I am baffled why Arsenal do this every year?

Same old story AGAIN‏ by GH

I would just like to start off by saying I am not looking for anyone to be sacked, I keep those opinion’s to myself, but why do we always got through the same SH*T this time of the year. Champions league (more or less out but we are playing the winners again). League campaign I hate to say this with so much still left to play for, but we don’t have the quality to beat a 3rd rate Man Utd team today.(Shameful)

It looked like we were the team who had a game Thursday night in the first half, we started so slow. Walcott again nowhere to be seen. Ozil – who I’m sorry to say is pure class – but when we play any so called big team you might as well leave him on the bench (I know he scored, but did bugger all before or after the goal). Sanchz still seems to be struggling since his return. And I don’t understand why he won’t play Joel.

Just started writing this after the United match wondering why this happens every year at the same time? I am baffled, it’s like we want this to happen. I’m sure everyone will say ‘you’re so negative & stop posting crap’, but If your one of those people who are happy to get dumped out of every competition around the same time every year, well then happy days for you. I want to see us win trophies & I’m well aware of the FA CUP two years in a row but should we be just happy to win that & nothing else? Don’t get me wrong – after the 10 year drought I was over the moon but it’s time to move on.

With all the money Kroenke has you would think he could spend a few million to help us win something, surely he would even make more money if we were successful? But he needs it for his new ranch. I’m just fed up on another Sunday knowing already we have let it slip again (I fear the Spuds) I am not looking forward to that game as they are flying & we look brutal to be honest, who out there wanted it today, NO ONE.

RANT OVER, NOW DO YER WORST! But as you read this you have felt the same feelings I am having today & it feels like the last 10 years.


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  1. Wenger’s Mediocrity is a DONE DEAL……… Why can’t some folks just accept this?

    Time to move on buddies!

    1. wenger transmits his pre-game nervousness to everyone. he’s no good at getting players up for games. they need a leader and their manager is not it. i think the players realize he’s never going to do enough to win PL so they just train, run out there for 90mins and collect their paycheck. rinse. repeat.
      it’ll be a miracle if wenger ever wins PL again.
      i dont see it happening.
      and its fair: what he does (not buying, letting underperformers play…) deserves that outcome.

  2. I thought i saw Bouldy………….on his feet…….. Barking orders to the players

    That’s strangeeeeeee….very unusual!

    1. I got thumbs down on the quality of players who dont give there best. Now on seeing that performance no wonder Ozil Ssnches are strugling, Walcott yes very poor but Welbeck should have been up front with Walcott wide on right. Welbrck was bought as a striker so use him for that as for Ramsey he is there as Gazola is out Wilshire out so Wenger buys 5 MILLION player when we have money for a 15-20 million player Also there has to be strikers out there that for 10-15 million better than Giroid even Bentner was better at least he had good skill. He did not get the game time to show his best the last time he played he had a blinder that led to his injury then he was sold. you have to listen to fan TV they all say the mentality and quality is very poor,so maybe Wenger needs to go as he will never find players like Berkamp,Wright,Veara, Keown,Adams,Pires as they were all world class when he got them. The days of buying cheap ones and making them world class that he tries to do, its the saying cheap works out expensive. I for one and been a fan for 60yrs have never seen a team like the present,that just goes through the motion. So its now time for me to make a stand and not buy next season tickets untill i see new and better players who will be proud to wear the Arsenal shirt bought in and out go the ones who just are subs to play only when others are injured. CB

  3. Pass any Barcelona player a long ball from the other side of the pitch and you can be sure that they will kill the ball in one touch.
    Those little things and other determine whether you will be able to retain possession of the ball and pass your opponent to death.
    Not a few of our players lack close ball control .
    this was exhibited by Ox which led to his injury.
    Those players can only run with the ball with face to the ground but nothing else .
    We need better players . Street ballers not academy factory fitted players

  4. MR wenger needs to address these problems fast this today was weak they didn’t look as if they were interested
    Some one ought to go into the changing rooms and take the hair dryers of the players and beat it over their heads until they become man

    1. summerbreez: wenger’s not the one do the hairdryer. he is the root of problems. look at sanchez and gabriel when they arrived. look at them now. wenger should have some honor and leave (at the end of the season) while his legacy still has a shred to it.

