‘I always say Ozil is the best I’ve ever seen live’ says Arsenal youngster

Daniel Ballard has given a little insight into what it is like to train with Mesut Ozil.

The German is considered by some to be one of the most talented players of his generation and despite his current struggle to play for Arsenal, it seems he is capable of producing magical performances.

He hasn’t played for the Gunners since March, but he was one of the club’s most famous players from when he joined them under Arsene Wenger.

Ozil has struggled to adapt his game to the demands of Mikel Arteta and has been found out, but that is not a viewed shared by a few.

Ballard says that the German is one of the most special players that he has trained with and said that he does things so naturally well and it is almost impossible to predict what he will do next.

Adding that he has never seen some of the things he does being done before.

He told Goal.com: “I always say Ozil is the best I’ve ever seen live or trained with,” said the young defender. “It’s like he sees everything in slow motion. The way he moves and flows with the ball is so natural.

“You can’t predict what he is going to do and you can’t switch off for one second or leave half a metre gap by being a bit lazy because he will pass the ball straight through it.

“Some of his touches and weight off pass, I’ve just never seen it before.”

It is worrying that there are some Arsenal youngsters that actually look up to this man and if there was ever a reason why he needs to be run out of the club, this is a prime example.

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  1. yip if player looks up to someone because they see them do incredibly things no other player can do, you should run them out of the club . have a view sure , dislike a player fine . but the reason you gave is pathetic

    1. No one doubts his skill, his attitude stinks and this results to poor performances on the pitch. What he does on the pitch is of importance to us.if he cannot deliver have a conscience and move on. If not “honor your contract” and collect 15 million.

  2. What a trolling wet dream…kudos for actually have the balls to pump Ozil’s tires for 9/10ths of the article then drop a bomb on your way out the door…at least you’re finally being creative by adopting this new Crying Game approach to writing

  3. Hmmmm Ozil
    No big club is looking for him
    We were winning FA cups before he joined so he’s nothing special, no legend

    ESR has delivered more assists than his last two years with us

    Good riddance

    1. winning FA cups before he joined? what a joke..
      were you on another planet when we were having a trophy drought?

  4. Ozil’s fancy touches look pretty, but his ball recovery, movements and crosses stats are below Smith-Rowe’s. Our youngsters shouldn’t follow Ozil’s bad tendencies in the field and luckily Smith-Rowe’s work ethic is far better than Ozil’s

    1. Hi, Mr. gotanidea. In my opinion, along with his fancy touches, Ozil’s vision is something that is unmatched in this team. He declined from late 2017 and one of the reasons might be as you said his reduction of crosses. I hope ESR can become a star player for us. The early signs look promising.

      1. Yup, most of Ozil’s assists for Arsenal were made from crosses and set-pieces. His assist stats dried up once he stopped crossing

        He had also better force the opponents to make mistakes, instead of waiting to make a perfect chance. Smith-Rowe’s energy is good for the high pressing style

        1. Got an idea, you keep on saying this and I feel it makes absolutely no sense. If it’s easy creating goals and assists, how come those that now have the duty of making those crosses and taking those set pieces are not raking up the assists?
          Appreciate his talent. He helped us end our trophy drought of almost a decade. He has done his bit and I think it’s time for him to move on.
          The Ozil hate is mainly bcos of his high wages, but I’m quietly watching the likes of Willian and Pepe, who are also on high wages yet offering little or nothing.
          I hope you guys also pour out your dislike on them too.

          1. You’ve quietly been watching what? A lot of people want Pepe and especially Willian gone – and both put in more effort than Ozil

        2. Rowe can’t fit Ozil’s shoes so stop comparing the two. So far no player in Epl that can play Ozil style, tell me the likes of David silver, Modric, Iniesta and Fabregas. I mean players who could pass the ball right in the position for the strikers to find it easy for a score

    2. Smith Rowe can never be in the same class has ozil. Ozil will always be 10 times better. Stop hating dude

    1. You’re right man, he’s been a creative midfielder in the club, and the absence of such a player is letting down the strikers with no chances of scoring

  5. Yeah, Ozil is a special talent who has declined somewhat since his deal. He might have played well with TP and Mo in the team but that is a dream now. I just hope the club now makes sensible decisions with regards to player wages and contract negotiations.

