“I can’t promise anything.” Boost for Arsenal as target opens door to transfer

Arsenal have been handed a boost in their bid to sign Viktor Gyokeres as the Swede refuses to commit his future to Sporting Club.

Gyokeres has been one of the best strikers in Europe this season and has attracted the attention of Arsenal and other top clubs on the continent.

The Gunners are eager to ensure that they sign a new frontman in the summer, and several names are on their radar.

Mikel Arteta’s men consider Gyokeres one of their main targets and could move for him at the end of this season.

Sporting Club knows he has many suitors and still wants him to stay, but the striker has opened the door for his departure.

Asked if he is leaving or staying at the club, Gyokeres said, as quoted by Standard Sport:

“Stay next season? It’s football, it’s normal, I can’t promise anything.

“I really like being here, but in football everything happens very fast and we have to adapt.

“I can’t make so many predictions, it’s difficult, there are still games this season, then we’ll see.”

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Gyokeres is one of the best strikers on the continent now and the Swede will almost certainly change clubs at the end of this season.

If we are sure about adding him to our squad, we need to get serious because the European season will soon end.

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  1. He will be too expensive.

    I have thought for ages we will end up with ISAK as our new striker. Mobile, fast, can play across the front line.The ideal MA buy in fact!

    And we will get him far cheaper than Gyokeres would cost.

    1. @jon fox
      I somewhat agree with you Jon. But I doubt Isak would be cheaper than Gyorkeres, due in part to Isak being EPL tried and tested, as well as Newcastle overcharging an EPL top 4 team. Just saying…

  2. Every time Chelsea gets interested in a player we are chasing, it’s sure sign we must leave such a player alone!!

    They usually pay a fortune to get them on their books only to ruin their careers.

  3. Isak is weak and fragile were Gyökeres is strong and tough. Viktor Gyökeres can add so much more to the Arsenal side. Isak is a skinny injury prone. It will be much time at the side line, and on rehab. Gyökeres, on the other hand, is a cf in the traditional AFC style, a big physical guy, a guy who is fast and can penetrate defences by his own. Like John Radford, like Frank Stapleton. Go for the real mccoy. Get the right Swede. Get Gyökeres.
    And when it comes to expenses. Well, I’m not the one to pay for him. It’s Arsenal Football Club who will have to find the means and the way.
    Get Gyökeres!

  4. I think considering arteta loves versatile player, we will be looking to buy a striker that can also play the saka role and I’ve thought of such player but u can’t find any save for Marco ascensio , not sure

    1. i think you are right that Arteta will be looking a centre forward capable of playing across the front three rather than a traditional target man striker like Gyokeres, Osihmen or Toney

      the other question is where and when is this ‘striker’ going to play, the knee jerk is ‘up top of course’ but that’s where Havertz is??
      then push Havertz back to midfield, but that pushes Rice back from #8 that everyone is gushing about this week (although has played there nearly every PL game of 2024 but somehow no-one noticed until the weekend!)

      i don’t think Arteta is inclined to do either of those things, and why would you given the spectacular 16 played 14 won 1 draw 1 loss in the PL in 2024

      in that time Arsenal to the top goal scoring team in the PL

      that is why younger more versatile, and cheaper, options like Sesko and Zirkzee are being spoken about

      1. Playing across the front three? That’s Gyökeres. He has 15 assists so far. He is not “a street car” who goes from one end station to another. He’s a modern striker, moveable all over the pitch. Watch him! Like the Arsenal people have done all season. He’s the man for victory. Get Viktor Gyökeres.

        1. Nunez 2.0 is the worry

          when I say play anywhere across the front three, I don’t mean assists for Saka, I mean playing right wing as cover for Saka, they are different things

          has Gyokeres lined up at right wing this season, or played the lot as striker

          and is a star man £100m player going to be content sitting on the bench, because in all likelihood that is where he will start most games, our Plan A is well established and working well, this player is a sub or Plan B when Plan A not working or needs a rest = reality

          these are the things Edu and Arteta are wrestling with [+ the £100m vs cheaper options] when finding the right balance in recruitment

          only time will tell, but the direction of travel currently seems to a Sesko or Zirkzee profile vs Gyokeres or Osihmen (Toney out of the picture)

          wait for Edu/Arteta to surprise us all with none of these names, that would be like them

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