Are we all very excited about Arsenal’s transfer window, and the season ahead?

Arsenal has got me excited again

The past four to five years have not been good for Arsenal fans.

The Gunners have failed to qualify for the Champions League in each of the past five seasons. They have also lost the luster of playing “beautiful football.”

Now, in Mikel Arteta’s third full season with the club as manager, the clouds seem to be moving away, giving way to the good times.

Even though it is a small sample size, the North London outfit look a completely different squad to last season. They have a different energy to them this season, which the fans have not witnessed for some time.

Anyone who was at the Emirates Stadium in the match against Fulham last weekend will tell you the same thing about the atmosphere. That it was electric.

And that is despite the fact that Arsenal faced a promoted side. It is a testament between the connection the fans are feeling between them and the team.

This can prove to become a huge advantage, as the Emirates Stadium can become a proper fortress from here on. A place where teams would dread to visit.

Arteta already has a better squad at his disposal than he ever had at the club he formerly captained. But it appears like the Gunners are not yet shutting down the arrivals lounge.

Exciting players such as Youri Tielemans, Pedro Neto and Shakhtar Donetsk’s Mykhaylo Mudryk have all been linked to a late move to Arsenal.

If the club achieves in bringing any one of them, Arsenal will place themselves in a very good position for a silverware this season.

I think winning one of Europa League, FA Cup or the EFL Cup would genuinely come within their limits.

And it would certainly be warmly welcomed by the club’s faithful, who have suffered when the team has struggled in the past few seasons.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Tielemans can still come to support Partey, but Neto seems unlikely since he’s tied to a long-term contract. Mudryk doesn’t seem better than Smith-Rowe on the left wing, so I’d be surprised if he comes

    1. I’m not sure what you’re on, but if you were to judge both players based on their comps. You’d be a terrible liar if you say Mudryk doesn’t seem better than ESR on the left wing.
      Kid’s being called the Ukrainian Neymar FFS and he’s actually faster and more skillful than ESR and you’re saying this.

      I guess you’re also one of those who was saying ESR is a better footballer than Ødegaard last season?

      1. It’s just my observation based on his goals/ assists since last season and his YouTube highlights. Smith-Rowe was far more productive despite being a squad-rotation player and playing in one of the most competitive football leagues in the world

        I’ve never said Smith-Rowe is a better footballer than Odegaard

        I just said playing Odegaard on the right side is more suited for Arteta’s current tactic due to his stronger foot, but Smith-Rowe is taller and pacier. So he is useful in the second halves of the games, if we need to utilize the half-space on the right byline to make more crosses

        1. Your opinion is valid, you shouldn’t have to explain a decent not even unpopular opinion to somebody like eddie whose main job seems to be attacking people in every comment of his

      2. calm down you are always getting so defensive and condescending as soon as somebody writes anything conflicting your opinion, chill down

        1. I get defensive because I believe my opinions, and it’s okay for folks to not accept it. I ain’t never stopped no one from countering my opinion or being defensive about it.
          I’ve hardly had my opinions about the manager and team accepted over the last 2 years anyway, but tada! Here we are. Cry more😢

          1. Well I am not the one who keeps crying on every article and has to blame some fans’ opinion to feel himself better, if you truly believe your opinions you shouldn’t have to attack other opinions thats called maturity and confidence in your opinion, try it sometimes

  2. I’d love Mudryk and can’t understand why he has not been snapped up already, having turned down a £25 million move to Everton.

  3. Lol, once again. There’s nothing exciting about Your Tielemans. If eventually we get him, I’ll stand behind him every time he gets on that pitch and outs in the effort, but sorry to say: There’s nothing exciting about him.
    Only reason most of you want him is because half of y’all wants to see Xhaka out of the lineup and somehow thinks Arteta will drop Xhaka as a starter for Tielemans, while the other half of y’all thinks Tielemans will be a solid option for Partey when he’s injured. 😂😂 I don’t know which half is more delusional, but hey hey, allow people do them.

    Doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting Neto because of the price Wolves are demanding.
    Mudryk on the other hand looks exciting and terribly fast in his comps.
    I never heard of him till he got linked to us, but then I’m sure the club and recruitment did their job. I can’t question their judgement on young players.
    Hopefully we get him if we can’t get Neto, and then an a proper backup for Partey, and not the Tielemans nonsense. They don’t even play same position.

    1. Most people just want new toys to play with even if the transfer makes no sense. An attack-minded creative CM as a No 6. doesn’t make any sense. Nothing about Tielemans makes any sense for this side and unless Leicester lower their asking price drastically Arsenal will rightly pass on him. He’s not that good… Glad many others are seeing this now.

    1. Very good.
      He might’ve taken one for the team.
      Now Ornstein says we’ll look to sign for that midfield.
      That position we were trying to ignore, we’ll be getting a player there now.

      1. its a shame it took two injuries for Arsenal to see the giant gaping hole in this squad. Hopefully we have someone in mind that we can realistically get and is quality. It shouldn’t have taken for this to happen but happy it occurred with a couple days left to rectify this glaring mistake. We’ll have to pass on a winger now. Worse case scenario is Marquinhos being fast-tracked. Not the worst thing in the world. Hoping he surprises us. We can go back in for another winger next summer. Maybe neto will be cheaper, and there will be even more interesting targets.

      1. Jax DEPENDS WHAT YOU MEAN BY “LETS US DOWN” . If you like himjust because he is a willing tryer, then fair enough.

        But my view is that any player who plays, but is of noticeable lower quality than all others who play, DOES LET US DOWN.


  4. The club has done great business so far. Let’s hope it’s not ended because we will need bodies toward the end of the season. We could play over 50 games and no player can or should do that. So we need a couple of signings. If we go for our youth method then Shakhtar Donetsk’s Mykhaylo Mudryk reminds me of our own Gabriel Martinelli. Also we all know what Wilfred Zaha can do. He is only 29 so has a good 3 seasons at the top to go. He has the experience to take us upwards.
    In the midfield…..yes Youri Tielemans is right for us. If Partey gets injured Xhaka or Elneny can fall back and Tielemans would be perfect. Imagine Partey injured and our midfield is Xhaka and Elneny. Suicide.

  5. Admin. Could we please have a Godwin’s law type rule for people who troll other commenters with the “delusional” insult.

  6. How I wish we sign a dmf and a rw so that our transfer will be perfect and we can all go out there and deal with our opponents….. We need a very strong DM to compete with Partey and improve our team …… I believe in the mgt and the club to do what is needful….

  7. Need to ship out both tierney and partey folks, they are not physically up to it and will continue to cause issues with their absences

    1. Partey next summer, start getting Lino Sousa ready within the next couple of years so we can replace Tierney with him. I agree. Moving on players that are unavailable so much like them is crucial. Causes huge headaches and major damages to the season like last year. As great as these guys are, if you’re on the injury table more than the pitch it just doesn’t matter.

  8. After seeing some of the latest fees, I am glad we got out our main business done early. Some more recruits would be nice but we are not desperate, so we can see if Leicester want to let Tielemans go at a discount or risk losing him on a free.

  9. Tielemans is not coming he’s not a priority after Partey/Elneny injures. Nor is Neto. We been saying all summer something like this could happen and now it has. At least with time to correct the problem before he window closes. Buy a CDM!! A longterm one if the right player is available preferrably. Arsenal need to realize Thomas Partey simply cannot be relied upon. Next summer I’d put him on the market. Players that are not available consistently like this have no use in the squad. You HAVE to have your best players available to you. This is pretty much the final straw for me about what we should do with Thomas.

  10. Lots of negatives still in our fan base. Me, can’t wait for the next game and the one after that etc for this season. If we get a player or two in then ok but if not I believe we will do alright this season. We have been building and this takes time, I see in two years time this squad of players sets the next bar for the PL to aim at. The next two seasons we are competitive in every game we play, we just have to keep the players we want and add/promote from youth one or two additions a year. I do fear when we have a little dip this year everyone will be jumping to fire MA, get the Board out etc. Keep behind the team and see what happens at seasons end.

