Arsene Wenger NOT leaving Arsenal next summer!

There has been thousands of column inches in the last couple of years dedicated to whether Arsene Wenger will have a future at Arsenal at the end of this season, and of course the Frenchman himself has always muddied the waters whenever he is asked about it by the media.

But yesterday our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla made it clear that he seems pretty certain that Le Prof will still be at the Emirates next season, whether the Gunners win any trophies or not. “The truth is we do not have that feeling in the dressing room. The boss has not indicated that this will be his last year. Not at all,” Cazorla said. “He is fully focused on this season and I do not know what he is planning for the future.

“Today I do not rule him continuing another season because he has not said he will leave. It is in his hands and he is the one who has to make the decision but today I would say that he may continue.

“Arsene is an icon at the club. He has spent 20 years here and every bit of praise to him would not be enough. There was a time when fans demanded the club to fight for the Premier League title again or do something big in the Champions League.

“We were aware of that and I hope the club can take a step forward and Arsenal can be fighting for big things this season.”

Cazorla’s contract is also ending at the end of the season,but I am pretty sure (like Cazorla) that we will still have both of them with us next season….



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    *puts his CV away*

    1. Twig says:

      With a name like yours, you’re not likely to be shortlisted anyway!

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    He has to go! Most successful Arsenal manager in history, he’s done some great things, but change is badly needed. I would love to see us win the league again, but the Champions League is what I really want because Arsenal must be the only “so called” big clubs to have never won it.

  3. Lexynal says:

    You ask for my opinion: Arsene has the done great things for this club; especially for managing to keep the club afloat among the best in the land for those years of tight financial policies. Many coaches got sacked for the unspoken/unwritten reasons comparison with Wenger by not performing commensurate with the huge cash they spent. Did spurs not spend close to #100m post-Gareth Bale? The last time i checked they finished behind Arsenal and still hasnt won ANYTHING till date. I will support Arsene remaining for another 2 seasons. You dont need anyone to tell you he has quitely but intelligently rebuilt the team with a very strong reserve team. He has also changed tactics and it is gradually working – with Alexis in 9, that front 4 is becoming a monster – almost umarkable at times -Chelsea at the Emirates was clueless the other day. Go on – Arsene, get another WC striker next summer and let’s bring the CL home. The PL shield is doable this season….pls continue to charge the team up and get the tactics right. I am for Arsene for another 2 seasons.

    1. Mo Owais says:

      2 seasons? So give him a 1 year contract extension?

  4. Mo Owais says:

    Should Wenger go- I would love to see Diego Simone take over!

    The day Wenger walks will be a very sad day! I just hope he goes out on a high and with a major Trophy just won- otherwise he will be remembered for all the years of failure unfortunately.

    He defo deserves a statue of himself outside The Emirates.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I wont. I’ll remember that the 20 years before Wenger AFC’s average finishing position was eight place. We won two league titles in that time. And the odd FA cup. I remember that me and one other lad named lenny where the only two Arsenal supporters in the whole of our school. We were disliked allot, boring as it went, and even spu had years that they laughed at our football along with our finishing mid table. City Utd Che, with overwhelming odds in their favor, could not boast Arsenals consistency over these years. I’m not celebrating it, but I find it interesting that Wengers worst season at Arsenal is better than Klopps finishing with liv so far, also better than the man they wanted to replace him with ..Koeman. Wengers worst season is on a par with manu’s previous managers best season. And of course, we could then wax lyrical about Wengers best bits, things that none other had done, might likely never do again. And the football, delicieux, bon appetit.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    He’s after getting a solid looking base. When you think now about us going an adding a player here, or another one there, you realise that they’ll have to be top top players in order to improve this team, and then you realise that we’ll have a very strong squad that ain’t going away anytime soon (if you don’t already think it). All I ever wanted was us to have a genuine chance of challenging the best teams, we are closer to that than we’ve been in quite some time, so lets enjoy it. Lets concentrate on things to add, not remove. It’s illogical to demand success in title races (unless you’re in spain/scotland where it’s coin toss odds). Demanding to challenge anyone for everything is what I ask. Bellerin Holding Iwobi Koscielny Coquelin, these players would not have gotten a look in with a manager at the other of the biggest clubs. Wenger with the right balance between finding little known gems, and being very careful in identifying the correct expensive players ie. Xhakaboom & Mustafi. This balance has great potential.

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