      1. and i eat my words about mert: gab & koz in the back today were a horror show. sorry gab. put mert back.

        1. I agree with most of your comments but eat your words about mert? Many idiots on the arsenal sites are now on Sanchez and Gabs back – look at the games when sanchez has the ball, most times his forwards are stationary AND behind defenders, no movement and he has no options but to do it himself then the haters complain he isnt world class, I’d rather him than 10 walcotts. As for Gab, look at his energy and his covering, him on the field allows the defenders to play high BUT sadly let down by a poor midfield’ the goals due to Kos rather than Gab. why hasnt anyone commented on Bellerin had the potential but seems to have lost it (like the whole team at the moment), beaten many times in the last few games, poor upfront but like sanchez tries to win back the balls unlike walcott or ramsey

  5. What a poor performance it was: naive, lack of heart & application, slow and unfocused, uninterested…but this is not the time to call it quit, sure 5 point is huge but personally it will be all over if we can’t win against Spurs…Özil performance on another day would have been enough!!
    Instead of always saying they were poor, we lacked focus, we were not clinical enough and so on Mr Wenger…is because you allow average/poor players to remain in this squad (stay off the hook) & even play in the XI because you want to prove us right that buying cheap & sticking with players that had great talent/ability will come good when it’s actually not always the case…Of course it works sometimes can’t deny when looking at that invisible squad that we had that but everything needs to be balanced out at one point
    Normally when those issues are becoming recurring problems it means 2 things:
    1) Either in certain positions quality wise we’re not good enough (lack of progress from huge prospect to great/world class players or simply not buying what’s really needed) which = lack of quality, game changers, characters to push us through even when we’re not great or losing & leaders.
    2) Coaching & management issues with identifying the right targets & putting the money on the table (how many time have we heard Wenger saying we were following this guy but…the horrendous Suarez bid or the shocking Walcott contract)
    3) Are english core has failed to provide return and ironically the Spurs ones (Dier, Alli, Rose, Walker) are doing exactly what we envision from (Gibbs, Jenkinso, Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, Chambers). Still believe in a them but for how long patience is becoming a rare commodity.

    What shows this are all the selfies we take after winning a big game as if we are about to lift the title where in fact you just did your job & than some!!We can’t keep writing about the same thing each & every year…something’s gotta change if not the players than the manager (and I’m a Wenger fan)!!Hope they prove us wrong & show that hunger because I want to celebrate something come May!

  6. Arsenal needs a new manager(tired of cluelessness, pitchside anonymousity, poor game approach )

    New tactics (tired of this side to side possession football with no killer instinct and strike rate),

    New players (Tired of favoured kids , below average performers , freebies , outdated oldies , makeshift players , overated bugs , british rotten core , money making underperformers)

    New management (Tired of this bunch of bug-eyed money making puppeteers )

    New Arsenal (Tired of the Arsenal from the Last 12-14yrs)

    a wind of Change is highLy Needed

    1. Seriously, Wenger has lost the mentality of a title winning manager. He considers RVP and Fabregas selfish because they want to win, but that’s how top players are, they aren’t happy to settle for mediocrity. Why is Campbell never selected ahead of Walcott and Ox ? Because Campbell has the desire to win games, he’s got the arrogance our team severely lack. Likewise why is Sanchez playing RW when he scored +25goals as a CF ?? Because he’s got the arrogance and ability to create goals for himself and for the manager that’s not good, you need to pass the ball into the net and make the whole team feel special even when most of the players are average. Wenger is too afraid of properly using players with Sanchez and Campbell’s mentality because they soon expose the flaws of his loyalty towards some mediocre players, he doesn’t like to be proven wrong so keeps trying to prove himself right with his stupid favouritism and it ends up hurting the team. He has truly gone mad.

  7. If you’re making your debut arsenal is perfect to play against, how many times have teams who can’t score, defend, keep a clean sheet, win a game, or just on a poor run, miraculously do everything above against arsenal.

