“I am sick of saying the same things about Arsenal ” Pundit slams Arsenal after loss to Newcastle

Former Liverpool defender turned pundit, Jamie Carragher slammed Arsenal after the Gunners missed their chance to return to the Champions League by losing to Newcastle United last night.

It was a bad day at the office for Mikel Arteta’s team, who needed to win to return to fourth place ahead of Tottenham.

However, the Magpies beat them 2-0 to all but end their dreams of playing in next season’s UCL.

Tottenham needs just a draw in their final home game of the season against Norwich to finish this campaign ahead of the Gunners in fourth place.

Carragher watched as Arteta’s side was picked apart by a very inspired Newcastle United team and he said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘I think they were awful. I am sick of saying the same things about Arsenal but I have enjoyed this season, they have been a team people can get behind. You felt there was something building, something starting. That was like a cup final for Arsenal and they were really bad. To play that poorly in the first half, and then in the second half, is unacceptable. They were awful from minute one.’

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The performance we delivered last night was simply unacceptable and on that evidence, we don’t deserve to play in the Champions League next season.

Newcastle was by far the better team and deserved to take all the points from the match.

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  1. “I am sick of saying the same things about Arsenal”.. Join the que, Carra!! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. He’s sick!!!!!!!!! Not as sick as me!!!!!!!! I have no faith in Artetas idea of a team.

      1. Reggie is probably like me,he physically needs to vent his frustration/disappointment and feels like he’d go crazy if he doesn’t! he’ll probably calm down in few days, won’t you Reggie??

  3. Something must be really wrong with Scouting and Recruiting at the club. Our players are just not able to compete physically. They are too injury-prone, too weak, too short, too slow, too light, too feeble, too brittle. We have lost so much players his season because of injury. No surprise, our most reliable player over the last three seasons has been Granit Xhaka! I rest my case.

  4. I am sorry, but I have nothing else to say about this season.

    Even if Spurs lose their last game, and we win ours, I am Artetared out!!

    See you all next season!!!!

  5. It’s weird that, when one wants to debate with those who have been 100% behind MA all this season, 90%of them suddenly disappear!!!

    I could name a few, but then would be told they have other things in their lives – forgetting that they appeared every day while CL was on the cards, telling us we weren’t supporting the club.

    LET’S BE HAVING YOU!!!!! “

    1. Are you Delia Smith in disguise KEN!
      Or perhaps you are still hoping for a miracle on Sunday for Norwich playing Spuds and us creeping into CL by the back door and thus apeing Delia!?

      1. If only that would be possible Jon – just like hoping MA could fix our defence.
        Whenever I see her, that image of a real supporter trying to get the crowd behind her team, it reminds me of passion personified – Good for you Celia, now do it on Sunday!!!

    2. Hey @Ken, I’m still behind MA for the simple reason that he is the Arsenal manager. He is halfway through his project and I’m keen to see how much we improve next season.
      Other than that, what good would it do THE ARSENAL if we brought in yet another new manager?
      It’s been long time since I looked forward to some improvement…

      1. Any project lasting more than 12 months is normally renamed a disaster and scrapped. Can’t afford to waste time. Newcastle just taught us a lesson.

        1. Admin Pat, i respect your opinion but im afraid a five year project in the Premier league is a failed project. Nobody at a successful club gets 5 years to fulfil a project that has no end or anything to back it up. Im of the opinion that we have over achieved this season with the football we have played and been given very little help from the manager.

      2. Pat, let’s debate why your still behind MA.
        Do you think that, because I point out facts that show MA is regressing, rather than progressing, makes me less of a Arsenal supporter than you?

        I will be at the game against Everton and will applaud MA and the players after the game.

        I have seen Mikel’s team play some wonderful games, such as the ones against city, spuds, liverpool and chelsea at home and, I too, was looking forward with excitement under him.

        But I can’t ignore the inconsistencies the transfer fiascos, the “style” of football that we play and the total lack of responsibility coming out of the club.

        I have no idea if we are a defensive team, an attacking team, a team that plays on the break, or a team that can play out from the back and, to make matters worse, I have no idea what team will turn up anyway!!!

        I wanted Mikel to be a great success and become an icon, but it was like watching a chameleon!! So much, in fact, I took time out from JA, because I kept changing my mind after every game as to what MA brings to our club.

        Unless we see a miracle, the best opportunity to qualify for the CL in five years, has just been fittered away and the buck stops with the manager… as it always has.

        Would like to read YOUR response, as you are a long time supporter as well.

        Finally, I see no reason why we, The Arsenal, would think that sticking with MA is the only option – it might turn out to be the right one, but why give him a three year extended contract now?

        1. It’s good to know that others too like Ken were undecided , didn’t know what to think when it comes to MA. its been a rollercoaster of a season,highs and lows,run of good wins followed by a run of bad losses,up and down, down and up…like many I gave MA credit when it was due and was willing for him to do well,sadly after 2.5 years and hundreds of millions, I don’t really see the progress made or MA impact especially if you compare with the job done by Conté or even Eddie Howe.

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