Hunger, Humility and Confidence inspire Arsenal win

Three of Arsene Wenger’s favourite motivational words all came together to describe Arsenal 3-0 win at Swansea to keep us up there at the top with Man City, and our goal difference was reduced by two goals as well so there is just a 4-goal gap now.

The Gunners had a hairy start and Gomis should have scored against us for the third game in a row early on, but Cech stood firm and Bellerin’s speed conspired to nick the ball of his boot. The first quarter of the game was end-to-end, but we gradually found our stride and finally came out with an easy win through goals by Giroud, Koscielny and debut-boy Campbell.

Wenger admitted that Swansea didn’t make it easy for us straight from the kick-off. “It is always a difficult game,” Le Prof said after the game. “We were a bit edgy [in the first half] but in fairness Swansea showed quality again today. They are maybe going through a spell where they have less confidence but they are a good side.

“In the first half, it was difficult but in the second half we upped our purpose, our tempo and had more purpose in our passing, with pace in our combinations. Once we scored the first goal we were the dominant team and won the game normally.

“We had a difficult first half but we came through it. I rested eight players on Wednesday and gave them a little breather this week, and it took us a little while to get into the tempo of the game. I am pleased because we could keep a clean sheet during the difficult moments of the game and you are never in a hurry to take too many risks going forward. Once we scored the first goal it was a completely different game.”

Giroud’s opener was the 2000th goal by Arsenal under his reign, and he was asked if he was proud of his milestone. “Yes, the three points are more important. I am proud of scoring goals because people like to come to see football to see people try to play, but the most important of course was the three points.”

He was then tried to be drawn into a comment about the complete implosion that has occurred at Chelsea under Mourinho,but he replied diplomatically: “I think it is better I don’t talk too much about that. Let’s focus on our game. We have made a little difference with some teams. Let’s focus on the quality of our game and keep a good balance between hunger, humility and confidence and not look too much at the other teams.”

I don’t think Arsenal would be able to see Chelsea anyway, all the way down, especially with all those other teams in the way!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I have written articles bashing Giroud. But when he keeps up this good work i need to say he is doing very well. I know Ozil Sanchez and cazorla get all the headlines. But I will like to say a big shout out to Nacho and Hector. Brovo boys.

    1. A thought on Nacho and Bellerin…especially Nacho, you know they are doing a very good job when we aren’t hearing their names every week or they fly under the radar. Perhaps they are the most solid wing back pairing in the league. They are probably the most consistent players out of the first 11 this season.

  2. Can we afford any of our players to be injured? I was really scared when Bellerin clashed with the goal pole.

  3. Listen Baby Please we also got a clean sheet

    Lets not forget our defense
    Like Galen mentioned Bellerin and Monreal but also Cech, Coquelin, Koscielny, Mert. These guys will be vital against Bayern

    The whole team played fantastic
    The Wenger too
    Wenger made the right choice with Campbell and tactics

    Mr Mourinho can you see us from way down there lol. Who is specialist in failure now

  4. super glad campbell scored. may his confidence gain and score a lot more! its funny how when 1 player gets injured, that becomes a golden chance for another (when they grab the chance).
    glad to see giroud score too.

    wenger should sub out a couple of players when we reached 3:0 with 17min to play. sanchez is still jaded (understandably) and needs rest.

    coq had a so-so game: i think he’s saving himself for bayern. we need a deeper squad in that the subs should be almost at the level of the first XI.

    mert made a couple of mistakes esp when our backline was at the halfway line: maybe gabriel is injured and thats why he wasnt preferred over mert. i hope wenger doesnt think mert > gabriel.

  5. Ozil fans were wrong when they blamed his poor form on Giroud. Guess who Ozil has assisted the most this season? No player should be made a scapegoat for another’s poor form.

    Ozil critics were wrong when they called him a flop. He’s enjoying his game now and is gradually paying back his £42M price tag.


    1. @Twig
      I must admit. I was gettin fed up with his lackluster performances and was about to write him off…

      1. I was myself, but I couldn’t argue with the numbers any more. It’s amazing how he racks up the assists, seemingly without even trying. But it wasn’t all about Ozil of course, Giroud’s movement for the goal was fantastic.

        1. @Twig
          What got me back onto him is the way he’s been making players look like mugs. His movement is so d**n fluid. Plus he’s put some edge to his play. Always loved his passin game. Just didn’t think it was enough. Now he’s put it all into a sweet, neat package and it looks awesome…

    2. I’ve always thought Ozil was very good and just needed pacy/mobile players around him. Perhaps part of his resurgence has to do with playing consistently with Walcott and Sanchez. Leicester City and Man Utd are Arsenal’s best games this season and Theo Walcott started both and Ozil played particularly well in these games.
      Giroud is playing well because he doesn’t have the pressure of being the main striker or being the 1st choice week in week out. He is a very good substitute and a guy to fill in when the main man isn’t there.
      This must not change. Wenger should stick with playing Walcott as the starter when he is available. Not to take anything away from Giroud because he has done well these past few weeks from the bench and when he started but the team is just more threatening and more potent in attack with Walcott up there.

    3. Whenever I read the criticisms of Ozil I wanted to scream. I was just dreading the possibility of Ozil leaving and watching him at his next club. Thankfully Wenger has more patience, confidence, belief, knowledge, and trust than the critics.

      1. Mt thoughts too. Ozil was the scapegoat when our defending use to be poor, and our strikers were not on his wavelength. This guy is a genius, and I can imagine if at least half of the chances he creates in every game leads to goals, 5 and 6 goal scorelines will be a routine for Arsenal.

  6. Özil has 9 assists this season already. In 10 appearances. 27 games to go. Thierry Henry’s record stands at 20. Is Mesut the man to break it and silence his doubters once and for all? It would be very sweet if he did, especially given Fabregas’ failure to break it last season.

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