  8. I’m really ashamed of being an Arsenal fan today. Being beaten by a Man U withouth 14 first team players. So humiliating.
    I don’t think we’ll ever win the BPL under Wenger. I still love Arsenal, but I’m cheering for Leicester now…because it’ll be more insult if Tottenham wins.

  9. I m so angry right now…words fail me!
    How the hell we are going to compete with liken of Pep Mo Klopp Reneiri Conti etc etc???
    Wenger & the Board needs a reality check!
    Nothing but bunch of deluded wengkers.

  10. And when has wenger ever taken a player off at halftime if he isn’t injured. It was obvious that Walcott should have been off at half time for giroud. Doesn’t even need to be half time if you’re not affecting the ga me in a positive manner, or the tactics aren’t working then that’s what a substitute is for doesn’t matter if it’s the tenth minute, make proactive decisions.

  11. Lets wait till after the
    Spurs game before
    making any predictions.
    Time to get out all
    the football cliches.
    Must win, 6 pointer, do or die, who want’s it most,
    defining moment, momentum shift, twists and turns,
    hunger, desire, game changer squeaky bum time 🙂

  12. Has football gone full circle. Is 4-4-2 the answer to the new 4-2-3-1?
    In one corner you see a Barcelona style that offers solutions for long term with an education of pass and move. To play your way to success.
    Then you have the counter tactic which is more short term and more effective now then tomorrow. The question is, what we are? The purest or the poorest?
    The purest will want romance and long term desires, the poorest will want instance answers and no more.
    In some sense we are poorest but let’s not forget the Cup Success for Two Years running.

    The problem goes deeper then simply players losing focus in their game. Tactically we can see the outlay is there but the application is lost. Possibly the problem is not having enough leaders in enough positions when players are not leading through performing. But beyond that, the flatness we are seeing should be the focus of discussion. Leicester have desire while Spurs have belief, Arsenal have lost their direction. We know they can perform…Arsenal 3 – 0 Man Utd is an example…that day we saw desire and belief.

    So why is it lost? Maybe people/fans will say so and so are not good enough, but most of our 11 will walk into Spurs and Leicester teams. So the concern is, why since December have Arsenal not been performing?!!?
    For me, with the fall of City, Utd and Chelsea Arsenal have felt the pressure more then Leicester and Spurs to obtain the holy grail. Focus has shifted to target then the focus of how to get the target. For me, that is belief, desire, hunger, application and then targets are won.

    I feel the injuries set the motion back in December which shows me the belief in losing players (historically there) is still a mental block, and now the performances are tense and too far effected to turn the tide. Once the pressure is released we can see Arsenal again. Only problem is, the way the pressure is released is by losing the ability to achieve the goals or when you obtain it. It all now depends how much that pressure is a problem!

    1. The purest doesn’t work when you rely on headless chickens like Walcott and Ox ! Ramsey is not even supposed to play in Cazorla’s role, the manager is to blame for not wanting to find replacements for key players before they get injured.

  13. i ve been thinking….say AW leaves arsenal:
    1- which sorry club will hire him?
    and most inportantly: 2- how many current arsenal players would our new manager keep?

  14. Mr Wenger has not been a Manager for a long long time he is an Accountant for the Arsenal Board. The Dogs in the street are barking about what Arsenal need to be a
    TOP Team and start winning the Premiership and get beyond the last 16 in the
    Champions League. So Wenger and the Board also know but just won’t spend the
    money to get these players. The players Arsenal have at the moment are good players
    but they are not good enough. Wenger and the Board need to be replaced and then
    we might see some progress. If they don’t go Arsenal will remain a 4th place team
    in other words an also ran Team.

  15. One thing I definitely agree with in this article:
    Me, when I see the starting line up for the Barcelona game: “No Joel? I can only assume it’s because Wenger feels he’s better saved for United Sunday.”
    Me, when I see the starting line up for the United game: “Well what the fuck still no Joel…”
    He’s done so well to win many of us over with his work rate as well as his decent decision making and creative passes, and when he finally puts in a good name for himself he’s back warming the bench. Meanwhile we have Walcott, who at the point is only good for his pace, and he never uses his pace.

