‘I am available’ – Arsenal legend open to Celtic job opportunity

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has refused to rule out the prospect of taking over as manager of Celtic following the departure of Neil Lennon.

The former striker remains as the Gunners all-time highest goalscorer, and some believe he could well return to the club one day to take over the manager’s role in North London.

In the mean time he is working on building experience, and after enjoying a spell in the MLS in charge of Montreal he is now in search of a new club.

The Celtic job recently became available, and Henry has refused to rule himself out of taking the role, adding that he is ‘available’ and on the lookout for a new job.

“With all humility, whatever is going to come my way, I’m not saying that should come my way, but whatever comes my way I’m going to evaluate,” Henry told The Robbie Fowler Podcast.

“I’m sure they’re going to work on what they’re going to work on. I don’t know what’s happening there, this is a club I respect a lot I’m sure like a lot of people in the world, but that I don’t know about.

“All I know is I want to coach and be back out there. You look at what Stevie G (Steven Gerrard) has done, and it’s just ridiculous. What a man. I knew he was going to deliver.

“What I like with Rangers is they gave him time to build a team, to grab the players he wanted and make sure they were going to play.

“I love that they gave him the time to be able to catch Celtic, because if not, how are you going to do it? You need more than one season and two seasons.

“To go back to what you asked, I have massive respect for both clubs, but I’m just trying to wait and see.

“I am available, and I don’t know what’s going to come my way but I want to coach for sure.”

Henry wasn’t given the brightest start to management when Monaco hired the Frenchman amidst a major injury crisis, and he was eventually replaced in the role after a short spell by the same man who was sacked prior to TH14’s arrival Leonardo Jardim.

This scenario plays strangle for me, as I don’t understand how you could sack someone and bring them back after around 14 weeks just as their injury crisis is coming to an end…

Whether Celtic choose Henry to take over the role next remains to be seen, but we wish Thierry well in his next role regardless.


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