I can’t wait to see Partey and Ceballos play together – Tonight?

Dani Ceballos and Thomas Partey can create some real magic together! (opinion)

The Arsenal website has confirmed that Dani Ceballos is now back in full training and is available for selection for the game on Sunday, a boost as always.

Exciting news I’ll say, only because I feel that if Arteta was to play Ceballos alongside Partey, our midfield could really cause some problems for a lot of teams this season.

We have already heard the opinion of Granit Xhaka and what he feels Thomas Partey will bring to the team and him as a player, but I also feel that Partey’s arrival will have an even more positive affect on Ceballos and may in the long term future make Ceballos stay on as a permanent part of our team.

As Ceballos missed out in midweek it seems as though he is in contention to play against Leicester this weekend and I feel that this will in turn give Arsenal fans a glimpse of Ceballos alongside Partey. If they both get the call up it will be Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid playing alongside each other for the first time in their careers.

I can picture the both of them causing havoc in our midfield, making us unplayable, both have pace, and both have a creative eye, so not knowing where the next pass will be going will add something else to our team.

If it doesn’t happen on Sunday, knowing Ceballos is back fit, it will only be a matter of time before we see them playing alongside each other I am sure and I have no doubt Partey will bring out the best in Ceballos and we may finally see why Arteta wanted to bring him back on loan for another season. Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I know that, AMN, Tierney,Partey Xhaka, Cebalos, Bellerin, Gabriel and David Luiz will put our attacking force at high performance. 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or
    4 -2-4 with SAKA in the attack

  2. Arteta soon or later will shift to 4back
    attacking system. Eventually, the three of them will be playing,Partey, Ceballios and Xaka or Elnenny.

  3. LOL! Why can you not wait to see Partey with Ceballos?

    What Partey needs is some one with great football vision. Not someone like Ceballos.

  4. Partey, Ceballios and Xaka or Elnenny could this combination really get us to the top? seriously from the well attacking football team to this? makes me think of a middle table club….

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