“I am sure there is tireless work going on behind the scenes.” Arsenal is working on replacing Ozil claims pundit

Kevin Campbell says Arsenal is working hard to make good use of the space being left behind at the club by the departure of Mesut Ozil.

The German will leave the Gunners for Fenerbahce this month, that means they will be saving the £350,000 a week that they have been paying him and Campbell says they can now sign new players.

This month might be a busy one for them as they look to bolster their squad ahead of fighting for a European spot.

Campbell highlighted the fact that Ozil tied down so much money for a player that wasn’t making any meaningful contribution to the team.

Now that he off the club’s wage bill, they can sign other players and he claimed that the Gunners should be working on some deals already.

“I think that Ozil’s exit has paved the way for a new outfield signing,” he told Football Insider.

“It is a hell of a lot of money to have tied up in a player not making a contribution. Now he is off the wage bill, it might mean we can do some loan business.

“Hopefully, we can get some bodies in. That would be massive. I am sure there is tireless work going on behind the scenes.

“The culture is changing a bit. Arteta has got rid of Kolasinac, Ozil, Sokratis… All of a sudden it is a very different squad. You want a group that is together.”

Arsenal has secured the loan signing of Mat Ryan already, and reports have linked them with a move for Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid.

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  1. THIS ARTICLE IS ASSUMING , WRONGLY I SUSPECT, that his wages are now nothing to do with Arsenal . I understood that we were certainly in a forced agreement to pay the lions share of his wage, up to £350k pw until June, when his then contract was to run out.
    If anyone knows differently, do please tell us all , as I DO NOT BELIEVE what Ad Martin claims can possibly be true, until after June, when his malign presence will have finally left for good.

    1. Reggie you need to bear in mind that the slack use of language in many of these in house articles is designed to give the wrong impression. Of course yoy are correct in saying he was not filling a space at all; how could he when he was not included in the squads allowed to play!

      But the truth and being accurate matter little to some people when there are articles to write and so enormous poetic licence is claimed, improperly of course!

      There is also a well known sizeable minority of fans on this site who still thought MA could legally play Ozil, when the truth was he could not legally do so , once he was excluded(mercifully) from the squads.

      Some neither know not care about the truth and it being spoken. They prefer impossible speculation. Sigh!

      1. Jon, you are actually incorrect, as MA could have played MO in either of the domestic cups.
        His squad exclusion was from the PL and Europa league.

        I also find it puzzling that, according to the media, the player and club have agreed to a settlement that sees MO agreeing to a £2,000,000 reduction on the salary he was entitled to receive, in order to play football again.
        So the belief that the club have suddenly become a reported £350,000 a week better off, is stretching things!!!

        As MA says “Mesut is a great footballer, a really talented footballer – a player who has done a lot for the football club, but at the moment, I want to take the team in a different direction”.
        Let’s hope that “direction” proves to be a successful one.

        1. Ken you are actually incorrect also, you have to be registered to play in the league to play in the carabao cup.

          1. Checked it and your correct Reggie – thanks for the information.
            At least my FA cup statement was correct though… but as we have been knocked out and it looks as if MO has left, it’s all irrelevant anyway.
            At least Jon (if he has read this) and I have learnt something.

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