  16. It’s 23:00 and I’m still livid about this result today.
    Why do Arsenal do this every year??
    Wenger said on sky sports “our spirit and commitment today was at 100%” ?……… Really?

    at 3-2 down we were just passing the ball backwards sideways. The movement from all our players was non existent. Alexis and Özil looked uninterested.(that’s worrying) Flamini wasn’t even in the team today! But yet, we STILL couldn’t string together many passes. Ramsey couldn’t pass the ball 5 yards without giving up possesion.

    By the way, if anyone has Instagram just look at the frustration from Arsenal fans on Walcott’s and Ramsey’s pages. Harsh, but at the same time what is going on with these boys at the moment? Where is the winning mentality within this whole Arsenal team.
    Wenger seriously needs to look at himself today and the players. Fans pay good money to travel
    Up and down the country to watch Arsenal. at least put in a performance where we can all walk away saying, “do you know what we lost! But the boys tried their hardest today”. But to flop and roll over like they did today is just not acceptable.

  17. I find it astonishing that some fans still can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Surely by process of elimination it’s very easy to figure out.

    The same problems have dogged us for pretty much a decade. Within that time the finances have dramatically changed from hardly any money available for transfers, to hundreds of millions in the bank and with Arsenal now being the seventh richest club on earth. A lot of players have also come and gone in that time, with the quality of our squad going downhill for years, to really improving over the last three years. There’s also been changes at boardroom level and with the coaching and medical staff.

    Despite almost everything changing, the same problems repeat themselves every season, so why? Well the only thing that hasn’t changed is the manager. So clearly Wenger is the problem. If you keep getting a bad rash as a reaction to a food/drink you consume, through the process of elimination, you figure our what is causing the rash and then avoid consuming it. If you keep consuming the problematic food/drink, then you have to accept you’ll keep getting the rash. It really is that simple!

  18. It has been a while since I had a word but It’s the same old song.
    this has gone beyond spending money. That might be the case for the champions League, but we have the quality on the pitch to win the league THIS season.
    Unfortunately the weak link is on the bench wearing a puffer coat with a zip.
    Three years ago I wrote that Wenger was destroying is own legacy by being an economist rather than a top flight manager. Some fans agreed and some didn’t. Fare enough.
    let’s just forget the result that we expected, or even the result we wanted.. And tell me hand on heart honestly if you did not think this result and performance was possible?
    If your answer is No then you are just being dishonest.
    You will get no abuse from me if you disagree but this is a culture at our club created by a man that has nothing to prove to those that matter…No not us the fans but the Directors. We should matter a lot more, but unfortunately it’s only our money that counts.
    You are being mugged. Back to back FA cups is not enough. The FA cup used to come as a double for those of us that are old enough to remember.
    There is no game big enough for us to approach with 100% commitment. And that is down to him
    We start badly, we end badly. we concede 2 in 3 minutes. we dominate and go behind.
    We rest players in the big games, we sell to our rivals, and yet we keep the faith.
    Wenger has managed to sign a great goal keeper from an inferior club but a superior team and yet the guy is being exposed to all kinds of mediocrity. H e should be able to show them the middle finger for letting him go.
    If we win the League this season which is still a possibility despite todays result.
    It will be in spite of the manager and not because of him.
    We have helped THEM down the road to become relevant, because we have been too happy just to finish above them when they were not worth our time.
    I have been Wenger out since the” 4th place is like a trophy” line. I will always love Arsenal and support Arsenal on the pitch, but the relationship between Wenger and the board is toxic and poisonous to the product on the pitch and sadly, Us the FANS
    Ozil and Sanchez or Wenger?
    The fans will demand they go abroad if they leave and not join another English club with winning mentality just to cushion the blow> Then boo them for wanting to be successful and continue the Wenger Love fest. This situation is unique in a performance related industry.

  19. There is something not quite right going on. I’ve never known Wenger to criticise the players, yet he did after the CL, which probably wasn’t the worst match they’ve ever played. Then they turn up today like they couldn’t care less.

    Fans don’t feel so bad losing, if they they know the players put some effort in, but they clearly weren’t going to from kick off – it’s not as if there wasn’t a lot a stake.

    And why have Ramsey, Sanchez and to some extent Walcott lost their mojo? It’s beginning to feel a bit like the Chelski dressing room…

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