“I agree with William Gallas” Kanu suggests next Arsenal manager

Former Arsenal star, Nwankwo Kanu has suggested that Patrick Vieira or Thierry Henry would be the perfect fit as Arsenal’s manager.

Both former players are currently cutting their teeth in the managerial world and they were linked to the Arsenal job before the club gave it to Mikel Arteta.

Arteta was also a Gunner and retired not so long ago before joining the coaching staff of Manchester City in 2016.

The Gunners took a chance on him and he won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in his first half-season at the club.

His team is struggling in this campaign, but they have reached the semi-final of the Europa League, where they hope to get to the final and win it.

Arsenal is rebuilding their team and they are spending a lot of money on the squad.

They have supported Arteta heavily and will do that again when the transfer market reopens.

The hope is that his team would finally start delivering results consistently in the next campaign and return to the top four.

Otherwise, he could lose his job and Kanu believes one of the aforementioned former players is more than capable of stepping up.

Kanu said via Sun Sports: “I agree with William Gallas that Patrick Vieira would be a good fit as Arsenal’s manager because he’s Arsenal through and through.

“I think the same thing about Thierry Henry. If you asked me, I’d say go and get both of them.

“They’re Arsenal blood and their presence would make Arsenal a better team.”

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  1. No chance! I would rather we stick with Arteta than either of those 2, club legends doesn’t make you a great manager or even good one! Next manager should be chosen because hes got excellent pedigree not because he’s an Arsenal legend.

      1. Agree for Henry but not for vieira. What have done arteta until now ? Worse league record than emery or wenger. Eliminations in all competitions sometimes against weak opponents like EL last year. Only FA cup until now playing huge defense. I will wait this year though. An EL trophy would change might mind. Otherwise it will be a very bad year with no european football for first time in 25 year 🤦🏻… unless we climb to 7th in the league.

        1. Love Henry, adore everything he did for the club even though his attitude wasn’t perfect BUT I will absolutely rather have Arteta than Henry. Have you seen his record at his previous clubs Monaco and Montreal? Absolutely dreadful! Nowhere near as good as Vieira who also doesn’t have a brilliant record but not as bad and with potential to get better because he’s MORE HUMBLE. I’d rather we stick with Arteta who happens to be an ex Arsenal captain by the way and doing an okay job considering the circumstances. Nobody will do any better with these players we’ve got.

    1. @Kev82, spot on Kev, let Arteta remain instead of another baby novice. He’s currently the devil we know. Kanu’s preference is his former team mates, not quality coaches like Allegri, Nagellsman or Niko Kovac who are better options.

    2. They do not have enough experience as coach, Viera has & must fulfill potential.

      Henry is not a coach or would be one long time ago when offered to start with U23; he went for Skysport cash…

      Must be passionate, just as players, and fit for job; he is not at all nor have qualities, personality of a coach at all.

      I can see him as director of football, attrack great players & push team, inspire youngster, bring that winning spirit..

      Viera can be Manager with Wenger as GM and best Prof he is; as Sir Alex does with Man U coach.

      legendary figures, 20 years as coach, they must be around to facilitate such historical and major transition.

      I know some hates on daily base on Wenger which is doing so on this club and why we are seating mid table with 2 years worst ever records….

      It is simply no way to compare Arteta or anyone to Wenger just as Sir Alex.

      It is exactly as if Man U fans where spitting and calling Sir Alex name or out.

      It is the most embarrassement, an inside job by fans who are supporting Arteta just to prove us wrong on common sense.

      Look at MU and how difficult, time & conditions such transition recquires and stop hating in ignorant way, shooting your own foot.

      Wenger is Arsenal everyone got to love, represents our glory, academy, stadium and brand

      No one represents Arsenal this way.

      Wenger President GM
      Henry Football dir
      Coach Viera.
      Dangote : Owner!

      Anyone not seing this as a dream Arsenal FC is simply as these fans; in another planet, without any basic sense; because it is so obvious, our Dreamteam!


      1. NOPE! Arteta should remain as manager because he has massive potential. Henry doesn’t really do it for me. Brilliant player in his days, the best ever in the PL hands down but NOWHERE NEAR GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A MANAGER because I’m sorry to say but he’s too much of a poser, self centered and doesn’t look like he’s willing to take blame for anything. That kind of arrogance was brilliant if you’re a footballer but not if you want to be a successful coach/manager. Emmanuel Petit once said the same thing and that’s the one and only time I’ve fully agreed with him.

  2. So we have a Novice manager at the moment. We are NINTH in the Premiere League table, with a squad that is easily capable of being Top 6.
    Kanu, who I believe has never managed any club, suggests we appoint a Manager in Viera and/or Henry, simply because they love the club. Both have been sacked previously, yet Kanu seems to believe that because they love the club then thats all that is required.
    You just could not make this up…then again!,,,,,,,

    1. Why does it matter whatever Kanu thinks Phil? IT WILL MAKE ZERO DIFFERENCE. We have hundreds of ex-players still alive and between them they will have a wide range of opinions , so why is KANUS OPINION OF ANY PARTICULAR RELEVANCE, DAFT AS IT IS!

