal was not big either.

          1. Arsenal had 11 epl titles, equal to Manure. This means we where quit a big club. Graham did something Arsene was never able to, and that was winning a mayor football trophy outside the leauge.

            1. As a matter of fact Arsenal had won 10 league titles before wenger came in. However you need to take things into perspective. 50% (5) of those titles had been won 60 years before the arrival of wenger. They had been won between 1930 and and 1936. An additional two had been won soon after second world war. An additional one in the 1970s, while two had been won between 1988 and 1991. Wenger then won three.

              As regards the fa cup Arsenal has won 11, with five having been won under wenger, 2 2 won more than 60 years before wenger became manager. Two were won in the 1970s, 1 soon after second world war, and 1 and graham.

              From these stats its apparent that apart from the period 1929-1936, Arsenal had never had a prolonged era og dominance in th EPL. The most prolonged era of dominance and sustained success has been under Wenger. It is for this reason why I said Arsenal was not a big club before Wenger.

              You tried to draw parallels between Arsenal and Man U. What you need to realize is that during the 1990s man u was beginjing to reap the benefits of decades of investment in future success. Man U were relagated in the 1970s and was an also run club in the 1980s. Its success was being held in part due to its investment in the future.

              Incidentally the greater part of wenger era was spent investing in future success. During that period the Arsenal trophy cabinet grew by 50%. This must help you how Wenger grew an also run club into what it is today. Being an I know it all I doubt that you will ever understand this

      2. Dortmund has lost 6 in nine and it appears the trend will continue. However the wenger out brigade are blaming dortmund losses on injuries. If anyone blames arsenal poor results on injuries and bad officiating he/she is accused of makng excuses for wenger. I do not understand why it is wrong to make excuses for wenger while doing the same for klopp is ok.

        1. The diff is. Klopp says ,, We play sh*t, things need to change fast”, and Wenger is like, ” Everything is fine, we are unlucky, refere suck, fa suck,, fans suck, other manager suck aswell for beating him, reporters suck, papers suck, Game of Thrones suck, the pitch sucks, excuses after excuses.

          1. And how has klopp’s public statements about how poor dortmund has been helped in improving the performance of the team? Ironically you also claim that the entire dortmund squad can replace the current Arsenal squad. You would rather have Arsenal fighting relegation with klopp than Arsenal fighting for championship with wenger. What kind of logic is that

            1. No, To fix a problem you need acknowledge that you have one. And after you do that, you go out and start to change things. Like tactics, or getting players who are needed in the team. In Arsenal case a Dm, first of all.

              No they cant. We have a good team and need only a new manager and the players i mentioned on my other comment before to become champions.

              1. You havent answered the question as to whether dortmund’s fortunes have changed or are changing for the better. If not why after your glory klopp has publicly stated wherr the problem lies.

                You come here to regurgitate what failed managers and ex players that cant get management jobs say are Arsenal problems without verifying the veracity of their claims. Chelsea and man city with so called beast DMs have conceded 2 and 1 goal less than Arsenal’s terrible defence. An analysis of goals conceded by Arsenal shows that 10 of those goals has nothing to do with the quality of our defensive midfielders. One was a result of an individual mistake of a dm something that is common to any player. In contrast an analysis of goals conceded by chelsea and man city shows that more than three of each club’s goals conceded was down to their DMs being caught on the ball.

                Those facts are there for anyone to see yet ypu are so subservient to your pundits to have your own mind. In contrast wenger uses his own mind and see things differently from failed managers and ex players with no knowledge about football management. It is for this reason they hate him while on the other hand football administrators at top top clubs want him at their clubs.

    2. @ks gunner i think arsenal has a potential to compete with big clubs it just that wenger is failing to get the best out of our players and is bussy ignoring the positions that are more important like dm,lb.i would really like us to buy ricardo and sell monreal

      1. Bro, i agree, its bec of this fact that Arsenal has such potential to become a big club whats pisses me off the most

      2. Monreal is a very useful squad member why sell him ?
        He can be trained as the fourth cb aswell Rodrigues for me is the next big thing at left back but wenger wouldn’t want to buy someone ahead of Gibbs we have more pressing matters anyhow like a world class dm and cb

        The best young English left back is Robertson from hull he has the potential to be as good as Gibbs is now and at 19 years of age it would mean we can keep nacho for a couple more seasons at least. Remember we had cole,clichy,traore,Gibbs at one point and in the end the clichy replaced cole but his back up,was eventually leapfrogged by Gibbs. The same would happen to nacho once Robertson comes of age.

    3. Mate, Rodriguez is not a hidden world star.. I’ve followed him for about 2 years and currently he’s in the top 2 best leftbacks in the world with Alaba. I would kill to have him in our team but with 100% certainty he’s going to be snapped by a big club. Our best chance to sign him was maybe before the World Cup but not any longer that’s for sure.

      Marcelo’s contract end next year so I would guess he’s going to Real.

