‘I am trying’ – Aubameyang urged to return to former club

Bakary Sako has admitted that he is trying to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave Arsenal and return to St Etienne this month.

The striker’s future is up in the air at present, having been stripped of the club captaincy on top of being excluded from the first-team squad since we took on Southampton almost a month ago.

He has since left to join up with the Gabon squad for the AFCON which will mean he will be missing for at least four more matches also, and with him being released early, it leaves further doubt over his place in the team.

St Etienne midfielder Sako has now admitted that he is working on convincing him to return to Ligue 1 with him.

“I am trying to attract him,” Sako confirmed as quoted by GFFN. “Wouldn’t you like to see Aubameyang back at St Étienne? We all feel the same. I am very serious when I tell him to come, even if it is in a joking tone.

“I don’t know if it is possible, but I hope he will respond favourably. It is difficult because he has been at Arsenal for a long time, it is not easy to leave London.”

While it may not be a shock to see Auba given permission to leave the club, I don’t think anyone would believe that he would quit to join St Etienne, who are battling to avoid relegation at present. Even Newcastle has to pose as an unlikely option given their place in the division, but the latter could at least make it financially worth it for Auba.

Could the striker look to move back to France for reasons other than finances? Do you expect him to work his way back into the team this term?


Watch Albert Stuivenberg’s FULL Press conference here….

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    1. me likewise DK, when I first glanced at it I thought it was actually referring to us as his “former” club and that Saka was trying to convince him to return to the fold…if I had any faith in their cerebral capacity whatsoever, I would give them kudos for their deceptive efforts(lol)

    2. I too read it as our Saka urging him to leave us for St Etienne. It certainly grabbed my attention!

  1. DK, TRVL and Declan, Of course you did!

    THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS DEVIOUSLY RUN SITE INTENDED YOU AND OTHERS TO THINK. JA even went as far as to include SAKOS first name too, as it is so similar to Bukayo Saka.
    These wilfully misleading, even sometimes deliberately dishonest headlines have been a major source of the many rows I have had, PRIVATELY BY EMAIL TO AD PAT, over the years.

    It massively lets down this otherwise fine site and it ought not to happen. But Ad Pat puts misleading but enticing headlines before the all important whole truth. And refuses to be convinced that total honesty is the best policy.

    He prefers deception. Sigh!

    1. Jon, now you are really annoying me. The name of Sako was NOT included in the headline, and Patrick cannot be blamed for Aubas old teammate having a similar name to Saka. The article is the truth but obviously you decide to call it deception.
      Thats balls and you know it. Go pick on someone your own size you playground bully

      1. PAT , If it were just this one article I would say you had a point. BUT JA is infamous for misleading article HEADLINES, esp the actual headline.
        If you deny that, then many will not take seriously anything you ever say again. It is the truth and we all, you and I included, know it very well indeed, however much you attempt to deny it. I also know that YOU, not Patrick, write the headlines. They have your stamp all over them,.

        1. Your comment was directed at THIS individual article, and now you have been shown to be totally wrong you are trying to use misdirection to say it wa a general comment .

          And also, you DO NOT know better than me on who writes the headlines for JustArsenal and if you try to deny it, I seriously don’t think I will take seriously anything you ever say again….

  2. As Arsenal fan and also in support of high quality discipline being maintained at the team, which Aubemiyang seems to have not adhered to, I wish he can be given a second chance to establish himself in the team especially after realizing how remorseful he is after realizing the mess he put himself under. Please Mr coach and whole Arsenal family, let’s forgive him, he is our son and he loves the team as well.

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