      The honest answer of course is this site needs any sort of excuse for another article, as we regulars all know.

      1. Well Jon, we all have opinions do we not? And Kanu is entitled to his, but as an ex player would he really believe Henry and Viera have the right credentials?
        And to be fair to all the AdMins, it must be tough putting up the number of Topic Headlines as they do. Trying to keep things fresh and varied, about a (mostly) singular Topic, namely Arsenal Football Club and everything/anything related cannot be easy, even with the regular Headline Authors that post frequently.
        So, in fairness, I believe that’s a bit harsh on them, and I feel they do a far better job than anyone ever gives them credit for.

        1. Thank you Phil. Appreciated..

          Going back to Jon’s comment, why is your opinion more relevant than Kanus?

          Or is this just another excuse for you to write another baseless comment?

          1. Good point AdMin- but that’s just it is it not? My opinion is only that. An opinion. But the facts are relevant as have been proven. Both Vieira and Henry have been sacked from their first managerial positions (excluding New York City in Vieras case). So my opinion. has a strong point to back it up. Kanu’s only based his opinion on both being former players who love the club. I could name ex players who love the club but would you want them as your manager.
            Adam’s- never kept a job without being sacked.
            Merson- sacked at Walsall
            O’Leary-Sacked at Leeds
            Bergkamp- sacked at Ajax
            So why have Henry or Vieira on that basis ?
            Just my opinion of course, and I accept that most likely every top manager, especially with experience, has lost a job at some point in their careers. But we are experimenting with Arteta, gambling with a young coach with zero experience of running ANY club, let alone one the size of Arsenal. How long before he becomes another ex player to have “Sacked” on his CV?

          2. Phil in all honesty, show me a manager, who has never been sacked, for they are few and far between.
            For example Dennis Bergkamp left Ajax after phylosophical differences on football with Marc Overmaars; however check out how well Ajax performed and the players they produced when they were working together.

      2. You are always talking nonsense listen to what he’s saying .. nothing like arsenal blood get us good and experience manger or we stick with Arteta

  3. MARTIN Wherever did you get this extraordinary idea in your statement that “they have supported Arteta heavily and will do so again this summer”?

    I find this comment to be either astoundingly naive OR a knowing lie. It cannot be anything else. I prefer to think you are naive but as you are a middle aged man I FIND THAT HARD TO ACCEPT.

    1. @Ossiegunner- it actually pained me to put down anything negative about DB10. In my opinion simply the finest Arsenal player of all time. I thought Overmars actually sacked him, but could well be wrong. But the job done by Overmars and Edwin Van de Sar is incredible and should certainly have Vinnai and Edu looking over their shoulders. Leave them to appoint the right coach and we will see a completely different Arsenal to what we have now

    1. Yes they can! Particularly Henry who was sacked for almost getting Monaco relegated and 9 or so wins from over 40 odd games in America isn’t anything to write home about either. Vieira, he did a relatively good job at NYFC and Nice but I still don’t think he’s quite ready for Arsenal.

  4. I think moseur fox just incurred a loss on an investment , thats why his verdict seem out of proportion.

  5. I dont know about Viera and Henry, but Arsenal should definitely get Dennis Bergkamp in the set-up.

    1. Of all the ex player/coaches, I think we miss Freddie the most. The fella was just superb training the youngsters. Just get him back if we can, Per is a bad example to have as coach or whatever he is doing at the moment. Pat Vierra in two years time if Mikel goes, if he moves to the EPL as per recent rumours.

  6. The one arsenal should definitely bring would be overmars. But we will probably stick with edu who made big coup like getting willian 👌. He got pablo mari but that is just because arteta knew him from man city.

  7. Ithink arteta should just be given enough time… Less not rush things coz neither of the two has won atrophy

  8. Overmars would be good. But bare in mind, who would come to this club knowing you have an arsehole of an owner that hates spending money. While Stanley Kronke is at the helm Arsenal will be a middle of the road club

  9. Arteta is better than both men put together. Forget about the current league position. We are going to shoot up – you’ll see.

    And don’t forget Arteta, as rookie as he may be, already disgraced some so-called great managers.

    Mikel Arteta all the way!

  10. I agree, None of them has made something extra ordinary but I believe Veira is more experirnced than Henry.
    If I would replace Arteta, I would go for a more established manager.
    Anyways, I want to see OverMars and Dennis in Arsenal, in director and assistance coach, it would be amazing.
    I have no hard feelings against Edu, all in all he is not doing bad.

    1. Provided Dennis and Marc can sort out their “phylosophical differences on football” .

  11. Wenger once said that we will miss him… & that is what is hapening now… If not giving arteta enough time apriority… then we have to concider hiring wenger again

    1. No chance!!! He is the reason we are in this position. His lack of everything during the later years of his reign is the reason why we are where we are.

  12. I would consider it more better if Arteta departs from Arsenal since he doesn’t deserve Arsenal at any cost.We’ve gone through disappointements from the spaniard.It’s high time he sees the Emirates door.

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