      1. Chances are marcelo will sign a new deal.every big team has a top left back or one with great potential it’s difficult to see who would be in for him. Maybe Chelsea because filipe luiz may want to leave,plus ivanovic wouldn’t settle for 2nd choice if azpilicueta gets the right side he wants.

        Other option is city clichy or kolorov would have to make way as both aren’t exactly going to lead them to champions leauge glory.

        Personally I would love him to join but wenger wouldn’t want to block Gibbs who he rates as England no.1

  7. Hummels is world class i dont think he would want to be per understudy,how about a 20-23 years old player with real potential like rudiger or laporte

  8. 1/ Do we understand what “rotation” and “squad depth” mean?

    2/ Hummels is a few years younger than Per and Kos. He is for now and the future.

  9. rudiger’s a self confessed arsenal fan….. What’s bad in signing a good and commited player even for a cheap? ….. *Questions for wenger and his AKBs*

  10. We will not sign Hummels in January, he will not go to anyone in January. Very few big moves ever happen in this transfer window; especially players moving from/to CL clubs. The debate then goes to whether we should buy an established CB in Jan (hard to come by) or buy a young one and either wait for summer to sign an established CB (unlikely if we already have bought a young CB) or just keep the young one. Ideally we should sign a top DM who can fill in at CB (also hard to come by), I think that Per-Kos can reach the level they were at last season but we need a DM to facilitate this. People are calling for a world class CB to be bought in January, this will not be an instant fix. It takes time and a lot of training to build an effective understanding between two CB’s. All in all we need a DM and a break from all of these defensive injuries and we will be truly golden.

    1. @Thando, when they start talking like that, I just feel embarrassed. Even Per had the dignity to admit the team has been horrible. Unsurprisingly, classless, clueless Wenger came out to praise the team’s “fighting spirit” and says he’s happy with the team’s performance.

      So sad.

      1. @kickassfan wenger needs to demand more from his players,this season has been more about individual performance than a collective, i would like to see a 4-2-3-1 against burnley

    1. People make me laugh, they don’t want khedira and would sell diaby because they are injury prone yet would sign reus and keep Walcott who have missed more matches through injury than diaby and khedira in the last 6 years.

      At least make your reasons factual rather than just fabricating a response.

  11. Long wait till January, supporting Arsenal for the upcoming matches would prove t be a more productive task

  12. We dont have players suited for simeone ‘s physical style or klopps intense pressing game. Especially in england the battle is more physical compared to bundesliga. There is no guarantee that they’ll become success. You are absolutely right mate. If a new man comes and doesnt perform most of us will be calling for his head.

  13. Fighters in our team

    5)Flamini(Average player tho)
    6)Ox(puts the effort but out of form)

    Pu##ys in the team

    1)Wheelchair(falls so much it’s embarrassing)
    2)Giroud (f##k giroud)
    3)Ozil(Gets so easily manhandled)
    4)Arteta (Light weight champion contender )
    5)Gibbs ( Another contender)

    Diaby(feather weight champion)

      1. @kickassfan
        But as horrible as you say he was, he sure kept us in the fight. And he took some damn serious beatins up front on his own…

    1. No, Wilsher is always fighting, that you people dont see it is a diff matter, same goes for Arteta.

    2. @Truth Hurts
      I wouldnt be so hard on Giroud..He may be limited ability wise but he cannot be accused of not giving his all..The biggest pU**y of them all here is OZIL..The cry baby little B*tch

    3. You said the same about gevhino a few seasons ago until he left now he setting the serie A alight are you not ashamed of your consistently poor judgment about players? Fans of other clubs stand by their players through thick and thin yet Arsenal plastic fans make a profession out of pulling their players and club down. The so called average players gave ypu fa cup and community shield a few months back. In addition they finished 7 points behind eventual league winners.

    4. Well, apart from OX, I agree. OX is the laziest player I’ve seen for a long time.

      I can forgive a little laziness if you help the team offensively, but that’s surely what OX is NOT doing. This lad drops his shoulder, tries to run past his man, loses possession and jogs back never making it to help defense. Not to mention he only starts trying when we are 0-1 down.

  14. If Hummels was available and we had a shot at getting him, we’d be silly not to. Any time you can bring in a world class CB who is still relatively young, you’ve gotta do it. He’d be the best CB we’ve had since Sol Campbell, him and Koscielny could make a superb pairing.

  15. Saturday v burnley, I think we should really go for goals. They are the only team without a win all season so now is the time to unleash one or two players that are desperate to prove their worth. I would drop welbeck chamberlain and cazorla to the bench. I would go 4411
    Bellerin Mertesacker chambers gibbs
    Walcott wilshire ramsey podolski

    Martinez monreal coquelin rosicky chamberlain cazorla welbeck

  16. Please we don’t need a Per understudy, we need a replacement. Hummels, no way will he come to Arsenal. Wenger won’t rest that story,just to keep us off his back ,but he won’t even try.We’ve seen this happen so many times. I don’t think I can bear to watch Mertesacker much longer. I watched the Shrewsbury CB on Tuesday night and he was light years ahead our man…

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