  6. Ozil is one of arsenal greatest player even far better than the like of van pasea ,fabrigas,because in their time arsenal win nothing until arrival of mesult ozil .well am not surprise human bean are in great.

  7. Don’t under estimate the work ethic of mesut ozil. This guy is a genius he only needs good players around him. ESR is good but you can’t compare him to Mesut. That’s an Insult to football. I wish he remains at the EPL and come to punish us one day with his magic. The club is forcing the play maker to rot but he is not rotten yet.

  8. it really sad to say this, the way Arsenal board treating ozil situation is unfair to us as a support, because we love ozil style of play and we love football as well.

  9. Ozil is a rare germ and even in his worst form, he still deserves a chance in the team, he is a game changer and a player for all seasons.

  10. AdMartin-that last sentence just confirms everything that’s needed to know about you.
    I thought you probably could never get any lower, but congratulations PAL, you have proved me wrong.
    Just think about those comments PAL. They have come from a young PROFESSIONAL who has had the opportunity to train with the first team squad and play matches with them. So the comments Ballard made were his views that should be respected at least. Your views? From someone who should be writing objectively, you just cannot help yourself PAL can you? Very very poor from you and also from YOUR BOSSES for not having this headline removed.

  11. I’ve never understood why people rate him quite so highly. He is gifted in his movement and vision, and while his first touch is fantastic, it’s not so incredible to warrant all this praise, as through he’s Zidane or Ronaldinho – he’s not even close to them in ability.
    An example closer to home, Fabregas had everything Ozil has in raw ability but he worked hard to go further. Not even as big (physically) as Ozil, but he did his job defensively and went for tackles as much as anyone. He set up chances just as frequently (or close enough) but he also scored goals of all different kinds. He was a winner who led his team, Ozil is not – MO is nobody to look up to.

    1. Martin, esp your last paragraph was perhaps the truest thing you have ever written. So vital this “player” leaves in Jan!

  12. Whilst I would agree with all who say that Ozil has declined as a footballer in the last three years. I would also point out that he has had a stellar career in the game. Before fans start rubbishing the man they should a least research his achievements before doing so. I also would suggest that any of the current AFC players would give anything to have a career such as Ozil’s.

    1. patH The most relevant (to Gooners today) words in your post are “has had”, as in the past tense. Long past in football terms too. I will not deny that he “HAS HAD”a stellar part career.

      But a player whose last four/fiveyears have been hugely underwhelming cannot possible, accurately, be said to “have had” a stellar WHOLE career. Food for thought pat, from a fan who likes to use words accurately and not give false impressions.

  13. The decision taken by the board on Ozil is clearly unprofessional, as it’s not about footballing reasons, we all know that. I observed something with this arsenal team, ever since Wenger left 80% of the decisions arsenal are making are wrong.

  14. The Ozil saga shows how valuable marketing is this century. I politician told me that he pays big bucks to communication experts to twist the truth. Note that reality and perception are rarely the same. Here is a philosophy for free. “If you cannot change a reality – change the information people have about it.” I am going to bet a dollar that the Club owner and its Board are in the wrong on the Ozil matter – and that you fans who got crusaded are among the victims of this Hollywood production. You too are cheated for paying for watching Arsenal play without a #10 with the great Willian pretending he is not here to retire in the Brazilian graveyard we have become. What is embarrassing is that while you suffer you are crusaded to think that you are the protectors of the Billionaires’ money. Some of you sound so personal as if you have 1% share and are losing because they spent all this money on Ozil. I shall put a dollar on this bet that Willian’s employ is at least 5 times more loss than Ozil’s contract.

    Thank God for Social Media. Everyone can become a communication expert- or so they think – while been the victim of those trained.

    The campaign against Ozil is right up there with the one that was designed against Wenger. Which will be better – I shall see very soon.

    1. I am prepared her and now to accept your bet . I say that factually Willians contract cannot and will not be anywhere near the total of OZILS contract in wages total.


  15. You misunderstood the context of the comparative hypothesis. So I shall clarify. This is not about the absolute money but the sum total of their impact. Right now Willian owes us money as his impact is an integer – but he is paid. If I pay you 100 dollars and you steal 100 you cost me 200. William’s negative impact cannot be valued as neutral. He would serve us better not playing.

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