“I do not think he has done enough to justify a permanent move,” Campbell not convinced by Ceballos

Dani Ceballos was one of the stars of the Arsenal team at the end of last season as he was in fine form helping them to win the FA Cup.

His form during Project Restart convinced the Gunners to make another loan move for him this season.

He has returned to the Emirates, but he has been underwhelming like most of the current Arsenal team.

There have been talks that Arsenal should make his loan deal permanent and when he is settled at the club knowing that it is his home, he would bring his best to the table.

But Kevin Campbell doesn’t think that he is worth signing on a permanent transfer.

He admitted that Ceballos was in fine form towards the end of last season, but all the good work that the Spaniard did has been burned down by his poor run of form since he returned to the Emirates for this campaign.

“I do not think he has done enough to justify a permanent move,” he told Football Insider.

“At the back end of last season he was playing really well and when Arsenal went back in for him I thought he was really going to kick on but everything has come crashing down at the same time.

“The teams performances haven’t been good and his performances haven’t either. At times he has looked OK when he has come on but the team has not been good enough in the centre of the park this season.

“We need people with legs in there, it is not just about being good on the ball. You have to close down and dominate your opponent and he does not do that enough.”

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  1. talk about your understatements…instead of wasting so much time and energy trying to re-sign him to a loan agreement in the offseason, we should have been finding a much better creative midfielder who might have had an actual future with the club…not to mention we seemed to be far down on his list of teams he wanted to play for, which might be the reason why he causes so many problems on the training grounds

  2. Ceballos is not good enough. Very slow and inconsistent player. Arsenal should not sign him permanently. In two seasons on loan, he has just one goal and provided a few assists. Ceballos should return to Real Madrid in the January transfer window and Arsenal should buy a creative midfielder. Arsenal must stop wasting needed funds on players like Willian and Ceballos. Use some this money to improve the contracts of Bolagun, Nelson, ESR, etc. instead.

    1. Personally don’t think a creative player is required. ESR, Martinelli and Saka have all proved they can create goals. Whilst peMaitland-Niles and Partey playing central would be a great pairing.

      1st x1
      Bellerin holding Gabriel Tierney
      Partey AMN
      Saka ESR Martinelli

      2nd x1
      Okwonko or (new keeper)
      Chambers Saliba Mari
      Torreira Guendozi
      Pepe Willock Nelson
      Lacazette Nketiah or Balogun

      Runarsson, Macey, Iliev, Hillson
      Cedric, Kolasinac, Bola
      Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Mavropanos, Oluwu
      Xhaka, Elneny, Ceballos, Sheaf, Ozil
      Willian, Mcenuff

  3. Our transfer policies have always seemed incredibly problematic…more often than not we acquire players from squads that don’t employ similar tactics, so it usually requires a lengthy adjustment period, if it works at all…why not target those teams that better reflect our desired future aspirations, whom are likewise traditionally “selling” clubs…for me, I would be focusing my energies on clubs like Dortmund, Ajax and Leverkusen…all 3 are offensively minded organizations that have a knack for finding, cultivating then offloading young talent…I still wish we had gone after Havertz before Chelsea pried him away, he would have made more sense with what I believe Areta’s tactical objectives will be moving forward…I think sometimes our organizational arrogance gets in the way of pure common sense…we clearly lost our way some time ago, but instead of adjusting to our new reality we continued to perpetuate the notion that we were still one of the big boy clubs, when in fact were experiencing a slow-moving organizational implosion of sorts…let’s hope that we start getting enough results moving forward so that we can make good decisions from a position of strength, instead of our far too familiar poor decision-making from a position of desperation…if our recent history tells us anything, I’m not incredibly hopeful about that possibility…fingers-crossed though

  4. Dani is a GOONER, struck down by the same bug that has been eating many of them up, the worst culprit to me is Willian, why did he come to Arsenal when he clearly left his heart and loyalty somewhere, let him go and find it first, he’s tearing down the walls of our great club along with David, they think that Arsenal fc is a retirement home where money grows on trees.

  5. He didn’t show enough to stay and he keeps talking about Madrid as if he did the wrong thing being here. Send him back, please!

    Give a chance to our youngsters now!

  6. Makes no sense to sign him, we have young players on the bench not getting chances.

    Just as Nelson, impressed in Germany in 1/2 season, brought him back for that reason, but we bring Pepe and now even Willian to bench him

    He grew more in 1/2 season by playing regular football these youngsters need to finish develop.

    He played more and grew more there in 1/2 season than since he got back for a season & half….
    Similar for Rowe was doing good to.

    We do great at Academy but the transition to first team is not well managed as Wenger used to do so, gradually bringing them to first team and keep them in at some point.

    We had team made of 70% to 80% young players, top guys to allow them to grow and play.

    Wenger used to not sign players in order to give our kids room to play.

    So, no, unless a top rated young player as Holding when joined, we must fulfill our young talent’s development.

    Wenger said he was not worry with foundation he has built in two decades; he meant the academy. They definetly the ones to step up!

    Said it 2 years ago, when we can offload an Ozil, Laca, Auba and cash up, we should, can sell Ozil and Laca for big cash 2 years ago, both wanted by top clubs! Same goes for Torreira or xhaka a year ago.

    Torreira leaving was supposed to make room to young midfields. We bring Ceballos and Elneny but we have Niles willock and Rowe.

    Selling Laca or and Auba is no issue if you have nkethia, Martinelli, Nelson, Belogun on the way. Allows them to grow, not if we bring Pepe & Willian to block them. They want to leave then.

  7. Couldn’t agree more! The young players need to be given a chance! Martenelli is going to be a star! Esr took his chance against Chelsea and deserves his run in the first 11 Nelson works more than Pepe and William so should be starting ahead of those two. Nkietia needs to watch what martenilli does on the pitch because he was given an opportunity last week which he failed to take. For me the jury is still out on him. Rest them and take care of them but let them know they can displace any player in the team if the play well consistently.

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