  11. Arsenal is back to europa contenders after partey and elneny injury at the same time. Lokonga is bad, arteta will pair up zinchenko with xhaka

  12. If we bring in a decent midfielder ie better than Lokonga elneny and xhaka .. which isn’t asking much .. it will be a very good window .. a top quality midfielder and it will be a perfect window .. if just another yuuufff with potential it will yet again have failed to push on to guarantee a top 4 finish with again hoping others stumble .. a failed strategy so far

  13. We definitely are 2 players short, if we don’t buy anymore then we have not learnt from previous mistakes. We need a winger if they don’t tend to buy then they should have kept Pepe. Party seems injured again and looks like might be out for a while as Arteta did not look too confident in his press conference. We need a good DM.

  14. I would love to write a piece assessing our transfer window, so will look to see if Pat is happy to publish it next week once I’m done.

    However in the interim, I personally think all the signings made thus far have been excellent. There is a clear method and no madness to the process. Young, dynamic, hardworking team players is what Edu and MA are after. My only concern is quality in depth and I hope there is a plan in place to address that. The club has to strike a fine balance in many ways – the right players (i.e. their profile, availability, budget and wage constraints, home grown rules etc.) and giving them the opportunities, a role, vision and purpose in the squad for each new player.

    Ideally 22 players who are capable of holding their own and making a difference in the PL and a few youngsters who can be brought in as temporary cover for injuries/schedule management.

    GK – Ramsdale/Turner (2 players covering 1 position)
    DEF – Gabriel/Saliba/White/Zinchenko/Tomiyasu/Cedric/Tierney/Holding (8 players covering 4 positions)
    MID – Partey/Xhaka/Odegaard/Elneny/Lokonga/Viera (6 players covering 3 positions)
    ATT – Jesus/Saka/Martinelli/Nketiah/ESR/Marquinhos

    So from the looks of it, that’s 22 players covering 11 positions. As of today, we also have Nelson, AMN and Bellerin. All these 3 players are well capable of being squad players and in my opinion have enough in them in terms of the kind of players MA needs to have a squad. However it does seem likely that AMN and Bellerin could leave, whilst Nelson’s injury might scupper any moves.

    I would really like to see another midfielder who can play infront of the defence and be that solid midfielder who wins the ball and distributes it to the other attack minded players. Elneny does that but I think he was carrying an injury against Fulham and didn’t get around to being his hardworking and energetic self.

    The other position I would really like someone brought in is to provide competition for the wingers in Martinelli and Saka. At the moment ESR and Marquinhos are the rotation options and it feels a bit light if there is sustained period of injuries to Saka or Martinelli. I hear we’re linked with Neto and Gakpo – I think both would be terrific additions if we can get them over the line.

    Ruben Neves would’ve been the best choice as that deep lying playmaker/defensive midfielder especially with his set piece duties but it does look like he will stay put at Wolves and is now captain, given Coady has moved to Everton.

    I think the next window will give us further opportunity to solidify and grow this squad. I love the harmony, the desire and team spirit and I fully get why it is critical we get not just anybody but the right players to come in.

    Exciting couple of days left in the window – let’s see what the future brings!

    1. Correction – I meant it would be great to get either Neto or Gakpo. I don’t think we can get both albeit that would be fantastic!

  15. Simply dont understnd whay many fans , even now, convince themselves we will sign Tielemans and that we are just waiting to get him at a lower fee.
    I say they are fooling themselves and that we were never seriously interested inTielemans at any price.

    I SEE HIS CHANCE OF COMING TO US AS ZERO AND THAT IS THE RIGHT DECISION. We need a proper Partey replacement for when, as will be, he is injured. Tiemans does not play in that position and he is not on our radar at all, IMO.

  16. i personally believes all the signing this season are all good in their prescriptive ways and the position they gonna comments late just hopes we not gonna get a lot of injuries because our squad is still small to challenge for both 4 cups with five or six injuries.

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