‘I apologise to Arsenal fans’ – Pundit backtracks after celebration jibe

Gabby Agbonlahor has backtracked on his comments about Arsenal over-celebrating, admitting that it ‘was a bit of jealousy’ after seeing his Aston Villa side on the losing end of things.

The former Villa forward was the subject of ridicule after complaining about the Gunners celebrations at full-time of their weekend clash, which Mikel Arteta’s side had earned a deserved 1-0 victory, and the team took to the field to celebrate with their fans.

On Sunday, Gabby complained that they gone overboard with their celebrations when talking live on TalkSport, claiming it was if we had won ‘the Champions League’.

“The way they celebrated at the end of the game was like they’d won the Champions League, not qualified for it” he said.

“I know it was a great result but the scenes, the players, and we were right behind the fans, it was like they’d won the league, not beaten Aston Villa, a team that they should be beating.

“I think they did overdo the celebrations.”

Host Laura Woods has undone him today, so much so that he has now apologised to our fans. She began by explaining her thoughts on it, before playing him a recording of his own previous comments praising the exuberant celebrations of Steven Gerrard previously.

“Yes, I’ve seen Laura’s comments – and she’s spot on,” he told talkSPORT on Tuesday.

“Laura puts me in my place a lot and this is why she’s getting awards – because she’s a top presenter.

“I was very bitter after the game. Where I was watching the game from the BT Sport studio, I could see the Arsenal fans all game.

“And seeing them celebrating after the game, I think it was a bit of jealousy.

“So I take that comment back and I apologise to Arsenal fans. Their celebrations were fine and I’m sure they will get that top-four position.

“But Jamie O’Hara, pipe down!

TalkSport loves to parade those with their big opinions, which feeds into Laura Woods to disagree with, but fair play to Agbonlahor for actually giving up the ghost, as he could easily have dug himself a deeper hole here.

These celebrations are exactly why the feeling in and around north London is so good right now, the togetherness and passion on display transcends through the crowd and the squad, and I’m not discounting just how important that has been to our push up the table this term.


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  1. Well he was honest enough to admit it was jealousy,something we the Arsenal fans already knew,having said that credit to him for acknowledging it and apologising.

  2. This is a very young team, most of them have never tested CL football. It’s a new exciting venture in their young careers, so getting over excited is understandable.
    I feel like they did not celebrate because they beat massive villa, they were celebrating the 3 points as they mean so much for their Top 4 hunt. And on top of that they just seem to have this togetherness / bond that means so much to them.
    So they will have each other’s backs win or lose.

  3. The lads were only celebrating the vital 3points secured in their quest for Champions League football, not because they defeated Aston Villa. Honestly, Agbonlahor will have to see many more of these types of celebrations till the end of this season.

  4. Apology acknowledged but not accepted just yet. Until there is a chance for him to be hypocritical but chooses to be objective, then I will accept his apologies.

  5. An article that hits the spot.

    Credit to Agbonlahor for having the guts to apologise but no credit for the station TALKSPORT, THAT HE IS PAID TO BE ON, AS HE IS HARDLY THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE BOX.

    Some might simply call him a “tool” and I would not argue with them.

    And with th exception of a few, esp Simon Jordan with Jim White and Keown on Fridays, some would say that many on that downmarket radio station are also way below intellectual par;Jamie O’Hara being a prime example!

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