“I am very impressed with him” Arteta very happy with at least one of his players

Kieran Tierney has been one of Arsenal’s best players since he returned to fitness after a long injury layoff.

The Scotsman was unavailable for selection when Mikel Arteta was named Arsenal’s manager and both had been looking forward to working together.

After the restart of the league season, the former Celtic man has been one of the most important players at Arsenal and he has impressed Arteta with his fine showing for the Gunners so far and Arteta cannot hide his delight at working with him.

He hailed the wing-back’s attitude in a recent interview with Sky Sports and talks about how much loved he is at the club because of his personality.

He insisted that he is very happy to have him as part of his team and he discussed how the defender kept an amazing attitude during his rehab when Arteta first became our manager.

“I am very impressed with him,” said Arteta.

“Just how he was acting and working on his rehab. Everybody loves him at the club and it is not a coincidence, he earns that every single day: the way he treats people, the way he works around the way, the energy he brings to the place.

“Then with his performances I am delighted. He has adapted really well. He is a player that gives you everything in every session and every game and the quality as well that he is adding.

“You help him with pleasure because of what he brings, how willing he is all the time to work, improve and give his maximum to the team.”

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  1. Arteta is happy to be a coach, starting season as assistant, straight into a top club. Doesn’t care for anything else.

    Under his management isee players modeling and stuff, fashionadaz!

    Unreal stuff. Luiz got a brand new curl champoo for his extensions with face lotion, everybody looking really need, fly haircuts

    Arteta extended Luiz hair at Arsenal beauty palace FC….Arteta is having fun!

    Looking all sharp and stylish himself, brand new gears, haircut, showing the lead. Pedi and mani for everyone, make sure finger nails are neet.

    Yo saw Torreira new haircut? Blondish parts, unless I see wrong, I saw some serious haircut on Torreira, what was that?

    What da heck is going on!

  2. This is ridiculous!

    If Arteta cared, he would have first graduate as a coach in a lower division league, as Lampard and now Gerrard is doing.

    Not go and risk club with zero head coach experience. Pick team and tac tics are main jobs he never done in his life, Guardiola was obviously.

    City told him to not expect head coach job after Guardiola, go and become a coach before to come back.

    Can’t experiment and jeorpadize club for his own ambition. He is failing big time and should do that elsewhere.

    This is Arsenal FC, we can’t possibly have 3 captains, 1 coach and 2 assistant back to back to replace him

    That must be a record breaking in EPL history. I don’t recall a

  3. This show how high he is flying! Outa here, we just lost derby and all chances to Europe football, because he is not a coach. An assistant coach great one on one he is doing on players, that’s part of assistant coach duties.

    A coach picks team and tac tic , he has no one game experience as head coach. Not creative nor a light, or he would not have Luiz as CB nor Kolas at all…

    He his killing his name as a coach. He may get Everton after that which is about right. They might even pass us…

    If no one agrees that Arteta is not ready, then nothing else to say.

    Just support our old good captain who came to save us from sinking signing Luiz for next year, having us confirmed midtable team.

    He should resign if he has anything left of love for Arsenal and himself….

    Go learn somewhere else!

    1. Have some perspective, geez!

      If we turn 5-6 draws into wins it looks a lot better on the table. We have lost points from winning positions 15 times this season! Minor tweaks and it will turn our way. After Emery, this club needs healing and Arteta is for sure the right bloke. In a few seasons this crew will be deadly, no doubt about it. Tierney, Saliba, Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, Smith, Willock, Nketiah, Jules, Azeez, Greenwood.. we got a good bunch coming up, have some faith.

  4. Having seen Tierney for Celtic and Scotland on numerous occasions I knew he was a top quality player who would be an excellent buy for Arsenal.He has been unfortunate with injuries but with that behind him I am confident he will turn out to be one of the best left backs in the Premier League.At Celtic he was invariably played as a conventional left back in a flat back four and to me he is more effective in that role than as a left wing back.I say this because he is first and foremost a very accomplished defender who is rarely beaten in one for one situations.He has great positional sense and can sweep around his centre backs when they are under pressure.In terms of attacking ability,he links well with other players and can cross on the run with minimum of fuss.He is quick, without being lightening fast, has a powerful shot in him and always plays with great spirit and a determination to win.As you will gather, I rate him very highly.

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